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H           H                M                 M          FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN
H           H               M M               M M                  Guide
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H           H             M     M           M     M
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H H H H H H H           M         M       M         M             
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Review- This is a game for kids from 10-100. From the simple everyday life of a 
farmer to the stress of taking care of animals, marriage and crops this game has it 
all. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9) 10. In a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9.
     worst             best   

           Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town : Mineral Town Millionaire

Do not, by any means reproduce or steal any of this info. I worked hard to get it 
myself and you should work hard to get it too. You can read it only. But i'm not a 
sourpuss its just not nice to take someone elses work and claim it as your own. 
Thats called plaigerism and it's not very nice. If you need some info just E-mail 
me and i'll give it to you. Email me at [email protected] and lable it 
info.                                  Thanks                                      


Chap.1- Getting Started                                  

Chap.2- Starting the Game

Chap.3- Your House                                       

Chap.4- The Barn, Stable and Chicken Coop.

Chap.5- Your Tools

Chap.6- The Animals

Chap.7- Townsfolk

Chap.8- Recipes

I hope this Guide will help you to become the Mineral Town Millionaire.
Have fun Playing Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town.---- Capt.Garfield

Chap 1: Getting Started

Insert the game into the Gameboy and turn on the Gameboy. Select start and it will 
ask you what you want characters name to be. Enter the name and hit end. Next it 
will ask you when you want your characters birthday to be. Select what you want it 
to be. now it should ask you what you want your farms name to be. Enter the name 
and hit end. Next it will ask you what your dogs name should be. Enter the name and 
hit end. It will show you now all the information you just entered. Hit yes if your 
happy with what you've got. Hit no and it will take you back to where you choose 
your name.

Chap. 2:Starting the Game

After your happy with all the info and hit yes then you should see your little guy 
and your dog. Thomas the town Mayor will run up to you and tell you that the owner 
of the farm had died a while back and that you cant come walting in there.(Hit the 
A button to progress the reading.)Then he'll ask you if you knew him and did'nt 
know that he had died.Thomas: " He died about... oh 6 months ago, I reckon. When I 
was cleaning out his place I found his will. In it he said I'm leaving my farm to 
(your name).So, until whoever that is shows up I'm taking care of the farm. What? 
you say your(your name). Will you tell me how you met the old man...?" Now after 
you are done talking to Thomas the story of how you met the old man starts 
playing.After that Thomas will talk to you some more. Thomas will tell you that you 
can have the farm if you want it. You will accept it which makes Thomas Happy. It 
will say "Then the next day." You will wake up in your House and will eat a piece 
of Bread. Your now Free to do whatever you want.

Chap. 3: Your House

I think you will notice that time stops when your in your house and any other 
building. In the middle of your house you will see a table. Straight up from that 
is a T.V. Face it and press the A Button to watch a show. Use the controller pad to 
Change shows. Up is the weather forcast for the next day. Down is Life on the Farm 
an educational show which will teach you about things around the farm. Right will 
tell you the day of the season and whats going on, Like it tells you that its the 
second day of spring and Events this season. Now Left has all kinds of Shows and 
stuff. While all three of the other buttons are always the same daily this button 
sometimes has cooking shows and sometimes a shopping network and other things. They 
change Daily. Hit B to exit the TV window. To the left of the TV is a bookcase. 
This bookcase has Books and letters you have recieved over the years. In the Bottom 
Left hand corner there is another table. In the bottom right hand corner is your 
toolbox. The toolbox has tools in it that are neccesary to run your farm. Hit A to 
acess your tools. At the Bottom it will tell you what the tool you've selected is 
and what it does. To bring a tool from your toolbox to your tool rucksack you must 
highlight the tool then drag it over to where you want it. Hit B to leave the 
toolbox. Straight up from the toolbox is your bed. Hit A when you want to sleep. It 
will ask you if you want to turn in for the day. Hit yes if you want to and hit no 
if you dont want to. Next to the bed is a table with something blue on it. The blue 
thing is your diary. The diary is where you save your game. Hanging on the wall 
next to your diary is a calender. The Calender tells you events also like the TV 

Chap.4: The Barn, Stable and The Chicken Coop.

  The barn is to the right of your house. Right next to the barn is your Doghouse. 
The barn has 8 Feeding stalls for the animals. There is 1 feeding stall that is all 
alone. That stall is for a pregnant animal. In between the pregnant animal feeding 
stall and the other stalls is a white piece of paper and a dark spot on the wall.  
The paper will tell you how many pieces of fodder you have, and you get the fodder 
out of the dark spot by walking up to it and pressing A. To put the fodder in a 
feedbox walk up to it with a piece of fodder in your hand and press A. When you 
start the game you don't have any fodder or animals. Don't mind it when it says in 
the barn when you don't have any fodder There isn't any Chicken feed in the bin, 
the Gamemakers made a mistake. When you first walk into the barn there is a 
shipment box towards your left. That is where you put wool and milk.
 The Chicken coop is the building at the bottom left corner of your farm. Next to 
it is a water mill. After you grow corn you can put it here to become animal 
fodder. Inside it has basically the same things a barn has. Piece of paper, 
Darkspot on the wall, Shipment box and 4 feeding stalls. The only thing thats 
different is that in the bottom left corner there is a box. You put eggs in that 
box to hatch more Chickens.
The Stable is to the right of the barn. Next to the stable is the lumber house,that 
is where wood for building is stored. The guy from the cow and sheep farm will come 
and give you a horse. All you have to do is brush and talk to the horse. He stays 
in the stable.

Chap.5:Your Tools

IMPORTANT---All tools are used with the B button.

Stored in Toolbox:

Brush- Buy From Blacksmith
Hoe- Inherit from old man  
Water can- Inherit from old man.  
Step Counter- Inherit From Thomas
Seeds- Buy From Won And Supermarket
Hammer- Inherit from old man.
Milker- Buy from Blacksmith.
Sickle- Inherit from old man
Animal Medicine- Buy From Other Farms
Fishing Pole- Get from Zack.
Axe- Inherit from old man.
Wool Shears- Buy from Blacksmith.

The Hoe may be used in the mine to Dig. You Can Dig up Black Grass, 10G or Stairs 
leading lower into the mine.
Hoe is also used to till feilds.  
Hammers are used to smash up rocks to get Valuable minerals.
Milker is used for milking cows.
Brush is used on Animals to get them to love you more. The more an Animal loves you 
the better quality products they produce.
Sickle is used for chopping up weeds.
Wool Shears are used to shear wool off of sheep.
Animal Medicine is used for curing sick Animals.
Fishing Pole is used to fish. All bodies of water may be fished in.
Step counter counts your steps.
The Axe is used to chop up branches and tree stumps.  
Water can waters crops.
Seeds may be planted in fields tilled with the Hoe.
1 bag of seeds are thrown in a 3x3 fashion, Like so--- 1 1 1
Reccomended designs are---  1   1   1 1 1              1 1 1
                            1 1 1   1   1              1 1 1
                            1 1 1   1 1 1                
Chap.6: The Animals

Sheep- Buy from Yodel Farm.

Cow- Buy from Yodel Farm.

Chicken- Buy From Poultry Farm.

Horse- Guy from Yodel Farm gives him to you.

Dog- Get at start of Game.

Be sure to feed , talk to and brush your animals daily.
The better you take care of your animals the better products they will produce.
Let your animals outside in good weather. Some days the weather outside will be to 
bad to go outside. Be sure to check the TV weather channel to find out the weather. 
The day before the bad weather give your animals double portions of food. The Horse 
does not need to be fed. If an animal gets sick be sure to give it animal medicine.
Animal medicine is available at the poultry farm and the yodel farm. 


B= Boy  G= Girl

B.You- The Farmer and main character of this game. My farmers name is Donald.

B.Zack- The guy in charge of shipping in the town.

B.Won- Salesman that lives in Zack house by the beach.

B.Thomas- Mayor of Mineral town.

G.Ann- Doug's Daughter. Works at the bar. You can Marry her.

G.Elli- Works at the hospital. You can marry her.

B.Stu- Elli's little brother.

G.Ellen- Elli's Grandmother.

B.Kai- Summer salesman. Shop is at beach.

B.Saibara- The Blacksmith.

B.Gray- Grandson of Blacksmith. Works for Blacksmith. 

G.Mary- The town Librairian.

G.Manna- Duke's Wife. Works at Aja Winery.

B.Cliff- Works at winery.

G.Karen- A girl you can marry. Jeff and Sasha's daughter.

G.Anna- Lives with a botanist called Basil.

B.Basil- The Towns Botanist.

G.Lillia- Owns Poultry Farm.

B.Rod- Lillia's Husband who you never see in the whole game.

G.Popuri- A girl you can marry. Lillia's daughter. Works at poultry farm.

B.Rick- Lillia's son. Works at poultry farm.

G.Sasha- Jeffs wife.

B.Doug- Bar and Inn owner.

B.Harris- Police Officer.

B.Gotz- The local woodcutter.

B.Jeff- Owns supermarket.

B.Carter- Priest/Minister

B.Barley- Runs cow and sheep farm./Yodel Farm

G.May- Barley's Grandaughter.

G.Joanna- May's mom, Barley's daughter. Never appears in game.

B.Doctor- The Doctors name is Doctor.

B.Duke- Drunkard. Works at Aja Winery.

Chapter.8: Recipes

You Must have bought the kitchen and all of the utensils in order to
make these recipes. 
I have only acquired a few recipes but here they are.

Utensils- Whisk, Vinegar
Ingredients-Egg, Oil

Utensils- Salt
Ingredients- Cucumber

Utensils- Knife
Ingredients- Carrot, Tomato, Onion

Utensils- Pot, Salt
Ingredients- Milk, Flour

Fried Rice-
Utensils- Frying Pan
Ingredients- Egg, Oil, Rice Ball

Savory Pancakes-
Utensils- Knife, Frying Pan
Ingredients- Oil, Egg, Flour, Cabbage

Fruit Juice-
Utensils- Mixer
Ingredients- Apple

Vegtable Juice-
Utensils- Mixer
Ingredients- Cucumber

Pickled Turnip-
Utensils- Knife, Vinegar
Ingredients- Turnip

Tomato Juice-
Utensils- Mixer
Ingredients- Tomato

Baked Sweet Potato
Utensils- Oven, Sugar, Salt
Ingredients- Sweet Potato

Hot Milk-
Utensils- Pot
Ingredients- Milk

Apple Souffle-
Utensils- Frying Pan
Ingredients- Apple

Grape Jam-
Utensils- Pot, Sugar
Ingredients- Grape

Grape Juice-
Utensils- Sugar, Salt, Mixer
Ingredients- Grape

Utensils- Oven
Ingredients- Bread

Moon Dumplings-
Utensils- Sugar
Ingredients- Muffin Mix

Bodigizer XL-
Utensils- Mixer
Ingredients- Blue Grass, Bodigizer

Miso Stew-
Utensils- Pot, Miso
Ingredients- Any vegetable

Pineapple Juice-
Utensils- Mixer
Ingredients- Pineapple

Happy Eggplant-
Utensils- Frying Pan, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Miso
Ingredients- Eggplant

Curry Bread-
Utensils- Frying Pan
Ingredients- Curry Powder, Bread, Oil

Buckwheat Noodles-
Utensils- Rolling Pin, Knife, Pot
Ingredients- Buckwheat flour

     I am trying to get Elli to marry me and I can't quite get her to love me 
enough. I am kind of stuck so I am not to proud to get help. If I get your 
permission I will post the info on this walkthrough. Whatever you do, do not try to 
get Ann to marry you. She is too picky. 




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