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Beta Tester: Participated in the Beta.
Onyx - Beta Tester
Old Guard: Get the "Veteran Gear" achievement in Gears Of War 2.
Onyx - Member of the Old Guard
Seriously: Get the "Seriously 3.0" achievement.
Onyx - Extremely Serious
Embry Star: Get 30 Onyx medals.
Onyx - War Hero
It Has Begun!: Complete one VS match.
Onyx - Just Getting Started
Vengeful: Execute "X" nemeses.
Bronze - K.C. (75)
Silver - Best Served Cold
Gold - Lambda Lambda Lambda
Onyx - My Name is Ingo Montoya
Captor: Kill "X" enemies with a captive.
Bronze - Pickup Artist (50)
Silver - Body Snatcher
Gold - Meat Shielder
Onyx - Dances with Death
War Supporter: Play in "X" Gears events.
Bronze - Wall Flower (5)
Silver - Social Butterfly
Gold - Partygoer
Onyx - Party Animal
MVP: Get "X" MVP ribbons.
Bronze - First Star (5)
Silver - MVP
Gold - All Star
Onyx - Brutal Legend
Field Service: Reach Level "X".
Bronze - Gears Adept (25)
Silver - Gears Expert (50)
Gold - Gears Elite (75)
Onyx - Gears God (100)
Veteran: Play "X" matches.
Bronze - Seasoned Gear (100)
Silver - Battle-Tested Gear
Gold - Battle-Hardened Gear
Onyx - Veteran Gear
Match Winner: Win "X" matches.
Bronze - Maker of Chicken Dinner (50)
Silver - Sir Wins-a-Lot
Gold - Opposite of Loser
Onyx - Victory is Mine!
Headshot: Get "X" headshots.
Bronze - Marksman (100)
Silver - Sharpshooter
Gold - Headhunter
Onyx - Lobotomizer
Heavy Weapons: Get "X" heavy weapon kills.
Bronze - Heavy Weapons Specialist (100)
Silver - Heavy Weapons Expert
Gold - Heavy Weapons Artisan
Onyx - Heavy Weapons Master
Explosives: Get "X" explosives kills.
Bronze - Explosives Specialist (100)
Silver - Explosives Expert
Gold - Explosives Artisan
Onyx - Explosives Master
Finisher: Get "X" executions.
Bronze - Finisher (100)
Silver - Assassin
Gold - Grand Executioner
Onyx - Angel of Death
Skunker: Skunk enemy team "X" times.
Bronze - Streak Sweeper (25)
Silver - Steamroller
Gold - Dominator
Onyx - P3P3 L3 P3W P3W
Leader: Get "X" Untouchable ribbons.
Bronze - Abscender (25)
Silver - Vigilant Warrior
Gold - Quick like a Bunny
Onyx - Untouchable
Abductor: Capture "X" enemy leaders.
Bronze - Mate Checker (25)
Silver - Bounty Hunter
Gold - Trophy Hunter
Onyx - From Stockholm with Love
Assistant: Get "X" assists in Versus multiplayer.
Bronze - Personal Assistant (125)
Silver - Plays well with Others
Gold - K/D Indifferent
Onyx - Team Player
Medic: Revive "X" squadmates.
Bronze - Medic (50)
Silver - Lifesaver
Gold - Field Surgeon
Onyx - God Complex
Lancer: Get "X" Lancer kills.
Bronze - Lancer Specialist (100)
Silver - Lancer Expert
Gold - Lancer Artisan
Onyx - Lancer Master
Hammerburst: Get "X" Hammerburst kills.
Bronze - Hammerburst Specialist (100)
Silver - Hammerburst Expert
Gold - Hammerburst Artisan
Onyx - Hammerburst Master
Retro Lancer: Get "X" Retro Lancer kills.
Bronze - Retro Lancer Specialist (100)
Silver - Retro Lancer Expert
Gold - Retro Lancer Artisan
Onyx - Retro Lancer Master
Gnasher: Get "X" Gnasher kills.
Bronze - Gnasher Specialist (100)
Silver - Gnasher Expert
Gold - Gnasher Artisan
Onyx - Gnasher Master
Sawed-Off: Get "X" Sawed-Off kills.
Bronze - Sawed-Off Specialist (100)
Silver - Sawed-Off Expert
Gold - Sawed-Off Artisan
Onyx - Sawed-Off Master
Active Reloader: Get "X" Perfect Active Reloads.
Bronze - Weaksauce (500)
Silver - Hotsauce (2500)
Gold - Winsauce
Onyx - Awesomesauce
Cover: Get "X" Buttoned Up ribbons.
Bronze - Pop and Stopper (10)
Silver - Got it Covered
Gold - Undercover Agent
Onyx - Lee's B.F.F.
Pistols: Get "X" Pistol kills.
Bronze - Pistol Specialist (100)
Silver - Pistol Expert
Gold - Pistol Artisan
Onyx - Pistol Master
Spotter: Spot "X" enemies.
Bronze - The Designator (250)
Silver - Eagle Eye
Gold - Eye in the Sky
Onyx - Captain Obvious
Pyro: Kill "X" enemies with fire.
Bronze - Fire Starter (50)
Silver - Arsonist
Gold - Pyromaniac
Onyx - Hellfire & Brimstone
Sapper: Destroy "X" enemy grenades.
Bronze - Sapper (10)
Silver - Assault Pioneer
Gold - EOD Technician
Onyx - EOD Master
Guardian: Rescue "X" leaders in CTL.
Bronze - Henchmen (50)
Silver - Body Guard
Gold - Private Security
Onyx - Guardian Angel
CTL: Play "X" CTL matches.
Bronze - CTL Specialist (100)
Silver - CTL Expert
Gold - CTL Elite
Onyx - CTL Master
KOTH: Play "X" KOTH matches.
Bronze - KOTH Specialist (100)
Silver - KOTH Expert
Gold - KOTH Artisan
Onyx - Hail to the King
Rifleman: "X" medals with all three starting rifles.
Bronze - Rifle Specialist (Bronze)
Silver - Rifle Expert (Silver)
Gold - Rifle Artisan (Gold)
Onyx - Rifle Master (Onyx)
Master-At-Arms: "X" medals with all five starting weapons.
Bronze - Man-At-Arms (Bronze)
Silver - Master-At-Arms (Silver)
Gold - Master-At-Arms Elite (Gold)
Onyx - God-At-Arms (Onyx)
Allfathers: "X" medals in all game modes.
Bronze - Allfather (Bronze)
Silver - Senior Allfather (Silver)
Gold - Executive Allfather (Gold)
Onyx - Supreme Allfather (Onyx)
Wingman: Play "X" Wingman matches.
Bronze - Wingman Specialist (100)
Silver - Wingman Expert
Gold - Wingman Artisan
Onyx - Wingman Master
TDM: Play "X" TDM matches.
Bronze - TDM Specialist (100)
Silver - TDM Expert
Gold - TDM Artisan
Onyx - TDM Master
Execution: Play "X" Execution matches.
Bronze - Execution Specialist (100)
Silver - Execution Expert
Gold - Execution Artisan
Onyx - Execution Master
Warzone: Play "X" Warzone matches.
Bronze - Warzone Specialist (100)
Silver - Warzone Expert
Gold - Warzone Artisan
Onyx - Warzone Master
Hard Target: Get "X" Last Man Out ribbons.
Bronze - F.I.L.O. (100)
Silver - Hard Target
Gold - Last of a Dying Breed
Onyx - I Am Legend
Shock Trooper: Get "X" First Blood ribbons.
Bronze - Eager Beaver (100)
Silver - Shock Trooper
Gold - First To Fight
Onyx - Top of the Spear
Old Schooler: Curbstomp "X" enemies.
Bronze - Bootstrapper (50)
Silver - Romper Stomper
Gold - Curbing Enthusiast
Onyx - Kickin' It Old School
Battle Mistress: Play as a female in "X" matches.
Bronze - Amazonian (25)
Silver - She-Devil
Gold - Battle Mistress
Onyx - Warrior Goddess
Sovereign: Win "X" CTL rounds as the Leader.
Bronze - High Value Target (25)
Silver - Military Advisor
Gold - Field Commander
Onyx - Supreme Commander
Special Teams: Get "X" map-based weapon kills.
Bronze - Resourceful (100)
Silver - Big Gun Runner
Gold - Power Collector
Onyx - Lives off the Land
FOR THE HORDE!: Complete all 50 waves in Horde mode on "X".
Bronze - Horde Specialist (Casual)
Silver - Horde Expert (Normal)
Gold - Horde Artisan (Hardcore)
Onyx - Horde Master (Insane)
I'M A BEAST!: Complete Beast mode without failing on "X".
Bronze - COG Tease (Casual)
Silver - COG Bite (Normal)
Gold - COG Blocker (Hardcore)
Onyx - COG Killer (Insane)
Loot Courtesan: Complete "X" challenges in Horde mode.
Bronze - Common Looter (10)
Silver - Uncommon Looter
Gold - Rare Looter
Onyx - Epic Looter
Big Money: Earn "X" cash in Horde mode.
Bronze - Mind on My Money ($100,000)
Silver - Makin' it Rain
Gold - Soldier of Fortune
Onyx - I'm Rich *****!
Field Engineer: Complete "X" fortification modifications.
Bronze - Tinkerer (100)
Silver - Base Builder
Gold - Combat Engineer
Onyx - Fortification Master
Squad Leader: Get the Point Man ribbon "X" times.
Bronze - Team Leader (50)
Silver - Squad Leader
Gold - Platoon Leader
Onyx - Leads by Example
Architect: Get the Founder ribbon "X" times.
Bronze - Founder (100)
Silver - Flagstaffer
Gold - Team Patron
Onyx - Epic Architect
Horder: Complete "X" waves in Horde mode.
Bronze - Horder (100)
Silver - Active Horder
Gold - Compulsive Horder
Onyx - Pathological Horder
Beastly: Complete "X" waves in Beast mode.
Bronze - Myrrah's Minion (60)
Silver - For RAAM!
Gold - For Skorge!
Onyx - For the Queen!
Motivator: Heal or revive "X" teammates in Beast mode.
Bronze - Chanter (250)
Silver - Witch Doctor
Gold - Shaman
Onyx - Faith Healer
Dismantler: Destroy "X" fortifications in Beast mode.
Bronze - Demolitions Expert (150)
Silver - Wrecking Ball
Gold - Agent of Destruction
Onyx - Ripping and Tearing
Ruthless: Kill "X" humans in Beast mode.
Bronze - Savage (125)
Silver - Butcher
Gold - Genocidal
Onyx - Evil Incarnate
Investor: Earn "X" cash in Beast mode.
Bronze - Investor($100,000)
Silver - Floor Trader
Gold - Fund Manager
Onyx - Power Broker
High Roller: Get the Ready For The Heavies ribbon "X" times.
Bronze - H.E.N.R.Y. (5)
Silver - Top Tier Beast
Gold - Tester of Blood
Onyx - Like A Truck
King of COG: Get "X" total points in Arcade mode.
Bronze - On The Board (1,000,000)
Silver - High Scorer
Gold - Screen Killer
Onyx - King of COG
Number 1: Get Number 1 in Arcade mode "X" times.
Bronze - First Among Equals (20)
Silver - Top Gear
Gold - #1 With a Bullet
Onyx - Numero Uno
Warmonger: Complete all Arcade chapters on "X".
Bronze - Casual Competitor (Casual)
Silver - Friendly Rival (Normal)
Gold - Die-Hard Challenger (Hardcore)
Onyx - Crazy Adversary (Insane)
Force Multiplier: Maintain a Max multiplier in "X" chapters in Arcade mode.
Bronze - All for One (10)
Silver - Maximating Potential
Gold - Perpetually Optimistic
Onyx - Force Multiplier
Survivalist: Complete "X" chapters without dying.
Bronze - Still Standing (20)
Silver - Standing Strong
Gold - Never Down, Never Out
Onyx - I'm a Survivor!
Aficionado: Play "X" chapters in Arcade mode.
Bronze - Arcade Master (50)
Silver - Arcade Rat
Gold - Arcade Junkie
Onyx - Misspent Youth
Doorman: Manipulate "X" objects in the campaign.
Bronze - Doorman (200)
Silver - Button Masher
Gold - Gate Keeper
Onyx - I've Got the Codes
Tour of Duty: Complete the campaign on "X" difficulty.
Bronze - Proud to Serve (Casual)
Silver - Served with Honor (Normal)
Gold - Hardcore Soldier (Hardcore)
Onyx - Major Malfunction (Insane)

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