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            _______           __     __
           /  ____/          / /  __/ /_
          /  /___ __ ______ / /_ /_  __/___   ___   ____
         /  ____// // __  // __ | / // __ /  / _ \ / __/
        /  /    / // /_/ // / / // // /_//_ / / \|_\ \
       /__/    /_//___  //_/ /_//_//______//_/   /___/
              _______/ / _____                  __
             /________/ /  _  \              __/ /_
                       /  / \  \ _____   ___/_  __/ ___ __  __
                      /  /  /  // __ /  / __// // // _ \\ \/ /
                     /  /__/  // /_//_ _\ \ / // // / \ \\  /
                    /________//______//___//_//_//_/  /_// /
                                                ________/ /


           TITLE:     Fighters Destiny - Move Guide / FAQ
           VERSION:   1.2
           DATE:      17 / 06 / 99
           AUTHOR:    Argonaut
           EMAIL:     [email protected]


                  1 ................ COPYRIGHT
                  2 ................ UPDATES
                  3 ................ CHARACTERS
                  4 ................ CONTACTING THE AUTHOR
                  5 ................ CREDITS AND THANKYOUS


   This Walkthrough/FAQ may not in any form be reproduced without
prior consent of the author. If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ
on or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of
distribution (other than for personal use only), please contact me
first ( [email protected] ).

   The only places to find this Walkthrough/FAQ are listed below:
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   1.2 - Third Version. Few things changed. Released 17/06/99
   1.1 - Second Version. Redone in .faq format. Released 06/05/99
   1.0 - First Version. Released 13/02/99

   This will be updated the next time I rent this game out. One night
is not enough to write down all the moves in this game, when you have
alot of other things to to as well. Well see you next update.


   It is very hard to put these type of games and their move combo's
in ASCII letters. Well here is how I have done it.
            ^                            The only difficult letters
    (DUL)   |   (DUR)                    in this diagram are the ones
           ___             ___           for up ( ^ ), down ( V ),
        \ |   | /         |   | -  B     Diagonal Upper Left ( DUL ),
       ___|   |___        |___|          Diagonal Upper Right ( DUR )
 <  - |           | -  >     ___         Diagonal Lower Left ( DDL ),
      |___     ___|         |   | -  A   Diagonal Lower Right ( DLR ).
          |   |             |___|        So all the way through this
        / |___| \                        FAQ you will see the letters
                                         in brackets, these will be 
    (DDL)   |   (DDR)                    the diagonal buttons. They 
            V                            are very simple to learn.

COUNTRY - Mongolia      FIGHTER TYPE - All-Rounder    HEALTH - 8

   MOVES                BUTTONS     SKILL    DMG   INFORMATION
   Drug Down Fall       A+B         Throw    DOWN  While hanging,
                                                   close to opponent
   Jump Over            >>>         Throw    DOWN  Close to opponent
   Inashi               >>         Throw    --    Close behind the
   Body Lift            >A+B        Throw    --    Close to opponent
   Bull Docking Drop    (DDL)A+B    Throw    --    Close to opponent
   Snake Sword          >B          Upper    17
   Thrust Hell Thrust   B       Upper    DOWN
   Heaven Thrust        <B          Upper    17
   Rapid Snake          >BBBB       Upper    31
   Saint Dallah         <>BAB       Upper    45
   Dallah Fish          <>>BB       Upper    38
   Crab Hell            VBBB        Upper    38
   Fire Ball            >>>B        Upper
   Head Top             (DUR)>B     Upper    39
   Trepang Heaven       VVB         Upper    19    Reel
   Hell Senkyu-Thigh    BBAB        Middle   44     
   Upper                (DDR)B      Middle   17
   Reverse Upper        >B          Middle   16    Opponent is
                                                   behind you

   Heaven or Hell       <BA       Lower    15
   Prawn Kick           >BB         Lower    19
   Octapus Kick         >AAA        Lower    27
   Fresh Sea Hell       >AAAA       Lower    43

   Chocke Sleeper F               Move     --
   Dallah Dallah        <>>         Move     --

   Hell Hands Thrust    >>B         Counter  31

   Flying Fish fm Hell  B        Special        Opponent is in
                                                   Piyori condition
   Flying Fish fm Hell  <<<B     Special
   Hell Hyakuretsu-Ken  V>>>         Throw    ---   Close to opponent
   Reverse Upper        >B          Middle         You are behind the
   Inashi               B          Upper
   Down Straight        <A          Lower
   Devil Hammer         >AB         Upper
   Hammer Knuckle       (DDL)B      Knock
   Exploiter            >A+B        Throw          Close to opponent
   Coconut Crash        >VA+B       Throw          Close to opponent
   Jab Straight Low     BBA         Lower
   Reverse Horizontal   >>B         Upper
   Chopper Upper        >>BB        Middle
   Bull Head            B        Middle
   Tombstone Driver     A+B         Throw          Close to opponent
   Sharp Thrust         V>B         Upper
   Windmill             (DDL)V(DDR) Throw          Close behind the
                        A+B                        opponent
   Windmill             (DDL)V(DDR) Special        From behind the
                        A+B                        opponent whilst
                                                   they are in the
                                                   Piyori condition
   German Return        VA+B        Throw          While opponent
      Plancha                                      giving German 
   Neck Hanging Drop    >>BVA+B     Throw          After Reverse
                                                   Horizontal Chop
   Blasphemy Chop       VBB         Middle
   Choke Sleeper F      BB        Upper
   Scad Kick            VA          Lower
   P Special F          V^A+B       Lock           Close behind the
   Back Fire            B           Upper          Opponent behind 
   Back Blast           A           Lower          Opponent behind
   Omega Tornado        V<^B        Knock          Opponent is in
                                                   Piyori condition
   Buster Sword         >>         Throw    ---   Close to opponent
   Reverse Upper        >B          Middle         You are behind the
   Inashi               BA       Lower
   Dodge & Attack       (DDL)A+B    Bdy/Thrw       Body attack when
                                                   opponent is 
   Inside High Kick     >B          Upper
   Back Fist            >>B         Counter
   Joint R              >>BB        Upper
   Thrust               (DDR)B      Upper
   Eagle Crow           <>B         Upper
   Knee Blaster         >>B         Upper
   Combo Knee Smart     >>BA        Lower
   Combo Knee           >>B<          Move
   Look Back Back       B           Upper          Opponent behind 
      Knuckle                                      you
   Roll Forward         V(DDR)>     Move
   Water Mill           V(DDR)>A    Lower
   Mau-So-Kyaku         V(DDR)>^B   Upper          Float
   Elbow Drop           (DUR)A      Lower
   Chocke Sleeper N     AB         Middle
   Combo K              AB          Upper
   Rainbow Somersault   (DDL)B      Middle
   Sliding              B        Upper
   Combo EK2            A+B        Throw          Close to opponent
   Combo W3             <>>         Throw    ---   Close to opponent
   Reverse Upper        >B          Middle         You are behind the
   Inashi               >B         Counter
   Jolt D&A             >>B(DDR)A+B Bdy/Thrw       Body attack when 
                                                   is opponent
   Upper                BB          Upper
   Upper Riser          BB(DDL)B    Middle
   Jab Upper D&A        BB(DDR)A+B  Bdy/Thrw       Body attack when
                                                   is opponent
   Upper Jab            BB>BB       Upper
   Dragon Riser         (DDL)B     Special        Opponent is in
                                                   Piyori condition
   Spin Kick            <B         Upper          Reel
   Back Knuckle         (DDL)BBBB   Upper
   Double Slider        >>BB        Lower
   Slider Heel          >>A^B       Middle         Reel
   Blood Needle         (DUR)BB     Middle
   Bit Kick             (DDR)A      Lower
   Heel Hook Shot       V^B         Middle
   Fisherman            >A+B        Throw          Close to opponent
   Taunting             HH          Move
   Body Hook            >B          Middle
   Combo Del Sol        >B^B        Middle
   Side Hold Throw      A+B         Throw          Close to opponent

                        CONTACTING THE AUTHOR

   Any type of feedback (other than abusive) is welcomed. Although I
can't promise that I will reply to every email I get I will try to.
Any email that asks for specific help will not be read. All that I
know about the stages in this game I have put here. If you are
writing to me please put in the topic in caps 'FIGHTERS DESTINY
FAQ REPLY:' then what ever topic you want after it. This will help me
moderate what mail is coming in from where. You can contact me at
this address: - [email protected]

   Anyone found abusing me will be automatically put onto a SPAM list
that will be sent for NO profit to many spam outfits across the net.
Yes I hate SPAM, but this is the only way to deal with people who
just email me to abuse me. Thank you for reading this FAQ.

                        CREDITS AND THANKYOUS                        

ARG├ľNAUT (a.k.a Scott A. Moss) for writing this FAQ.

      Made With FAQEdit - Get it at:
                                              COPYRIGHT ARG├ľNAUT 1999

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