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The Mercenaries 
Mikhail Survival Guide (PS Version)
By SoliAnt08
1. Legal Stuff
2. What Is The Mercenaries Game? 
3. FAQs 
4. Weapons Evaluation
5. Briefing 
6. Walkthrough
7. Enemy Chart
8. Other stuff and silly things
9. General Tips
10. What do I get?
Section One: Legal Stuff
This FAQ may only (I repeat, only) appear at the following sites:
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(Note) When I said this FAQ may only appear at those sites, I meant that you could 
copy & submit my FAQs to those sites without having to ask me, so you can go ahead 
and submit my FAQs of Mega Man X4, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Survivor, Resident 
Evil 3, and Tomb Raider to those sites I've listed above. For any other site, you 
must ask me first before putting them there. My other FAQs are currently at 
cheatcodes.com (I'm a member). One thing: DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN FAQ!!!!
Section 2: What Is The Mercenaries Game?
The Mercenaries is an extra part of RE3, much like the Hunk and Tofu scenarios in 
RE2. Basically, it's a short timed mission, all action and no puzzle solving. It 
requires you to run from the Trolley back to the Warehouse, killing pretty much 
everything in your way and trying to survive until the end. You come with a lot of 
ammo/herbs but it's harder than it sounds. You get to play as one of the UBCS 
soldiers you meet during the course of the main game; Carlos, Mikhail and Nicholai. 
There are varying difficulty levels depending on who you choose. 
Section 3: FAQs 
Question: How do I access the Mercenaries Game? 
Answer: Finish the main game (any mode). Seem too easy? Well, at first the limit was 
supposed to be 7 hours and 30 saves but that was changed. 
Question: Now that I've got it, how do I play it? 
Answer: After you finish the main game, the CPU asks you to create another save 
file, titled "Next Game 00-01". Load this from title screen and choose THE 
Question: What is the point of playing? 
Answer: Each time you play, you will get a certain amount of cash, which is saved 
onto your memory card. Once you build up enough money, you can buy cool bonus items 
for RE3, like an Infinite Rocket Launcher. 
Question: How does the Merc Ranking System work? 
Answer: You are graded on the time remaining when you finish, the number of hostages 
saved, the number of enemies killed, and the amount of damage sustained. 
Question: Who has the easiest mission? 
Answer : Mikhail, by far. Carlos' mission is a bit harder due to his lack of "quick 
kill" weapons, so when playing as him, time always seems to be an issue. With 
Nicholai, there is a serious lack of weaponry, and his mission is the most 
Name : Combat Knife 
Score: 1/10 A dagger intended for self-defense when all forms of arms and ammo have 
been depleted. It cannot be nearly as effective as a firearm. 
Name : SIGPRO SP2009 9mm Handgun 
Score: 5/10 The SIGPRO is the standard mercenary handgun, and therefore reliable. It 
is lightweight and very accurate but fires comparably slow. 
Name : STI Eagle 6.0 
Score: 6/10 The Eagle is a custom handgun made for competitions. It has 
counterweights that reduce the recoil of the weapon along with a scope to increase 
accuracy. Fires very fast, and the Eagle has the ability to deliver critical hits 
and kill a zombie in one shot. This happens 5% of the time. 
Name : Benelli M3S Shotgun 
Score: 8/10 A very handy weapon. The Benelli is a sawed-off shotgun that fires shot 
shells, capable of damaging multiple targets at once. At close range, the gun is 
Name : Smith & Wesson M629C Magnum 
Score: 9/10 The M629C fires .365 Magnum rounds which are large-caliber slugs that 
create a tremendous impact. It is one of the most powerful handguns available, being 
able to kill most things in one shot. The recoil is horrendous, though, and slows 
the firing speed considerably. 
Name : M4A1 Assault Rifle 
Score: 7/10 Although the A.R. fires very quickly and has a nearly endless magazine, 
that can be its downfall. Ammo for this gun is hard to come by and it runs out much 
too fast. The damage ratio is low, but it can hit multiple targets with its wide-
pattern spray. An above-average weapon. 
Name : M66 Personal Rocket Launcher 
Score: 9/10 The M66 fire the penultimate of all rounds; a single rocket-propelled 
grenade intended for major property damage. Aimed at a living target, and it can 
wipe it off the map. It can hold 8 rockets. It takes a moment to heft and aim, and 
it cannot be aimed up or down. The rocket travels slowly compared to small-caliber 
fire and can be avoided by some.
5. Briefing 
Name: Mikhail Victor 
Age: 45 
Blood Type: A 
Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 216lb 
Equipment: a lot (does the carry the launcher in his pockets?) 
Vitality : tougher than Jill 
Speed : chubby and clunky 
Benelli M3S Shotgun (7) 
Shotgun Shells (21) 
S&W M629C Magnum (6) 
Magnum Bullets (18) 
M66 Rocket Launcher (8) 
Mixed Herb (1)
Area 1: Trolley 
Enemies: none 
Nothin' here. Hit the door. 
Area 2: Street Outside Trolley 
Enemies: 7 zombies 
Immediately run to Mikhail's right and jump aboard the box. Jump down and run in 
between the two zombies. Ignore the third and hit the door. 
Area 3: Descrepit Alley 
Enemies: 4 zombies, 1 sleeper zombie 
Run forward and switch screens once. Aim up and decap the first zombie. Quickly 
decap fat boy for 7 seconds. Run, hugging the corner to avoid sleeper and fire 
immediately with the shotgun. If you're lucky, one shot kills both zombies, if not, 
just shoot again. Exit. 
Area 4: Alley Behind Residence 
Enemies: ?? Crows 
Ignore the birdies and hit the door. 
Area 5: Forked Path 
Enemies: 8 zombies 
Run forward and decap the cop with a headshot. Change screens twice to see the 
barrel. Aim with R2 and wait until you see at least 6 zombies within range of the 
barrel. Fire and gain 79-89 seconds. Reload your gun. Take the other fork, toward 
the Gas Station. 
Area 6: Stagla Gas Station 
Enemies: 3 cerberus 
Hug the lefthand wall to avoid dog #1. Stall for a split second at the gas pump and 
dog #2 will jump and miss. While 3rd dog is collecting his wits, enter the station. 
Area 7: Machine Shop 
Enemies: 4 zombies, 1 sleeper zombie 
Immediately aim up and decap zombie #1 with a head shot. Dequip all weapons and let 
sleeper boy bite you. After crushing his head, equip the shotgun and run to the 
entrance of the garage. Auto aim and fire to kill 1 zombie. Run inside and find the 
other two. Kill them. Rescue Dario for 20 seconds and 14 Shotgun Shells. Exit from 
where you came in. 
Area 6: Stagla Gas Station 
Enemies: 3 cerberus Run forward-left and the charging dog will overcompensate. Hug 
the gas pump tightly to avoid the sitting-down dog and head to the door. No problem, 
Area 5: Forked Path 
Enemies: none 
Leave through the green double doors, south. 
[STATUS CHECK 001] You should be in near-perfect health (Fine) have 2-4 shells left 
in your gun and 28 spare shotgun rounds. Between 2'20" and 2'45" left. 
Area 8: Street 
Enemies: 8 zombies 
Reload your Benelli if it ain't full and run toward the crowd of undead. Fire twice 
to kill 5 or 6 of them. Pick off the remaining few with head shots. You should gain 
a lot of time here. Head for the Newspaper complex, equipping your Magnum. 
Area 9: Newspaper Bldg. 1F 
Enemies: 2 Hunter Betas 
Auto aim and fire once to kill Hunter. Run to the stairs. Hunter #2 is on the first 
landing. To ensure safety, this must be done. Run like mad up the stairs until you 
and Hunter are face-to-face. QUICKLY aim and fire to kill him while he is readying 
to jump-slash. Switch to the shotgun and go to 2F. 
Area 10: Newspaper Bldg. 2F 
Enemies: 5 zombies 
Run forward and kill the zombie hiding in the alcove near the door. Wait in the 
doorway, using the window to view approaching zombies and cap 'em. Enter the room 
when safe, kill remaining zombies and save the girl. You get 23 seconds and 14 
Shotgun Shells. Go back to Area 8, Street. 
Area 8: Street 
Enemies: none 
Try not to waste too much time here. Hit the door leading to the restaurant. 
Area 11: Alley Behind Grille 13 
Enemies: 3 cerberus 
Run forward to the T-intersection and make a hard right, running along the far wall. 
When past the cerberus, immediately spin-fire your shotgun. This will hit all 3 dogs 
and possibly kill one. When they get up, fire again to finish them. Load up your 
Magnum and enter the restaurant. 
Area 12: Grille 13 
Enemies: 3 Hunter Betas 
One of the Hunters you don't need to worry about. As soon as you get in, Auto-aim 
and fire to kill one hunter. Now QUICKLY bank left and enter the basement hatch. You 
should get inside just as hunter #2 leaps. 
Area 13: Restaurant Basement 
Enemies: 5 zombies 
See a zombie cop. Load up your shotgun and cap 'im. Turn around and run forward; cap 
the next two that turn the corner. If you wanna be safe, fire a precautionary shot 
around the corner to stop/kill the next two zombies and then finish them off. Rescue 
Brad Vickers to get 20 seconds and a set of 12 Magnum Bullets. You might have gotten 
hurt here due to the terrible camera angles but one bite is still okay. Head up 
through the ladder. 
Area 12: Grille 13 
Enemies: 2 Hunter Betas 
Ignore them and exit from where you came (the back door). 
Area 11: Alley Behind Grille 13 
Enemies: none 
Dogs should be dead. Take the straight path into the road. 
Area 14: Construction Road 
Enemies: 7 zombies 
Ignore them all because they pose no immediate threat. Load up your Rocket Launcher 
and head into the nearest door. 
Area 15: Industrial Hallway 
Enemies: 1 Nemesis 
QUICKLY descend the short stairway, auto-aim, and fire a rocket. If you don't get a 
+10 second bonus, wait a split second and fire again. This means you have KO'd 
Nemesis. Get behind him, draw aim on his position and blow him away when he gets up. 
Load up your Magnum and take the elevator down. 
Area 16: Underground 
Enemies: 3 Webspinners 
Hurry up and shoot the first spider with the Magnum. Evade the next two and hit the 
Area 17: Short Alley 
Enemies: 2 Drain Deimos 
Kill the Drain Deimos with one shot from the Magnum. Ignore the second one and hit 
the gate. 
Area 18: Substation Enemies: 
7 zombies QUICKLY equip your shotgun and decap the two zombies in the room adjacent 
to your entrance. Run forward toward the panel and kill the three zombies hiding out 
there with a few shots. Enter the cell area and kill the two zombies guarding Marvin 
Branagh. Save him for 20 seconds and F.Aid Spray. Backtrack carefully to the 
Industrial Hall. 
Area 15: Industrial Hallway 
Enemies: none This time take the other path back to the street between your position 
and the Parking Lot. Equip the Magnum. 
[STATUS CHECK 002] HALF-WAY THROUGH THE MISSION Shotgun is about half-loaded. 15-21 
unloaded shells. Magnum has been used (maybe 1-2 bullets left in it) but not 
reloaded. Rocket Launcher has 5-6 rockets left in it. You are preferably in 'Fine' 
but might be in 'Caution' by now if you are not quite used to this. If in 'Caution' 
status, should be yellow not orange. Between 2'10" and 2'40" left. Reload all guns. 
Area 19: Fox Street 
Enemies: 3 Hunter Betas 
Immediately kill the first Hunter with one shot from your gun. Descend the steps 
quickly and bank left ever-so-slightly to make Hunter #2 jump and miss. It is 
critical here that you don't get hit by Hunter #3 because if it does happen, you 
will get severely jacked up by both Hunters. Simply run a sweeping arc around him 
and hit the door. 
Area 20: Parking Lot Office 
Enemies: 5 sleeper zombies, 2 completely dead decoys 
You have two options here. Either de-equip all weapons and let three sleepers bite 
you (you will probably be hurt down one level) and get some decent time bonus, or 
equip the shotgun and blow them all away with three to four shots. Up to you. 
Area 21: Parking Lot 
Enemies: 7 zombies 
Avoid the immediate two zombies, they're no threat. Run forward until you can see 
the barrel and tap R2 to aim. Fire to blow up 2-3 zombies for 20 seconds. Run around 
the last few deadheads (or kill them, it doesn't really matter) and hit the door. 
Area 22: Crashed Midtown 33 
Enemies: 1 Mutant Nemesis (IF you have +2'00" left) 
In the event that you have to fight the Nemesis (it's a good thing) arm your M66 and 
shoot him as he jumps down from the bus. Blast him again to make him stand up and a 
third shot will finish him. You will get a 120 second time bonus. Equip your shotgun 
and leave. 
Area 23: Firehose Alley 
Enemies: 4 zombies, 1 Nemesis 
Immediately run forward and cap the zombie with your shotgun. Equip your Rocket 
Launcher and change screens once. You should see the Nemesis. He is trying to get to 
you but there is a zombie in his way; he will club it to death (+3 seconds) and at 
this point fire one shot with your Rocket Launcher. He will fall to the ground. 
Equip the Magnum, tap R1 to auto aim and fire, capping one zombie. Tap L1 to switch 
targets and cap another one. Re-equip the Rocket Launcher and finish off the Nemesis 
as he stands up. Hit the door. 
Area 24: Dead Merc Alley 
Enemies: 3 Drain Deimos 
Run through the entire hall. If you're fast enough, you'll make it to the end 
without any of the Deimos descending from the walls. 
Area 25: Street In Front Of The RPD 
Enemies: ?? Crows 
Ignore the crows and run for the forked alley where you first met the dogs. 
Area 26: Fire Spigot Alley 
Enemies: 8 zombies 
Run down the left fork and stop-spin-180 as soon as you see the zombies. Run back to 
the fork, get in safe range and wait until at least five zombies are in range of the 
barrel. Aim with R2 and fire to kill them all. Take the right fork and hit the door. 
Area 27: Dry Clean Alley 
Enemies: ?? Sliding Worms 
Run down the alley in zigzag patterns to avoid the worms and get to the door. 
Area 28: Street In Front Of Sales Office 
Enemies: 2 Brain Suckers 
Equip the Magnum. One shot each (close range) for each of the Brain Suckers will 
finish them. Equip the shotgun and enter the Sales Office. 
Area 29: Sales Office Main Room 
Enemies: 8 zombies 
Cap the zombie in front of you. Feel free to vent your frustrations here and kill 
anything between you and the door to the storage room. 
Area 30: Sales Office Storage Room 
Enemies: 3 Hunter Gammas You may get hurt here. Equip the Magnum, auto aim and fire 
ONCE to kill the first hunter. Run to the corner, spin 180 and run back to lure the 
next hunter/s to you. Kill them both with the Magnum. Rescue Nicholai for 20 seconds 
and a F.Aid Spray. Backtrack to Fire Spigot Alley. 
[STATUS CHECK 003] You could possibly be messed up right now (actually, it's likely) 
but unless in orange "Caution" or "Danger", don't use an herb yet. If better than 
orange Caution you can still sustain significant damage. You should have (AT LEAST) 
one reload of Shotgun Shells, 4 Magnum Rounds and one healing item remaining. These 
are minimums (you should actually have more than these figures). Near the end now. 
Area 26: Fire Spigot Alley 
Enemies: 3-4 zombies 
Take the other fork this time (the left one) and kill the remaining zombies with 
headshots from your shotgun. Open the gate. 
Area 31: Barricaded Alley 
Enemies: 3 cerberus Two ways to do this room. The easiest and most logical way to to 
bob and weave past the dogs and go for the door. It's rather easy to juke them if 
you don't get snagged on the paint cans or the stack of planks. The other way is to 
head for the north end of the alley (with the dead cops) while avoiding one dog. 
With your back to the wall, fire a few shots with the M3S and they're gone. 
Area 32: Garbage Dump 
Enemies: 2 Nemesis TOUGH ROOM HERE! Listen carefully: run straight forward until you 
hit the fork. Take the turn to Mikhail's right and you will hear a Nemesis growl. 
Stall for ONE SECOND at the staircase railing and run down the steps. Nemesis #2 
should fire and miss over your shoulder. Nemesis #1 was going to shoot when you 
stalled but changed his mind (because you moved) and is running now. Run past 
Nemesis #2 (who is blocking the back door to the bar) on his right side. He may or 
may not swing at you but will likely miss. You should clear him just as Nemesis #1 
is ready to club you. Run to the door! 
Area 33: Bar Jack 
Enemies: 7 zombies 
Immediately aim up and fire to cap one zombie. Take one step forward, auto aim at 
the advancing crowd of dead boys and fire twice with the shotgun to kill 'em all. 
The last zombie is probably still meandering towards you so kill him too. Save 
Carlos for 20 seconds and 14 S.G. Shells E. Arm your Magnum. Leave through the front 
Area 34: Street 
Enemies: 3 Hunter Betas 
Aim as you get in and kill the Hunter next to you. Go up the stairs and run very 
quickly to Mikhail's left up the street and hit the door at the end. 
Area 35: Hobo Alley 
Enemies: 9 zombies 
Equip the Benelli. Go up the stairs, auto aim and fire to gain some breathing room. 
At the camera angle at the first corner, auto-aim-shoot can kill two zombies. Run up 
the alley and stop at the intersection. Wait for the bunched-up crowd of zombies to 
step into view and pick them off slowly. You may be out of normal shells by now, or 
at least into your last reload. Anyway, head up into the background and hit the door 
there. Equip your Magnum. 
Area 36: Blocked-Off Road 
Enemies: 3 Hunter Betas 
This room is scary but simple. Auto-aim when you get in and fire. One down. Tap L1 
and fire. Two down. Tap L1 again and fire. Room clear. Hit the nearest door. 
Area 37: Warehouse Back Alley 
Enemies: ?? Crows 
Ignore them and just run to the door at the end. 
Area 38: Warehouse 
Enemies: 10 zombies 
Equip the Magnum if you have at least 12 rounds left. If not, use the Benelli with 
S.G. Shells E. Anyway, kill them all with the remainder of your ammo (you should 
have more than enough) and try to gain as much time as possible here. It's easier 
with the Magnum since it offers instant kills no matter the distance, but whatever. 
After they are all dead, go up the stairs and into the Safe Room. 
Final Room "Well, that was impressive. You have earned your reward... and your 
freedom." You will get a silver briefcase emblazoned with the Umbrella Logo. Inside 
is your money. 
EVALUATION: Possible Times: 1:12-5:06 (my own min/max) 
Possible Grade: A or B (depending on how much you got hurt) 
Possible Cash : $600 - $2400
7. Enemy Chart
Zombie = 3 sec.
Cerberus = 4 sec.
Hunter Beta/Gamma = 6 sec.
Drain Demo = 4 sec.
Brain Sucker = 6 sec.
Spider = 4 sec.
Nemesis Type 1 = 10 sec. (knockdown) ,20 sec. (kill)
Mutated Nemesis = 120 sec.
Crow/Worm = 1 sec.
Survivor (Rescue) = 20 sec.
8. Other stuff and silly things 
#1: Time Checks I've found that certain locations, when "examined", give you extra 
seconds. When you find the first one, it's +2 seconds, then each consecutive check 
you get double (i.e. +4, +8, +16...) I believe there are more than those I have 
found, I have found five: 
Check 1: Garbage Alley next to the Raccoon Press Bldg. (+2) 
Check 2: A la Carte tray at the Restaurant (+4)
Check 3: Auto/Manual Panel at Substation. (+8) 
Check 4: Fire Hose at the end of Area 23. (+16) 
Check 5: Dead Policemen at the near end of the Barricaded Alley. (+32) 
Check 6: Dead Policemen where Jill found the shotgun. 
#2: Survivors These are the various survivors at the locations; it's very 
interesting to try and find where they show up in the regular game. I will tell you 
where Jill have met these persons. 
Stagla Gas Station: Dario Rosso (beginning of the game) 
Raccoon Press Bldg: Reporter (on the TV at the Sales Office) 
Grille 13 : Brad Vickers (in the Bar Jack) 
Substation : Marvin Branagh (in the RPD) 
Sales Office : UBCS Soldier (Trolley) 
Bar Jack : UBCS Soldier (Trolley) 
#3: The Very Impressive Super-Juke Trick! This can net you loads of points and time 
but is very dangerous. It can really impress your friends if you do it right though! 
[As any Mercenary] Travel to the Industrial Hallway where you see the first Nemesis. 
Stay still so he won't charge you. When he is about to hit you, mash the R1 and R2 
buttons like mad to avoid his punch. Then tap the same buttons quickly to get double-
triple bonuses for your dodge. Repeat this, making sure you don't back into a wall. 
#4: The Impressive Super-Juke Trick! This will get you the same effect as above, but 
takes more patience and ammo, and is much easier. 
[As Carlos] Travel to the Barricaded Alley. Run to the end with the dead cops and 
begin pelting the dogs with your Eagle. Make sure to know when 2 of them are dead 
(the third may be severely wounded). Let the third one run at you and juke him. Run 
to the stack of plywood and climb upon it. Now the dog will be at one end of the 
stack, jumping futilely at you. Get Carlos in range of the dog and dodge. Get the 
bonuses for your dodge, and then start dodging again. Repeat. 
#5: Nemesis vs Nemesis. This is just a really awesome trick that is fun to watch. 
[As any Mercenary] Travel to the Double-Nemesis alleyway. Perform the move outlined 
in the walkthrough, but make sure Nemesis #1 is almost upon you when you run past 
Nemesis #2. Now Nemesis #1 will club and hit the second one. #2 gets pissed and 
starts fighting back. Stand at a safe distance and don't do anything. Soon one of 
the Nemesis will kill the other, and the remaining one is so weak you can finish him 
with a couple shots. 
#6: Look At My Gun A cool tactic that works with all players. 
[As and Mercenary] If there is a Hunter/Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker that you cannot 
see and want to take out, there's something to be done. It is impossible to kill 
certain enemies without getting hurt due to their awkward starting position. In 
these cases, get within "range" of the monster's sight. Tap R1~R2 quickly. This will 
present a "threat" to the CPU and the monster will advance, giving you an easy shot. 
9. General Tips 
If you've played the RE2 equivalent of the Mercenaries (4th Survivor) you will be 
better prepared for this. Arguably, playing as the Umbrella Special Forces Agent 
Hunk is three times as difficult as Mikhail, about twice as difficult as Carlos, and 
about on par with Nicholai. As Tofu, forget it; that mission is insanely hard 
(Waiting Room!). But, as with other types of games, "Survival Horror" games all have 
skills that can help you succeed no matter what game you're playing. I have tested 
my mettle on Hunk and Tofu, that's how these survival tactics came about: 
1. When playing as Mikhail, always always always wait until the last second before 
firing the shotgun. This unholy weapon CAN kill almost anything in the mission save 
Nemesis in one~two shots. The shotgun can be relied on to take out hordes of zombies 
with but three shells. 
2. No matter what weapon you're using, if the enemy gets too close for comfort, AIM 
UP. This tactic works for anything except spiders and Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker. The 
reason is that damage is increased when you hit a zombie/Nemesis in the head and a 
dog/Hunter in mid-leap. 
3. When using Carlos, NEVER keep your thumb depressed on the X button for over 1.5 
seconds. It works like a capacitor for the Assault Rifle; firing in short bursts 
means you can pinpoint the bullet that kills. 
4. Master "juking". I mention it a lot in this guide, and it means faking out the 
bad guy with a one-two step. There are different juking methods for different 
Juking Zombies: Wait on one side or a corridor/hall until the zombie is almost 
grabbing you. Immediately dash to the other side and go around him. He won't have 
time to react. 
Juking Dogs : As they are chasing you wait for them to get close and spring at you. 
At this point make a sharp turn and the dog will miss. Now as the dog lands it will 
try to U-turn to make another pass. AS its turning flank the dog {so that it can't 
get to you} until the path is clear and keep running. 
Juking Hunters: The right side seems to be their weak side, so when you run past 
them favor their right arm. Otherwise, if you run at a Hunter and play a game 
of "chicken", you can trick it to jump over you. Run in a beeline towards the lizard 
freak and about two feet away from collision, bank left/towards the Hunter's right. 
For some reason if you do this the Hunter will ALWAYS try it's jump slash and miss. 
5. Master Knife-Fighting if you like Nicholai. I have seen too many of my friends 
try a "war of attrition", standing idle, taking zombie bites and trying to put the 
deadhead down before they die. This is the wrong way to knife-fight! Get comfortable 
with the stab-retreat-stab- retreat pattern. Never stab more than twice without 
moving to make sure the zombie can't get to you. 
6. Popping Dogs: You can get 32 seconds off a dog if you "pop" him with the knife. 
It's a bit tricky and it looks weird but you can do it. Get a dog to run at you and 
ready the knife. When he gets ready to spring (you'll get used to determining the 
range), stab straight forward with the knife. You will knock it out of the air if 
timed right. As it falls, press R1+Down and tap X so you get a free hit. The dog 
will get up and charge you again, so stab him in mid-air once again. From this point 
on, each knife stab will gain a cumulative chance of "popping" the dog into little 
pieces. Don't attempt this with more than two dogs.
10. What do I get?
Here's what you get for each survivor you rescue:
1) Dario : 14 Shells 
2) Sales Office Girl : 14 Shells 
3) Brad : 12 Magnum Rounds 
4) Marvin : FAS 
5) Nicholai : FAS 

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