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Game: Midnight Club II
Platform: Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station 2 (coming soon to pc)
Genre: Exotic street racing
Developer(s): Rockstar Games/Rockstar San Diego 
ESRB Rating: T for “Teen”
Author: DarkSunGamer
Email: [email protected]
FAQ Version: 2.5

I.	Intro               |
II.	Cities              |
III.	Vehicles            |
IV.	Driving Techniques  |
V.	Known Codes & Hints |
VI.	Copyright Info.     |
VII.	Notes From Author   |


Midnight Club II is an exotic street-racing simulator that brings you in to the 
game. You’ll race with “untouchable” vehicles in exotic cities worldwide. Racing 
and winning more will build your driving skills until you become the best. The more 
you move up the ladder the better you will become grasshopper.


City #1: Los Angeles, California. Ah, the great California, home to street racing 
in the U.S. There are three types of streets you will race on in L.A. The first 
type is wide (3 or more lanes) but with the most amount of traffic. The second type 
is medium (1 or 2 wide lanes) with medium traffic, and the last is narrow (such as 
Hollywood or alleys) with very little to no traffic at all. Because the cars in 
L.A. aren’t that fast the types of streets start building your skills.

City #2 Paris, France. This is where you shift in to high gear, most streets are 
extremely narrow with a high amount of traffic, and then there are those wide 
streets, which have a high amount of traffic as well. A new thing that you will get 
use to in Paris is jumps, jumps can help you get somewhere quicker (ex jumping over 
the river as a shortcut) but they can also be a bad thing (falling in to the river 
and losing), jumps can ruin your car and speed if you don’t land level with the 
ground. You will also adjust to things like the catacombs (underground tunnels) 
where you will need to race at some points.

City #3 Tokyo, Japan. This is where you shift in to over drive; the streets are 
similar to the streets of Paris but in some areas less traffic. This is where the 
intense racing happens. The cops are more aggressive (and they can keep up most of 
the time), the cars are faster than ever, and if you thought you got air off the 
jumps in Paris, think again! Tokyo has jumps so high you’ll need to use NOS (nitro) 
just to clear them! 


Midnight Club II has a hole new set of cars plus new motorcycles.

L.A. Vehicles

1.	Cocotte- starter car; nitro: 0
2.	Citi- slightly faster than the Cocotte; nitro: 1
3.	Emu- much faster than the Citi but worse steering; nitro: 1 
4.	Torrida- better than the Emu both in speed and steering; nitro: 1 
5.	1971 Bestia- powerful drag racer (pops wheelies); nitro: 1 
6.	Interna- fast and good steering (all around good car); nitro: 1 
7.	Cohete- first motorcycle, fast, excellent steering; nitro: 0
8.	Citi Turbo- a remake of the Citi but faster, much faster; nitro: 1 
9.	Monstruo- fast, good traction, but not very high top speed; nitro: 1
10.	Jersey XS- won after beating L.A. champ very fast; nitro: 2 
11.	L.A. cop- L.A. cop car won only in arcade mode nitro: 2

Paris Vehicles

1.	Boost- small, fast very good steering nitro: 2
2.	Bryanston V- well steering and slightly faster than the Boost; nitro: 2
3.	Schneller V8- not very good steering but high top speed; nitro: 2
4.	Alarde- small, fast better steering than the Boost; nitro: 2
5.	Fripon X- SUV look fast pick up and go good steering; nitro: 2 
6.	Monsoni- second motorcycle very much faster than the first; nitro: 0
7.	Stadt- another SUV type, faster pick up and go; nitro: 2 
8.	Victory- very high acceleration low steering and top speed; nitro: 2 
9.	Modo Prego- won after beating Paris champ fast, good steering nitro: 3
10.	Paris cop- Paris cop car won only in arcade mode nitro: 3 

Tokyo Vehicles

1.	Lusso XT- better for straight drags, not that good of steering nitro: 3
2.	RSMC 15- high top speed good acceleration nitro: 3 
3.	Vortex 5- small fast little car that steers good nitro: 3 
4.	Salkou- fast pick up and go little car pretty good steering nitro: 3 
5.	Knight- not so good top speed but good handling and acceleration nitro: 3
6.	Nousagi- Last motorcycle very very very fast nitro: 0 
7.	Salkou XS- faster, better looking, and somewhat better steering nitro: 3 
8.	Torque JX- won after beating Tokyo champ very very fast car nitro: 4
9.	Tokyo cop- Tokyo cop car won only in arcade mode; nitro: 4

World Vehicles 

These Vehicles are won from doing something different than usual.

1.	Veloci- a very fast street car won after beating the world champ; nitro: 5
2.	SLF450x- beat all circuit races, jet engine car, fastest car; nitro: 5

Driving Techniques|

Midnight Club II has some other features to it such as driving techniques. Driving 
techniques help you while racing to get in and out of traffic better, help you save 
damage to your car, and help you win the race. The following are the driving 
techniques of Midnight Club II.

Nitro- nitro is the simple use of the cars’ nitrous tank, when you push the “nitro” 
button the car will have a large increase in speed and accelerate must faster than 

Weight Transfer- weight transfer allows you to transfer and distribute weight 
equally throughout you car in mid air, by doing this you will be able to level your 
car so it can land level to the ground from going off a jump. Weight Transfer on a 
motorcycle will result in pulling a wheelie, leaning forward to reduce wind 
resistance, or making sharp turns without using the hand brake. 

Burnout- most people know what this is but anyway, burnout allows you to keep the 
car/bike still (not moving) but have the front or rear (rear on bikes) tires spin 
causing a cloud of smoke. This gives you a boost is acceleration but it can be 
damaging to your ride if you do it too long.

Two Wheel Driving- (cars only) two wheel driving allows you to use the weight 
transfer to put a car up on its side, driving on two wheels. Yes, this does make it 
harder to steer the car and there is a risk of flipping in to a roll but if two 
wheel driving is mastered then it will help you get through heavy traffic easier 
because you will be able to make it in small areas such as in between two cars.

SlipStream Turbo (SST)- SlipStream Turbo or SST is one of the best driving 
you can use. It helps save your nitro, which while racing you cannot get back. It’s 
simple if you stay close enough behind another racer long enough for the meter to 
fill up and flash red and then press your nitro button, you will blow past the 
person you were behind and leave him in your dust, the best thing is that after 
using SST you still have your normal nitrous left!

Known Codes & Hints|

I’m sure that there are many codes & hints for the PS2 copy, but I don’t have that 
copy, I have the Xbox copy and this is what I know about it.

Set Difficulty: type howhardcanitbeX as a cheatcode [replace “X” with a number from 
0 easiest to 9 hardest] (thanks to Absdrakt)

Unlimited NOS in arcade mode: enter zoomzoom4 as a cheatcode for unlimited nitrous 
(thanks to Nitroracer58)

Never Crash on bike: Get your damage meter all the way up with a motorcycle and 
crash so the guy falls off this should be where the bike blows up or stops and 
needs to restart, hit start, then press start again this will cause the bike to 
ride without a ride and it will cause the bike not to damage anymore or restart, 
you wont crash.

Set Game Speed: Type howfastcanitbeX {replace "X" with a number from 0 slowest to 9 

Copyright Info.|

This FAQ is to be used only for personal or resource use. It has been put here to 
deliver information about Midnight Club II for Xbox and Play Station 2. Under no 
circumstances may anyone take this work and call it their own. The CheatCode Staff 
members do not agree with stealing work, and neither do I.   

Notes From Author|

I will allow anyone to send me email messages only if they are:

Question of the game
Positive comments of this FAQ
Information that was not covered and/or is not correct in this FAQ

Do not send: 

Spam mail
Negative comments 

You must have a subject. My email address is located at the very top of this page. 

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