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                         Syphon Filter 2: Mission 01 Walkthrough
                                 Platform: PlayStation
                                     Version 1.00     
                               Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                            E-Mail: [email protected]
                          My website: http://faqdomain.cjb.net



                           T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                        01. INTRODUCTION
                        02. LEGAL STUFF
                        03. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                        04. Mission 01 Walkthrough
                        05. Credits
                        06. Contact Info




This walkthrough only covers Mission 01: Colorado Mountains. It only
covers this level, and only this level. If you need help with any other
mission, check out my other seperate mission walkthroughs (1-4), or
the other great FAQs by David Blake, and Magus.


02. Legal Stuff


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Version 1.0 (09/19/00)

• First non-beta version of the FAQ, first released version.


04. Level 01 Walkthrough


Mission 01: Colorado Mountains
Operative: Gabe Logan

Mission Objectives:
- Find Chance and the Transponder Locator
- Reach High Ground to get a fix on the Transponder Signal
- Recover C-4
- Clear Cave-In
- Take Out Snipers
- Defend GIs
- Reach Highway

Mission Parameters:
- Do not kill any GIs

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
After the FMV cut-scene, you'll take control of Gabe. Land him safely onto the 
snow. Run to your right and help out the wounded man. When you talk with the 
other two guys, they'll tell you that Chance went somewhere south of here. Now 
run over to your left and over to the other guy that's on top of the small 
cliff. Talk to him and he'll take you to Chance. Follow him through the cave, 
and you'll eventually leave the cave. He'll tell you that Change went into the 
nearby cave. Run past the flare, and climb up the the cave, and you'll 
eventually meet Chance. He'll give you the Transponder Locater. After getting 
this, run back through the cave. As you try to enter the cave, a soldier will 
fire at you with his M-16. Kill him with a head shot, then take the M-16. This 
will be your primary weapon for this mission. Now enter the cave. As you do 
this, the cave will suddenly collapse, forcing you to find some C-4 to blow it 
back open again.

Exit the collapsed cave, and you'll meet up with some more terrorists. Dispose 
of them with as many Head Shots as you can, then head forward until you reach 
the box with the Shotgun. Grab it, then climb up the cliff behind it, and look 
for another flare. There is a box with a flak jacket in it, if you need it. 
After getting the flak jacket, run past the flare, and through the small 
passage, and you'll hear some guards talking. Kill them all, then look for a 
mini-peak that's in the middle of this area (use your map if you have to), and 
climb up it twice to get to the top. Once at the top, press Triangle to use the 

Now after using the Transponder, get back to the ground, and leave the way you 
came, passing the box where you got the shotgun, and head through the cave. This 
is where you started your mission. After exiting the cave, veer right, until you 
see another flare far away. You should see some terrorists near the flare. Snipe 
them with your M-16 (head shots), then run over to the wounded man near the 
flare. Grab all the ammo you can from the dead terrorists, then walk near the 
wounded GI. Here you'll get the C-4. After getting it, kill the terrorits that 
are dropping in from the sky. Just for laughs, shoot them while they are still 
in mid-air, and they'll fall to the ground with a giant "thud"! Funny stuff. 
Anyways, after getting the C-4, head back through the cave and go to the 
collapsed cave. 

Once at the collapsed cave, use the C-4 to blow it open. Make sure you're clear 
of the explosion though. After the cave is clear, exit it through the now open 
end. Now you'll see some more terrorists coming in from above, so be prepared to 
kill them all. Some of them have grenades, so be careful. There's a flak jacket 
just past the waterfall if you need it. After knocking them off, run past the 
waterfall, and into the next cave. Once you get to the end of this cave, you'll 
be at a checkpoint, and you'll have to kill some snipers soon. Now turn left, 
and climb up the small cliff and continue through the next cave until you hear 
shots firing. You'll see two GI's firing at two snipers, but you can't reach 
them from here. Head out of the cave, but you'll have to roll to the GI's, 
because if you run, the snipers have clean head shots at you. 

Now you have to kill of the snipers yourself. First you'll have to kill the one 
nearest to you, on the cliff. Get the the side with the flare, and climb up the 
cliff. You'll hear the sniper shout, and he'll run away. This is your chance to 
get a head shot in. Kill him off with a head shot, then run over the the box in 
the middle of the cliff, and you'll find some grenades. Now it's time for the 
other sniper. Use the box as protection, and when he comes out of hiding, nail 
him with a head shot. After you've killed them both, run to your left and around 
the bend and run past the second sniper. Now go back a few feet, and turn right 
and run towards the ledge. However, you hear the GI's calling for help. Turn 
around and you'll see some more terrorists, but this time they have flak jackets 
on, so you'll have to kill them with head shots. Find a good spot to snipe, and 
protect the GI's. After killing all the terrorists, head back to the ledge to 
finish the Mission.




CJayC- For accepting all of my FAQS, and for creating the best web site on
       the net!

Me- For making this FAQ! :p




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One final word:

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