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Raguna's Guide to metals

Version 1.0     my email- [email protected]

Last edited- 10-31-08   

Game- Rune Factory: a fantasy harvest moon

Table ofcontents__________________________________________

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what it's worth----------------------------------------<3>

Legal Bla Bla...

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so i'll make it simple: Make good use of this guide and 

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You can find it...

Scrap Iron- You can find this Particular metal almost 


Bronze- Your best bet is in Carmite cave. mostly you'll 

get scrap iron, but eventually there will be bronze.

Iron- Clemens Cave has an abundant supply.
Silver- Toros Cave is full of it!!!

Gold- I usually get mine from Mt. Gigant.

Platinum- The last three caves have some, but it's still 


What there worth (per-level)...

scrap Iron- 4g

Iron- 50g

Bronze- 75g

silver- 400g 

gold- 600g

platinum- 800g

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