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Here I'll start with the first few missions, then in later versions I'll set up 
different missions, but for now... It's the first ones.

Mission Origin:
Neutral * No Origin *
1: Drive to the Base (Neutral. Easy. )
To allied base: When you're first starting, you'll be on a plane. After Fiona, your 
ExOps support and voice over character briefs you on some of the basics, you'll 
have to get your gear. Pick up the Carbine, M67 Frag Grenades, and your PDA, which 
is YOUR LIFE! After that another custscene type thing, this time the pilot says, " 
The area is hot. We're coming in low and fast. Get ready to drop." After that the 
Lever on the wall will become useable. Walk up to it and use action button, 
* Triangle * and another cut-scene type thing will come up, Fiona will ask you " 
Are you ready? You know they say the De-Militarized zone is the most dangerous 
place in the world? You better not mess this up. 100,000,000... do you think you 
can spend that in one lifetime?" after that your character will pull the lever and 
the plane's door will open. After that, the Vehicle will become useable. Hit 
triangle to begin this mission. You'll be dropped out of the plane behind allied 
lines. Drive to the gate, and wait for it to open. When it does, proceed forward, 
towards the north. You'll encounter a bunch of crates in the middle of the road. 
Just drive around them. After that Fiona should say, " Great, they've blocked the 
road. You'll need to find away around." Me, being the destructive type, just drove 
through it. Though you'll sustain a little damage, it's nothing major. Though you 
can drive up a hill to your left to avoid the crash damage. After that, follow the 
road and you should come up to a little conflict. North Koreans are attacking the 
allies, and you need to get them to allied Hq. Drive behind the allies and honk 
(Circle) your horn. The allies should get in your car. Slowly drive, if your 
vehicle has health, so the allies can take out the North Koreans. A little up the 
road you should encounter more light Korean resistance and several more allied 
soldiers. Don't worry if they all can't fit in the car, you only need to take back 
the ones from the conflict. Drive around the road and Fiona will say, " Head north 
to the allied HQ." There isn't really a road, but a few tiny houses. Drive through 
the middle of these and right up to the allied Hq. 

1B Exit the vehicle, Triangle, and walk to the Guard. Hit triangle to enter the Hq, 
and Colonel Garret should start speaking. You'll sit down, and interrupt him. He 
chooses to hire you, but tells you to never interrupt him again. Accept the 
contract, and then exit the room. Get into the vehicle that's parked outside, and 
honk the horn. (This isn't required but I find you may need a machine gunner and a 
back up gunner just incase the main is taken out.) Drive north, until you reach 
some roadblocks. Drive around them, and up the hill to the Flashing icon. Exit the 
Vehicle by pressing L1, this will keep the soldiers in the vehicle, but you'll 
exit. Kill the few soldiers, and precede up to the Number Card. Don't kill him; 
he's valuable. Hit Square to stun him and triangle to subdue him. Once he's in 
captive, you'll receive your air extraction. Throw it in the middle of the little 
field. And wait until the helicopter pilot says, " okay, I see your smoke. I'm at 
the LZ" Then pick up the Number Card Triangle, and bring him to the chopper. Press 
triangle to load him in, and you'll receive your payment for his capture. If you 
kill him, verify him by pressing triangle near his dead body. After this, you'll 
receive " Surgical Strike " which is pointed by a laser. Equip this, and aim at the 
middle of the Artillery. You'll get two kills for one strike. If you don't, just 
take them out individually. After you've taken them out, drive back to the allied 
Hq. Talk to the guard again and receive your payment. Congratulations, Mission 

Mission Origin: South Korean
(South Korean, Easy.)

2 After you complete your contract with the allies, you’ll be prompted to visit 
Agent Buford, who runs the South Korean forces in the area. Drive to the SK HQ and 
accept the contract. You’ll have to defend Kaesong. Head to the northern defense 
point, which is flashing with a yellow circle, and mount the Heavy Machine gun. 
Fire out NK forces, until they’re defeated. Quickly run to the next point, and do 
the same. Except this time it’s a Recoilless Rifle (Rifle? No. Big ass Rocket 
Launcher? Yes.) Defend that point, and then quickly move to the next point. Another 
recoilless rifle, defend this point, and return once again to the northern most 
defense point. Finish off the forces here, and you’ll receive your payment and be 
prompted for your next contact, the Russian Mafia. Congratulations, Mission 

Mission Origin: Russian
(Russian Mafia, Easy/Medium)

3 Now, go see Sergei, the local godfather of the Russian Mafia. The Russian mafia 
is a valuable ally, for they control the black market “ Merchant of Menace “ Which 
in a later date in the game becomes your savior of existence. Anyway, accept the 
contract, and head outside. Find a vehicle, and head towards the NK transport 
truck. Watch out for the Machine gun, if you’re in a vehicle you’re heading into a 
meat grinder. Exit the vehicle and take out the machine gun nest, either with a 
grenade, C4, or maybe some foul words. After you’ve taken out the first one, 
proceed on taking out the other two, then clear the main base and get in the NK 
Truck. Drive back to the Russian Hq, and park in the garage that’s flashing on your 
screen. You’ll receive your payment, and access to the Merchant of Menace in your 
PDA. Here you can order air strikes, vehicle drops, and supply drops. 
(See my other FAQ for help on drops.) Missions you complete after this will unlock 
new vehicle drops, supply drops, and different air strikes. Congratulations, 
Mission Complete!

Mission Origin: Chinese

4 Now head to Colonel Zhou, I believe it is Zhou. If it isn’t so sorry. But none-
the-less get to the Chinese HQ and accept the contract. Get in the tank once you’re 
outside. It’s not a tank, but it has the huge rifle on it. Once you fire, the right 
analog stick controls the rocket. Drive to the Museum. You don’t have to destroy 
the barracks if you don’t want to or can’t. But you must destroy the museum. After 
you have done this, you’ll be prompted to “ play the field.” Visit the Allies, 
SK’s, Chinese, or Russian Mafia after this and do more contracts. That is it for 
this part, second part coming soon! If you need any help, feel free to email me: 
[email protected] or, add my MSN messenger SN, [email protected] If you want 
to talk to me directly, that is. Thanks for viewing my FAQ and I hope you find this 

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