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          RAINBOW SIX 3 
WALKTHROUGH BY:Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
     You really don't need the invinsibility code for
this mission because you aren't really shot at until 
the end.  You only get a pistol for this mission so
pick wisely.  I pick the D.Eagle(.50cal) because it 
is a very effective weapon.  When you start off go 
through the door in front of you, then go to your
left through another room.  Go straight through
that room through some doubal doors, then through some 
glass doors.  Go straight through that room and crouch
down at the back and be very quite.  Now go right
there will be a guy sitting down watching TV if you
be very quite he won't notice you.  Go to your left 
up a set of little stairs, then to your left there 
is a set of big stairs when you get to the top of
the stairs go straight into the door in front of 
you.  This is the room with the phone in it.  
After you bug the phone save the game.  There is 
another door in the room straight across from the
one you entered.  Watch your map for terrosists
positions there should be a guy scoming towards the 
door that is shut.  Wait until he passes it nd gose back 
around the corner in the hallway to the right as soon as 
you go out the door.  Don't worry he dosen't come in
the room you are in.  Now go out the door but keep an 
eye on your map so you can run back if anybody sneaks
up on you.  Go all the way down the hallway and take a 
right then left.  There should be glass doubal doors 
remember this spot your going to have to come back.
there's a door at the end of the hallway don't go in
there instead go about half way down the hallway and
to your left there is some stairs go up them.  Keep
an eye on your map there should be a room with an X 
in it on your map there should be two guys in it if 
there's only one great but the other one is coming 
so if you see that he is close on your map wait 
until he gose in the room and goes back and around a
corner then go in the room with the X in it.  There 
should be what looks like walls hooked to the wall
behind them is the computer you need to bug.  After 
you bug the computer save the game.  Now your weapons 
are free and you can shoot people.  Remember the glass 
doors near the stairs there's teo guys in there kill
the one closest to the door,DON'T KILL THE OTHER ONE
OR YOU WILL LOSE.  don't secure him yet first go around 
the whole house and kill every single one of the people.
Keep checking on the accountent to make sure he don't 
get killed.  When you kill all the people secure him 
and go back to where you started.  Watch out going back
some people meet you half way there to kill you and that 
accountent don't let him die.  When you get back to where 
you started go up the stairs and out on to the roof.  
There should be another X on your map.  Go up a little and
to your right then just go to the X and a helicopter will 
pick you and the other guy up.  MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!!

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