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Motive Filler

The Sims 2: Pets (Playstation 2)

By: Kathy Lange

Motives are the bars on the left side of the screen that you fill to take care 
of your sim. These are the ways to fill them.

Social=Talk or play with people, play with pets

Bladder=Use a toilet

Hygiene=Take a shower, take a bath, wash hands, splash in fountain


Fun= Watch TV, listen to music, play games, play instruments, paint  

Energy=Sleep, power nap

Comfort=Sit, relax in bed, sleep 

Room=Be in a clean room, be in a room with alot of light

Now I'll teach you how to fill multiple motives at once.

Hunger and energy=Pick out ingrediants that have + hunger and + energy (and of 
course - bladder). And to get even more hunger and energy cook it (cooking it 
will not add any - bladder).

Hunger, energy, and fun=Do what you did for "hunger and energy" but then next 
to a stereo or radio and/or a TV.

Fill any motive and fun=Do the thing that fills up the motive you want to fill 
and do it next to a stereo or radio and/or a TV. but for this you'll need a 
radio or stereo and/or a TV in every room! (I would recomend a stereo or radio 
for this because it's smaller than a TV so if you do put one in every room and 
because unlike the TV you dont have to be directly in front of it or watch it 
to fill the fun, the sound travels throughout most of the room.

Comfort and hygiene =Take a bath, go in a hot spring/pool. (Wow! Simple right!)

Comfort and energy=Power nap, sleep. (Also simple!)

Comfort and social=Sit next to someone or if no one is sitting sit and then 
call them. (Simple!)

Comfort and hunger=Eat while sitting. (You usually do this so super simple!)

Comfort, hunger, and social= Do what you do for "comfort and hunger" but then 
sit next to someone.

You can do any of these while filling up your room.

Email me at [email protected] if you have and questions, comments, 
concerns, if you need anything to be added, or you need me to edit anything.


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