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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Mini-Walkthrough v0.1
by glacialbear ([email protected])
Platform: Nintendo 64
Last Updated: 4/10/2001

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Table of Contents

I    What This FAQ Covers

II   Tackling Shamsuk's Tower
      What is Shamsuk's Tower?
      Preparing For the Tower
      Reaching the Tower
      The Start of the Tower
      The Last Section of the Tower
      Tower Key Locations
      Tower Enemy Strategies
III  After the Tower
      Reaching Ugarit
      Lodin's Tomb
      The Barrow Downs

IV   Other Stuff
      Party Members
      Character Info
      Item Locations

V    Frequently Asked Questions

VI   Credits

VII  Version History
I: What This FAQ Covers

The reason I call this a mini-walkthrough is because it's just a 
walkthrough for the later areas of the game, which is Shamsuk's Tower 
and afterwards. My memory of the earlier parts slightly faded away (I 
didn't start taking notes until Shamsuk's Tower), so until I play 
through the game again (if I do), I won't have my facts straight, and I 
don't want to give any misleading info. Until then, I can try to help 
you if you're somewhere early in the game and you email me.

I'll try to cover some of the earlier parts of the game soon...

Spoilers are all over, so please don't read unless you're aware of 
this. I've tried not to mention much of the plot, but it's impossible 
to avoid sometimes, so I really don't suggest reading unless you're 
stuck somewhere this FAQ covers and want to know.
II: Tackling Shamsuk's Tower

What is Shamsuk's Tower?

Shamsuk's Tower (easily one of the hardest places in Aidyn Chronicles, 
if not the hardest one) is far in the Darkling Bog, which is the swampy 
forest near Terminor. In the tower, there are a lot of enemies as well 
as confusing puzzles. It's not an optional area, and must be completed 
in order to progress in the game.

The FAQ will hopefully provide you with all of the information you need 
to avoid frustration, and to get out of the tower if you happen to be 
stuck somewhere. Unfortunately, the FAQ is only intended to cover 
Shamsuk's Tower and afterwards - this isn't a full walkthrough of the 
game. If you thought it was, you have my apologies.

It's not really anything fancy, it's just meant to help people who are 
stuck at Shamsuk's Tower or somewhere after it. 

If you're wondering why so much of it is devoted to Shamsuk's Tower, 
well... let's just say that it can be a pretty frustrating place.

The town near Shamsuk's Tower is called Terminor, and you can go there 
for supplies and other preparations. You can find Donovan and Baird 
here, train up to level 10 in Sword and Healer, level 8 in Warrior, and 
buy lots of great equipment. Dougal will also be here, but only after a 
certain point in the game.

To get to Terminor, turn back at where the road ends from Talewok (it 
ends at the entrance to the Darkling Bog) and go until you reach the 
coast, but instead of going back in the direction of Talewok, go the 
other way instead, but stay close to the coast. Keep going and you 
should cross a stone bridge and see more signs pointing to Terminor. 
Just follow the path and you should reach it eventually.

To find Donovan and Baird, go straight a bit as soon as you enter 
Terminor, then turn left (you should be facing south now) and go 
straight. The last building on this side is the inn, and Tamberlain the 
innkeeper should be outside - talk to him. Baird is inside the inn 
(move the camera around), and Donovan is in one of the back rooms. 
However, you might have to wait until after the tower for them to be 
there. After the Barrow Downs, you can find Dougal near the innkeeper.

There are many shops and trainers in Terminor, but the one selling the 
most equipment is in the second screen of the town. Go through the door 
where the guard is, and then check all of the buildings here. If you 
see two treasure chests that you can't check, that's the shop, but it's 
only open at night. This shop sells and trains in the following:

--------             ------
Buy List             Skills
--------             ------

Battle Axe           Merchant 6
Chaos Sword          Warrior 8
Dart of Distance     Missle 6
Enchanted Blade      Sword 10
Great Axe
Helm of Defense

The areas near Terminor are Shamsuk's Tower and Elisheva's Tomb, both 
of which are in the Darkling Bog. There's also a small cave which can 
get you a few Chaos items. At the end of it, there's a Chaos Sword on 
the ground. If you explore behind Terminor, you can also find a 
treasure chest containing a Sapphire Gem and a few other items.
Preparing For the Tower

Shamsuk's Tower is full of enemies, AND ONCE YOU ENTER, YOU CAN'T LEAVE 
UNTIL YOU'VE COMPLETED THE TOWER, so you definitely want to be prepared 
before entering. I recommend that you meet the following criteria 
before even thinking about going inside:

- At least two party members know the Healer skill at level 6. Ideally, 
everyone should have it at 10, and Niesen thankfully comes with it 
already at level 8. You can train up to level 10 in Healer at Terminor. 

- At least two party members have magic weapons, try to get one for 
everyone if you can. The tower contains Wraiths and other enemies that 
can only be harmed by magic weapons, or the right spells. If you're not 
sure what a magic weapon is, they usually have special names, stats, or 
spells on them. Warfang (from Kitarak the goblin leader) is one. Chaos 
equipment is also magical, and you can buy some magic weapons in towns. 
If the price they want is ridiculous, try boosting your Merchant skill. 
You can train up to level 8 in Merchant at Terminor.

- One party member has the Thief and Mechanic skills at level 8 (go to 
Port Saiid to train in these). If you want to get all of the treasure 
in the tower, you'll need it, because a few of the chests have strong 
locks and traps on them. However, I don't think any of the essential 
stuff are in locked chests.

- Everyone is at least level 12, and with at least moderate equipment 
and some useful spells like Air/Spirit Shield. Make sure everyone has a 
Helm of Defense, if they don't already. They don't cost much, even 
though they're so good.

- You have a plethora of Herbs, Gemstones, and Spice, preferably 99, 
but 75 or so each is a safe bet.

- Try to get better equipment for Niesen (don't waste your time with 
spells, though). You have to use him for the tower, so you might as 
well make sure he can handle it and won't hinder your party. As for 
which stats to raise, I'd suggest Dexterity and Endurance, since his 
Intelligence and Willpower start maxed out already.

- You made a second saved game outside of the tower.

I think that's everything... remember, AS SOON AS YOU ENTER THE TOWER, 
YOU CAN'T LEAVE UNTIL YOU COMPLETE IT. You don't want to get yourself 
into an impossible situation that can't be remedied short of restarting 
from the beginning of the game.
Reaching the Tower

The tower is located within the Darkling Bog. To get there from, let's 
say, Talewok, leave Talewok from the bridge and look for the sign that 
points to Terminor. Follow the road until it ends.

You should see a swampy forest just ahead of you - that's the Darkling 
Bog. Just enter it and explore and you should come across the tower 
soon enough. There should be a cutscene with Niesen along the way. On a 
side note, Elisheva's Tomb is also nearby, which consists of just two 
screens, and has a few items, like his heart and scythe, both of which 
you can actually use, but they have penalties.

However, you can't enter the tower until you've been informed of the 
situation, and until you get Niesen, so go to Terminor first. To get to 
Terminor, turn back at where the road ends and go until you reach the 
coast, but instead of going back in the direction of Talewok, go the 
other way instead, but stay close to the coast. Keep going and you 
should cross a stone bridge and come across some more signs pointing to 
Terminor. Just follow the path and you should reach it eventually.

In the first screen of Terminor, go straight a bit from the entrance, 
then turn left (you should be facing south now) and go straight. The 
last building on this side is the inn, and Tamberlain the innkeeper 
should be outside - talk to him. Try all of the dialogue options, and 
you might have to spend the night too. When you go inside the inn, you 
should meet Niesen, who is a friend of Rheda and has been cursed by 

Niesen, a level 20 wizard, will help you take down Shamsuk and his 
tower, but you'll have to make room for him, so leave who you don't 
want behind. You can't refuse him - he has to go with you for now.

After you've made your preparations, head out for the tower. If you're 
having trouble finding it, go to the entrance of Elisheva's Tomb (right 
at the steps, it's very easy to find), then face southwest, and go 
straight until you hit a wall and can't go any further - the tower is 
on the other side. Now, hug the wall while going south and you'll reach 
the tower, but make sure you move the camera around so that you see it.

When you reach it, make a second saved game before going inside. To get 
inside, climb up the wall on the right (just press A near it, or all 
over until it works). You don't go in through the door. ONCE YOU CLIMB 
The Start of the Tower

The tower contains many secrets. Try to get used to searching rooms 
thoroughly. Press A all over, and walk against walls to see if they're 
really there or not.

The first tricky part is the moon-shaped hallway which continuously 
loops back. To get past this, take either door into the blue room with 
the Dust Devil (you might have to kill it to get this to work), and 
look closely at the walls on both sides - you should barely be able to 
make out the shape of a door on one side of the wall.

There's an invisible bridge going straight across to it, so just try to 
walk off of the floor at every possible spot in the room, and you 
should eventually find the spot that will let you go across to the 
door. Then, just press A once you reach it.

In this next room, you have to press A at one of the paintings to move 
on (ignore the door that seems impossible to get to).

From this point on (you should be in a room with a fire and two 
possible paths to take), you should be able to access most of the tower 
quite easily, as rooms are usually in plain sight. You'll have to 
explore to get used to the layout of the tower, and to find the rooms 
I'm going to mention below that lead to the exit.

Enemies are all over, and what will likely happen is you'll use one of 
the following methods to deal with them:

a) use Stealth (hold down Z) and just avoid as many as possible.

b) kill as many enemies as you think you can defeat.

c) clean out the whole tower.

Any of them can work, but if you choose to clean out the tower, there's 
roughly 400000 xp or so worth of enemies, but it'll take many hours.

First, make sure you get all of the treasure (if you want), and the 
three keys: Black, Blood, and Bone (see "Tower Key Locations"). Once 
you have them, you have to find your way to a twisted hallway with a 
Plague Zombie running about. Chances are it'll be blocking the path and 
there won't be enough room for you to sneak by, so kill it. The easiest 
way to get here is to not go down the staircase near the fire in the 
second room after crossing the invisible bridge. Go the other way 
instead, which should have a Wraith and a staircase going down.

Anyway, follow the path the Plague Zombie was blocking, go through the 
door at the end, through the next room (with a Wraith), and then 
descend the staircase. There'll be two doors here. The one on the left 
goes to a rainbow section, and the one on the right goes to a strange, 
twisted maze that continuously loops back and doesn't seem to have any 
purpose. Take the door (and the next one) to the rainbow section.
The Last Section of the Tower

There are secret doors right next to all of the roman numerals on the 
ground here, but they can't be accessed until you've killed all of the 
enemies in the room. The roman numerals should be I, II, III, and V, as 
well as another one at a teleporter which just takes you to the other 
side of the same room. Press A at the inner part of the wall where you 
see a roman numeral, and you should find a secret door if all of the 
enemies in the room are dead. The secret door will lead to another room 
with more numerals, but forgot about that until later.

In the next room, just find the VI numeral (I forgot... it could be a 
different numeral, but the tile was gold in color) and press A at the 
wall near it to end up back in the first rainbow room and start opening 
the other secret doors. Keep doing this until you've opened a secret 
door at all of the four numerals, which are I, II, III, and V. After 
you've done this, go to the second rainbow room (where all of the 
secret doors are linked to), and repeat the same method to find another 
four secret doors. You'll have to kill the Wraith that travels about 
the room before they can be found, however, just as in the first room.

Once you've opened at least one secret door in this room (I don't think 
you have to open all four, at least not yet), follow it to a room with 
a blue wave of light and a Wight standing around. DO NOT SAVE IN THIS 
here until you do (a pair of Spirit Wolves are also part of the group). 
Unfortunately, he's pretty tough because of a little spell called 
Frozen Doom.

After the Wight and his group are dead, proceed to open up the rest of 
the secret doors in the previous room (there should be four links), 
then come back to the room with the Wight and run through the blue wave 
of light (press A at it just to be sure). 

Now, return to the first rainbow room with the I, II, III, and V 
numerals (you might have to press A at a different numeral to get back 
there this time). Go to where V is (use the teleporter if you want), 
and look at the walls around it.

You should notice that one part looks a LOT different than the rest. 
Walk up to it and press A. If everything has been done right (i.e. 
you've found a total of eight secret doors and killed all of the 
enemies in the entire rainbow section), it should tell you that you've 
found a secret door and you should be able to go through it.

If it didn't work and you've done everything, try going to the long, 
twisted hallway and killing all of the enemies there. I don't think 
this is necessary though.

Rejoice, because that's pretty much the end of the tower, just follow 
the path until you come to two portals (take the one on the right 
first, if it goes anywhere). The left one goes to a battle with Shamsuk 
and his bozos, so if you've been touching all of the portals so far, 
the one on the right should go somewhere else (not sure where) and you 
should be able to restock your supplies, train, and so on before coming 
back here and taking the left portal to fight Shamsuk. If the right 
portal doesn't go anywhere, you're just going to have to beat Shamsuk 
the way you are right now.
Tower Key Locations

Black - As soon as you climb up the tower, move the camera around and 
explore and you should find some treasure that looks like a pouch, 
which is actually the key. I think this key is actually required in 
order to open some of the doors and complete the tower.

Blood - In a very redish colored room, there should be a Tomb Rat 
running around. Explore this room thoroughly and you should find a 
Minotaur Lord, who has the key, but you'll have to fight him for it. I 
think this key is actually required in order to open some of the doors 
and complete the tower.

Bone - In a room greenish in color with a painting of a woman and old 
man, and a bed with a painting above it, there should be something that 
looks like a door, but if you try to go through it, it actually goes to 
a treasure chest with the key. I don't think this key is required in 
order to complete the tower, and I'm not quite sure what it does, but 
you should get it anyway.
Tower Enemy Strategies

There are many more enemies in the tower than the ones mentioned here, 
but these are just some of the ones that you might have trouble with.

Wraiths - If Wraiths are tough for you, it's probably because they're 
unpredictable. Unlike most enemies, they switch targets on a whim, so 
using one party member to take hits from them won't keep the others 
safe. The best way I've found to counter this is to make sure that 
everyone has good armor (or Air/Spirit Shield) so that they won't be 
able to do too much damage.

Wights - The Wight's favorite spell is Frozen Doom, which basically 
kills a party member if they don't resist it. It makes them unable to 
take action until the spell wears off, but if all of your party members 
are frozen, the game is over. In addition to this, Wights are strong in 
melee, and can also cast Whitefire, though they don't tend to use it. 
However, there's only one Wight that you have to kill in the tower.

There are several approaches you could take to fight Wights. A high 
Willpower and the vs. Star spell can severely reduce the chance that 
Frozen Doom will work. One way to fight, if you have fairly good 
weapons and your characters are fast enough (and/or you have Haste), 
would be to rush at it and try to kill it quickly before it can freeze 
all of your party members. Niesen's Mirror spell can help with this, 
because Mirror will resist up to two Frozen Dooms. Teleportation also 
makes it a lot easier to get to it.

If the above doesn't work for you, then just try to keep everyone as 
far away from the Wight as possible, and once everyone is in a corner 
of the battlefield, have Niesen (and someone else if they have it) 
Fireball it to death. This method is safe, but Spice intensive, as he 
tends to resist it a lot. Fireball's range goes across the whole 
battlefield, so there won't be any problems with reaching it, and it 
won't be able to use Frozen Doom because you won't be close enough. If 
it tries to approach you, run in another direction.

Plague Zombies - Plague Zombies have very high hp, as well as being 
hard hitters, but they're pretty easy to hit. Let whichever party 
member that has the highest defense get swarmed by them, and keep that 
person healed by using Healer. They won't switch targets as long as 
nobody gets closer than the one taking the hits, so you'll be able to 
sneak in the other, less fragile party members and get free hits. It 
also helps to use Air/Spirit Shield, and to kill them one at a time.

Shamsuk - The Shamsuk battle is him, two Wraiths, a Giant Skeleton, 
another Giant Skeleton in the reserves, and a pair of Plague Zombies as 
the last of the reserves. Shamsuk himself is a spellcaster, and always 
follows a specific pattern: first he casts Haste on himself and his 
allies, then casts Weakness on your party members, and then tries to 
cast Wall of Bones on all of your party members.

However, sometimes he'll just attack with his staff if someone is in 
his face. Anyway, Wall of Bones is a very annoying spell, so you want 
to take down Shamsuk first. This is easy enough to do - just go 
straight for him with everyone as soon as the fight starts. Get Farris 
behind him and start backstabbing, and he should do a lot of damage.

Once he's dead, kill the Giant Skeleton, since they only take a few 
hits. Pull out any weak party members (Teleportation helps) and get 
them healed by using Healer (with Herbs if necessary) or by having them 
drink Healing/Curing potions. It should be fairly easy now, just make 
sure to keep everyone healed. When the Plague Zombies come, let your 
character with the highest defense (or Farris) take the hits while 
everyone pounds on them. Keep the character they're attacking healed.

When Shamsuk and his group bite the dust, you'll get all of Farris' 
equipment (including the Jester's Mace), some spells, a Shield Amulet, 
and around 10000 gold and lots of experience.
III: After the Tower

Reaching Ugarit

Go back to the Darkling Bog when you're ready by using the same portal 
which took you back to Oisin Forest, and Shamsuk. You'll be transported 
to the outside of Shamsuk's Tower, which is destroyed. Just run 
straight through the Darkling Bog and you should come to a sandy area 
at the coast. Explore here (but don't leave the sandy area) and you 
should be able to follow a path which will lead to Ugarit. The 
direction it goes in is south, I think.

Along the way, there will be quite a few treasure chests, one of them 
containing a Helm of Defense. When you're getting close to Ugarit and 
leave the sandy area, music will start playing. Keep following the path 
and checking the map to see if you're getting closer.

There should be a cutscene with Brenna (if you have her) along the way, 
and then another one with Farris. You should see a magical gate when 
you're almost there, approach it and press A and you'll have to answer 
a riddle to move on. Choose "Then say your riddle," then "I need some 
time to think, great Jundar spirit...," then "There is one gift that's 
yours and yours alone...," then "Something else...," and then "I know 
my greatest gift." By the way, there's a strange cave around here with 
a few items, but nothing you haven't seen already, except for maybe a 
Banishing wand.

Once you've answered the riddle, just walk through the gate to pass. 
From here, head due east and across a bridge. You should run into the 
Spirit before the bridge. The entrance to Ugarit is a very large 
gateway of sorts - you'll know it when you see it.

The Jundar town fortunately isn't as confusing as some of the others 
(i.e. Gwernia Castle, Erromon) can be. There are some new magic items 
that can be bought here (and Star spells), as well as level 10 Thief 
and Wizard finally being attainable. Sholeh is also at the inn here, 
but she won't join right away. When you're ready, find Zaratas, who's 
in a large building across a bridge.

Zaratas will tell you to go to the Barrow Downs, which are far to the 
west of Ugarit, but first, we need to go to Lodin's Tomb.

You may have seen the bones of a dragon-like creature just outside of 
Ugarit. If you didn't, go northwest for a little bit outside of town 
and go up to them. Now, here's where it gets a little tricky for me, 
since I'm trying to give accurate directions... go to where the face of 
the creature is, turn north, and go straight.

Follow this path for a long time. If you go under a bridge on the way, 
you should be on the right track. A little bit after the bridge the 
path should split - go south, and you should eventually be able to take 
a downward path to a large structure.
Lodin's Tomb

This place is pretty straightforward. You should come to three doors at 
the end of the first hallway - take the one on the left or right, 
because the other one is locked. The path will eventually take you back 
to this room. Open all of the treasure chests along the way, because 
the unlocked one will have Lodin's Key, which opens the third door at 
the first hallway. When you get back there, unlock the door (the key 
will be gone from your inventory), watch the cutscene, and you'll get 
Lodin's Sword, which you'll need later.
The Barrow Downs

Far to the west of Ugarit are the Barrow Downs. You should find them 
eventually while exploring. You'll know you're there when the music and 
scenery changes, and when you see a cutscene about it. To enter the 
Barrow Downs, press A at any of the holes in the ground near all of the 
rocks. Now, what you have to do is defeat the seven guardians for their 
drake equipment to solve the puzzle and confront Lugash. Each guardian 
has one piece of the puzzle:

Behrooz - Spiritdrake Helm (helm)
Nasim - Stormdrake Claws (gloves)
Golnar - Firedrake Fang (sword)
Mehrdad - Stardrake Aegis (shield)
Shatrevar - Magedrake Ring (ring)
Ksathra - Nightdrake Mantle (cloak)
Assim - Irondrake Plate (armor)

They're all in seperate coffins in the first room, but you can't open 
any of them until you've "activated" them. To do this, go back outside 
and press A at all of the red symbols on the ground. One of them should 
trigger a rock to rise up. Now, go back to the coffins and press A at 
all of the red symbols. One of them should work, and then you'll fight 
that guardian for their item.

Whenever you get a drake item, you'll need to explore the Barrow Downs 
(it's only three screens) until you find a room with seven dragon heads 
lining a wall. Again, press A at all of the red symbols near them until 
it triggers a cutscene. Alaron will give back the item (you have to), 
but this will let you activate the next coffin.

So, once you do this, repeat the process of rising a rock (go back 
outside), fighting a guardian, and putting back their item at the 
dragon head room until you've done this with all seven drake items. 
Lugash will spawn in the room with the two iron gates when you're done. 
Make sure someone has Lodin's Sword equiped, and then go and fight him. 

As far as I know, he can't be defeated without Lodin's Sword. If you 
come here without it, Lugash will comment on it, and you'll have the 
option to flee during the fight.

Lugash himself isn't too hard, and he's alone, but he'll start casting 
Wall of Bones early in the fight, so be prepared for it. It only takes 
a few hits from Lodin's Sword to take him down, however. When you win, 
you'll get:

8257 experience points
Restore Potion
Staff of Lugash
Royal Platemail
20 Gemstones
Sapphire Gem
20000 gold

After the battle, go into the room he was standing in front of to find 
three treasure chests with some items, including a Bow of Thunder and 
Spellbreaker Axe. Leave the room and immediately look and turn the 
camera to your right - you should notice a small space in the wall that 
you can go through, which leads to the Horn of Kynon. After watching 
the cutscene and picking it up, head back to Ugarit, and Zaratas. On a 
side note, when you pick up the Horn, Alaron will get around 200000 xp.

After speaking with Zaratas again, you'll have to go back to Erromon to 
see the dragon. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the way the game wants 
you to get back. You could walk the entire way back, but that would be 
quite tedious, to say the least. The fastest way that I know of would 
be to use the portal in the Darkling Bog (i.e. what's left of Shamsuk's 
Tower) to go back to Oisin Forest, and then walk the rest of the way. 

If you look around behind Ugarit (northwest of it, I think) you should 
also see the Spirit again, and you'll FINALLY be able to merge with 
him, which adds a new movie called "Shadow Self Merge" to the Theater 
that you can view, adds an entry in the journal about it, and makes 
Alaron more powerful. To merge, choose "I don't know what you mean." 
Get Alaron as close as you can to him, and he should do the rest.

I haven't looked at exactly what merging does, but I know that it gives 
you all of the vs. spells at level 10, Spirit Shield at level 10, 
increases Alaron's hp by about 10, and gives him some level 10 skills.

By the way, if you go back to Terminor and check inside the inn you can 
find Dougal and have him join your party, if you want. You can also 
have Tamberlain "call in your friends," but it doesn't seem to do 

There should be a cutscene when you're getting close to Erromon. When 
you get there, go into the tunnels and run around until you find Yeraza 
at a door, and a cutscene will play. Go in the door she was standing at 
and just look around until you find another one. In this room, look 
around until you find a Dragon Key in an unlocked treasure chest.

Now, keep looking around and moving the camera and you should find a 
small passage going to a lava area. There's a "Firelord" guarding a 
bridge here, but you can probably sneak by it, if you want. Cross the 
bridge and keep going until you come to a larger room with another one 
ahead, and around seven small rooms with treasure.

Take a bit of time to explore the small rooms around here, because you 
can get lots of decent items, such as another Spellbreaker Axe, Gloves 
of Healing, a Whitefire scroll, a Starfire and Crushing Death wand, a 
Reflection Belt, and lots of gold.

When you reach the room with the wooden thing, get on it and press A to 
go to where the dragon is. Walk up to him and press A, then choose "I 
am the child of a man and a woman." This adds the "Rooughah Naming" 
movie to the Theater.

Once you get back to the Erromon tunnels, Yeraza will ask you where you 
intend to go. You can either stay in Erromon for a while, or head back 
to Gwernia. Both choices seem to have the same result. If you choose to 
stay in Erromon, nothing happens, and it's just as if you chose to go 
to Gwernia instead.

Before you head back to Gwernia, however, make sure you meet the 
following criteria:

- At least one character has level 10 Thief, Sword, and Warrior. Also, 
make sure that the same character can use Lodin's Sword. Level 10 
Strengthen would also be nice, but you don't have to.

- At least one character has Cheat Death and Wall of Bones.

- You have four sets of Hellhound Hide. If you don't know how to get 
them, kill Hellhounds and then use Mechanic at around level 5 on their 
hide at the skill list.

- You have around 20 Curing Potions.

When you're ready, look around in the tunnels again until you find the 
portal. As you approach it, there will be a cutscene with Abrecan, if 
you have him. Walk up to the portal and press A. It may or may not take 
you to Gwernia. If it doesn't, unfortunately, you're going to have to 
walk back there.

When you get back to the castle, speak to Gabrion (at the entrance) to 
be informed of the situation. Around the castle, there are high-ranking 
Chaos minions to fight, like Majors and Slayers. If you want to take 
some time out to build up your characters, you might also get some 
Chaos Armor after fights if you're lucky, which seems to be the best 
armor in the game. You don't need it, though, if you don't want to.

When you're ready to move on, go up the flight of stairs next to 
Gabrion, up the next one, and then up the third one to reach the 
battlements. Equip everyone with Hellhound Hide, and equip Lodin's 
Sword to whoever has level 10 in Thief, Sword, and Warrior, and then 
run around here to find Sheridan. A cutscene will play, and then you'll 
fight him, but he's really easy.

Just attack him for a few turns (if you want, you can use Air/Spirit 
Shield so he'll do pitiful damage), or cast Frozen Doom/Wall of 
Bones/Web of Starlight to put him away. Once you've won, you'll get:

7500 experience points
2 Curing Potions
Sheridans Sword
10000 gold

Next up is Pochanargat. She'll use Fireball and Frozen Doom all the 
time after casting Mirror on her first turn. For some reason, vs. 
Elemental/Star doesn't seem to do anything. I casted them both at level 
10 (as well as having max Willpower) and her spells still always 
worked, not to mention her Fireball still did over 90 damage. However, 
if you're using Hellhound Hide, it'll only do about 50.

Pochanargat also has natural physical resistance, which means your hits 
won't do much damage. If none of your characters have at least level 10 
Thief, Sword, and Warrior, spend some time fighting Chaos minions 
around the castle until you do. Alaron and pretty much every character 
besides Abrecan and Arturo can learn all three of these, so there 
shouldn't be any problems, just make sure that the same character's 
aspect doesn't conflict with Lodin's Sword.

Lodin's Sword seems to be the only weapon that will do decent damage to 
Pochanargat, so equip it to whoever can do the most damage. If you 
equip it to Abrecan or Arturo, you're wasting your time, because their 
damage can't compare to a character who can learn Thief.

When the fight starts, cast level 10 Strengthen (if you have it) on the 
person with Lodin's Sword and the above skills at level 10, and then 
get them behind Pochanargat and backstab her to death. You should be 
doing around 60 damage per hit, so her 160 hp will go down in a few 
turns. You don't have to have Strengthen, but it helps. Don't forget to 
have someone cast Cheat Death on Alaron and whoever has Lodin's Sword.

As for the other characters, they won't do any real damage to 
Pochanargat if they attack her, so just have them either:

a) assist and heal (use level 10 Healer with Herbs) whoever has Lodin's 

b) stay out of the battle and just drink Curing Potions when hit with 

If the character with Lodin's Sword dies or gets frozen, just try 
again, because you aren't going to win unless she's almost dead.

Oh, and by the way, if you wait until her Mirror wears off (or you can 
get to her before her first turn), it's possible to nail her with Wall 
of Bones, which means instant death.
IV: Other Stuff

Party Members

Brenna - One of the original people from the castle that you can have 
accompany you. If you don't take Brenna, she'll come with you anyway 
and give you a Battle Axe, so you'll have to kill her if you don't want 
to use her.

Abrecan - One of the original people from the castle that you can have 
accompany you. Just ask him to come with you to Erromon.

Rheda - One of the original people from the castle that you can have 
accompany you. Just ask her to come with you to Erromon.

Godric - One of the original people from the castle that you can have 
accompany you. Just ask him to come with you to Erromon. If not taken, 
Godric will move to Talewok, and then Port Saiid, but he always seems 
to be at Talewok. However, he'll STILL be level 2, so I don't think 
you'll want him. Besides, a lot of characters can learn Alchemist...

Becan - In Erromon, go to the shop near Txomin's house with the human 
man selling stuff. There should be a cutscene. Now go to the inn and 
Becan will be there and you can ask him to join your party. If you take 
him, though, his shop will close down forever.

Arturo - On the way to Port Saiid, you'll have to cross a bridge where 
he's at. Tell him that he should join you and that it's pointless to 
guard a bridge for no reason.

Keelin - Port Saiid's inn. Ask her to join you. She might go somewhere 
else or leave forever if not picked up after around Shamsuk's Tower.

Niesen - Terminor's inn. Niesen has to accompany you for Shamsuk's 

Donovan - At Terminor's inn, but he may not be before Shamsuk's Tower 
is destroyed. Look for him in one of the back rooms.

Baird - At Terminor's inn, but he may not be before Shamsuk's Tower is 
destroyed. Move the camera around to see him.

Dougal - At Terminor's inn after the Barrow Downs, by the innkeeper.

Sholeh - Ugarit's inn. Currently, I'm unsure of how to get her to join. 
I always talk to her after doing something, and even after getting your 
true name she still won't change what she says. Unless you have to talk 
to her with only three people in your party, I don't know what makes 
her join. She keeps talking about a "challenge," but if that isn't 
getting the Horn of Kynon, I don't know what that could be.

Farris - Joins automatically at the end of Shamsuk's Tower and leaves 
after Shamsuk is killed. HOWEVER, IT MAY BE POSSIBLE TO GET HIM 
PERMANENTLY. In the manual, there are pictures of him in the party for 
fights other than the Shamsuk one, and it also shows him and Sholeh (as 
well as many other characters) in the same party.

Additionally, there's a suspicious cutscene I've seen at the sandy area 
at the end of the Darkling Bog that you can trigger after getting your 
true name. Choose "Let me help you." Farris will ask you to look for 
him tomorrow. The only problem is he doesn't say WHERE. I looked in 
Terminor's inn, the remnants of Shamsuk's Tower, from the Darkling Bog 
to Ugarit, and all around Ugarit, but to no avail. I also tried camping 
various numbers of times around the sandy area and exploring it to see 
if he'd show up (though I intend to test that a little bit more).

Don't confuse this with other Farris cutscenes. For some reason, the 
game doesn't close off irrelevant cutscenes once you're past their 
related point in the game, so it's possible to, say, merge with 
Elisheva, and then see him walking around at other points and to have a 
conversation with him that would make it seem like you never merged. 
You can also see Farris at the docks in Port Saiid and he'll act the 
same as before.

All of the Farris cutscenes I remember are:

- Port Saiid, when you see him at the docks.

- At the end of Shamsuk's Tower, where Farris joins briefly.

- Right after taking the left portal in Shamsuk's Tower, and just 
before meeting Shamsuk.

- You, Farris, and Shamsuk are talking just before the fight.

- After Shamsuk is dead and Farris leaves with his staff.

- At the sandy area. Farris tells you a story of what went down here a 
long time ago.

- At the sandy area. Alaron tells Farris that he was checking up on him 
to see how he was doing. Farris tells Alaron that he's a little late 
because of the negative effects Shamsuk's staff had, and you get to 
choose the response. If you say "Let me help you.," Farris will ask you 
to look for him the next day - highly suspicious when you piece this 
with the pictures in the manual...

- Near the Jundar Gate. Farris tries to control a Zombie, but fails.

- Near Ugarit. Farris talks to you about your quest.

If you have any information about getting Farris to join, I wouldn't 
mind hearing it. I'd suggest making a second saved game right at where 
the suspicious cutscene takes place, so that you can experiment with it 
and the effects it has. It's right at the end of the Darkling Bog, when 
you reach the sandy area at the coast that leads to Ugarit. Walk around 
and explore it until it happens.

Again, it isn't to be confused with the other sandy area one, or any of 
the others. They're unrelated as far as I know, especially considering 
the way the game handles the cutscenes (see my Elisheva example above).

As for the idea that Farris wouldn't join because most of his skills 
are level 10 when he joins you briefly, well, just take a look at 
Dougal's skills, and he joins before the suspicious Farris cutscene.
Character Info

Note: Characters sometimes leave forever or go to different locations 
if they're not picked up. Currently, these are the only ones I have 
stats and other stuff for, but I'll probably get the rest soon. I know 
I'm missing aspects, because I'm not sure what some of the symbols 
mean, like the skull and hourglass.

|Donovan                                                              |
|                                                                     |
|Starting Equipment          Starting Skills                          |
|                                                                     |
|Sabre                       Diplomat 8                               |
|Dragon Leather              Warrior 7                                |
|                            Wizard 7                                 |
|Starting Stats              Hafted 5                                 | 
|                            Pole 5                                   |
|Level 18                    Sword 7                                  |
|Hit Points 108/108                                                   |          
|Intelligence 30                                                      |
|Willpower 30                Starting Spells                          |
|Dexterity 25                                                         |
|Endurance 30                7 vs. Star                               |                      
|Strength 20                 7 Banishing                              |
|Stamina 60                  7 Sense Aura                             |
|XP Remaining: 0             7 Teleportation                          |
|Total XP: 1054500                                                    |
|Next Level: 180500                                                   |
|                                                                     |
|Other Info                                                           |
|                                                                     |
|Journal Entry: "A fine fellow named Donovan joined us today."        |
|                                                                     |
|If you have Donovan leave, he goes to: Terminor's inn, same room     | 
|where you found him. However, sometimes he'll leave forever. You have| 
|to check his room to find out for sure, because he always says you'll|                 
|never see him again.                                                 |

|Baird                                                                |
|                                                                     |
|Starting Equipment     Starting Stats          Starting Skills       |
|                                                                     |
|Great Axe              Level 18                Healer 4              |
|Scale Armor            Hit Points 108/108      Loremaster 6          |
|Hoplite Shield         Intelligence 30         Troubadour 7          |
|                       Willpower 25            Warrior 9             |
|                       Dexterity 23 (-10)      Hafted 8              |
|                       Endurance 30            Pole 8                |
|                       Strength 25             Sword 5               |
|                       Stamina 60              Thrown 8              |
|                       XP Remaining: 0         Shield 9              |
|                       Total XP: 1054500                             |
|                       Next Level: 180500                            |
|                                                                     |
|Other Info                                                           |
|                                                                     |
|Journal Entry: "We met a mighty warrior-poet named Baird. I asked him| 
|to join us."                                                         |
|                                                                     |
|If you have Baird leave, he goes to: Terminor's inn, I think...      |

|Dougal                                                               |
|                                                                     |
|Starting Equipment  Starting Stats       Starting Skills             | 
|                                                                     |
|Enchanted Blade     Level 22             Alchemist 5                 |
|Enchanted Hide      Hit Points 122/122   Diplomat 10                 |
|Moon Shield         Intelligence 25      Loremaster 5                |
|                    Willpower 25         Merchant 5                  |
|Starting Spells     Dexterity 30 (-4)    Ranger 5                    |
|                    Endurance 25         Stealth 5 (+10)             |
|6 Fireball          Strength 25          Thief 5                     |
|9 Air Shield        Stamina 75           Troubadour 10               |
|9 Strength          Total XP: 1897500    Warrior 10                  |
|9 Debilitation      XP Remaining: 0      Wizard 10                   |
|9 Mirror            Next Level: 264500   Hafted 10                   |
|                                         Pole 10                     |
|                                         Sword 10                    |
|                                         Thrown 10                   |
|                                         Shield 10                   |
|Other Info                                                           |
|                                                                     |
|Journal Entry: "A troubadour named Dougal joined the party today."   |
|                                                                     |
|If you have Dougal leave, he goes to: ????                           |

Item Locations

This is a very incomplete magic weapon and regular item list. It might 
be removed later as I get more exact locations or cover more of the 
game... but if it proves helpful to anyone, I guess I'll keep it.


Trahern's Sword - Found in Gwernia Castle, in the Library area I think. 
You have to get assigned this side quest by Trahern first, then talk to 
Bowden and get his key, which opens the container that holds the sword. 
Listen carefully to the directions Bowden gives you to the sword. You 
can take it back to Trahern, but he'll tell you to keep it anyway.

Chaos Sword - Found just outside of Gwernia on the way to Erromon early 
in the game. You should pass by a strange camp with a locked (and 
trapped) treasure chest which has the sword. Also at the end of a small 
cave near Terminor, and random treasure from Chaos minions.

Warfang - After the battle with Kitarak the goblin leader.

Stealthblade - Purchased in Port Saiid from the shopkeeper that looks 
like a Bandit.

Enchanted Blade - Purchased in Terminor. Dougal's starting weapon.

Ice Stiletto - Purchased in Ugarit.

Sword of Might - Purchased in Ugarit.

Firedrake Fang - Found in the Barrow Downs.

Lodin's Sword - Found in Lodin's Tomb. Required by the storyline.

Sheridans Sword - After the battle with Sheridan.


Archmage Staff - Niesen's starting weapon.

Staff of Lugash - After the battle with Lugash.

Jester's Mace - Farris' starting weapon.

Mace of Glory - ???? (probably purchased somewhere)

Chaos Maul - Random treasure from Chaos minions.

Blood Axe - Random treasure from Chaos minions.

Spellbreaker Axe - Found in the Barrow Downs and in the cave in 


Elisheva's Scythe - Found in Elisheva's Tomb.


Dragon Fang - Random treausre, and can be purchased. I think this is 
magical, but I'm not sure, as I don't use throwing weapons much...

Dart of Distance - Purchased in Terminor.


Bow of Accuracy - Purchased in Terminor (or another town, I can't 

Heartseeker Bow - Purchased in Terminor (again, I think so, but not 
entirely sure).

Bow of Thunder - Found in the Barrow Downs.


Cloth Armor - Various places.

Leather Armor - Various places.

Dragon Leather - Random treasure. Donovan's starting armor.

Jundar Leather - Purchased in various towns. Farris' starting armor.

Iden Scale - Purchased in various towns, and also random treasure. 
Abrecan's starting armor.

Scale Armor - Various places.

Beast Hide - Made from Beast Hide.

Darkenbat Hide - Made from Darkenbat Hide.

Scorpion scale - Made from Chitin Plates.

Hellhound Hide - Made from Hellhound Hide.

Chainmail - Purchased in various towns, and also random treasure.

Talewok Mail - Purchased in Erromon or Talewok (can't remember).

Terminor Mail - Found as treasure on the ground far behind Ugarit.

Partial Platemail - Purchased in various towns, and also random 

Improved Plate - Purchased in various towns, and also random treasure. 
Arturo's starting armor.

Enchanted Plate - Purchased in various towns, and also random treasure. 
Niesen's starting armor.

Enchanted Hide - Purchased in various towns, and also random treasure. 
Dougal's starting armor.

Royal Platemail - After the battle with Lugash.

Chaos Robes - Random treasure from Chaos minions, usually the 

Irondrake Plate - Found in the Barrow Downs.

Chaos Armor - Random treasure from Chaos minions. I don't think you can 
get them from anywhere besides a battle with a Chaos Major in it.


Kendall's Hat - Found in Oisin Forest.

Helm of Defense - Purchased in Terminor. Also can be found at some 
points, and is random treasure from Chaos minions.

Helm of Wisdom - Purchased in Ugarit.

Spiritdrake Helm - Found in the Barrow Downs.


Small Shield - Various places.

Large Shield - Various places.

Kite Shield - Various places.

Scorpion Shield - Made from Chitin Plates.

Turtleshell Shield - Random treasure.

Hoplite Shield - Baird's starting shield.

Tower Shield - Random treasure. Arturo's starting shield.

Sun Shield - Found under the Lighthouse.

Moon Shield - Dougal's starting shield.

Chaos Shield - Random treasure from Chaos minions.

Stardrake Aegis - Found in the Barrow Downs.


Leather Cloak - Various places.

Mirari Cloak - Purchased in Erromon.

Phantom Cloak - Various places.

Nightdrake Mantle - Found in the Barrow Downs.


Leather Boots - Various places.

Boots of Adamant - Purchased at various towns.

Boots of Speed - Purchased at Terminor, and maybe other towns.


Bardic Gloves - Purchased from various towns. Also found at Erromon's 

Tinker's Gloves - Purchased from various towns.

Plate Gauntlets - Purchased from various towns.

Jundar Gauntlets - Purchased in Ugarit.

Stormdrake Claws - Found in the Barrow Downs.

Gloves of Healing - Found in the cave in Erromon.


Mercenary Belt - Purchased from various towns. Abrecan starts with it.

Belt of Teleport - Found in a small cave near Ugarit.

Reflection Belt - Found in the cave in Erromon.


Namers Ring - Found in a destroyed village near Gwernia.

Etherial Ring - ???? (Sorry, I forgot)

Ring of Healing - Purchased from various towns.

Magedrake Ring - Found in the Barrow Downs.


Shamsuk Amulet - I think it was at the cave where you get the 
Lighthouse Scroll.

Shield Amulet - After the battle with Shamsuk.

Amulet of Pork - Purchased in Terminor. It seems to be a joke item.


Rope - Found in a destroyed village near Gwernia.

Heart of Elisheva - Found in Elisheva's Tomb.

Horn of Kynon - Found in the Barrow Downs.

Stormbreaker - ???? (Sorry, I forgot)


Map 2 - ???? (Sorry, I forgot)

Map 7 - Purchased in Talewok.


Bowdens Key - Given by Bowden.

Black Key - Shamsuk's Tower.

Blood Key - Shamsuk's Tower.

Bone Key - Shamsuk's Tower.

Lodin's Key - Found in Lodin's Tomb.

Dragon Key - Found in the cave in Erromon.
V: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey, are you going to do a full walkthrough?
A: I don't know. It's hard to give directions in a game like Aidyn, so 
it makes writing a walkthrough for it somewhat difficult. If I did do 
one, it definitely wouldn't be as detailed as I would like it to be, 
which I dislike. It depends...

Q: Shamsuk's Tower sounds frustrating... why shouldn't I just skip it?
A: Because you can't - it's not an optional area. There's a magical 
barrier that prevents you from going to Ugarit until you've killed 
Shamsuk and destroyed the tower.

Q: I'm having trouble finding the tower - can you help?
A: Go to the entrance of Elisheva's Tomb (right at the steps, it's very 
easy to find), then face southwest, and go straight until you hit a 
wall and can't go any further - the tower is on the other side. Now, 
hug the wall while going south and you'll reach the tower, but make 
sure you move the camera around so that you see it.

Q: What's with the unreachable door in the room after the one with the 
invisible bridge, and the locked door at the very start of the tower?
A: I don't know. They seem to be just there to try and fool you, but if 
anyone knows for sure, you're welcome to clarify. For the locked door, 
none of the three tower keys open it.

Q: OK, I've completed the tower. What do I do now?
A: See "After the Tower."

Q: Can you help me with some other part of the game before the tower?
A: Sure, I'll try.
VI: Credits
VII: Version History

v0.1 (4/10/2001)
 - Walkthrough done for the later parts of the game. So far, the FAQ 
itself is in a very preliminary state.

Copyright Notice:
This document Copyright 2001 glacialbear. It may not be distributed or 
reproduced in any form, for any reason, period. It may not be used for 
any commercial/profitable/promotional purposes whatsoever, under any 
circumstances. This document is solely intended for public viewing on 
the world wide web, at GameFAQs. All copyrights and trademarks not 
specifically mentioned are acknowledged and respected.

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