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          RAINBOW SIX 3
WALKTHROUGH BY:Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
     Before you start the mission you will do best if 
tou get a M203 40MM CS gernade launcher and gas mask.
You are also probebly going to need the invinsibility
code in because there's a ton of guy's protecting vargus.
When you start off go inside the doubal doors in front
of you.  If you want you can tell your guy to hold so 
he won't get killed.  When you go inside go to your right 
through another set of doubal doors this is where the
cheatcode comes in to play there is alot of guys in here
and most of them hide to where you can't see them real 
good.  kill all of them guys, and there should be a balcony
in one cornor of the room to your left from where you 
entered.  There should be a set of stairs under the balcony
go up the stairs and into the door that is up there.  now
you should be in a room with a big table in it, go through 
the door across the room.  Now go left down a hallway, then
left again down some stairs, there should be a guy at the 
bottom of the stairs.  Now you are in another room with 
some guys in and they love throwing gernades so watch out.
from where you entered go to your right and through the 
door at the end of the room.  Now go straight through the
hallway into a room with some cars and car ports in it.
Kill all the guys and to your left from where you entered
there is some doubal doors go through them and there is a 
door to your right.  Now there is a big garage with alot of 
guys in it that are hidden, kill all the guys and straight 
across the room from where you entered there is a doorway
with a set of little stairs in it.  Get out your M203 40MM CS
before you go through the hallway when you get into the next 
room don't worry about the guys just look for a guy with a blue
shirt on that's vargus shoot a grenade at him but lead him on
so he will run into the gas if you get close enough to him you 
can secure him.  If you don't secure him there then there is a
door diagonal from where you entered the room go in there and 
to your right into a room with shelves in it.  Go right again
around the shelves then go straight across the room to a room 
with lockers in it.  When you get in there there should be a 
door to your right and one straight in front of you, go through 
the one straight in front of you.  Then to your right there is
another doorway go through it then to your left then right then
left again through another doorway with a yellow sign that has 
CDE on it.  go right when you go through there if you still see
him shoot a grenade at the door he is trying to unlock if you 
get real close to him he will stop and you can secure him.  If
he gets through the gate and into a car you lose so hurry up.
MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!, if you catch him.

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