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          ++    ++            +++++++    +++         +++++++       +
         +  +  +  +           +          +  +        +     +       +
        +    ++    +          +          +   +       +     +       +
       +     ++     +         +++++      +    +      +++++++       +
      +              +        +          +    +     +       +      +
     +                +       +          +   +     +         +     +
    +                  +      +          +  +     +           +    +
 ++++                  ++++   ++++++++   ++      +             +   ++++

                              +++++++   |=======-  - - -
                              +     +   || - - - -
                              +     +   ||
                              +++++++   ||

              +    +    +++++++  +     +  +++++++   ++++++
              +    +    +     +  + +   +  +     +   +    +
              +    +    +     +  +  +  +  +     +   ++++++
              ++++++    +     +  +   + +  +     +   +   +
              +    +    +     +  +    ++  +     +   +    +
              +    +    +++++++  +     +  +++++++   +     +

                               FRONT LINE

Medal of Honor: Frontline Weapons FAQ
Platform: PS2
Version: .6
Date of creation: June 10, 2002
By: muska121 (Oscar)
E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: Sephiroth1454
This is my first FAQ so it may not be perfect.

Table of Contents:
    1. Legal Info
    2. How to use this guide
    3. Weapon Descriptions and uses
    4. FAQ
    5. Thanks to:

Version History:

June 10, 2002: VER .1 Added Weapon info and FAQ. First Draft I did not 
perfect in anyway.

June 11, 2002 :VER .2 Fixed an error

June 12, 2002: VER .4 Fixed many of the spelling errors. Guess that
what happens when you type late at night.

June 14, 2002 VER .5- .6 Made Title, added more info to the FAQ
section. Revised the Legal Info.

June 16, 2002 VER .7 Fixed a spelling error and added a little info
for the B.A.R.
1. Legal Info.
This FAQ is under international Copyright law by Oscar (muska121)2002.
You have in no way any permission to use any part of this FAQ without
first contacting through e-mail or AIM. Then I will gladly allow you to
use this if you do not change it in anyway. You may not use any part of
this in part or in whole or any damn way you can think of. If you do I
will go to the full extent of the law. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you have permission to host this FAQ (most likely you will) look at for the newest version.

These are a list of "Safe Sites" If you see the FAQ anywhere else
please notify me ASAP. As of June 16, 2002

2. How to use this guide
The guide basically just tells the weapons function, accuracy, rate of
fire, clip capacity, damage, and my rating of it.  And maybe I'll
through in a few tips here and there. So enjoy the game and if you are
not sure about what this certain weapon is suppose to do then look at
this guide for in depth help.

3. Weapons and their uses

Section 1: Pistols
   Personally I rarely used the pistols and the only time I used them
is when I absolutely have to in Mission 5. But if your looking for a
challenge and these guns has fairly good accuracy then use them.

   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 20
   Damage: 10
   Clip Capacity: 7
   Rating: 1/10
   This is probably the stupidest weapon in the game. I found no use
for it on the levels you get to use this gun. But if you're the guy who
likes pistols this might be the gun for you.

Walter P38
   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 20
   Damage: 9
   Clip Capacity: 7
   Rating: 2/10
   Although it doesn't do as much damage as the Colt .45 it's so much
better and it's a silencer too. You should refrain from using it too

Welbley and Scott Silenced Pistol
   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 40
   Damage: 10
   Clip Capacity: 7
   Rating: 3/10
   This is the best pistol in the game that you could use and it's
silenced too. And it shoots a lost faster.

Section 2: Rifles
 You'll be using these weapons the majority of the game and all of the
rifles rock. They have great accuracy and they do a lot of damage. Get
used to these awesome toys of destruction.

M1 Garand
   Accuracy: 2
   Rate of Fire: 30
   Damage: 12
   Clip Capacity: 8
   Rating: 10/10! (but most people would rate it a 5/10)
   This is my favorite weapon! It has great accuracy and deals out a
lot of damage. And you really don't have to worry about reloading. But
the only problem is you can't use it on that many missions. Give this
weapon a chance it rocks while you get to use it.

  *TIP* When using the M1 Garand realize that you can't manually reload
this weapon. So instead if you have one bullet left and about to move
into a new area, shoot the gun and it will Patterson will reload it.
This will prevent any careless damage.

Springfield '03
   Accuracy: 1
   Rate of Fire: 40
   Damage: 16
   Clip Capacity: 5
   One of the ever-popular Sniper Rifles that rock the house! This
isn't the best sniper rifle in the game but it's good. The only
difference is that the other one (Gewehr 43) holds more ammo and I find
that one easier to aim.

STG 44
   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 8
   Damage: 10
   Clip Capacity: 30
   Rating: 6/10
   This is a very good automatic rifle and the good thing is you get it
on the 4th level. It's a great weapon to use when fighting more than
three enemies and it's an easy automatic to handle.

*TIP* When you are fighting multiple enemies be sure to AIM at them. Do
not just shoot blindly. You'll have a better chance of not getting hit
if you AIM the gun. AIM!!!! Because if you don't you'll end up having
to reload while your enemies get free shots at you.

   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 9
   Damage: 10
   Clip Capacity: 20
   Rating: 8/10
   Great weapon to have! Knocks out the enemy really quick. The bullets
have a harder impact than those of the STG 44. Let this automatic
become your friend at war and this is a great life style. You first get
this weapon on Arhnem Knights. And you can see a fellow soldier use it
in Enter the Breach. But for some reason it has a little stand to set 
the gun up. Of course this has no use in the game I guess it was just
added for realism.

Gewerhr 43
   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 40
   Damage: 16
   Clip Capacity: 10
   Rating: 10/10
   This is my second favorite weapon. It is like the Springfield '03
but better in everyway. And plus you get to use it a lot more and there
is more practical use for it. You find this weapon on the Bridge Level
and instead of a regular crosshair. This one only has three lines like
the one below and gives you better aim. And it holds so much more ammo
than the Springfield does so you can worry about taking out your
enemies and not reloading.

The Scope for Gewerhr 43

                     |                        |
                     |                        |
                     |           _            |
                     |          |_|           |
                     |________  _|_  _________|
                     |           |            |
                     |          / \           |
                     |           |            |
                     |           |            |

The Scope for the Springfield '03:

                     |           |            |
                     |           |            |
                     |          _|_           |
                     |         |_|_|          |
                     |           |            |
                     |          /| \          |
                     |           |            |
                     |           |            |

The Gewerhr Scope allows you to see exactly what the enemy is doing
i.e. reloading, aiming at you (heaven forbid!).

Section 3: Sub-Machine Guns
 Sub-machine guns are for those fast paced missions where there are 10
Nazi's you have to fight at once. Careful when using the weapons
because you may think you are Rambo and start shooting randomly hoping
to kill someone. This is a good way to get killed in action.

   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 5
   Damage: 6
   Clip Capacity: 32
   Rating: 7/10
   It's not the best weapon in the world but certainly not the worse
either. Great because it holds 32 at a time and you don't have to worry
about reloading if your smart. But it's not so strong if you hit the
enemy's chest.

*TIP* When fighting multiple Nazi's hide behind crates and pop out and
shoot and hide back again. That way you won't leave yourself open to
unseen enemies.

   Accuracy: 3
   Rate of Fire: 4
   Damage: 6
   Clip Capacity: 20
   Rating: 8/10
   This gun is great at the begging of the game when you're at Omaha
Beach. Shoots very fast but doesn't quite have as much ammo room as the
MP40. If you were to choose between either sub-machine your choice
should be the MP40.

Section 4: Grenades (projectiles)
 Grenades are one of the best weapons to use in Medal of Honor:
Frontline. They are very effective at taking out groups of Nazi's.

Mark II Frag Grenade
   Accuracy: You chunk them at the Nazi
   Rate of Fire: As fast as you press the shoot button
   Damage: Explosion
   Clip Capacity: As many as Patterson can hold in his pants.
   Rating: 9/10
   These grenades are the best for any soldier going in to a pack of
rabid Nazi's just waiting to blow you to smithereens. These grenades
are shaped like a regular grenade nothing special about them. Just your
average grenade. And do be careful not to blow yourself up too! The
only problem is Nazi's can kick these grenades back at you. Try
bouncing them off walls too.

   Accuracy: You chunk them at the Nazi
   Rate of Fire: As fast as you press the shoot button
   Damage: Explosion
   Clip Capacity: As many as Patterson can hold in his pants.
   Rating: 9/10
   These particular grenades are in a form of a stick. You throw them
and most likely the Nazis won't throw them back. Only problem is there
grenades don't bounce as far as the Mark II grenades.

Mark II:                                        Stielhandgrenate:
              ___()                                   _
            _| |_                                    | |
           /     \                                   | |
           |     |                                   | |         falls
           |     |                                   | |         off
           |     |                                 __|_|__       when
           |_____|                                |       |      thrown
                                                  |       |----  at
                                                  |_______|      enemy.

Section 5 Heavy Artillery
 The big guns are all included here. The shotgun, bazooka and the
Panzerscherk (you might wonder what that is). All made to blow up the
biggest group of Nazis.

   Accuracy: Bullets fly everywhere
   Rate of Fire: 55
   Damage: 5-75
   Clip Capacity: 8
   Rating: 7/10
   Great weapon one of the best when you want to get rid of a Nazi
without shooting too much. You receive this weapon at Operation
Repunzel. The only set back is that the accuracy is horrible. You may
think you hit a Nazi in the head but in head you completely missed him.

   Accuracy: 1
   Rate of Fire: 200
   Damage: one massive explosion!
   Clip Capacity: 1
   Rating 5/10
   I personally refrained from using this weapon I found no need to
unless I was ambushed by a bunch of Nazis. Takes them out quick and the
aiming is pretty cool. Otherwise just use the shotgun.

   Accuracy: 1
   Rate of Fire: 200
   Damage: one massive explosion!
   Clip Capacity: 1
   Rating 4/10
   Worse than the Bazooka because it's so hard to aim this thing. But
good when your trying to take out tanks just make sure you don't get
hit from a Nazi with one of these.

Section 6 Other weapons

   Accuracy: 1
   Rate of Fire: N/A
   Damage: one massive explosion!
   Clip Capacity: N/A
   Rating: N/A
   Use this to blow up things. See a guy nearby? Next to something to
blow up? Instead of using bullets use dynamite to blow them up with
ease. You only get some per mission and can only use them at assigned

Smoke Grenades
   Accuracy: 1
   Rate of Fire: N/A
   Damage: one SMALL explosion!
   Clip Capacity: N/A
   Rating: N/A
   You use this in the second level to signal the planes to blow up the
turret. No real use just make sure you run out of the

Machine Guns
   Accuracy: N/A
   Rate of Fire: 1
   Damage: 13
   Clip Capacity: Infinite
   Rating: 9/10
   Take control of the enemy's gun and use it against them. It's pretty
powerful to and you never have to reload!

4. FAQ

Q. Why can't I reload the M1 Garand?
A. The real M1 Garand could never be reloaded manually and the game
developers wanted to make it as real as possible.
* Thanks to Wizard of Ozzy for that one

Q. How do I do a melee attack?
A. Check your controls if you're on MOH sharpshooter it's R3. For some
reason pistol whipping hurts them more.

Q. Omygosh!!! Where are they hitting me from!!!? HELP!!!
A. Before going mad look up at you surroundings study the sky and look
for which way the bullet it coming from. Most likely it's a sniper or
if your clumsy it's someone behind you. Or maybe a knife-throwing chef.

Q. Why is the Panzerschrek so hard to aim?
A. Well imagine if you were aiming this in real life... it would be
extremely hard to aim.

Q. Where does Patterson carry all those weapons?
A. He carries a little wagon around... well maybe not hey it's a game
and you get infinite inventory maybe he has a bottomless backpack?

Q. Why do the Nazis throw my grenades back?
A. Because you the developers made this game very realistic. So instead
of throwing the grenade when the Nazi is looking at you or reloading,
wait until they start shooting then they'll be too busy to throw it
Might add some more.

5. Thanks too

CJAYC for posting my FAQ

Blockbuster for having the game in stock

EA for making the game

Anyone who supported me or supports me

EA for adding weapons to the back of their manual. Where most of the
data was collated from.

    Copyright ( c ) 2002

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