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1. My Info.
2. Training Level
3. All Cheats 
4. Mission 1
5. End Credits

1. My Info.
Hi, I'm guy77 and this is the 5th FAQ I've made called the First Mission FAQ of  
Driver for the PC. I made this FAQ Saturday, March 13, 2004. This game is probably 
my favorite game because I like to get in the Taxi Cab and drive around New York. I 
also like to put Super Fast Cars cheat on and Invincibility cheat on and go to 
Miami and wreck the place! Then I watch the replay. Ok, enough of this, let's get 
on to the game. 

2. Training Level 
Most people can't get past the Training Level, and I couldn't either. Now you might 
be thinking, "How did he get to the first mission without beating the Training 
Level?". Well, it's quite simple. I know some people have heard about the 
Driver/Data/MLadder, right? Well, it's true! I didn't figure out how to do this 
until March 11... I think... Anyways, what you need to do is go to My Computer. 
Then go to the C Drive, go to the GT Interactive file, the Driver file, the Data 
file, and the MLadder file. Now when you get to the MLAdder file, right click it 
and click on open with... and click on Word Document. Then highlight Interview and 
Quitonfail. Delete these, and the Training Mission will be gone the next time you 
play! Don't forget to save! 

3. All Cheats
To get all the cheats, first un-install Driver and re-install it. Then go back to 
the MLadder file, and scroll down to #president render 70. Delete everything above 
that except Header and Miami Mission. Don't forget to save!Go to the game, choose 
Undercover, choose New Game, and the credits will roll. Escape out of that, choose 
Cheats, and all of the cheats will be there!  Note: if the credits continue to roll 
after you've pressed escape, just un-install and re-install the game.

4. Mission 1
After you do the above, I'm sure you'd like to play the game. But first, go to 
Cheats (believe me, this will make it much easier!) and turn on Invincibility 
Cheat, Railroad Cops Cheat, and Immunity (no cops)Cheat. If you want to, you can 
also go to My Computer/C Drive/Program Files/ GT Inteactive/ Driver/ Scripts/ 
Missions and go to Mission 1. Then scroll down (just a little bit) to Select Car 0. 
Highlight 0 and put 16 (the fastest car! This car will fly!). Then save and go back 
to the game. Choose New Game. Then (don't be alarmed) the credits will roll, so 
press escape and you'll be in your hotel room. Go over to the telephone, and it 
will say that you have 1 new message. Play the message if you want to, and then 
accept the job. The title of the mission is Bank Job. You should start off in your 
red (#16) car outside of your hotel. So Press escape and the pause screen will show 
up. Go down to Show Map. Your the white dot and your destination is the red dot. So 
take a right out of your hotel and go to the red dot. You need to hurry because you 
have a time limit (don't hurry to much, or your car will go out of control. That's 
how powerful it is!) When you're there, you'll see an arrow. Get under it and your 
buddies will get in the car with you. They'll tell you to get them out of there. So 
press escape again and go to Show Map to see where you need to go. You don't have a 
time limit, but the cops will chase you (unless you have Immunity Cheat on!) So get 
the boys where they need to be, and you'll have beaten the first mission!  
Congradulate yourself after every mission completed (that's how hard it is!). 
You'll then go back to your hotel room and that's when you need to save. If you 
don't save, then you won't be able to until you get back to your hotel (which will 
be after a few more missions).

5. End Credits
           Copyright 2004  guy77  [email protected]
                     All Rights Reserved

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