Mission 4 (Island Estate) Walkthrough - Guide for Rainbow Six 3

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        RAINBOW SIX 3
    WALKTHROUGH BY:DERREK SILVAS AT derreksilvasnc@aol.com
Before you start the mission you need to get some breaching charges
and if you want you can put the invinsibility code in it is much 
easier if you do.  
When you start off go towards the big boat and tell your guy to hold
you'll need him later on for a special reason.  When you get to the 
boat go left up some stairs until there's no more to go up.  to 
your right there's a door go in it you'll be in a kitchen.  Now go 
to your right through another doorway when you get in there go to 
your left down some stairs.  Go straight through that room then go to 
your left then go all the way down that hallway then take a right 
and go up some stairs.  When you get up the stairs take another 
right and go all the way down that hallway.  Then take a right through
a door then take a left and go all the way down this hallway.  Now take 
a right when you go down that hallway you'll see stairs that go down
and stairs that go up to your right.  Go up the stairs to your right
when you go in that room there will be two doors that are alone and 
a set of double doors, put a breaching charge on the left one.  NOW 
SAVE IT BEFORE YOU BLOW THE DOOR UP.  After you save it blow the door 
up then go in and kill the two guys DO NOT SECURE THE HOSTAGE YET.
Tell your guy to secure her.  Now go back out of the room to your right
down the other set of stairs.  There are two doors in the big room you
are in now keep an eye on the one to your left.  When your guy secures 
the hostage some guys will come out of it.  When you go in that room
to the left go through the door on your right in that room.  You
should be outside kill all the guys and to your left there is a door
not the one across the yard.  When you go in that door go straight 
across the room to another door then take a left NOW TELL YOUR GUY TO 
Now plant a breaching charge on the door and blow it up.  Kill the
guy holding the hostage and secure the area until the helicopter comes.

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