Mission 13 (Parade) Walkthrough - Guide for Rainbow Six 3

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          RAINBOW SIX 3
WALKTHROUGH BY:Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
     You will strugle during this mission without the
invinsibility code it took me forever without the code.
When you start off go up and to your left, then go right
at the shelvs.  Now go straight into a little courtyard
with alot of shelvs in it watch out for guys.  There is 
a door in the cut in the walls near the place where the 
shelves are.  When you get in the door thatt your going 
to have to unlock, now go up the stairs BUT TELL YOUR 
stairs go to your right.  There is a door to your left
when you go to your right do not go in it, just go 
straight and then go left down a hallway.  After you
get down that hallway go left down another hallway,
then right down another.  Now there is a door to your 
left and right go in the one on your right.  Now go 
down the stairs and out the door.  The bomb is in the 
big float in front of you when you go out the door.
The bomb is on the part of the float right behind the
van defuse it.  Wait your not done yet.  When you 
defuse it you hear that there is a fail-safe to get to it
go to the back of the float your going to have to hurry
getting to the backup because you only have so much time.
When you get to the back of the float there is an alley 
straight across the road from where you came out at.  Go
down the alley when you get to the end to your right there
is a door.  When you go in you are in a room with pool 
tables in it go straight through the  room into another 
room watch out for guys.  In the back-left corner is a door
go through the door and up stairs.  When you get up stairs
go left when you get to the corner of the square hole in the
floor keep going straight until you can't go straight no 
more.  Now go left to the end of the walkway when you get 
to the end go right and down this hallway, when you get to
the end there is a door to your right that leads to a stairway.
Go in the door and to your right is the upstairs.  When you
get upstairs to the hallways go left and to the end of the
hallway.  Now go right down this walkway and the first door
to your right go in,  To the right of the room is a computer
this is how you disable the fail-safe.  MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!

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