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M  o  e  r  o     J  u  s  t  i  c  e     G  a  k  u  e  n!

N  e  k  k  e  t  s  u     N  i  k  k  i     M  i  n  i  -  F  a  q

version 0.3 April 30, 2001 (My birthday today!)
By niko311 a.k.a. Spetsnaz

copyright, all rights reserved, 2000 Bryan Vowles aka niko311
Legal stuff:
	Please don’t copy this faq without asking, don’t post this on your website
unless you ask,and if you do put this on your website (with my permission of course),
DON’T CHANGE THIS IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE! Also, if you print this out, don’t edit it or
delete my name or any other part of this faq. This faq can ONLY (as of now) be
posted on Gamefaqs or PLEASE TELL ME AS
SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!! Please do not sell this faq for profit, or put it in a
magazine or any other publication for that matter (fanziner's, I'm lookin' at you!). If
you do quote me (wich is acceptable, by the way.) you MUST give me full credit. You
also CANNOT include this with the game as an incentive. If any of the previous
requirements have been broken, or taken against, LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN!
1:- Introduction:
	1.a:- What is Nekketsu Nikki?
2:- Starting a new game.
3:- Let’s play the board game!
4:- What do the cards do?
5:- The many different squares.
6:- Moves: special and regular.
7:- Friends.
8:- FIGHT!!!
9:- Omake.
10:- Tips and Strategies
11:- Contact info.
12:- Thanks and credit
===========Revision History===========
version 0.1: Started faq, FAR from finished

version 0.2: Changed contact info, READ ASAP!!!!!!!!!!VERYIMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

version 0.3: I made a triumphant return! Anyway, updates around, new
strategies section, and guess what? You can contact me now! E-mail me as
much as you want, I look forward to it...

What to look forward to:
	Squares section, and "Friends help"! Don't miss out!
1:- Introduction:
	Please bear with me. This is my first faq, and I’m not very good with this
kind of stuff. If you see any errors, mistakes, have questions, or want to send me
translations, PLEASE contact me. My contact info is at the bottom of this faq. I
would also like to point out that I know VERY LITTLE Japanese, and therefore, some
of this faq is unconfirmed. If you can confirm anything in here, please let me know.
This is mainly a walkthrough, that is about as straight forward as you could get.
If you want a more in-depth experienced, and all around better faq, I suggest
you look at MGreens faq. I just hope he returns the compliment ;) BTW, I'm 14,
so please stop sending the porn... That actually sounds kinda funny heh.
	1.a:- What is Nekketsu Nikki?
Nekketsu Nikki is a mini type of board game in wich you create a character for use in
the following area's of Moero! Justice Gakuen; arcade mode: Free mode only, versus,
training, league mode, and tournament mode.When you decide to create a character,
you can customize their gender, face, hair, eyes, nose, uniform, and you can even
customize their moves. The actual bulk of Nekketsu Nikki (henceforth reffered to as
NN.) is the board game. The board game lasts about 40 chibi character rotations (in
other words, 40 spins.).
2:- Starting a new game
	Starting a new game is not that hard and only takes about 4 minutes.There
are many parts to starting a new game so I'll go step by step.
Step 1: IN THE BEGINNING - To start a new game, press A while highlighting the first
option on the main menu screen. (when you highlight the first option on the main
menu it should have a screenshot of a childish looking picture of a school with the
title, "Nekketsu Nikki" toward the right of the screen.)
Step 2: WICH ONE SHOULD I PICK? - Press the top option to start a new game. Press
the option below it to continue one.
Step 3: HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PLAY? - Next, Iincyo will ask you how
many people will be playing. This is pretty self-expanitory, so I'll let you figure this
one out. ;)
Step 4: WHAT'S YOUR NAME? - Iincyo will now ask you what YOUR name is. In the
top-left, you should see two blue Japanese characters. Pick the second one and,
voila! Everything is in English!
Step 5: WHAT'S YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME? - Now this one HAS to be in English. I
recomend putting your character's name in capitals so it looks better during game-
Step 6: PICKING YOUR GENDER AND SCHOOL. - The top symbol is male, and the
bottom symbol is used if you want a female fighter. After this, you'll see a list of
schools. From top to bottom order they are;

Taiyou high school
Gorin high school
Pacific high school
Gedo high school
(my personal favorite) Justice Gakuen (school)
Seijyun (spelling?)
Step 7: PICK YOUR SUBJECTS. - This one is REAL important in obtaining special
moves for your character during the board game. This following translation was
obtained (with permission) from the most informative (and BEST) site about anything
Rival Schools,
Thanks Daala!

Regular Subjects                          Sports Subjects        Practical Subjects
Home Economics Subjects              Artistic Subjects

followed by:

Authority		Coldness 		Cowardice 	Rationality
Effort 		Love 		Honesty 		Fighting Spirit
Initiative 		Impulsiveness  	Genius 		Opportunism
Humility 		Decisiveness 	Laziness		 Friendship

After you pick a subject and three character traits, you will be asked to confirm your
selection, or change something.
Step 8: MAKE YOUR CHARACTER. -This is where you really get to have fun. The top
option is for changing his/her hair,the second is for his/her eyes, third is for the nose,
and the fourth option is for his/her mouth/lips.
you will be asked to continue on, or save. The top option is continue, while the
bottom option lets you save your character to your vmu. Once again, I will skip this
section, as it is self-explanatory. Next, you should see your name and someone else's
on-screen. Press A, and a name will be randomly picked to go first.Just keep pressing
A until the board game starts.
3:- Let's play the board game!(finally)

            When the board game starts,Iincyo will ask you if you want to see the rules.
Its pointless to say Hai, the first option (wich means yes) so pick the second option,
iie (wich means no.). After you say no, Iincyo will show you the bonus square (or
subject. For more info on this, see section 5.). Not only do you get 50 points
(instead of the usual 10 or 20.), but you also start a new row towards a special.(for
more info on rows and specials see section 6.). When its your turn, a menu will
appear to the left. Here's a rough translation of it.


		Now, there is a trick to get the spin over with a LOT faster, (some
	people believe that this also raises the chance of you getting a
	higher number spin i.e. a 10. This is not confirmed, but it is nice to have
	something to believe in ;), and here is how you do it. When you press "a"
	to spin, hold it down until it makes a noise. You can hold it as long as
	you want, but wait till the ball in the center gets big and makes a
	"Bloop" noise.

	Cards (After picking a card, it will ask you if you to use it.)

		>>hai (yes)
		>>iie (no)

	Map (duh!)
	save, controller selection, exit.
	Next, I'll give a brief run-down of every option.

Spin- This one is obvious, so I'll skip explaining what it does. After you spin, there is
no canceling, its the end of your turn. You HAVE to move how many spaces you are
given, also, if you are having trouble figuring out where to go, you're probably not
getting the fact that you have to go to the spaces with the red outline.

Cards- you always start off every game with three cards, and can carry up to as
many as six at one time. If you have too many, you'll be asked to give up whatever
is leftover. (for more info on cards see section 4.)

Edit- I'm not sure what this says, but I do know what it does. If you click it, it will
bring up a sub-menu.

	?- This option, (the top one.) allows you to see who you are "friends" with.
	Not only that, but it also allows you to see how many subject spaces you
	have left in order to receive a special move. For more info, see section 6.
	Here's a translation, once again from Thanks again daala!!

				Name List

			- Batsu		- Daigo
			- Hinata		- Kyoko
			- Kyosuke	- Kurow
			- Shoma		- Hyo
			- Natsu		- Iincyo
			- Roberto		- Raizo
			- Roy		- Hayato
			- Tiffany		- Ran
			- Boman		- Nagare
			- Edge		- Zaki
			- Akira		- Momo
			- Gan		- Yurika

	Edit- The bottom option allows you to see your character, his/her stats,and

Map- This one is self-explanatory, but if you want to zoom in on a square, and
predict how many moves it will take to get to it, just press Y once for an overhead
view, press it again, and you will get a close-up view.

Save and exit- this one brings up a sub-menu also.

	Current controler- Shows who has current control in a game with more than
	one person.

	Change controler- This lets you pick wich controller controls who.

	Save and then exit- Its pretty self-explanatory.

I guess that pretty much wraps it up for this section.
4:- What do the cards do?
	This next section should be called, "cards for dummies". Like I said before, I
know VERY LITTLE Japanese, hence, I will mostly call these cards by what they look
like. One more note, you get two new cards from Raizo the principle, every time your
turn counter (its in that box on the top-right of your screen, it should be white and
have a number next to it.)reaches 5 turns.

	GO cards- This is the only "definite" card name I can give (gee, I wonder
why that is?). Go cards work like this. Right when you start a new game, you always
get at least one go card to use. Each go card will have a number on it, that number
is the number of spaces you can move. Sometimes you will get a go card with what
looks like a fat x. This go card allows you to pick how many spaces you want to go,
but, you can only pick a number from 1-6 :(

	Friend cards- These cards allow you to "gain" friendship with someone by
having an in-game character tag along to help you in fights between you and other
characters. (for more info on fighting, see section 8.) Alot of your friends help you
out by either increasing one of your subject stats,while others take points away
from your opponent, and some, don't do anything at all! Expect to see a very
detailed section of this faq for what each character does soon in a future revision.

	Blue, mad face card- I'm not sure EXACLY what this does, but I think I can
	give it a shot. I at least know that you can use this on ANY character on
	the board (except you and your opponent of course.) So far, and remember
	this is UNCONFIRMED, it just makes a character mad.

	Pinkish, happy face- This reverses the effects of the blue mad card.

	FIGHT cards- Only use this card if your lookin' to pick a fight.

	Down stat cards- Very useful to use on your enemies, but can be VERY
	dangerous if used against you. Use these cards as soon as you recieve
	them. They knock down some random stats here or there.

	Up stat cards- Once again, very useful to use on yourself, but can be
	dangerous if the wrong person gets ahold of them. Opposite of down

	Warp cards- Warp cards are mysterious to me at the time, but I am working
	on figuring out what the ones without floor numbers do. There are five
	(unconfirmed) warp cards that you can use, and I can confirm only three of

		1-3f warp- 1-3 floor warp, pretty self-explanatory huh? Just pick
		the first option,then pick wich character you want to warp, and
		poof!You're there!

Well, I think that covers the cards, if I missed anything at all, just e-mail me what I
missed, POLITELY.
5:- The many different squares.
	COMING SOON: All card translations courtesy of rs net!!!
6:- Moves: Special and Regular, plus team-up attacks.

	Regular moves, and how to obtain them:

		>> Getting regular moves are simple and easy to obtain,but if your
		still having trouble, I'll help. Okay, you've started a new game and
		you don't quite know how to get moves. Simple, just land on a
		green "move square" and pick wich move you would like.

	Special moves, and how to obtain them:

		>> Obtaining special moves is a bit more complex. Remember that
		edit menu explained in section 3 and those subject red squares?
		Well, these are what earns you your special moves. You see,each
		time you complete two rows of squares, you earn a special. Here's
		an example.

	Lets say that I had a row of four squares and the last one was two spaces
away, so I use one of my go cards to go two spaces to complete my row, and let's
say, that after that, I completed another row. Then I get a special. Confused? don't
be. Try remembering or writing down squares you need to complete a row. Trust me,
you'll get a super MUCH faster this way.

		>>Not only can you get specials by way of collecting red subject
		squares, but at the end of each game, Iincyo will ask you what
		special you want.(This comes after all points are tallied.)

	Team-up attacks aka "Two planton (spelling?) attack", and how to obtain

		>> The only way known so far to get a new team-up attack, is
		this. When you talk to some people, they will give you three
		options to choose from. Choose the second one, and they will
		give you their very own team-up attack. I will list all compatible
		characters in a future revision. (I would like to thank Saiki, from
		the gamefaqs message board for the info.)
7:- Friends.

	During play, you will notice that some characters tag along. These are
called your friends. At the beggining of each game, you are friends with no one.Soon,
as characters tag along more and more, you will build friendships. You can check to
see who is your friend by looking at the EDIT menu. Their should be a face next to
each character name. (You can view a translation of this name list in section 3.) The
more you become friends with someone, the happier the smiley will get. To your left,
on the EDIT menu, there is a smiley scale. Here's what it looks like.

	       blue| green| yellow| orange| red
		:(     :|    :o    :)    :D

	When your "smiley meter" reaches red, congratulations! You've made a best
friend! Making a best friend also opens up some options in Omake mode, explained in
greater detail in section 9.
8:- FIGHT!!!
	Fights can happen anytime, under certain circumstances. Below, I will show
you the two types of fights, and the consequences of each, but first, I'll explain just
what exacly a fight is.
	Fights are when, two characters, you and an opponent, fight with your
stats (thats right, stats.) in order to steal something. The way you prepare for fights
is simple. Just land on more blue squares and let the numbers roll! A really good
strategy though, is to  go by the chemistry lab square (the orange ??? square in the
upper left of the board on the first floor.) save, and then land on the actual square
itself. Let the numbers fall where they may, and if your satisfied with your results,
then continue on, but if you got screwed royaly, just press a, b, x, y, and start, and
then load your game.(I'd like to thank EX Yagami of the gamefaqs message board for
that excellent strategy.) Once you feel your stats are better than your opponent,
land on a subject square that they have previously landed on, or use a fight card.
Once you initiate a fight, you will then be asked who you want to fight (this is not
the case if you landed on their square, you HAVE to fight them, that is, if you pick
the top option :)) select who you want to fight, and let the battle begin! You will
now be presented with a screen with you and the character your fighting slapping
the crap out of each other. Next, press a to stop the spinning. Once stopped, It will
then show you wich stats were randomly selected. If you have more overall points,
or the help of a friend, you win. Next, you will be presented with more options. The
top is for friendship points, the second is for taking cards, the third is for taking
buddies, and the fourth is for taking blocks.

		>>Card fights:
		Card fights happen when someone uses a FIGHT card. ( the red
		card.) In this fight you have the choice to take whatever is
		available to you.

		>>Square fights:
		These happen when someone steps on anothers subject square.
		If you "started it", and if you won, you are forced to take that
		square. But, if you lose, the the other person can take whats
		available to them.
9:- Omake:

	Earning a best friend in NN earns you two options in the omake mode.

		>>Best friend ending picture:
		Pretty much explains itself. You get to view all of your best
		friends ending picture.

		>>Chibi viewer:
		This one is kawaii. You get to view your chibi best friend, and all
		of their silly actions.
10:- Contact info:

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Have you e-mailed me and not recieved a response? I've been
having problems with my isp lately (earthlink). I kind of canceled it, and forgot that
it ends right away, funny huh? I ordered juno, for one month until i find an e-mail
service (for free). YOU MUST E-MAIL ME BY 1/14/01!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*UPDATE*
I just got people pc, so I can get to your e-mails again. Geez, Its been awhile huh?

	If I missed something, if you have a question, or want *wink, wink* to send
me translations (only if you want to. ;),  e-mail me at [email protected] with
your header as, Moero!Justice Gakuen.
11:- Thanks and credit:

	I'd like to thank these people,

Daala- for providing me with translations. Keep up the excellent work with your web-

EX Yagami- for providing me with some awesome strategies! Thanks EX!

Saiki- for showing me how to get different team-up attacks. Thanks Saiki!

My friends- for not doing a damn thing.

This has been the work of

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