Mission 9 (Import/Export) Walkthrough - Guide for Rainbow Six 3

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          RAINBOW SIX 3
WALKTHROUGH BY:Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
     If your not real good on this game then you will
probebly most definitely need the invinsibility code.
If you are good then you still can but you don't have
to.  When you start off you are behind a truck.  Go 
straight until you get to the front of the truck then
go right into a door.  When you go in you should see
a big doorway then past that a regular size doorway,
go through both of them into a room with shelves, now
go right until you get to a desk, now there is a door 
to your right.  Don't go in that one instead go left
through another door.  When you get in this room there
is two shelves on the right wall, in the middle of both
of them to the right is a door.  When you go through 
it go to your left.  Now go all the way down the hallway
into another room.  Now go left through another door,
you should now be outside.  Go to your right and there
should be some stairs go all the way up them until you 
get to a door.  When you go in the door there is another
door all the way on the back wall of the room.  When 
you go through the door go to your right then left
through another door into a room.  When you get in the
room go left and there is another door, when you go
through that one, there is two doors on the very back
wall go through the one on the right side.  Now there
is a door straight in front of you.  It's shut and you 
can't go through it right now just wait a second and 
somebody will blow it up.  When they do go through it
and straight through another one in front of you.  Now
you are in a room with bunkbeds.  Go to your left all
the way into another room.  In this room go right into
another door that leads downstairs.  When you get 
downstairs there is a door to your right go through it
and straight through another door.  When you go through
both doors go right then left.  Now you are in another
room, in here go left through another door.  Now you are 
outside.  Kill all the people out here, then from where
you entered go right until you get to the back of a truck,
then go left all the way to a wall, When you hit the wall
go right up a set of little stairs and to your left is a
garage door that this time it will close.  After it closes
go back to the door that you came outside through and there
should be some guys that try to kill you now.  Kill them
and go back to the garage door that closed when you went
up to it.  This time it will stay open.  This is where
the cheatcode comes in there is alot of guys in this room
go all the way in the room in between two big shelves.
If guys are killing you kill some of them and if you 
are in between the two big shelves mission successful
should come up at the top of your screen. MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!

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