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EDITS: 4/7/07 - Changed e-mail and numerous things..

MissingNo, not a virus in Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow? But how is it not a 
when Pokemon said it was? What MissingNo is, is a OLD Pokemon they were going 
to put 
on the game but they decided not to, for some reason no one knows.

Q. What can MissingNo do if I encounter him?
A. IT can do A LOT of things. Like, if you fight it and beat it, it will give 
you 99 of your 6th item in your item slot.

Q. What happens if I catch him?
A. Not much, just mess up your graphics a little bit and mess up your Hall Of 
Fame. It will crash your games sometimes, forgot to put that in o.O

Q. Are there other glitches? How do I find them?
A. YES! There are MANY Glitches! Some of them are "PkMn", A, a, Q, 'M, .P, 
CoolTrainer ALOT of them, even lv 7 glitches of Pokemon, Like Gengar, Onix, and 
Mewtwo. (They are duplatcates MEwtwo is VERY RARE!) Their Lvs range from..0 - 
999 =\=\=\

Q. How do I get those? 
A. 'M is like getting MissingNo, Talk to the old man in Viridian City, then FLY 
Cinnibar and surf on the east, BUT the others you have to do the "Quick Mew 
IF you know it, if you don't then Find out! These GLitches TOTALLY KILL YOUR 

Q. Are these glitches strong?
A. Yes very! 

Q. Should I catch them?
A. Again, No but you can if you relese them.

Q. Can i find other Pokemon doing the MissingNo Cheat? 
A. YES! you can find lv 100+ of ANYTYPE OF POKEMON!

Q. Can i get Mew? IS she safe? A glitch?
A. YES you can! She is safe, not a glitch i have her on Blue Red and Yellow! 

Q. Is she good? How'd you get her?
A. VERY GOOD! she beats my lvl 34 wortortle in stats, and she's lv 25! I got 
from the "Mew Cheat" like the slowpoke kid, the kid next to nugget bridge.

Well, thats what you need to know about MissingNo and Other glitches and Mew! 
Thanks, Any questions, Comments, Complaints, E-mail me at 
[email protected]

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