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I have seen people having trouble with the bosses so here's a guide to defeating them

1. Boss Names and Attacks
2. Strategies and Weakness

I: Boss Names and Attacks

1. (Intro Level) Vile: Ride Armor
Attacks: His favorite attack is dashing around and punching you. If he corners you,
he repeatdely punches. That's pretty much all he does.

2. (Ocean Base) Launch Octopus
Attacks: Horming Torpedo- Shoots several torpedoes out of his tentacles. Sometimes
fires pirahna shaped ones that follow you.
E. Drain- Attaches to you and drains your health and restores his

3. (Cold Mountain) Chill Penguin
Attacks: Shotgun Ice- Shoots ice balls at you. Sometimes creates ice sculptures to
protect him. Sometimes he'll grab the handle at the top and blow you to a side of the
Sliding- He'll slide on his belly in hopes of hitting you. He's invincible like this.

4. (Factory) Flame Mammoth
Attacks: Fire Wave- Shoots fireballs at you.
Oiling- Nothing at first. Shoots an oil ball on the floor. If a fireball touches it
though, it ignites and the oil becomes a fire.
Jump Press- He can change the direction of the floor at any time. He can also stun
you when he jumps.

5. (Tower) Boomer Kuwanger
Attacks: Boomerang Cutter- He throws his boomerang on his head at you then it comes back.
Dead Lift- If he gets a hold of you, he slams you into the roof.

6. (Forest) Sting Chameleon
Attacks: Chameleon Sting- He latches onto the wall and throws three stingers from his
tail. He also grabs the ceiling with his tongue and drops many spikes.
Iron Tongue- He'll try to slap you with his tongue.
Note: When he turns invisible, you can't hit him. But, he can't hit you either.

7. (Power Plant) Spark Mandrill
Attacks: Electric Spark- He'll punch the Ground and send electric balls in two
directions. He can also grab the wires above and drop on you.
Dash Punch- He'll charge you with a punch.

8. (Airport) Storm Eagle
Attacks: Storm Tornado- He'll fire a tornado in hopes of blowing you off. Does no
damage. He'll also sometimes conjure mini birds to attack you.
Diving- Like an eagle, he'll take flight and dive on you.

9. (Mine) Armored Armadillo
Attacks: Rolling Shield- He rolls into a ball and bounces throughout the room for a
short time. He can also shoot a laser form his head.
Guarding- Not really an attack, but it prevents any damage to him.

10. (Sigma's Fortress: Part 1) Vile: Ride Armor
Attacks: Exactly the same as before

11. (Sigma's Fortress: Part 1) Vile
Attacks: Dashing- Dashes to follow and hit you.
Stun orb- If it hits, you'll be unable to move until he hits you.
Bombs- He'll drop several bombs that split left andright when they hit the ground.

12. (Sigma's Fortress: Part 1) Mechanical Spider
Attacks: The Spider has no attacks. However, it still hurts. It climbs down in a
random way every time to hit you. It sometimes deploys smaller spiders to attack you.
Note: It gets faster and faster as it loses health.

13. (Sigma's Fortress: Part 2) Wall Machine
Atacks: Red Eye- comes towards you and shoots fireballs
Green Eye- shoots fireballs
Blue Eye- comes towards you
Nose- walls close in. It bounces off the walls.

14. (Sigma's Fortress: Part 3) T-Rex Vehicle
Attacks: Split up- Vehicle seperates into two seperate parts.
Crush: Head comes down on you if on bottom half.
Energy Orb: Parts combine to fire a huge energy orb.

15. (Sigma's Fortress: Final Part) Sigma's Dog
Attacks: Dash: Jumps on walls and tries to land on you
Flamethrower- Shoots fire from its mouth at you
Energy Rain- Fires several energy orbs out of mouth

16. (Sigma's Fortress: Final Part) Sigma
Attacks: Lightsaber- This is his only attack. He dashes toward you and swings. In
addition, he jumps on the walls to follow you.

17. (Sigma's Fortress: Final Part) Sigma (Mega Body)
Attacks: Lightning from hands- Lightning bolts come from hands up and down at the
same time.
Flamthrower- Fire from the mouth
Energy rain- Similar to the dog, but the attacks are bigger.
Claw- Sigma sends one hand to attack you.

II: Strategies and Weaknesses
I'll be going in the easiest order to defeat the bosses.

1. Vile: Ride Armor
Weakness: None
Strategy: He can't be beat. When you health is almost gone he conintues to shoot stun
orbs until he hits you. Zero will show up and blast an arm off. Then he'll retreat.

2. Launch Octopus
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: Be sure to enter with your X-Buster fully charged. As soon as the battle
starts shoot him. continue to press the shoot button as fast as you can. The mini
torpdoes he fires are easily destroyed by a single shot. The pirahna shaped ones
however, can be destroyed but it's hard to hit them. When he enters a whirlpool, stay
away from him. At this time, charge you X-Buster. When he lands, Fire!. Keep at it
and the Octopus will become metal sushi.

3. Boomer Kuwanger
Weakness: Horming Torpedo
Strategy: He constantly teleports throughout the room. When you see him fire a
torpedo. When he throws his boomerang evade it while firing a torpedo. Whne he
dissapears, stand still. As soon as he reappears, shoot him with a torpedo. If you're
lucky, he'll dissappear again. Keep it up and he'll fall.

4. Sting Chameleon
Weakness: Boomerang Cutter
Strategy: When the fight starts, hit him with a boomerang. It causes him to fall off
the wall/ceiling. Keep it up and you'll admit this fight is easy.

5. Storm Eagle
Weakness: Chameleon Sting
Strategy: Use your dash to get close to him when he tries to blow you off. Shoot the
stinger at him. When he's diving, get away from him and shoot a stinger as he flies
by. The stinger helps take out the multiple birds he creates as well. With enough
stingers in him, the eagle will no longer soar.

6. Flame Mammoth
Weakness: Storm Tornado
Strategy: Get as close to him as possible without touching him. Shoot a tornado at
him. If you did it correctly, the tornado will hit him twice before you fire another
one. Keep it up and the Mammoth will become extinct.

7. Chill Penguin
Weakness: Fire Wave
Strategy: When the fight starts, hit him with Fire Wave. He'll burst into flames. As
soon as the flames stop hit him again. If the flames don't work, he's about to slide.
 A little more heat and the penguin will melt.

8. Spark Mandrill
Weakness: Shotgun Ice
Strategy: Shoot him with ice as soon as the fight starts. He'll become frozen. When
he breaks out, wait for him to put his arms down then shoot him again. In no time at
all, he'll short circuit.

9. Armored Armadillo
Weakness: Electric Spark
Strategy: With his armor on he looks tough. But shoot him with and Electric Spark and
the armor comes off. Even when he rolls into a ball he's vulnerable now. All you have
to do is zap him and avoid his lasers. Afterward, the Armadillo will explode and it's
time for Sigma's Fortress!

10. Vile: Ride Armor
Weakness: None
Strategy: Same as before. He's invincible. When you become stunned however, Zero
breaks out and destroys the armor. Then you regain all your health and it's time to
defeat Vile.

11. Vile
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: Continuously shoot him. When he jumps, dash to the other side of the room.
When the bombs drop, jump over the blasts. Avoid the stun orbs as much as you can.
Soon, Vile will succumb to your might and you may proceed.

12. Mechanical Spider
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: This thing can only be hit when it hits the ground and the orb on it's back
is revealed. Shoot it. As the battle progresses, it gets harder to tell where the bug
is going to go. Keep your head up and eventually you'll sqaush it.

13. Wall Machine
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: When an eye is revealed shoot it. When the walls close in and the nose
moves, shoot it. That's it.
Note: Do not destroy the nose before both eye sockets first. It becomes much harder
to tell where the eye's will come from because the walls stay closed in.

14. T-Rex Vehicle
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: The bottom half is invincible. The upper half is the one to shoot. Hit it
wiht charged up shots. As the battle progresses, both halves will speed up to ram you.

                                  WARNING! WARNING!                           
These last three boss battles are in order. If you die against any of them, you have
to start from the first one all over.

15. Sigma's Dog
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: Shoot that dog. When the energy rain occurs, climb the wall. The
flamethrower is tricky. It can follow you up the wall. When it does, jump off. Keep
up the pace and the pooch will play dead.

16. Sigma
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: Climb to the top of the wall. Sigma will follow you. When he's about to
jump toward you, start sliding down while shooting. Believe it or not, Sigma only
takes one point of damage per hit. That means you just shoot him with regular shots
and not charged ones. With enough damage, Sigma's Body will explode, but the head
won't. It's time to end it.

Final Boss.   Sigma (Mega Body)
Weakness: X-Buster
Strategy: Unfortunately, the only way to damage him now is with a fully charged shot
to that little head of his. The hard part is getting up there. Here's the idea. When
one of the hands come down jump on. Move to the edge of the hand closet to Sigma's
head and fire. Because you're on the edge. The lightning from the hands won't hit
you. Watch out for the other hand while your on one. It may come over and knock you
off. Never stay under Sigma's head. The flamethrower and enrgy orbs will decimate
you. After a lot of charged shots, Sigma will explode and X will teleport out.

Congratulations! Believe me when I say that Sigma is harder on this game then the
other ones. If you have other questions let me know and I'll try to help. Until then,
thanks for reading this guide and good luck against the Mavericks.

                                 END OF LINE

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