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          RAINBOW SIX 3
WALKTHROUGH BY:Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
     You will need the invinsibility code for this 
mission if I think what's going to happen happen's.
When you start off there's a door in front of you
DO NOT GO IN THAT ONE!! Instead go to your left 
and cut your thermal vision on and leave it on until 
I tell you to cut it off.  There should be a door 
in the room to your left don't open the door all 
the way just peak in it if there is a guy in the 
hallway wait until he goes out the door in the 
hallway if he's not in there then walk out 
slowly and look at the door you should be able to
see through a little crack if you see him coming
to the door go back into the room and shut the door.
If you don't see him at all then go in the hallway
and up the stairs to your right.  There is two sets 
of stairs go up the first one and only half way up 
the second one now to your right is a big glass 
window stay on the second stairs until you see a guy 
come in front of that glass don't worry he can't see 
you.  When he goes back out go into the room he was in 
but be very quite you should see him standing on the 
other side of the door then he will walk away go up
to the door and when you hear a door open and close 
go in and as fast and quite as you can be go to the 
door across the room and crouch down and go in it
when you get outside on the balcony hurry and go to 
the left in front of a ladder.  now you can cut your 
thermal vision off there is one guy below the balcony 
you are on when you see him go behind a gas truck jump
or climb down and follow his way BUT DON'T LET HIM SEE
YOU.  There is a red van with the back doors open this
is where you plant the explosives at.  When you plant 
the explosives save the game.  Now your weapons are 
free and you can shoot.  Kill that one guy and there is
a door near a blue dumpster go in it and all the way 
down the hallway to a door in a waiting room, this is 
where the cheatcode comes in to play as soon as you 
open the door or get in front of the window a guy shoots
a rocket at you.  If you survive without the code or with
it go through the door and kill all the guys.  When you kill
all the guys go up and to your right there should be another
gas truck go there and another guy shoots you with a rocket 
kill all them and go up and to your right again is like
a garage door open just enough to crouch down and go under.
When you get into the big room behind the garage door go 
all the way to the back while killing the guys.  Now to your
right is a door go in it and then a blue door when you go in
the blue door your objective completed comes up.  Now go right 
into a big room and there is a door diagonal from where you entered
that has road blocks near it.  When you go in the door go upstairs
at the top go right into another door.  Now go through two
rooms and down the stairs you come out near.  When you get
downstairs there is a door behind alot of boxes to your left.
When you go outside go to your right and you should be near a 
gas truck.  Now kill all the people and to your right is 
some planes go towards them and when you get close 
enough "mission successful" will come up on the top of your screen.
And as it said MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!

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