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Monster Rancher 3 DVD/CD Monster Lists
By: Fox White

I started playing Monster Rancher 3 when it first came out, but I ended up deleting 
my game for space. Now, on Sunday, July 06, 2003, I decided to start playing it 
again, and since my brother has the patience to go through every disk we have in 
the house. I decided to make a monster list. Hope you like it!

A few notes about this list:
1. The words DVD-Disk 1/2/3 etc. tells what disk of that movie/set the monster was 
found on.
2. Any letter such as -A- and -B- that is beside a monster name tells what class 
you must be in to create the monster.
3. After some of the titles -wide or -full or -Spec. Edition appear. That is the 
version of the movie.
4. From my observations, most of the wide screen versions are Tortboy, which is 
also the most abundant monster in these lists.
5. It's a good thing I decided to do this faq because I have been meaning to write 
down all of the DVDs and CDs that we own.
6. A ? means that it must be researched.

I'll update as often as I get CDs if possible.

-Disk-				-Type-				-Monster-

007 Agent Under Fire		Game-PS2				Hohocto

.Hack//Infection			Game-PS2			
.Hack//Liminality-Disk 1		DVD				Raiden
.Hack//Liminality-Disk 2		DVD				Usazo

Armored Core 2			Game-PS2				Hengar
Armored Core 3			Game-PS2				Mocchi
Arrival 2				DVD				Stawberry
A Knight's Tale			DVD				Palasaulo
Aqua Aqua				Game-PS2			
American Pie			DVD				Ruin Slicer -A-

Ballistic				DVD				Tortboy
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance	Game-PS2				Unknown
Behind Enemy Lines			DVD				Zaratan -A-
Black Hawk Down			DVD				Biansnow
Black Knight			DVD				Golem
Blood Work-Full			DVD				Tortboy
Bandits				DVD-Standard Side			Scissors
Bandits				DVD-Wide Screen Side		Merman
Blade 2				DVD-Disk 1			Plant
Blade 2				DVD-Disk 2			Fleece
Blue Streak-Spec Edition		DVD				Dakkung
Bringing Out The Dead-Wide		DVD				Spearmint

Castaway				DVD-Disk 1			Unknown -B-
Castaway				DVD-Disk 2			Fukazukin
Collateral Damage			DVD				Tortboy
Changing Lanes-Wide		DVD				Fleece
Charlie's Angels			DVD				Mewsneak
Chocobo Racing			Game-Playstation			Naga
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon	DVD				Tigon -A-

Darkness Falls			DVD				Ogyo
Diablo 2-Play			Game-PC				Mocchi
Diablo 2-Install			Game-PC				Mocchi
Diablo 2-Cinematics		Game-PC				Mocchi
Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction	Game-PC				Mocchi
Devil May Cry			Game-PS2				Phowou
Domestic Disturbance		DVD				Octopee
DOA2 Hardcore			Game-PS2				Unknown
Deep Blue Sea			DVD				Tortboy

End of Days-Wide			DVD				Tortboy
Entrapment			DVD				Seniorin
Exit Wounds			DVD				Offshore
Evergrace				Game-PS2			

Final Destination			DVD				Dakkung
Final Fantasy Origins		Game-Playstation			Mogi
Final Fantasy 10			Game-PS2			
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within	DVD-Disk 1			Yuppee
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within	DVD-Disk 2			Sandlessie
Fight Club			DVD-Disk 1			Unknown?

Ghost Ship			DVD				Tortboy
Gone in 60 Seconds			DVD				Armadiroller
Grand Theft Auto Vice City		Game-PS2				Jiro
Gladiator				DVD-Disk 1			Coconut
Gradius 3/4			Game-PS2				Mocchi
Gladiator				DVD-Disk 2			Baku
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy		Game-PS2				Panko

HP and the Sorcerer's Stone		DVD-Disk 1			Tortboy
HP and the Sorcerer's Stone		DVD-Disk 2			Dakkung
Hollow Man			DVD				Ekidonna

Independence Day			DVD-Disk 1			Drydon -A-
Independence Day			DVD-Disk 2			Ogyo

Jade Cocoon 2			Game-PS2				Suzurin
Jak and Daxter			Game-PS2				Sandlessie
Jurassic Park-Spec. Edition		DVD				Tortboy
Jeepers Creepers			DVD-Movie			
Jeepers Creepers			DVD-Special Features Side	

Kate and Leopold			DVD				Peligoon
Kiss of the Dragon			DVD				Maririn
Kingdom Hearts			Game-PS2				Plant

Labyrinth				DVD				Baku
Luigi's Mansion			Game-Gamecube			Mocchi
Lake Placid			DVD				Tortboy
Lgd of/t Drnken Master 		DVD				Tiger

Maid in Manhatten			DVD				Ogyu
Men in Black 2			DVD-Disk 1			Pepe
Men in Black 2			DVD-Disk 2			Sandlessie
Me, Myself, and Irene		DVD				Peligoon
Minority Report-Wide		DVD-Disk 1			Palasaulo
Minority Report-Wide		DVD-Disk 2			Ogyo
Ms. Congeniality			DVD				Tortboy
Mission: Impossible 2		DVD				Lulu
Monster Rancher 3			Game-PS2			
Men of Honor-Spec. Edition		DVD				Merman
Metroid Prime			Game-Gamecube			Mocchi

Nutty Professer 2: The Klumps	DVD				Tortboy

Only Dance 1975-1979		Music				Spearmint
Ocean's Eleven-Full		DVD				Tortboy
Oregon Trail 3rd Edition		Game-PC-Disk 1			Mocchi
Oregon Trail 3rd Edition		Game-PC-Disk 2			Mocchi
Oregon Trail 3rd Edition		Game-PC-Disk 3			Mocchi

Parasite Eve 2			Game-Playstation-Disk 1		Baku
Parasite Eve 2			Game-Playstation-Disk 2		Tiger
ParappaTheRapper 2			Game-PS2			
Practical Magic-Full		DVD				Munlee
Practical Magic-Wide		DVD				Remus
Pearl Harbor			DVD-Disk 1			Kaio
Pearl Harbor			DVD-Disk 2			Tiger
Planet of the Apes			DVD-Disk 1			Tortboy
Planet of the Apes			DVD-Disk 2			Mocchi

Q-Bert				Game-Dreamcast			Kapukkoro

Ratchet and Clank			Game-PS2			
Resident Evil			DVD				Pepe
Resident Evil			Game-Gamecube-Disk 1		Mocchi
Resident Evil			Game-Gamecube-Disk 2		Mocchi
Resident Evil 0			Game-Gamecube			Mocchi
Reign of Fire			DVD				Fukazo
Road to Perdition			DVD				Maririn
Rush Hour 2			DVD				Oltan
Red Planet			DVD				Sandlessie
Rose Red				DVD-Disk 1			Naga
Rose Red				DVD-Disk 2			Mogi

Saga Frontier			Game-Playstation			Psiroller
Shanghai Noon			DVD				Kesshoka
Star Wars 2-Full			DVD-Disk 1			Windine
Star Wars 2-Full			DVD-Disk 2			Fleece
Star Wars Jedi Star Fighter		Game-XBox				Kaio
Sixth Sense			DVD				Konta
Starcraft				Game-PC				Mocchi
Sleepy Hollow			DVD				A Dragon -A-
Signs				DVD				Oltan
Spider-Man			DVD-Disk 1			Gitan
Space Cowboys			DVD				Lesione
Showtime-Wide			DVD				Tortboy
Spider-Man			DVD-Disk 2			Plant
Swordfish				DVD				Pashminer
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle			Game-Gamecube		Mocchi
Suikoden 2			Game-Playstation			Raiden
Suikoden 3			Game-PS2				Gitan
Sweet Home Alabama			DVD				Momo
Stir of Echoes			DVD				Yuppee
Stargate				DVD				Unknown?
Star Ocean 2: Second Story		Game-Disk 1			Raiden
Star Ocean 2: Second Story		Game-Disk 2			Hengar
Super Mario Sunshine		Game-Gamecube			Mocchi
SMSB Melee			Game-Gamecube			Mocchi

The Arrival			DVD				Karakarakkung
The Cell				DVD				Galooda -A-
The Time Machine-Wide		DVD				Palasaulo
The Lost World			DVD				Tortboy
The Tuxedo			DVD				Merman
Tomb Raider-Wide			DVD				Tortboy
The Others			DVD-Disk 1			Dragon -A-
The Others			DVD-Disk 2			Momo
The Mummy Collector's Edition	DVD				Tortboy
The Matrix			DVD				Won't Revive
The Perfect Storm			DVD				Tortboy
The Haunting-Wide			DVD				Viper
The One				DVD				Palasaulo
The 6th Day			DVD				Raipenpenn
The Beach				DVD				Wakkung
Thirteen Ghosts			DVD				Tortboy
The Bone Collector-Wide		DVD				Tortboy
The Abyss Spec. Edition		DVD-Disk 1			Scissors
The Abyss Spec. Edition		DVD-Disk 2			Tortboy
The Talented Mr. Ripley-Wide	DVD				Tortboy
The Scorpion King			DVD				Suezo
The Patriot			DVD				Scissors
The Sum of All Fears-Wide		DVD				Koronit
The Lord of the Rings-Full		DVD-Disk 2			Bearroller
The House on Haunted Hill		DVD				Tortboy
The Bourne Identity		DVD				Wakkung
The Green Mile			DVD				Vivaroller
The Bodyguard			DVD				Avalanche
The Omega Code-Wide		DVD				Cactun
Three Kings			DVD				Tortboy
Time Splitters			Game-PS2				Hare
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2		Game-Playstation		
Treasure Planet			DVD				Fleece
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger		Game-PS2				Kesshoka


Vanilla Sky			DVD				Fukazukin
Vertical Limit			DVD				Ryozan

What Lies Beneath-Wide		DVD				Mew
Wild Arms 3			Game-PS2				Mew
Wild Wild West			DVD				Tortboy

X-Men				DVD				Konta
XXX-Full				DVD				Jell



This monster list is (c) Jonathan Turner.

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