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MINI FAQ v.01 initial release

presented by Miracle Peanut aka Rei ([email protected]/[email protected])

1. Introduction
   A. Additional Info    
   B. About This game
2. Menu Translation
   A. During Main Menu
   B. During Free Choice Day
   C. During Character select screen
   D. When you're talking to other people
3. How to play
   A. During Free Choice Day
   B. During Mission
4. Event List
5. Question and Answer 
6. Version History 
7. Links
8. Thanks and Credits

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This faq is created and owned by me (the author). Please don't use
this matterial for a profitable purpose such as magazine, hint books, etc.
Also, if you want to placed this faq in a homepage, the matterial that
appeared on this faq should be in full size, and at last, don't forget to 
telling & crediting me.

I build this faq just to make  a refference for somebody who need
it, since as long as I surf the NET, I never found any for Yukyuu
series. I'd like to say sorry because my japanese is not good either
(im just a beginner) and I still can't read kanji, make this guide
-likely- will be always on "Incomplete status", any kind of contribution 
are welcomed and appreciated. I hope I can complete this faq as fast
as I can, since I'm just a 3rd grade of Senior HS student which still
busy to make a preparation for his college days.......

Author is UNAFILLIATED with Any game magazine (especially Indonesian

Yukyuu series, Yukyuu Kumikyoku perpetual suit -all star project-
are trademark of Mediaworks/Starlight Marry 1997-2000


A. Additional Info 

console: Sony Playstation/PSone
genre: simulation/strategy
release date: August, 2000
publisher: Mediaworks
developer: Starlight Marry
number of CD ROM(S): 1
number of player(S): 1
required memory card block: 1
retail price: 5800 yen
Pocketstation support: yes (+6 block)
analog controler support: yes

B. About This Game 

Yukyu kumikyoku perpetual suit -all star project- is the latest
installment of Yukyuu series, also this is the first Yukyuu game 
that I've played (I hope other people who live in Indonesia are able 
to help me find the other...:), as well as the other game on the series, 
"All-Star Project" will unlikely come in the US, tough.

The gameplay incorporates role playing game, strategy and highschool
life simulation, but it is not necessary to dating the girls. And
you may also choose one between 28 available characters to play
through the school year. It doesnt matter what's your gender, 
guys can make a relation with girl and girl can make a relation with
guys, while the graphic quality isn't bad afterall (kinda like harvest
moon I think...) plus, there's lot of well drawn picture, that will
make you trying to beat the game more than once in order to complete
it. Anyway, to the guide........


since entire of this game are in Nihon-go, If you already able to read japanese 
(at least hiragana and katakana), or if you think, this part is
may skip this section. But even..if you can't read japanese, you don't need 
to worry either, since the menu is pretty set-up is easy to understand, while some 
written in romaji..

A. During Main Menu 

New Game (Romaji): Begin a new game

Continue (Romaji): continue the game from your last data save

-Map Tipe: let you change type of the map during Mission scene, but you still
can change it normally from the game by pressing R1/R2 to rotare screen
-Message Speed: Change text speed (normal and fast)
BGM volume: Adjust BGM volume 
Sound type: let you adjust the type of the sound, between Stereo/Mono

-Mission List: Give you the list of mission objective (only the mission that
you've obtained during the course of the game)  
-Album: Let you watch CG's and pictures that you've got after playing the
game, there's around 192 pictures and most of the is well drawn anyway...
-Series history: displaying the cover art of 3 past Yukyuu tittles that
have made before:
1997/8/26 Yukyuu Gensokyoku
1998/3/26 Yukyuu Gensokyoku 2nd Album
1999/12/22 Yukyuu Gensokyoku 3 Perpetual Blue
-Fanart (????): let you watch numerous fanart of Yukyuu series, there's 
around 52 pictures
-Special Thanks

B. During "Free Choice Day"

(from left to the right)
Go (romaji character): Proceed to the game

Item: displaying "your item collection"

status(?): let you to watch your friendship(?) status with another character

callendar: displaying important event list (up to 3 months)

-save: Save the game into memory card, requires 1 block, and able to save
       up to 4 data
-load: Re-Load the game from Memory Card 
-Item Download(?)
-Download: Download data/Minigame into your Pocketstation (if you have any)
-Option: please refer to "A" section" above

C. During Character select screen

this section will providing Romanization from character's name, Sorry if 
there's some mistakes...
(Left Column)

NAME 	            AGE	              GRADE/CLASS    BIRTHDATE 
Rio Baxxter        12 yrs old         class 1A       born 2/14
Laura Newfield     13 yrs old         class 2C       born 10/10       
Bit Rose           14 yrs old         class 3D       born 2/8
Sarasa             14 yrs old         class 3D       born 1/23
Christopher Cross  15 yrs old         class 1-B      born 10/13
Maria Short        15 yrs old         class 1-B      born 8/17 
Diana Rainey       15 yrs old         class 1-C      born 6/12
Ruety Wyeth        15 yrs old         class 1-A      born 3/16
Melody Sinclair    15 yrs old         class 1-D      born 3/2
Sheryl Christia    16 yrs old         class 2-A      born 5/10
Trisha Foster      16 yrs old         class 2-B      born 9/27
Bisette Marsh      16 yrs old         class 2-C      born 6/19
Tise Diarect       16 yrs old         class 2-C      born 5/7
Shieru Akizu       16 yrs old         class 2-C      born 7/25

(Right Column)

NAME                AGE		      GRADE/CLASS    BIRTHDATE 
Sheila Sheiffield  17 yrs old         class 3-A      born 11/25
Patty Sol          17 yrs old         class 3-B      born 7/11
Celine Whitesnow   17 yrs old         class 3-A      born 12/26
Flone Treatia      17 yrs old         class 3-B      born 9/4
Clea Corraine      17 yrs old         class 3-A      born 10/7
Alef Corson        17 yrs old         class 3-D      born 12/25
Lou Simmons        18 yrs old         1st year       born 7/16
Rushid Atore       18 yrs old         1st year       born 12/14
El Lewis           19 yrs old         2nd year       born 9/9
Eve Galagher       19 yrs old         2nd year       born 8/9
Melfy Narve        20 yrs old         3rd year       born 2/27
Tachibana Yura     20 yrs old         3rd year       born 11/7
Rize Akizu         21 yrs old         4th year       born 9/19

note: there's 3 different type of character, the Junior HS Student,
Senior HS Student , and College student. as for their difference,
you may notice it from table above 

D. When you're talking with other people

-exchange item (not actual translation): exchanging your item with another
person in the game, sometime it'll give you good effect, (eg: got a new and 
better item), anyway..I suggest you to use this a lot...

present: give your item to another person, depend of his/her interest, sometime
the person that you give item will said that he/she's happy and he/she will 
also says "thank you". Anyway, both of first and 2nd option is good to increase 
your friendship level with other character. 

stop (yamero): Stop talking, you may also acces this by pressing X button.


A. During "Free Choice Day"

What must you do: proceed to the game (by clicking "Go") and then, choose 
your destination, by clicking place that you want to visit.  
you may talk with anybody to exchange item, or if you don't want to,
you may press X button to leave the place.  

There's a limitation. Usually you can't exchange item more than 5 times
(or 3 sometimes), so use this chance wisely since it'll affected the item
that you'll use during "Mission". Anyway, since what have you done during
free choice day will also affected your "friedship status"(?), try to focused
this with character that belongs to your group (that make appearance during
intro cut-scene after prologue FMV at very begining of game)

B. During Mission

You may accessed the mission from mission room, each certain day (see event 
list/Callendar section below). Usually you'll meet Randy Newman (that's old
man), or Hexa/Tedy (those 2 cute creatures). After having some conversation, 
you must pick 1 from 5 or 6 available mission each chance. The objective and
story behind each mission are various. Don't ask me about translation for this,
because im not good at reading Kanji. 

But, at least I know how to play it. It's kinda some sort of ludo game, 
but there's a requirement to win it. As example, "A" must reach goal below
10 turns, or "B" must defeat A. During the mission, you'll gonna controlled
your character, while the others controlled by CPU.  The game will ended
after ONE from all participants, can fulfilled their mission, or if there's
no longer any turn left.

Anyway this is the basic step that you have to know:

How to move your character: Choose one of available items that you own. 
The point of items will affected stepping range of your character. 
e.g: if you pick a "sketchbook" with 4 points, you'll gonna able to move
your character 4 squares. You still have to choose your own direction

How to fight another character: When your character have to fight an enemy,
(in case he/she is not your ally and they blocking your way). What must you
do is:
1. Pick the best item that you own.
2. Computer will compared your point and your enemy's point.
3. And then, Computer will randomized it. 
4. The winner will decided with "slot machine system". Push Circle button to stop. 
   Who has more point in final result will win.
5. the loser will lost chance to move for 1 turn.

Be aware: if you find a square denoted by a "red palm" icon, it means that
it'll asked an item if you want to pass it, make sure you have requested
item (more will come soon)

Check: If you found a square denoted with "white palm" icon, it means that
you'll got an Item if you're stop yjere
How to get picture before the mission: in case to completed your gallery, you 
must pick the right mission (depend of your character). If you don't I reccomend 
you to soft reset the game (L1+R1+Start+Select), and then reload data from main 


4/1 Introduction to your 1st mission
4/5 Free Choice Day
4/14 Mission

5/1 Free Choice Day
5/4 GRAPHIC EVENT: Albert try to make his own cooking (why did Crea punched her
    own onisan? kinda like what my little sister always did to me-_-;) 
5/19 Free Choice Day

6/5 GRAPHIC EVENT: Trip to Ofuro (hotsprings): This one remind me with LOVE HINA
6/16 Free Choice Day

7/1 Free choice Day
7/3 Change Activity (talk to Lisa sensei in schoolyard)
7/17 GRAPHIC EVENT: what's happened around Swimming Pool
7/28 Mission

8/1 Free Choice Day 
8/14 GRAPHIC EVENT: Bit fall from Tree, Summer Beach Vacation 
8/18 Free Choice

9/1 Free Choice Day
9/14 GRAPHIC EVENT: Summer Festival: The most interesting scene, perhaps happened
     to Melody, since she is trying to eat the fish at the event? habit of cat-girl
9/22 Free Choice Day
9/29 Mission

10/1 Free Choice Day
10/10 GRAPHIC EVENT: School's sport Day: 
11/17 Free Choice Day
11/24 Mission

11/1 Free Choice Day
11/6 Change Activities (again, talk to Lisa sensei in schoolyard)
11/10 GRAPHIC EVENT: School Festival: Bissete and Celine become waitress? 
     (in fact Bissete is a
11/17 Free Choice Day

12/1 Free Choice Day
12/18 Free Choice Day
12/24 GRAPHIC EVENT: Christmas Eve: How cute melody with santa outfit!!! 

1/1 Free Choice Day
1/2 GRAPHIC EVENT: Celebrating New year at Temple: El having a part time job
    at the temple....
1/19 Free Choice Day
1/26 Mission

2/1 Free Choice Day
2/14 GRAPHIC EVENT: Valentine Day
2/16 Free Choice Day

3/1 Free Choice Day
3/14 GRAPHIC EVENT: White Day: you have to see Chris and Rio!!! I think,
     they're nice to appeared under those outfit in the kitchen...
3/16 Free Choice Day
3/18 Final Mission (you'll got an extra mission if the Friendship point with
     the character that you've decided to be your best friend already reach 
     MAXIMUM, be aware!!!!! the mission is pretty hard) 
3/20 Last day of School, Randy will congrats you if your result is pretty good...

Now put the stick and Enjoy the ending song, while the credits rolled.....

note: some decision points and random cut-scenes event may occured between events 
that I have listed above


Q: Why did you wrote this guide?
A: I wrote this guide only for killing time during my vacation tough, since
   I don't have anything to do during my holiday.....   

Q: Is there any other extra on this game?
A: There's a bonus music track. Put the CD on your CD player and run track 2
   and you can heard the ending song entittled "WORLD OF ETERNITY", it's
   pretty nice to heard and I reccomend you to hear this :D

Q: Is there more than 1 version of opening FMV?
A: yes, there are. The first one is "wide screen version" that appeared normaly
   after you're starting a new game, it also contain the lyrics of the song.
   While the 2nd, is full screen version, appeared after you're waiting the
   "Push Start" screen roll out.

Q: Could you give me the list of seiyuus who provide the voice for the character
   in the game?
A: Sure! here they are: (source: Hitoshi Doi Seiyuu page) 
   Rio Baxter: Hisakawa Aya (Iria - Iria/Zeiram the animation, Keroberos - Cardcaptor Sakura)
   Vanessa Woren: Tsuru Hiromi (Bulma - Dragonball Z, Kusanagi Motoko - Ghost in the Shell game
   Christopher Cross: Minami Oni (Majiku Rin - Majutsushi Orphen)
   Riize Akiizu: Mitsuishi Kotono (Katsuragi Misato - Evangelion)
   Patty Sol: Nagasawa Miki (Ibuki Maya - Evangelion)
   Celine Whitesnow: Miyamura Yuko (Takatsuki Toki - Rurouni Kenshin Ishinshinshi he no requiem)
   Melody Sinclair: Nishihara Kumiko 
   Pete Ross: Ohtani Ikue (Sayaka Yumi - SD Go Nagai CB World, Pikachu - Pocket Monster, 
   Hasegawa Sora - Aa Megami Sama!)
   Tisse Diarec: Omimura Mayuko
   El Lewis: Orikasa Ai (Sorao - Mojakou, Rebi Toora - Super Robot Taisen Alpha Original Score)
   Tachibana Yuura: Sakuma Rei (Nina Purpleton - Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory)
   Sarasa: Shiratori Yuri
   Clea Corraine: Iwao Junko (Daidouji Tomoyo - Cardcaptor Sakura) 
   Lisa Meccarno: Takayama Minami (Conan - Meitantei Conan, vocalist of TWO-MIX)
   Maria Short: Tange Sakura (Kinomoto Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura, Angela - Meltylancer)
   Albert Corraine: Okiayu Ryuutarou (Sakata Kentaro - Love Hina)
   Bisette Marsh: Yajima Akiko (Nohara "Crayon" Shinnosuke - Crayon Shinchan, Relena Darlian -
   New Mobile Report Gundam W)
   Trisha Foster: Iizuka Mayumi (Creao Everlasting - Majutsushi Orphen)
   Eve Callagher: kawamura Maria (Quess Paraya - Kidou Senshi Gundam Gyakusshu no Char)
   more will come soon.........

Q: Did this game unlocked with regional lock code?
A: I don't know about it, in the copy that I play, It works normally on my modded
   US Playstation...

Q: I heard, there's around 42 of total character on this game isn't that true?
A: Yes! You're right there's about 42 characters of total sum.

Q: Why I can only played 24 of them, how about the others?
A: other 14 characters will only become supporting character (NPC), even some
   of them also DOESN'T HAVE VOICE (Toya, Randy, Hexa, Tedy, Arisa...etc), 
   but you can still interact with them, However, im not pretty sure that they 
   can also be playable, perhaps if you have a code or know how to play as them...
   please contact me 


v0.1 (Feb/22/01) Initial Release.....CONTRIBUTION NEEDED!!!!!!!!!  I hope
I'm able to update this as fast as I can......there;s still LOT other things 
to do :(

Plan for upcoming faq (if Im not too lazy...): INFINITY

Actual storyline for each char's
Background story of this game
more kanji translation.....
Ending translation....
Song lyrics


(most of them unrelated.....:P)

VEGA discussion
GARAGE Sony Computer Entertaintment
Hitoshi Doi Seiyuu


First: ME the creator of this faq who have spend ALMOST from his holiday 
to wrote this.
God: Who've made everything possible
My grandma: who give me the PC and give me something to do 
Alexander N.: for lending me his game CD and for introduce me to this game
My Playstation: you always work hard for me old pal ^_^....
guys in Animonster discussion forum: for the intensive anime talk
guys in Endless Clan forum: for intensive Tokusatsu Talk
Akamatsu Ken sensei: for creating LOVE HINA and Ai ga Tomaranai
Hajime Katoki: for creating such an excellent mecha design

(and for you those interested.....)

NO thanks for:

That BAKA owner of Q-Men 
That BAKA owner of Central Compucell 
That BAKA gamer (a.k.a Mr. Hono)
That BAKA gamer (again>:P)Sebastian Akira
That BAKA girl Asyia Syafaati
That BAKA Indonesian game importer
That BAKA GAME MANIA (for their amateur Super Robot Taisen Alpha review >:P)

OK!!!! Thats all for now

UNPUBLISHED WORK BY MIRACLE PEANUT (2001)...with the help of Those Guys that 
I've been creditted above

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