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Griffey Slugfest
Nintendo 64
Mini FAQ
Version 1.2

Written By:
The Crippler
[email protected]

		          Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest

1) Updates
2) Playing
3) Game Modes
4) Codes
5) Review 
6) Credits
7) Legal Info

1) Updates

Version 1.2
I updated every section of this Mini FAQ.

Version 1.1
I added a review sent in by a friend of mine. See the review
section to read it.

Version 1.0
Welcome. I have decided to write this FAQ as a sequel to my
original "Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball" FAQ written a few months
ago. I think that Slugfest isn't quite the game that the first
one was, but it is still a fun sports game to play.

2) Playing

Pitching is extremely easy. At the beginning of the game, you'll
see a box that displays which pitches your pitcher can throw, along
with which buttons you press to do so. You can then change the
location of the pitch by moving the box inside the blue square.
Anything in the blue square will be a strike; anything out of the
blue box will be a ball.

Hitting becomes harder in this game. Instead of a circle to follow
the pitch with, you get this weird-shaped blue box with a power
point on it. If you hit the ball right on the power point (which
is marked with a + sign) you will get a solid hit. Otherwise, 
you'll swing and miss or get a lousy hit.

Fielding is the easiest aspect of the game. On a ground ball,
you run to pick it up (analog stick) and press the C button
that corresponds with the base you wish to throw to:

C-Down: Home Plate
C-Right: First Base
C-Up: Second Base
C-Left: Third Base

Just think of a baseball diamond:

                      Second Base (C-Up)
                              /  \
                             /    \
		            /      \
                           /        \
		          /          \
                         /            \
    Third Base (C-Left)	 \            / First Base (C-Right)
 		          \          /
  		           \        /
   		            \      /
    		             \    /
     		              \  /
                    Home Plate (C-Down)

Diving plays will require you to hit A+Any C-Button. You can
use this as an infielder to dive for a ball going into the outfield,
or as an outfielder to jump for balls going over the fence.

3) Game Modes

-Homerun Derby
-Create A Player
-World Series

4) Codes

Special thanks to N64 Underground for these. (See credits).

Big Heads
Go to the "Create A Player" screen and enter the player's name as follows: 
First Name: CODE
Please Note: You must have beat the World Series on "Rookie" for the cheat to

Go to Create-A-Player and enter the following:
First Name: CODE 
Please note: You must beat the World Series on "All-Star" for the cheat to

Steal the CPU's Signs
While batting, press R on P2 to see the CPU's pitches. 

Exploding Batters
When you're batting, press Right, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, 
and Down. Your batter will blow up and reappear after the next pitch.
If you're lucky, you might get hit by a pitch and get a free walk to first. 

Fireworks Show
Select any two teams on expendition mode, and press Z on stadium select to
view the statium. Now press and hold R and Z, and fireworks will appear
behind homeplate. 

Flying Player
When your opponent hits a pop-fly to the outfield don't catch it. Instead 
pick it up and run it in by holding Z and C-up. Then press the following 
C buttons to throw to bases. RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, 
UP, LEFT, DOWN. You should hear the crowd boo. On the next hit don't pick 
it up. Instead repeatedly tap A or B and your player will fly. 

Homerun in Every At-Bat
This code only works while playing with Griffey. When you are up to bat tap
Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, and Left on the Game Pad not the 
joystick. You have to hit the ball after you enter the code. 

Invisible Players
Go to the create a player screen and type "CODE" for the first name and
"INVISIBLEMAN" for the second name. You will hear a confirmation sound. 

Thin Players
Go to the Create a Player screen and enter the player' name as follows: 
First Name: CODE

Tick Players
Go to Create-A-Player and enter the following: 
First Name:CODE
Please Note: You must beat the World Series on "Veteran" for the cheat to

Tiny Players
Go to the Create A Player option and enter the following:
First Name: Code
Last Name: Liddleleague

Weeble's Wobble
Go to Create a Player and enter the following: 
First Name: Code
Last Name: Weebleman
The players will have large bodies, fat heads, and skinny chests. 


Enable Code (Must Be On)
                                         DE061600 0000
  Infinite Balls
                                         8021AC47 0000
  1 Ball And You Walk
                                         D021AC47 0000
                                         8021AC47 0003
  2 Balls And You Walk
                                         D021AC47 0000
                                         8021AC47 0002
  3 Balls And You Walk
                                         D021AC47 0000
                                         8021AC47 0001
  Infinite Strikes
                                         8021AC48 0000
  1 Strike And You Are Out
                                         D021AC48 0000
                                         8021AC48 0002
  2 Strikes And You Are Out
                                         D021AC48 0000
                                         8021AC48 0001
  Infinite Outs
                                         8021AC41 0000
  1 Out And You Are Out
                                         D021AC41 0000
                                         8021AC41 0002
  2 Outs And You Are Out
                                         D021AC41 0000
                                         8021AC41 0001
  Home Team Score Modifier
                                         80104EFC ????
  Home Team Hits Modifier
                                         80104EFE ????
  Home Team Errors Modifier
                                         80104E60 ????
  Away Team Score Modifier
                                         80104E5D ????
  Away Team Hits Modifier
                                         80104E5F ????
  Away Team Errors Modifier
                                         80104E61 ????
  Character Creation Codes
  Infinite Creation Points
                                         81059408 420C
  Max Batting
                                         8105D6D8 4120
  Max Power
                                         8105D270 4120
  Max Speed
                                         8105CE68 4120
  Max Defense
                                         8105CA60 4120
  Max Arm Strength
                                         8105C5F8 4120
  Max Durability
                                         8105C098 4120
  Max Clutch
                                         8105BB98 4120
  Max Control
                                         8105B760 4120
  Max Stamina
                                         8105B2F8 4120
  Max Pitch Speed
                                         8105AE90 4120


5) Review

This review was sent in by my friend, "The Stinger." 
([email protected])
I have his permission to use it.

When MLB with Ken Griffey Jr. first came out (I'm talking 
about the first one) I immediately went to the mall and 
bought it being the huge baseball fan that I am. I went 
home and started playing, and I had a blast. It kept me 
playing for months and months, until I heard that a new 
one called Slugfest was coming out. When I first read about 
it, I was told how the game has been advanced from the first 
one to the second one. I couldn't wait to get it, and of 
course, I once again did buy it immediately. However, when 
I got home this time, I wasn't as impressed..... In fact, I 
was dissapointed.

Graphics: 10/10
I will give it up for this department. The graphics in 
this game are great. The platers look real, the appearances 
of the stadiums is incredible (the same exact thing as real 
life) and the menu graphics were spectacular.

Sound: 6/10
Like the first game, the sound isn't that great. It's 
not that the sound isn't clear, it's just that the music 
is repeated over and over again, which eventually becomes annoying.

Game Play: 5/10
Here's what I thought was the dissapointment of the game. 
When you step into the batters box, you are expected to 
hit the ball with a weird shaped oval-like cursor. This 
is difficult and becomes frustrating when you can't hit 
the ball. Also, the view from the pitching mound has been 
changed, in my opinion, to a worse camera angle. Instead of 
being right behind the batter as if you are the catcher, 
you watch from behind the pitcher. This makes it difficult 
to tell where the ball is going to end up if the batter makes 
contact, which, like hitting, will be very frustrating if 
you keep making errors that cost you the game.

So what am I saying? Well, if you're a baseball fan, go pick 
this game up. All the players and teams have been updated and 
it is strictly all baseball. However, if you are not a baseball 
fan and simply want a fun baseball game to play, go buy 
MLB with Ken Griffey Jr. (the first one) because the game is, 
in a word, more fun.

6) Credits

Cheat Code Central
For the Game Shark Codes

Nintendo 64 Underground
The best N64 site out there......... Thanks for the codes, guys.

The Stinger
[email protected]
For the review.

7) Legal Info

This FAQ was written for private use only. You may not use it on
your site without my permission, nor can you re-produce it,
sell it, or alter it in anyway. The latest version of this FAQ can
always be found at:

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