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Opening the "monster carral" Quest:
First complete "Niccolo's Business Unusual" Quest, then complete the "Tiny Sorcerers"
Then return to the area that you fought those two small wizards. The onion-kid will 
be there and a monster egg ,too. Follow the instruction given by the onion-kid, then 
try to catch the egg. Just put a fruit or meat in it's path, when it gets near the 
food, it will eat and it MIGHT fall asleep after it has finished. This is the time 
to catch it. Walk up to the egg to catch it. Remember the egg might not fall asleep 
even after its done eating.(if that happens just feed it again). after you catch it, 
the bird will come and take it to your monster corral beside your house. After 
talking to the onion-kid, the quest will be over. Now you are able to catch any pet 
all over!!
Egg Locations:

PLACE             AREA                               EGG TYPE        POSSIBLE PET
-----             ----                               --------        ------------
Bone Fortress     Throne of Corpses                  Undead Egg      Zombine
                                                                     Ape Mummy

Domina            Western End                        Beast Egg       Rabite

Domina            Western End                        Aerial Egg      Chocobo

Duma Desert       West End                           Arthropod Egg   Unknown

Fieg Snowfields   Queen Altena's Hill                Dragon Egg      Land Dragon
                                                                     Sky Dragon 
                                                                     Kid Dragon

Gato Grottoes     Meditation Room                    Morph Egg       Unknown

Junkyard          Heap of Junk (Vegetarian)          Poltergeist     Polter Box
                                                                     Cursed Doll

Jungle            Western Section                    Chitto Egg      Chobin Hood

Jungle            Punkmaster(boss) Cavern            Demon Egg       Imp 
                                                                     Fierce Face

Jungle            The Spring of Beasts               Plant Egg       Wooding

Lake Kilma        In the Woods                       Plant Egg       Mushboom

Lake Kilma        Eastern Shore                      Beast Egg       Rabite 
                                                                     Gray Ox

Luon Highway      Gigarex(boss) cavern               Reptile Egg     Lizardon
                                                                     Rattler Boa

Luon Highway      Lorant Tableland                   Aerial Egg      Cockatrice

Madora Beach      Eastern Beach                      Aquatic Egg     Pincher Crab 

Madora Beach      Fullmetal Haggar(boss) Cavern      Morph Egg       Slime

Mindas Ruins      Boss Area                          Unknown         Unknown

Mevik Caverns     Du,Inke Area                       Reptile Egg     Rattler Boa

Norn Peaks        Unknown                            Aerial Egg      Unknown

Norn Peaks        Windcaller Area                    Arthropod Egg   Gloomoth

S.S. Buccaneer    Bottom                             Aquatic Egg     Seajack

Tower of Lieres   Room of Fate(boss area)            Poltergeist     Polter Box
                                                                     Chess Knight

Ulkan Mines       Labbane(boss) Cavern               Oddity Egg      Eye Spy

I hope this will help you later on in the game. MORE soon......    

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