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                         Version 1.00 (16-Jul-2015)
                      by Catlord ([email protected])
          Latest movelist available at

   This movelist was made to provide concise moves and a compact printout.

If I messed up, just E-Mail [email protected] with your corrections and 
contributions. You also might be able to catch me at the #tekken IRC 
channel on EFNet.  Thanks!

Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come
      out ugly as hell and not lined up..    1234567890

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  v1.00  Initial Movelist


		     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

                                 |            ___
                                 |     ___   /   \
                                 |    /   \  | 2 |
           1 - Left Punch        |    | 1 |  \___/
           2 - Right Punch       |    \___/
           3 - Left Kick         |            ___ 
           4 - Right Kick        |     ___   /   \ 
                                 |    /   \  | 4 |
 It's very important to become   |    | 3 |  \___/
 familiar with the numeric       |    \___/
 conventions of the buttons.     |

                     *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is centered and not touched)
SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from Down to Forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from Down to Back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from Back to Down to Forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from Forward to Down to Back)

                 *-*-*-LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed
: - Move Following the : has to be precision timed to execute (Just Frame)
# - Hold movement before '#' until the end of string, or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move while in a fully-crouched position
WS - Do move While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
WR - While running (f,f,f or f,F#)
BT - Back is turned towards opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Counterhit (Hitting your opponent in the middle of their move execution)
Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from a very close range)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional move
() - Indicates a stance name (or groups moves together for easier reading)
{} - Indicates the buttons needed to be pressed in order to break a throw
. - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)

                   *-*-*-ATTACK STATUS CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

*Juggles* - Move knocks opponent into the air, allowing for additional hits
*Stuns* - Opponent will be stunned after the move hits
*Parries* - Move will auto-negate an opponent's incoming attack
*Reverses* - Move will catch an opponent's incoming attack and throw them
*Cancels* - Move can be stopped before execution
*Against Wall* - Move must be done with your back against a wall
*Unblockable* - Move cannot be blocked



    If an old character has a new move that they did not have in the
    previous Tekken games, or if the command/properties for that move has
    changed, I've notated that move in CAPITAL LETTERS!

    As quick reference, here is a list of the Rage Arts and
    Power Crushes for the cast of Tekken 7:

Character      Rage         Power
---------      -------      -------
Alisa          b+1+2        b,f+2
Asuka          d/f+1+2      f+1+2
Bryan          d/f+1+2      f,f+2
Claudio        d/f+1+2      b+1+2
Devil Jin      b+1+2        d+1
Dragunov       d+1+2        1+2
Feng           d+1+2        f,f+3+4
Gigas          1+2          d+1+2, d+3+4
Heihachi       d+1+2        d/f+1+2
Hwoarang       LFL d+1+2    RFF 3~4, LFL b+3, RFL b+4
Jack-7         b+1+2        u/b+1+2
Jin            b+1+2        3+4
Josie          d/f+1+2      d/f+3+4
Katarina       3+4          f+3+4
Kazumi         d+1+2        f+2
Kazuya         d/f+1+2      f+2
King           d/f+1+2      f+2+3
Lars           1+2          d/f+1+2
Law            1+2          f,f+3, DSS 1+2, DSS f+3, Trick 1+2, Trick f+3
Leo            d/f+1+2      1+2
Lili           3+4          f,f+2
Lucky Chloe    3+4          b+1+2
Paul           1+2          b+1+2
Shaheen        1+2          f,f+4
Steve          1+2          d/b+1+2
Xiaoyu         b+1+2        d/f+3
Yoshimitsu     b+1+2        f+3+4


General Moves for Everyone
N                       Stand (Neutral Guard)
B                       High/Mid Guard, Walk Backward
D                       Low Guard, Crouch
F                       Walk Forward
f,f                     Dash Forward
b,b                     Dash Backward
(u,N)_(d,N)             Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS)
(u,U#)_(d,D#)           Axis Shifting Sidewalk (SW)
d/f                     Low Parry  *When Attacked by a Low/Special-Mid Hit*
1+2+3+4                 Ki Powerup  *Block Damage & Auto CH on hit*
f+2+4                   Right Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*
f+1+3                   Left Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*

u/f                     Low Forward Jump
  1_2_3_4                 Jumping Strike
(U/B)_(U)_(U/F)         High Jump
  2                       Striking Downward Pounce
  N+3                     Landing Mid Gutkick  *Stuns*
  N,3                     Landing Sweep
(f,f,f)_(f,F#)          Run
  B                       Stop Running
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  3                       Flying Side Kick
  4                       Sliding Leg Sweep
  N                       Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance

Knockdown Recovery Moves (When Lying On Ground FU/FT)
(1_2_3_4)               Tech Roll  *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground*
f                       Roll Forwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
b                       Roll Backwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f+1+2                   Flying Cross Chop
1_(d+1)                 Roll Out_(Roll In)
  N                       Stand Up
  D#                      Stay Lying Down
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f                       Roll Forwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  b                       Roll Backwards
    3                       Rising Low Kickn
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
3                       Rising Low Kick
4                       Rising Mid Kick
d+4                     Ankle Kick
  b                       ROLL BACKWARDS
b+3+4                   Rising Kickup  (*NOTE - See below)
f                       Handspring Kickup  *As soon as you hit the ground*
D/B                     Tumble Knockback Recovery
                         \ *After getting hit by a heavy tumbling attack*

  Recovery moves can be chained together as such:
    1,b,3 - Roll out, roll backwards, rising low kick.

* NOTE: Instead of a Rising Kickup, b+3+4 will cause Kunimitsu, Paul and 
    Steve to perform a Handspring Kickup into a Flying Cross Chop.
    Armor King and King will recover in BT position after a Rising Kickup.

Tackle Offense Moves (When Opponent is Tackled)
1_2                     1st Mounted Punch  *All but Dragunov*
  1_2                     2nd Mounted Punch
    1_2                     3rd Mounted Punch
      1_2                     4th Mounted Punch
      1+2                     Armbar  *King, Paul*
        1+2                     Wristlock  *King*
      3+4                     Knee Cross Lock  *King*
        :1+2                    Ultimate STF  *King*
1+2                     Armbar  *King, Paul*
  1+2                     Wristlock  *King*
3+4                     Knee Cross Lock  *King*
  :1+2                    Ultimate STF  *King*

* NOTE: Dragunov has a unique set of attacks after his Tackle.  Consult
    the Grappling section of his movelist for detailed information.

Tackle Defense Moves (When Tackled)
2                       Tackle Dodge  *During Initial Tackle Impact*
1+2                     Tackle Flip Reversal  *During Tackle Fall*
1                       Right Punch Block  *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
2                       Left Punch Block  *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
1,1,2                   Paul Right Punch Reversal  *During 1st Mounted Punch*
1_2                     Back Tackle Flipoff  *During 1st Backtackled Punch*
1+2,2,2,2,2             Arm Lock Escape
1+2,2,2,2,2,2           Arm Lock Reversal  *Jin, Paul, King*
1+2,1,1,1,1             Leg Lock Escape
1+2,1,1,1,1,1           Leg Lock Reversal  *King*


The Characters


(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Trigger Shuffle {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Backdoor {1_2}
           1+2                (DES)
         u/f+1+2            Spam Bomb {1+2}
         FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2   Double Bull Shooting {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Compression {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Hat Trick {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Random Typing

1,1                         Stop Bit
  1+2                         (DES)
1,2,2                       One-Two Coil Punch
  *Hold 2*                    Knockdown Coil Punch
1,2,4                       ONE-TWO ACCESS KICK  *Screws*
d/f+1,1,2                   Cyclone Mixer, (DES)
d/f+1,4                     Cyclone Cracking
d/b+1                       Backup  *Leaves Alisa Crouching*
  ~1                          RECOVERY HOOK  *Screws*
  ~2                          Diagonal Rocket  *High Unblockable*
  ~3                          Meteor Kick
  ~4                          Uplink Knee  *Juggles*
b+1,1+2                     Find Gadget  *Juggles*
WS+1,2,3                    Spear Fishing  *Juggles*
  1+2                         (DES)
1+2                         Gigantic Hammer  *Juggles*
d+1+2                       Destory Form Stance (DES)
  ~d/b                        (DES) Cancel
f+1+2                       OVERFLOW
  3+4                         BOOT
  f+3+4                       DUAL-BOOT, (DES)
f,f+1+2                     Worm Attack  *Juggles*
  2                           Hacking, (DES)
b+1+2                       BUZZSAW CANNON  *Rage*
d/f+1+2                     TRANSMISSION
WS+1+2                      Twist Slapper
  *Hold 1+2*                  Charged Slapper
FC,d/f+1+2                  Sad Hound
  ~N+1+2                      (DES)
WR+1+2                      Blaster Double Knuckle
FU/(FA_FT) 1+2,3+4          Recovery Jet, Rocket Bomber
2                           Combination Fist
  3,3                         DOWNTIME  *Screws*
  3,4                         Downlink
  4                           ACCESS RATE  *Screws*
f+2                         Session
  1+2                         (DES)
  3,3                         Multi-Session
d+2,4                       Deadlock
  1+2                         (DES)
d/f+2                       Pickup  *Juggles*
d/b+2,2                     Daisy Chain
  1+2                         (DES)
d/b+2>2                     Delayed Daisy Chain
b+2                         Transmitter Fist
  >1                          Trans-Hammer
  >4                          TRANS-ACCELERATE KICK  *Screws*
f,f+2>3                     Jumper Switch
b,f+2                       OVERLOAD KNUCKLE  *Power*
WS+2                        Snapshot  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, (DES)
WR+2                        Overload Knuckle
3,2                         Quick Access, (DES)
f+3,2                       DESTROY ACCESS, (DES)  *Screws*
  1                           Overhead Swipe, (DES)
d/f+3,3                     Double Socket
d+3,3,3                     Triple Low Click
d+3,d/b+1                   QUICK SLIDER
d/b+3                       Deep Link
b+3                         Spinning Top
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Cradle Kick
  2                           Cradle Star   
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, (DES)
f,f+3,4                     Double Cut
  1+2                         (DES)
  4                           CUT OVER  *Screws*
    1+2                         (DES)
WS+3                        Clockwork
  ~B                          Clockwork Cancel
  >3                          Spring Middle
  >d+3                        Spring Low
WR+3,4                      LINEAR DROP KICKS  *Screws*
f+3+4                       Boot
  ~B                          Boot Cancel Backup  *Can Chain d/b+1 Moves*
  1,2,1,3+4                   Boot Rush
    1+2                         (DES)
  2                           Linear Elbow
  3                           Low Eject Slider
  4                           Upstream  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       Harpoon Sweep
  1+2                         (DES)
b+3+4                       Dynamic Range  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Double Ranger
(u/b_BT)+3+4,1+2            Docking Bay  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3+4                 Downstream
BT 3+4,1+2                  Chip Burner  *Juggles*
4                           ACCELERATE KICK  *Screws*
f+4                         Reverse Kick
  1,4                         Logic Bomb
d+4,1+2                     OPTIMIZER  *Screws*
d/b+4                       Deep Wave
b+4,3                       Double Sledding
  1+2                         (DES)
(u_u/f)+4,4                 Inbound Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Sandbox
  :(QCF_QCB)+1                Sandbox Fury  *Only on Forward-Facing Opponent*
SS+4,1+2                    Happy Propeller
BT 4                        Goody Hop
1+2+3                       Lounge Taunt
  ~b_d                        Taunt Cancel
  2#                          Sawblade Taunting
1+2+4                       Hair Brushing Taunt
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Loose Screw Reversal  *Reverses High Attacks*
d/b+1~2                     Diagonal Rocket  *High Unblockable*
b,b+1+4                     DOUBLE ROCKET PUNCH  *High Unblockable*
b+2+3                       Hangup  *Unblockable*
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2         Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*
1+2+3+4, 1+2                Ki Chargeup, (DES)
u/b+4,1,1,2,1,1,3+4,3,2,2   Tenstring 
u~u/b                       Thruster Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Overhead Thruster  *Against Wall*

Destroy Form Stance - (DES) - d+1+2
(u,N)_(d,N)                 DES Sidestep
d/b                         (DES) Cancel
1                           Shred Chipper
f+1                         Hertz Blade
d+1                         Low Hertz Blade Scud
2                           Shred Upper  *Juggles*
f+2                         Hertz Blade Ageis
b+2,1                       Hertz Blade Tomahawk
d+2                         Clock Winder *Hold 2 to Increase Number of Hits*
1+2                         MARIONETTE  *Screws*
f+1+2,1+2                   Hertz Blade Diablo
b+1+2                       BUZZSAW CANNON  *Rage*
(u_u/f)+1+2                 Spindle Slashing
  N+1+2                       (DES) Cancel
3_4                         Idling
(f+3+4)_(f,f)               Dual-Boot
  ~B                          Dual-Boot Cancel
  ~(U_D)                      Evasive Action
    1                           Evasive Slash
  1                           Blaster Left
  2                           Blaster Right
    1                           Blaster Right Burst
  1+2                         Blaster Drill
(b+3+4)_(b,b)_(u/b,b)       Thruster Backflip
(u_d)+3+4                   Evasive Action
  1                           Evasive Slash
BT 1_2                      Hertz Blade Flare
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2         Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Arm Trap {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Serpent Twist {1_2}
         d/f+2+3            Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
         b+1+2              Spinning Arm Whip {1+2}
         d/b+1+2            Snare Grab  *Draws Opponent Closer*
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2   Dirt Eater {1+2}  *Juggles*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Cloud Taste {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Wind Wheel {2}
(Back    (1+3)_(2+4)        Angler Drop

1                           Highpunch
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    >d+4                        Power Sweep
      ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
  2                           1-2 Punches
    3# [B to cancel]            Spinner  *Screws - Unblockable after 3x Spin*
    4                           Snapkick
  3                           Shin Lowkick
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
b+1                         Sparrow Trap  *Throws on CH*
d/b+1                       Tsubame Return
  2                           Toe Punch
WS+1                        Sparrow Gut Punch
  4                           Extension Kick
f+1                         Screw Punch
  >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
  >d+4                        Power Sweep
    ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
f,f+1                       HOOZUKI  *Juggles on CH*
d/f+1                       Uppercut  
  2                           Hunter's Trap  *Throws on Hit*
  4                           Falling Tree  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+1+2                     HERON WINDUP  *Rage*
1+2                         Double Palm  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       BLADE ELBOW  *Power*
d+1+2                       Toe Punch
WS+1+2                      Spinning Mid Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  ~d                          Mid Punch Cancel
b+1+4                       Black Heron
  3                           Mule Sweep
  4                           MISTHOUND  *Screws - Turns Opponent BT on Hit*
2                           High Punch
  1,1+2                       BASHO EMBU  *Screws*
    ~B                          Robin Cancel
    ~d                          Full Crouch
  3                           Swing Kick
f+2                         Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
  (d/b)_(d)_(d/f)             Uppercut Cancel, Full Crouch
f,f+2                       Jingu
  >1                          Kunikakasu
  1+2                         Hinokuma
b+2                         Driving Arrow
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
      ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel	
  >1+2                        Spinning Nest
    4                           LOTUS BLOOM  *Screws*
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
d+2                         Heaven's Hammer  *Juggles on CH*
d/f+2                       Sparrow Uppercut  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+2                    Sweeping Sparrow  *Stun Sweep on CH*
d/b+2                       Rock Shooter
u/f+2                       Hunter's Trap  *Throws on Hit*
WS+2                        Rising Elbow
SS+2                        Mist Palm
2+3                         Sparrow Piroette  *Parries High Punches*
3,1                         Midkick, Tsubame Return
b+3                         Backflip
  2                           Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
    (d/b)_(d)_(d/f)             Uppercut Cancel, Full Crouch
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
3~4                         Power Tailsweep
  ~d/b                        Tailsweep Cancel, Full Crouch
f,f+3                       Dashing Spin Mid Kick
WS+3                        Cartwheel Kickup  *Juggles*
d/f+3                       Long Thrustkick
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Leaping Jumpkick
d/b+3                       Backspinning Sweep
WR+3                        Running Jumpkick
3+4                         Cartwheel Kick
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
(FC_WS)+3+4,3               Cartwheel Helicopter
f+4                         HARD ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
f,f+4                       LEAPING ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
b+4                         Knee Rush  *Stuns on CH*
  >2,3                        TSUYAHAFUKI
d/f+4                       Mid Frontkick
SS+4                        Reverse Boomerang
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Right Hopkick  *Juggles*
u~u/b                       Backflip
  3                           Leaping Jumpkick
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Downwards Punch  *Against Wall*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               High/Mid Attack Reversal
  Hold (1+3)_(2+4)            Extended Reversal
(F+3)# [B to cancel]        Spinner  *Screws - Unblockable after 3x Spin*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Tame Charge
  ~D/F+3+4,3+4,1+2            Ultimate Tackle

f+1,3                       Front Kick String
  1                           High Punch
    1                           Screw Punch
      3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
      >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
      >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
        ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
    2                           Uppercut
      3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3x Spin*
      4                           Snapkick
    3                           Shin Lowkick
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*

1+4                         White Heron
  2                           Gale
    1                           Punch
      1                           Screw Punch
        3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
        >4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
        >d+4                        Power Tailsweep
          ~d/b                        Sweep Cancel
      2                           Punch
        3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel  *Unblockable after 3x*
        4                           Snapkick
      3                           Shin Lowkick
      4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*
    4                           Back Thrustkick
    d+4                         Sweep Kick
  3# [B to cancel]            Spinner  *Screws - Unblockable after 3x Spin*

d/b+4                       Leg Cutter String
  ~d                          Full Crouch
  [4],[4]                     [Double/Triple Leg Cutters]
    ~d                          Full Crouch
    3                           Heron Cannon  *Juggles*
    1+4                         White Heron  *White Heron strings*

(WS)+     Tenstring
(WS)+   Tenstring
(WS)+                      Fourstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Dropping Throat Breaker {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Falling Brain Blaster {1_2}
         f,f+1+2            Snake Mixer {1+2}
         FC,d/f,d/f+1+2     Chains of Misery {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Free Fall {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Knee Blast {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hummer Throw

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  1                           Mid Blow  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Kick
  4                           HIGH ARC KICK  *Screws*
b+1                         Downwards Smash  *Juggles on CH*
b+1~2>1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,4     Momentum Death
D/F#+1                      Piston Punch
  2                           Rib Shaker
  >1                          2nd Piston
    2                           Rib Shaker
    >1                          3rd Piston
      2                           Rib Shaker
      >1                          4th Piston
        2                           Rib Shaker
(QCF_WS)+1                  Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
1,4,3,3                     Southern Cross
1,4>2                       Atomic Combo
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Backfist
  >1                          Backfist  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK  *Screws*
  4                           Jumping Midkick
SS+1                        HELLRAISER  *Screws*
SS+1~2                      Phantom's Claw  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         Snake Pit  *Opponent BT on Hit*
  2                           Pit Viper
(FC_d)+1+2                  Leaning Slug
  ~f                          Crouchdash Cancel
  ~b                          Backdash Cancel
  ~2                          Side Hummer  *Juggles*
  3                           Lowkick
f+1+2                       Spinning Elbow
d/f+1+2                     ???  *Rage*
d/b+1+2                     Cobra Fang
WS+1+2                      Small Uppercut
QCF+1+2                     Requiem
2,3                         Punch Kick Combo
b+2                         Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Elbow  *Stuns*
  >1                          Backhand  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK  *Screws*
  >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK  *Screws*
d/f+2                       Mid Elbow
  1                           Blackout
  3                           Blackout Trap
d+2                         Downwards Bomb
  >3                          Python Knee
f,b+2                       Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Stomach Hook
QCF+2,1                     CROSS BAZOOKA
QCB+2,4                     BACKDASH SMACK, ARC KICK  *Screws*
WS+2                        Gutpunch
  (b_f)+2                     Slam Throw  *If Gutpunch Hits - Juggles*
SS+2                        Side Hummer
  3                           Low Sweep  *Juggles*
f+2,1,4                     Stomach Combo
f,f+2                       MACH PUNCH  *Power*
3,2,1                       Gatling Combo
  2                           Mid Hook
  4                           Low Kick
3,3                         Midkick, Highkick
  2                           Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Facekick
d+3,2                       Crouch Ankle Kick, Right Hook
b+3                         Stopping Kick
  ~f                          Crouchdash  *Can Link QCF Moves*
  1+2                         Overhead Bomb
  4                           Knee
  2,1                         2 Punches
    2                           Mid Hook
    4                           Low Kick
f+3                         Lifting Left Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                       Slash Kick
f,f+3 *Hold Down 3*         Delayed Power Slash Kick
(QCF_WS)+3                  Rising Knee  *Stuns On CH*
  4                           Crushing Knee
QCB+3                       Swayback Lowkick
d/f+3                       Snake Edge  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3                   Rolling Driver
d/b+3                       Sweeper Kick
WR+3                        Jumping Slashkick
d+3+4                       Side Low Kick
  2                           Sideswipe Mid
3+4                         Kidney Kick  *Stuns on CH*
(QCF_WS)+3+4                Quick Spinkick
4,3                         Running Blind
  4                           Blind Boot
  4#                          Power Blind Boot
  f+4                         Highkick
b+4                         Lifting Right Knee
b,b+4                       Flipping Ankle Drop, (FU/FT)
b,d/f+4                     Wedge Drive
  ~B                          Cancel
d+4                         Knee Rock
d/f+4                       Spinkick
(u_u/f)+4                   Overhead Boot  *Juggles*
u/f~N+4                     Hopkick  *Juggles*
f+4,1                       Boa Crusher
f,f+4                       DOWNWARD ARC KICK  *Screws*
QCF+4                       Spinning Kick
  1                           Snake Spin
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Cancel
    2                           Doom Knuckle
    4                           Jumping Midkick
QCB+4                       Swayking Kickoff  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick *Against Wall*

1+3+4                       Knee Taunt
  f,f+2                       Omen Mach Breaker
  f+2,1,4,2,1,4,2             Fury Combo

b+1+2~2                     High/Mid Punch Parry, Retaliation Punch

b+1+4                       Super Backfist  *Unblockable*
f+1+4                       Fast Super Backfist  *Unblockable*

b+34..        Tenstring
b+34..          Ninestring
b+34..            Eightstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Punishment {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Roche Limit {1_2}
         f,f+3+4            Grad {1}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Avalanche Slow {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Void Play {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Sudden Shade

1,2                         Ash Wipe
d+1,2                       Gran Sanctions
b+1                         Storm Vanish  *Screws - Juggles on CH*
d/f+1,2                     Sky Arc  *Juggles*
WS+1,1                      Dignity Shock
1+2                         Crimson Delta
  d+1+2                       Edge Throw  *If Crimson Delta Hits*
    f+2                         ??? Throw  *Starburst on Hit*
f+1+2                       Cross String
b+1+2                       Judgement Claw  *Power*
d+1+2                       Superubia
d/f+1+2                     Spectral Arrow  *Rage*
2,1,2                       Judgement Screw  *Screws - Starburst on Hit*
f+2,1,1+2                   Trinity Pane
f+2,2                       Shin Crisis  *Screws - Starburst on Hit*
(f,f)_(FC,d/f)+2,2          Dual Gun
(f,f)_(FC,d/f)+2,1+2        Final Judge  *Starburst on Hit*
b+2                         Sky Rivuoru Breakfast  *Starburst on Hit*
d+2                         Gravity Point
d/f+2                       Disturb Fist  *Juggles on CH*
(d/b)_FC+2,1                Twin Claw
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Meteor Slash
WS+2                        Sylvia  *Juggles - Starburst on Hit*
WR+2                        Ira  *Starburst on Hit*
f+3                         Holy Edge  *Screws*
b+3                         Intense Core
d/f+3,1                     Dispell Magic
d/f+3,2                     Dispell Shot
d/b+3                       Akedia  *Juggles on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Grand End Nova
WS+3                        Wind Lance
3+4                         Rolling Sphere
f+3+4                       Over Squall
b+3+4                       Eternal Moon
4,3                         Ska Rain  *Screws*
f+4                         Abyss Break
f,f+4                       Invie Deer
b+4,2                       Shining Ray  *Starburst on Hit*
b+4,3                       Shaft Ray
d/b+4,3                     LaGrange Needle
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Sky End Nova  *Juggles*
SS+4                        Rukusuria
d/b+1+2                     Galaxy Impact  *Unblockable*
2,1,3,1,4,3,2,4,3,2         Tenstring

Starburst Charge - (Glowing Fists)
f+1+2,1+2                   Cross Grave  *Juggles*
d+2,2                       Gravity Zone  *Juggles*
b+4,3,2                     Awaritia

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      JUDGEMENT {1_2}
         f,f+1+2            Stonehead {1+2}
         f,HCF+1+2          End of Dreams {1+2}
         QCB+1+3            Wrist Takedown {1}
         d/f+2+3            Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Back Toss

1,1>2                       Shining Fists
1>2                         1-2 Jab
  2                           Backfist
  3                           Axe Kick  *Juggles*
    4                           Axe Kick
  4                           Knee
    3                           Knee Cancel, Demon Gate Kick
  4~1+4,2,4_(d+4)             White Heron  *1+4 cancels the 4*
b+1                         Parting Wave
  >D/F                        Crouchdash  *Chains into CD Moves*
  2                           Brimstone Strike
    ~B                          Cancel
d+1                         CORPSE THRUST  *Power*
d/f+1>2                     Stomach Shot, Overhead Smash
  f,f                         DASH CANCEL
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  U/F                         Heaven Denied  *TGF must Hit Standing Opponent*
  3                           Sidekick
  4                           Hellsweep
WS+1,2                      Twin Pistons
FC+1+2                      ULTIMATE TACKLE
b+1+2                       LASER GROUND RUNNER  *Rage*
f+1+2                       Tsuji Wind
d+1+2                       Hellfire Blast  *Opponent on Ground*
d/f+1+2                     Aratama Strike
(u/b_u_u/f)+1+2             Diagonal Air Laser
d/b+1+2                     LEANBACK FIST
  *Hold D/B+1+2*              DAEMON CHARGE FIST
1+4,2,4_(d+4)               White Heron Combo
2,2                         Jab, Backfist
b+2,3                       TWISTING SPINNER  *Screws*
f+2>4                       Overhead Smash, Knee  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2                       Uppercut *Juggles on CH*
d/b+2                       Ankle Ripper
u/b+2                       Face Slasher
f,f+2                       Demon Paw
SS+2                        Demon Twister  *Juggles*
  ~U                          Hell's Gate
b,f+2                       Stun Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  >1>2                        Laser Rush
  >1>d+2                      Laser Scraper  *Juggles*
  >1>4                        Laser Gate
u/f+2                       ???  *Screws*
WS+2                        Crunch Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2+4             Corpse Splitter  *On Fallen Opponents*
f+3                         SCREW KICK  *Screws*
f,f+3,1                     Twisted Darkness
  f,f                         Cyclone Rewind
  b+1+2                       Leanback Fist Feint
  B+1+2                       Leanback Fist
    *Hold B+1+2*                Daemon Charge Fist
  2                           TENNO SAMSARA  *Screws*
  3                           Spinning Sweep  *Juggles*
  4                           Backwards Thrust Kick
b+3                         Jambu Spear
d+3                         Ankle Kick
d/f+3,2,4                   Rengoku
  ~U                          Daemon's Flight
u/f+3                       Reaper's Scythe  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Leaping Thrustkick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,D/F+3                 Leaping Low Thrustkick
WR+3                        Running Lungekick
3+4                         Daemon's Flight
  B                           Air Block
  1                           NEAR DEATH  *Screws*
  1+2                         Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  f+1+2                       Fly Around, Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  2                           Infernal Annihilation Throw
  3                           Amara
f+3+4                       Soaring Kick
f,f+3+4                     PHANTOM SPEAR
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
f+4,3                       Twisted Samsara
  ~U                          Daemon's Flight
f,f+4                       LAST RITES  *Screws*
b+4                         Demon Steel Pedal  *Stuns on CH*
u+4                         SAMSARA  *Critical - Juggles*
  ~U                          Daemon'S Flight
4~3                         Demon Gate Kick
u/f+4                       Flying Soul
d/f+4>4                     Delayable Axe Kicks
f,N,d,D/F+4,4               Hell Sweep, Roundhouse Hook
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4          Axe Kicks
(FU/FT) 3+4                 Daemon's Flight Recovery
b,b~u/b                     Wall Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Attack Reversal

1+2                         Sweeping High Laser  *Unblockable*
  D_U                         Laser Axis Sweep  *Unblockable*
b+1+4                       Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                       Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*

f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1        Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1        Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1           Ninestring
324.3.(1+4).2..2.1.2            Tenstring
324.3.(1+4).2.1..3_4            Ninestring

Sample Combos


| DRAGUNOV (Sergei) |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Rolling Armbar {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Flipped Backboot {1_2}
         f,f+1+2            Mad Wind {1+2}
         f+1+4              Rolling Hyperextension {1}
         f+2+3              Rolling Kneebar {2}
         u/f+3+4            Scissor Takedown  *FU/FT on Miss*
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)      Facial Knee {1_2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Tarantula Twist {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Reverse Arm Bar{2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Absolute Silence
(Tackle) 1                  Blizzard Sleeper {1}
         2                  Ankle Lock {2}
         1+2                Mounted Beatdown {1+2}

1,1>3                       Double Lefts, Thrustkick
1,2,1                       Advancing Punches
1,3,2                       Dual Highs, Bomb Fist
  1+2                         Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~b                          Throw Cancel
d/f+1                       Gut Short
  >4                          Spinning Cutter
d+1                         Skinner Elbow
b+1                         Straight Facepiff
  2                           SPINNING SHOT  *Screws*
u/f+1                       Eye Gouger  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                       Cock Hammer  *Stuns*
WS+1                        Hilt Strike
  2                           Quillion
  3                           Steel Hilt
1+2                         HOUND SHOT  *Power*
  1+2                         Shoot Takedown
  4                           Hound Bark
f+1+2                       SPINNING DECAPITATOR  *Screws*
b+1+2                       Blizzard Axe Handle
(FC_d/b)+1+2                Shoot Takedown
  1_2                         Roll-In Cancel
  3_4                         Roll-Out Cancel
d+1+2                       BOUNDING MOMENTUM LEG  *Rage*
(QCF_WS)+1+2                Cold Shoulder
2,1                         1-2 Punches
  3                           Thrustkick
  4                           Anklekick
d+2                         Sharpener
f+2                         Elbow Check 
  >4                          Close Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+2                       Bomb Fist
  1+2                         Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~b                          Throw Cancel
d/f+2                       Deep Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2>1                     Ripper Combo
  >2                          Ripper *Juggles*
b+2,1,3                     Frost Fists, Reverse Sweep
  1+2                         Sweep Cancel, Knee Throw {1+2} *Opponent Duck*
(u_u/f)+2                   FALCON DIVE  *Juggles*
u/b+2                       Stepping Knuckle Duster  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+2                       Booster Elbow  *Juggles*
QCB+2                       Flexible Elbow  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Spinning Slaphand
  3                           Highkick  *Axe Snare Throw on CH*
  1+2                         Reverse Windmill
    1+2                         Shoot Takedown
      1_2                         Roll-In Cancel
      3_4                         Roll-Out Cancel
    4                           Snap Powerboot
WS+2                        Proton Uppercut  *Juggles*
WR+2                        Coffin Nail  *Juggles on CH*
3,1,2                       Disconnector
f+3                         Skipping Front Boot
  ~d/f                        Crouchdash  *Links QCF Moves*
  2                           Salute Blow
  3                           Axe Snare  *Throws on Clean Hit*
f,f+3                       Slash Kick
b+3                         Serrated Edge
d/f+3                       Axe Snare  *Throws on Clean Hit*
d+3                         Kneekick
  4                           Chest Skinner
d/b+3                       Clipper  *Juggles on Clean Hit - Throw on CH*
  1+2                         Facial Knee Throw  *Opponent Must Duck*
CH d/b+3                    Clipper Throw
WS+3                        Sub Hilt
QCF+3                       Slay Ride  *Throws on CH*
BT d+3                      Blind Legkick
WR+3                        Running Side  *Throws on Hit*
3+4                         Back Brainkick, FU/FT
b+3+4                       Cold Crescent  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       Morgue Blast  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
4                           Propeller Kick
  1                           Jabber
  3                           Overhead Axekick
  4                           FORWARD JUMPKICK  *Screws*
f+4                         High Knee
  4                           Snap Extension  *Juggles on CH*
    3                           Neo Cougar
  d+4                         Low Fakeout
f,f+4                       Caterpillar Heel  *Juggles on CH*
WR+4                        Leaping Knee Trap  *Throws on Hit*
d/f+4                       Sidekick
d+4                         Shin Cutter
  1,3                         Ice Spin
  4                           Stiletto
b+4                         Gut Punt
  2                           Elbow Hammer
    ~D                          Full Crouch
    1                           Hookshot
    1+2                         Shoot Takedown
      1_2                         Roll-In Cancel
      3_4                         Roll-Out Cancel
  3                           SHOULDER BOLTER  *Screws*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Cold Layout
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
QCF+4                       Guillotine Knee Trap
  1,3,4,2                     Rolling Armbar {1}  *If Knee Hits*
  2,4,3,1                     Rolling Armbar {2}  *If Knee Hits*
BT u/f+4                    Turning Hopkick  *Juggles*
(FD/FT)_(FD/FA) 1+2         Living Dead Slide
  1+2                         Death Takedown
(FD/FT) D+3                 Clipper Catch  *Throws on Clean Hit*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+2+3                       Sub-Zero  *Unblockable*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Reversal
[FC,]d/f+1+2                Pitfall  *Reverses Low Attacks*

131..2.4.1+2                Sixstring
131..           Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Embracing Toss {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Arm Trap Snap {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Avalanche {1+2}
         BT (1+4)_(2+3)     Pau Lau Impaler {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Forced Bend Fist {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Wrist Twister {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Blindside Toss

1                           Jab
  >1                          Stomach Slug  *Stuns on CH*
1,2,2                       Advancing Fists
  ~B                          (BT)
1,3                         Jab/Kick Combo
b+1                         Palm Thrust
d/f+1                       Server Fist
FC,d/f+1                    Silent Arrow
d/b+1                       Swaying Fist
  ~f                          Forward Kenpo Step
  ~b                          Backwards Kenpo Step
  >2                          Blue Egg Palm
  4                           ROTATE HEAD KICK  *Screws*
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               Hopping Downpalm
b,f+1                       Falcon Beak  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                       Sliding Low Shoulder  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1,2>1                    Torso Hammers
BT 1                        Backfist
1+2                         Elbow Arrow
b+1+2                       Power Iron Shoulder
d+1+2                       SHAOLIN MURDER  *Rage*
d+1+2,1,2                   Torrential Pain
d/b+1+2                     Mid Knuckles
  >2                          Low Pound
f+1+2                       TIGER ROAR CLAWS  *Screws*
f,f+1+2                     Talon Claws
  *Hold 1+2*                  Talon Ripper
WS+1+2                      Tiger Palms  *Parries Mid/High Punches*
SS+1+2                      Steel Flower
QCF+1+2                     Yan Wang's Wrath
BT 1+2                      Elbow Thruster, (BT)
1+4                         Rotating Stones
2~1                         Flurry
  >1                          Hellwind Uppercut
2,4>1                       Crashing Glory
  ~B                          Glory Cancel, (BT)
f+2                         Body Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  >1                          Punch
    >2                          Flyback Fist
f,f+2                       Advancing Palm
b+2>3,4,2                   Iron Series
d+2                         Snake Squasher
SS+2                        High Punch, (BT)
d/f+2                       Mid Palm
  2                           Advancing Palm
d/b+2,2                     Windmill Lowfists  *Juggles*
  ~b                          Lowfist Cancel
  2                           Mid Overhead
u+2                         Hammer Leap
u/f+2                       Evading Palm Strike
u/b+2                       Throat Gouge
WS+2                        Combat Uppercut  *Juggles*
BT 2                        Iron Check, (BT)
  2                           Circling Tiger  *Juggles on CH*
QCF+2                       Songshan Cannon  *Juggles*
3,3>4                       Peacock Sweep, (BT)
  ~B                          Sweep Cancel, (BT)
3~4,3                       Spinning Aerial, Backsweep
d+3                         Crouching Ankle Stompout
d/b+3                       Slippery Sweep
d/f+3                       Hop Snapkick  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Leaping Side Roundhouse
f+3,4                       Climbing Dragon  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Overhead Axe Stomp
b+3>3                       Face Slapper
b+3~4                       (BT)
SS+3,2                      Tiger Tail, (BT)
(WS_QCF)+3                  Chang Sliding Kickup  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Severing Sword Kick
BT 3                        Overhead Axe Stomp
BT d+3                      Spinsweep  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       Kenpo Step  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~b                          Shifting Clouds Step
  1                           Bao Strike
  1+2,1,2                     Clouds Fury
  2                           Poison Chalice  *Juggles*
  3                           Scorpion Sting
  4                           Dragon Stomp
f,f+3+4                     ???  *Power*
b+3+4                       Shifting Clouds  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~f                          Kenpo Step
    ~b                          Shifting Clouds Step
  1                           Fractured Diamond
  2                           Fei Zhang Strike
  3                           Rising Swallow  *Juggles*
  4                           Leaping Lion
d+3+4                       Fallen Tremor Stomp *Grounded Opponent*
d/f+3+4                     Ruinous Halberd
u/f+3+4                     Assassin Bow  *Juggles*
  3                           Assassin Spear
4~3                         Handspring
f+4                         Facial Roundhouse  *Stuns*
  ~b                          (BT)
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Power Low Sweep
f,f+4                       Diagonal Kick  *Juggles*
  >3                          Leaping Foot  *Juggles*
b+4                         Waist Sidekick
d+4,1+2                     Dragon Breath
d/f+4                       Front Kick
d/b+4                       Power Low Sweep  *Juggles*
u/f+4                       Jumping Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Rising Facekick
SS+4                        Spinsweep  *Juggles on Clean Hit*
FU/(FA_FT) 3+4              Spring Up
b,b~u/b                     Wall Leaping Fist  *Against Wall*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Charge
  *Hold 1+2+3+4*              Omen Charge
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Kenpo Reversal  *Reverses High/Mid Punches*
1+3+4                       Focus Stomp Taunt                       

u/b+1+2                     Omen Palm  *Unblockable*

f+       Tenstring
f+   Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)              Critical Moment {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)              Scrap Throw {1_2}
         HCB,f+1+2                  Overkill {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)                Outrage {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)                Amazing Impact {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)                Crumble Head
(Air)    (1+3)_(2+4)_(HCB,f+1+2)    Downforce

1,2                         Iron Break
b+1                         Fracture Upper  *Juggles*
d/f+1                       Hazard Hook
u/f+1                       Jump-In Elbow
WS+1                        Knocking Shoulder
1+2                         Leaping Pummeling  *Rage*
f+1+2                       Kirudoza  *Throws on CH*
f,f+1+2,1+2                 Weiss Grip Hammer
b+1+2                       Criminal Tucker
d+1+2                       Ripper Guts
d/f+1+2,1+2                 Great Walls
d/b+1+2                     Upsetter
u/f+1+2                     Giant Press
(FD/FA)_(FD/FT)+1+2         Ground Chipper
2,1                         Double Gimlet
f+2                         Monster Hook
  1,1                         Mad Disaster
  f+1                         Double Monster Hooks  *Screws*
  d+1                         Monster Shovel
f,f+2                       Unchain Upper
b+2                         Crazy Knuckle
  *Hold 2*                    Delayed Knuckle
  ~F                          Goliath
d+2                         Grand Hammer  *Juggles*
d/f+2,1                     Double Hook Reactor  *Screws*
d/b+2                       End Mill
WS+2                        Brute Force
  3                           Knee Push
  4                           Brute Reamer
    *Hold 4*                    Delayed Reamer
    ~F                          Goliath                      
FC,d/f+2                    Low Brush Cutters  *Juggles*
WR+2                        Early Tackle
(FD/FA)_(FD/FT)+2           Ground Remover
3_(WS)+3                    Wrench Kick Left
f+3,2                       Crazy Knuckle
  *Hold 2*                    Delayed Knuckle
  ~F                          Goliath
f,f+3                       Dash Knee Pile
b+3                         Deadly Canyon
d+3,2                       Ignition Coil
d/f+3,1+2,1+2               Vice Grip Hammer Rush
d/b+3                       Shin Breaker
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Stepper Uni  *Juggles on CH*
f+3+4                       Goliath
  1                           Metal Crusher
  2                           Hell Crusher  *High Unblockable*
d+3+4                       Angry Howling  *Power*
d/b+3+4                     Setup Golem
  1                           Killer Impact
  2                           Blasting Charge
u/f+3+4                     Quake Stomp
4                           Wrench Kick Right
f+4                         Burning Reamer
  *Hold 4*                    Delayed Reamer
  ~F                          Goliath
b+4                         Heavy Stomper
d/f+4,1+2                   Cancer Tucker
d/b+4                       Scan Wedge Kick
WS+4                        Spike Knee

d/f+1,4,1,2,2,2,1+2,1+2,1+2     Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Neck Breaker {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Powerbomb {1_2}
         QCF+1+3            Broken Toy {1}
         f,f+1+2            Stonehead {1+2}
         f,f+1+4            Headbutt *Works on Male Characters* {1+2}
         d/f+2+3            Fire Starter {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        One Hand Slam {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Tile Splitter Guillotine {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Atomic Drop

1,1>2                       Shining Fists
1>2                         2 Punches
  2                           Backfist
  (1+2)_(2~1)                 Chi Palm
    ~(u_d)                      Fakeout
      (1+2)_(2~1)                 Delayed Chi Palm
  4                           Midkick
1>b+2                       Punch, Gutpunch
  1                           Thunder Godfist
  4                           Slice Kick
b+1                         Stun Splitter
  2                           DECAPITATOR  *Screws*
  2~1+2                       Funkei Shout
    ~(u_d)                      Funkei Feint
d+1                         Tile Splitter
d/f+1,2                     Hammer Destiny
d/f+1,1                     Palm Strikes
WS+1                        Quick Iron Fist
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
(1+2)_(2~1)                 Chi Palm  *Stuns*
f+1+2                       Hibachi Head
b+1+2                       Double Tiger Fists
  1+2                         Shattering Palms
b,b+1+2                     Deity Slayer
d+1+2                       DEMON PALMS  *Rage*
d/f+1+2                     DEMON WINGS  *Power*
d/b+1+2                     Dark Smash
2,2                         Punch, Backfist
  ~1+2                        Backfist Cancel, Chi Palm
    ~(u_d)                      Chi Palm Cancel, Sidestep
      ~1+2                        Chi Palm
f+2                         Backfist
  ~1+2                        Backfist Cancel, Chi Palm
    ~(u_d)                      Chi Palm Cancel, Sidestep
      ~1+2                        Chi Palm
  3                           TENKURURU BREAK
f,f+2                       Demon Godfist  *Juggles*
b+2                         Rashomon  *Stuns on CH*
b,f+2,1                     Celestial Annihilation
b,f+2>2                     Celestial Surrender
d/b+2                       Eisho Mon
QCF+2                       Deathpalm
WS+2                        Dark Thrust  *Juggles on CH*
SS+2                        Kidney Smasher
  1                           Kidney Crush
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
d+2+3                       KILLER CURSE  *Juggles Grounded Opoonents*
3,4                         Monzenbarai
f+3                         Lightning Crush  *Stuns on CH*
d+3                         Jichinsai Kick
f,N,d,d/f,N+3               Slice Kick
f,N,d,D/F#+3                Low Slice Kick
f,f+3                       Left Axe Kick
b+3,3                       Crescent Hook Stomp
u/f+3,4                     Screw Blade Hunting Hawk
RN 3                        Leaping Jumpkick
f+3+4                       Raijin Charge
  f_b                         Cancel
  1                           Pulverizer
  2,1                         Raijin's Wrath
  1+2                         Lightning Bolt  *Unblockable - Stuns*
    ~b                          Bolt Cancel
b,b+3+4                     Shadow Foot Sidestep
4                           Standing Heihachi Boot  *Stuns on CH*
f+4                         Right Axe Kick
b+4                         Moon Slicer
u/f+4                       WIND SLICER  *Screws*
WS_(f,N,d,d/f,N)+4>4        Axe Kicks
[u/f+]4~3                   Flipstomp, (FU/FT)
d+4                         Demon Stomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
FC,d/f+4                    Dragon Sweep
f,N,d,D/F#+4,[4],[4]        Hell Sweep[s] *Juggles on CH*
  N+1                         Thunder Godfist
  N+4,4                       Axe Kicks
b+(1+4)_(2+3)               Wrath Reversal  *Reverses High/Mid Attacks*

d+1+4                       Demon Tile Splitter  *Unblockable*

2+3+4                       Lighting Taunt

d/f+3:22..4.4..1..2..1..2..1       Tenstring
d/f+3:22..4.4..1..4..1..2..(1_4)   Tenstring
f,F.....2122.3.4.4..1..2.1         Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front) (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Windmill Neck Kick {1_2}
        (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Falcon Dive Kick {1_2}
        RFF (1+3)_(2+4)     Rainbow Kick, (RFF) {1+2}
        2+4~B               Rolldown Jawbreaker {2}
        f+2+3               Cannonball {1+2}
        QCB+3               Trapped Heel Explosion {1}
        d/b+1+3             Hip Toss {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         5-Kick Massacre {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Holding Neck Snap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Jumping Leg Press
(Air)   d/f+3+4             Soccer Snapkick

Both Right Foot Forward - (RFF) and Left Foot Forward - (LFF)
1+2                         Switch BT / Face Forward
3+4                         Switch (RFF) / (LFF)
d/f+1+2                     Body Blow
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       Leaping Headshot
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
d+3                         Knee Buster
  4                           Dodge Lift, (RFL)
    4                           Outrage, (RFF)
u+3                         Flamingo Kick  *Stuns*, (LFL)
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Mid Leapkick, (LFL)
WR+3                        Nerichagi
WS+3                        Windmill Kick
SS+3                        Back Thrust Kick  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           2nd Thrust Kick, (LFL)
d+3+4                       Cheap Shot Snap Kick
u+3+4                       Guillotine  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     Leaping Midkicks
  4                           Third Kick
f,N,d,d/f+3+4               Mid Cutter, (BT)
  3                           Axe Heel
u/b+3+4                     Leaping Roundhouse Spin
  3                           Back Thrust
  4                           Talon Snaps
    3                           Talon Thrust
    4                           Triple Spin Kick
b+4                         ???  *Power*
u/b+4                       Chicken Kick
u+4                         Flamingo Kick, (RFL)
u/f+4                       Jumping Highkick, (RFF)
  F                           (RFL)
  4                           Midkick, (RFF)
    F                           (RFL)
    4                           Lowkick, (RFF)
      F                           (RFL)
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Sky Rocket  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+4                 Just Frame Sky Rocket  *Juggles*
WS+4,[~4]                   Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)]
SS+4                        Spin Sweep  *Juggles on CH*, (RFF)
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumping Roundhouse  *Against Wall*

Left Foot Forward - (LFF) Only
1,1,3>3                     Twin Jabs, Lowkick, Highkick
1,2,f+(3_4)                 Jab, Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
2,f+(3_4)                   Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
[1,]2,3                     High Punch[es], (LFL)
[1,]2,4                     High Punch[es], (RFL)
f+1+2                       Short Axe Handle  *Stuns on CH*
f+2                         Backfist, (RFF)
b+2                         Bolt Cutter
3,3,[d+3]                   High, Mid, [Low] Kicks
  ~F                          (LFL)
  4                           Highkick, (RFL)
    4                           Midkick, (RFF)
  f+4                         Backlash
3,3,3                       Maching Gun Kicks
3~4                         Flying Eagle
f+3                         (LFL)
f+3~3                       Thrust Sidekick
d/f+3                       CLAYMORE  *Stuns on CH*
  ~f_d                        CLAYMORE CANCEL, (FLA)
  4                           DOUBLE CLAYMORE
d/b+3                       Back Lowkick
b+3                         Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Spiral Kick, (RFF)
d/f+3+4                     Soccer Snapkick  *Throws Airborne Opponent*
4,3                         Left Axe Murderer
  ~F                          Axe Cancel, (LFL)
4,4                         HOT FEET, (RFF)
  3                           Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  4                           Toe Jam, (RFL)
    3                           MID BLIZZARD KICK
    4                           HIGH HOT FOOT, (RFF)
  f+4                         Da Bomb, (RFF)
f+4                         Face Kick, (RFL)
  >4                          Sidekick, (RFF)
f,N+4                       Right Flamingo Feint, (RFL)
f,f+4                       PEACEKEEPER, (RFF)
b+4                         FACE BLEEDER
d/f+4                       NOSE BLEEDER  *Screws - Juggles on CH*
d+4,4                       Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Ankle Biter
  ~F                          (RFL)
  4                           High Crescent Kick
BT 4                        Lifting Leg Kick, (RFF)  *Juggles*
WR+4                        RUNNING SIDEKICK  *Turns Opponent BK When Hit*

Right Foot Forward - (RFF) Only
F_B_(u/b,N)                 (LFF)
f_b_(f,f)_(b,b)             (RFF)
1,1                         Face Punches
2,1,1                       Triple Punches
2,3                         Punch-Kick Combo
2,4                         Jab, Chainsaw, (RFF)
  f                           (RFL)
  >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  >4                          High Hook
2,b+4                       SNAP SPIN KICK COMBO  *Screws*
b+2                         Clubfist, (RFF)
3                           Upper Punt
  4                           Twisting Roundhouse, (RFL)
3~4                         POWER ROUNDHOUSE  *Power - Screws - Juggles*
  b                           (RFL)
f+3                         Hook Kick, (LFL)
  B                           BT Position
  4                           Teaser Trip
f,f+3                       Leaping Left Roundhouse
d/f+3                       SCREW KICK  *Screws*
d/b+3,3                     Teaser Kicks
b+3                         Nose Bleeder
BT 3                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
BT d+3                      Falcon Low
4                           Chainsaw Kick, (RFF)
  ~f                          (RFL)
  >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
  >4                          High Hook
f+4                         (RFL)
  ~4                          Lifting Leg Kick (RFF)  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Piroette Kick
  ~3                          Screw Kick, (RFF)
d/f+4,3                     WIPER KICK CUTTER
d+4                         Heel Screw, (RFF)
b+4                         SPIN SNAP  *Screws*
BT 4                        Mid Cutter, (BT)
  3                           Axe Heel

Left Flamingo Stance - (LFL)
N                           (LFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle, (LFL)
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep, (LFL)
1                           Left Jab
d+1+2                       6-KICK CATASTROPHE  *Rage*
1+4                         Blaster  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
2                           Backfist, (RFF)
3                           Menace Kick
  ~F                          (LFL)
  3                           Maching Gun Kick
  4                           Party Hearty, (RFL)
    4                           Cannon Kicks, (RFF)
  f+4                         Backlash
f+3                         GUTBUSTER KICK  *Juggles on CH*
  3                           Left Sword  *Juggles*
d/f+3                       Snap Kick  *Juggles on CH*, (RFF)
  4                           ???
d+3,4                       Knee Buster Lift, (RFL)
  4                           Flamingo Low Kicks, (RFF)
d/b+3                       Ankle Hunt
b+3                         THUNDERBOLT, (RFF)  *Power - Screws*
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
3+4                         (RFL)
u/f+3+4,4                   Flashing Trident
4                           Spin Kick, (RFL)
f+4>3                       Fire Storm, (RFF)
d+4                         Teaser Trip
d/b+4                       Combat, (RFF)
b+4                         Combat Mid, (RFF)
u/f+4                       Plasma Blade  *Juggles*
2.2.3..         Tenstring

Right Flamingo Stance - (RFL)
N                           (RFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle, (RFL)
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep, (RFL)
1                           Backfist
2                           Right Jab, (RFF)
  1,1                         Triple Punches
  3                           Punch-Kick Combo
  4                           Jab, Chainsaw, (RFF)
    f                           (RFL)
    >3                          Overhead Axekick, (RFF)
    >4                          High Hook
  b+4                         Spin Snap Kick Combo
3                           Spin Kick, (LFL)
f+3>4                       Fire Storm
b+3                         Left Heel Lance  *Juggles*
(d_d/b)+3                   Teaser Trip
3+4                         (LFL)
4                           Side Kick  *Stuns on CH*, (RFF)
f+4                         Dual Flash Kicks, (RFL)
  4                           Right Sword, (RFF)  *Juggles*
d/f+4                       Snap Kick
d+4                         Cactus Kick
  3                           Cactus Snap
d/b+4                       Ankle Hunt
b+4                         THUNDERBOLT  *Power - Screws*
1.2.3..         Tenstring

Sample Combos


| JACK-7 |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Back Cyclone {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Spine Gunner  {1_2}
         d/b,f+1+2          Piledriver {1+2}
         *Close* d/f+1+3    Timber Fall  *Attack on Far Hit*
           1+2                Lumber Axe  *Only on Successful Throw*
         QCF+1              Pyramid Driver {1}
         u/f+1+2            Jackhammer Face {1+2}
           d,d/f+2            Gigaton Punishment {B}
         QCB+2              Backbreaker {2}
         d/b+2+3            Face In The Dirt {2}
         d/f+2+4            Catapult {2}
         d/f,d/f+2+4        Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
         d+1+3              Gun Bomb  *Opponent Must Duck* {1}
         d+2+4              Iron Gunman  *Opponent Must Duck {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hanging Neck Throw {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Flipping Choke Slam {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Spinal Crush
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Death Shot
(Wall)   (1+3)_(2+4)        ???

1                           Left Jab
  1                           Surge Elbow Hammer
  2                           ROBOT HOOK  *Screws*
f+1,2                       Pivot Gun
  2                           Pivot Rivet
    *Hold 2*                    Pivot Rocket  *Unblockable*
b+1                         Industrial Chop
  1                           Diamond Reamer
    *Hold 1*                    Extended Reamer
d/b+1,1,1,2                 Machine Gun Punches, Megaton Punch
b,d/b,d,d/f+1               Debugger
HCF                         Wind-Up
  ~d/f+1                      Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
  1                           Megaton Punch
SS+1                        Spinning Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1                        Violent Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,f+1                       Surge Elbow Hammer
d/f+1,2,1,2                 Overdrive
u/f+1                       Sky Sweeper
  *Hold 1*                    Sky Screamer
FC+1,1,1,2                  Low Hammer Rush
  1                           HIGH ENDING  *Screws*
  (d_d/f)+1                   (Low/Mid) Ending
FC+1,2                      Low Punch, Megaton Punch
FC,f+1,2                    Uppercut Rush
  1                           HIGH ENDING  *Screws*
  (d_d/f)+1                   (Low/Mid) Ending
FC,d/f+1,2,1                Wild Swing  *Stuns*
  1                           Backfist
FC,d/b+1,1,1,2              Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
1+2                         CYCLONE HAMMER  *Screws*
FC,d/f+1+2                  Low Scissors
  1+2                         ???
d+1+2                       Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
FU/FT d+1+2                 Spring Hammer
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
b+1+2                       ???  *Rage*
f+1+2                       Tyulpan Blast
f,f+1+2                     Scissors  *Stuns*
  1+2                         Low Scissors
  2                           Megaton Punch
u+1+2                       Patriot Fists  *Juggles*
d/f+1+2                     Gravestone  *Hands Stuck if 2nd Hit Miss/Blocked*
d/b+1+2                     MACHINE GUN BLASTER
u/b+1+2                     GYROSMASH  *Power*
WS+1+2                      Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  >1+2                        Hammer Knuckle
    1+2                         Hammer Burst
d/f+1+3                     Timber Fall  *Throws on Close Hit*
  1+2                         Lumber Axe  *Only on Successful Throw*
2,1,2                       Jackknife Fists  *Juggles*
f+2                         Pinpoint Assault
f,f+2                       Pivot Gun Upper  *Juggles*
  *Hold 2*                    Delayed Gun Upper
b+2                         Small Gun Blaster
  *Hold 2*                    Extended Gun Blaster
b,f+2                       Atomic Hook
b,d/b,d,d/f+2               Megaton Punch  *Stuns*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Reactor Erupt
d/b+2                       Low Gun Blaster
  *Hold 2*                    Extended Low Gunner
d/f+2                       ????
  1,2                         Uppercut Rush
    1                           HIGH ENDING  *Screws*
    (d_d/f)+1                   (Low_Mid) Ending 
WS+2,1                      Bump Stopper
WR+2                        Cemaho Chop
SS+2                        Megaton Gun Breaker
FC,d/f+2                    Short Hammer Rush
  1                           HIGH ENDING  *Screws*
  (d_d/f)+1                   (Low/Mid) Ending
FC,D/F#+2,1,2               Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
f+3                         Roboknee  *Stuns on CH*
  1+2                         Dying Machine  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Granite Stomp
b+3,2                       Mad Dozer
  2                           Bulldozer
    *Hold 2*                    Extended Dozer  *Unblockable*
d/f+3>2                     COMBINE HARVESTER  *Screws*
d/b+3,[4],[3],[4],[3],[4]   Cossack Kicks
  1+2                         Cossack Smash
  d+1+2                       Cossack Compactor  *Throws Crouching Opponent*
f+3+4                       Giga Shoulder Ram
f,f+3+4                     Digital Hans Headslide
d/f+3+4                     Titan Dump Shoulder
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press, Sit Down
d+3+4                       Sit Down
  B_F                         Roll Back_Forward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
  >3+4                        Hip Press
    B_F                         Roll Back_Forward
    (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
    1+2                         Connector Knuckle
4                           Jack Boot  *Juggles on CH*
b+4,4                       Sherman Stomp
f,f+4                       Rocket Kick
d/b+4                       Low Boot
b,b~u/b                     Jump-Off Wall Punch  *Against Wall*

f+4~1                          Dark Greeting   *Unblockable, Juggles*
  2                              Greeting Cancel, Cleaver Chop
3+4,[3+4],[3+4],[3+4],[3+4]    Dive Bomber, [2nd-5th Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
*Floor Break* 3+4,[3+4]...     Hover Bomber, [Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
HCF,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1           Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x2*
*Hit by Laser*, 1+2            Robot Recovery  *Regains Health*

D+           Tenstring
D+         Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(1+2).(1+2)     Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(d+1+2).(1+2)   Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Arm Break Shoulder Toss {1_2}
         u/f+1+2            Shoulderlock Whiptoss {1+2}
           ~u/b+3+4           Extra Whiptoss Damager
         QCB+1+3            Wrist Takedown {1}
         d/f+2+3            Shun Ren Dan {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Bear Hug Slam

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  3                           Axekick
  >4                          ROUNDHOUSE KICK  *Screws*
d+1                         Corpse Thrust
b+1                         Crouching Demon Step - (CDS)
d/f+1                       Side Punch
  >4                          Roundhouse
  4~4                         Sidekick  *Stuns*
1,3                         Frontal Assault
  ~B                          Retreat
  2,1,4                       Kazama Fury
1,3~3                       Punch, Snapkick
  >d/f+3                      Sidekick
1,d+3,4                     Teaser Low Combo
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Twilight Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+1                 Electric Twilight Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Rising Punch, Overhand Left
  ~F                          (CDS)
1+2                         Straight Punches, Face Strike
f+1+2                       Dual Lancers
b+1+2                       19-HOOK FLURRY  *Rage*
d+1+2                       Crouching Demon Step - (CDS)
d/f+1+2                     Suigetsu Strike  *Auto-Parries High/Mid*
2,1                         Punch, Gutpunch
  >4                          Sidekick
  >4~4                        Hell Trip
2,4                         PUNCH, ROUNDHOUSE KICK  *Screws*
f+2                         Right Elbow
d+2                         Ground Chase Punch  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2>1                       Shun Masatsu
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Short Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Hookfist
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Hookfist
b,f+2                       Laser Fist
  >1>2                        Laser Rush
  >3                          Laser Twist
    ~F                          (CDS)
d/b+2                       Soul Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  2>3                         Savage Sword  *Stuns*
  3                           TENSHO RAKULU
(u_u/b)+2                   Donkey Slap
f,f+2                       Demon Paw
u/f+2                       Torso Thrust  *Stuns on CH*
3,1>4                       Kishin Rekko
d+3,3                       Lowkick, Midkick
(WS)_(f,N,d,d/f)+3          Bamboo Splitter
b+3                         Outside Face Crescent  *Stuns on CH*
  ~F                          (CDS)
d/b+3                       REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
f+3                         Sidekick
f+3~3                       Snapkick
  >d/f+3                      Sidekick
f,f+3                       Axekick  *Juggles* 
  1                           Chaser Jab  *Can Chain any Move Starting w/ 1*
d/f+3                       Heaven Gate Sidekick 
  >3                          Stinger
    ~F                          (CDS)
    ~B                          Backdash
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Spin Jump Kick  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f,f,U/F+3           Crouch Dash Slash Kick
3+4                         FANGYUAN KICK  *Power*
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
4                           FACE ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws - Stuns on CH*
  ~3                          Twisting Demon Scissors, (FU/FT)
d+4                         Long Sweep
f+4                         Mid Snapkick  *Stuns on CH*
  ~F                          (CDS)
b+4                         Spinning Heel Kick
d/f+4                       Spin Axe Kick
d/b+4                       Shin Kick  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+4                       Slow Axekick
WS+4                        Axekick
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Hell Trip  *Juggles*
  (~3)_(3+4)                  Twisting Demon Scissors, (FU/FT)
(u_u/f)+4                   Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Power Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
u/b+1+2                     Power Bodyhook  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
1+3+4                       Daemon Soul Taunt
b+1+2                       Daemon Soul  *Causes Block Damage*
(b+1+3)_(b+2+4)             Mid/High Parry
f+23..3..     Tenstring

Crouching Demon Step - (CDS) - b+1 or d+1+2
f                           Demon Dash  *Cannot be done from d+1+2 Step*
d/f                         Demon Crouchdash  *Can Perform Crouchdash Moves*
f,f                         Demon Dash
1>2                         Swinging Fist Strikes
1+2                         Dual Uppers  *Juggles*
2                           Swaying Willow
3                           Vacuum Jumpkick
4                           Low Sweeper

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Suppression {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Neck Hold Slash {1_2}
         f,f+3+4            Spirit Barrage {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Breakdown {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Hatsukurai {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Ringer Stomp

1,2                         Fist Opener
  2                           Papillio
  3                           Graphium
  4                           Highkick, (Switch)
  d+4,4                       Low/High Mix  *Screws*
1,4,3                       Southern Cross
b+1,1                       Twin Ripper  *Screws*
d/f+1                       River Bolt
  2                           River Blow
  4,2                         Zsolt Combo
  4~4                         Feint Knee
WS+1                        Point Rood Upper
f,N,d,d/f+1,3               Sliding Tornado  *Screws*
f+1+2                       Zsolt Elbow
b+1+2                       Spinning Back Blow
d/f+1+2                     Aerial Beatdown  *Rage*
2                           Fist Crack
  3                           Quick Graphics
  4                           Straight High, (Switch)
  d+4,4                       Low/High Mix  *Screws*
f+2,3,4                     Rings Over Big  *Screws*
f+2,4                       Ring Bread Kill
b+2                         Quick Elbow  *Throws on CH*
d+2                         River San Fall
d/f+2                       Sonic Upper  *Juggles*
WS+2,1                      Double Boomerang
  ~B                          Sway Back
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Sliding Elbow
3,2                         Hollow Point
  ~F                          Slide-In
3,3                         Intercept Kick  *Screws*
3,f+3                       Intercept Cannon
f+3                         Sharp Needle
f,f+3                       Needle Shot
b+3                         Tracer Kick
d+3,4                       Mixup Kicks, (Switch)
d/f+3,2                     Cyclone Sweep Combo
  ~F                          Slide-In
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Butterfly Edge
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Sliding Spigot
WS+3                        Vertical Knee
WR+3                        Target Slash
3+4                         Tornado Size  *Screws*
f+3+4                       Hevuini
b+3+4                       Sway Back
  1                           Cutting Jaw
  ~F                          Slide-In
  2                           Spine Hook
d+3+4                       Full Blast Kick
d/f+3+4                     Booth Tony  *Power*
u/f+3+4                     Rapid Double Knee
f+4                         Step Point Overkick
f,f+4                       Step-In Tracer
b+4,3,4                     Streamline Combo
d+4                         Toriainaro
d/f+4                       Birds Aina, (Switch)
d/b+4,2,3                   Leksiaes Chain
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Caribou Horn  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+4                    Pain Whip
1+2+3                       Josie Taunt
1+2                         Sampaguita  *Reverses Mid/High Punches*
b+2+3                       Spiral Typhoon  *High Unblockable*

Switch Stance - (Switch)
1                           Iligan  *Stuns on CH*
2                           Ormoc  *Stuns on CH*
3                           Sapu  *Juggles on CH*
4                           Side Shoot
~F                          Slide-In

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Flying Catch {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Display {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Phoenix {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Peritto Slow {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Mobingu {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Play in Pale

1,1                         Double Wrap
  ~F                          (Harrier)
  1                           Straight Wing
  2                           Straight Rush
  3                           Straight Albatross
  4                           Straight Goose
1,2                         Slap Wing
1,4                         Slap Needle
d+1                         Feather Chop
b+1                         Pecking
  ~F                          (Harrier)
  1                           Peck Up
  2                           Peckusipia
d/f+1,1                     Pex Wrap
WS+1,1                      Rampage Wing
  ~F                          (Harrier)
f+1+2                       Drumming
2,2                         Smack Feather  *Screws*
f,f+2,4                     Bird Chaser  *Screws*
b+2                         Vulture Claw  *Juggles*
d/f+2,2                     Nest Break
d/f+2,4                     Colony Break  *Screws*
WS+2                        Kite Upper  *Juggles*
3_(WS+3),3,3,3,3            Crane Kick Combo
3_(WS+3),4                  Kanarioeji
f+3                         Heel Hook
f,f+3                       Earaido
b+3                         Kukusurasuto
d+3,3                       Tasasu Berry Thrust
d+3,4                       Tasasu-Nex Last
d/f+3,3                     Waguteiru
  ~D                          Cancel
d/b+3                       Slide Chute
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Flying Bird  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Pheasant Heel
3+4                         Lightning Foot  *Rage*
f+3+4                       Freddy Foot  *Power*
b+3+4                       Ruth Colony
d+3+4                       Landing Smash  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
u/f+3+4                     Hovering
4,4,4                       Nimble Cutter
  ~F                          (Harrier)
  4,4                         Nimble Toe
f+4                         (Harrier) Dash
f,f+4                       Puravu Kick  *Screws*
b+4,1+2                     Woodpecker
d/f+4                       Gureitarea  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+4                       Slipping Tail
(u_u/f)+4,4                 Wing Cutter  *Juggles*
  4,4                         Wing Clipper
    ~F                          (Harrier)
u/b+4                       Axis Lamp
FC,d/f+4                    Short Tail
1+2+3                       Goading Taunt
d/b+3+4                     Ekuripusu  *Unblockable*
1,2,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,3         Tenstring

Harrier Dash - (Harrier) - f+4
1                           Allura Slice
2                           Allura Slam
3                           Palmate Spin
4                           Sunaipuni

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Diving High Sweep {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Nagi Tomoe {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Sokushitsu Kongo {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hedan Katagurama {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Hedan Katagurama {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Tono-Gaeshi

1,1,2                       Rinko Punch Combo
1,2,2                       Demon Slayer
b+1,2                       Nagi Ryumyaku
d+1,2                       Kongou
d/f+1,2                     Kasane Akatsuki
WS+1,2                      Urachidori
1+2                         Narukami
d/b+1+2                     Hotomoji
1+4                         Tiger Wound
2,1                         Matoi
f+2                         Jinchu Thrust
f,f+2                       Koroshi  *Throws on Front Hit*
b+2                         Rajomon  *Screws*
b,f+2,1,1+2                 Tiger Demon Breath
b,f+2,1,4                   Tiger Kimon Kick  *Screws*
d+2                         Tenchu  *Opponent Must Be Grounded*
d/f+2                       Tiger Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2,3,4                   Samsara
u/f+2                       Keiraku Shadan
WS+2                        Onitsuki
WR+2                        Hayate Kongo
2+3                         Tiger Bite
3,2                         Impaling Ochiono
f+3                         Sakigake
  ~F                          Nyoishou Dash
d/f+3                       Kakato Tsuki
d/b+3                       Kudaki
u/f+3,4,2                   Zanba
u/f+3,4,3                   Tsuyoshi Shinashi  *Screws*
f+3+4                       Nyoishou Dash
  1                           Raikou Fist
  1+2                         Tenohira
  f+1+2                       Sumeragi  *Unblockable*
  2                           Fuhaku Fist
  3                           Oroshi
  4,2                         Rinko
b+3+4                       Nyoishou Tono Leap
f+4                         Kimon Kick  *Screws*
f,f+4                       Kakato Oroshi
b+4                         Fukukaminari
d/b+4                       Dokaminari
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Kuzushi Kick
WS+4,4                      Gatotsu Kick  *Screws*

2+3+4                       Tiger Tickle Taunt

b+1+2                       Tenshu Reversal

d/f+3,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,2     Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Bitch Kicks {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Hip Toss {1_2}
         f,f+1+2            Stonehead {1+2}
         FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2   Gates of Hell {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Steel Pedal Drop {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Skull Smash {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Reverse Neck Throw

1,1>2                       Shining Assault
1,2,2                       Demon Slayer
1,2>4,3                     Twin Stature Smash
b+1                         Short Elbow
  2                           Sokushitsu
d/f+1                       Gut Slugger
  2                           DONKEY PUNCH
  f+2                         Demon Thrust
  4                           ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
WS+1,2                      Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
f,N                         Kazuya Mist Step
  d/f+1                       Thunder Godfist
    3                           Midkick
    4                           Hellsweep
  d,d/f+2                     Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
  d~d/f+2                     Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
  d/f+3                       Leaping Slash Kick
  d/f+4                       Hell Sweep
    1                           Spinning Gutpunch
    4                           2nd Hell Sweep
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Hellsweep
1+2                         Shadow Fists
f+1+2                       Glory Demon Fist  *Stuns*
  2                           Demon Thrust
b+1+2                       Kumo Kiri  *Stuns on CH*
d+1+2                       Twist Low Backfist
  ~B                          Backfist Cancel
d/f+1+2                     LASER SLAUGHTER  *Rage*
u/b+1+2                     DEVIL TRANSFORM  *Rage*
SS+1+2                      CORPSE SLASH PUNCH  *Screws*
2                           Jab
  2                           BACK MIDFIST  *Screws*
  4                           Senshinto
b+2,4,1                     Black Devil String
f+2                         SOUL THRUST  *Power*
f,f+2                       Brutal Palm
d/f+2                       Demon Gutpunch  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                       Evil Pound
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Spinning Backfist
  >2                          Spiral Trip  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Kazuya Gutpunch  *Stuns*
3,1                         Snapkick, Jab
  >4                          Wicked Darkness  *Stuns*
b+3,1,4                     Blazing Demon
  1                           Kidney Shot
  3                           Low Fire Kick
f+3                         Oni Kick
f,f+3                       Split Axe Kick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Leaping Slash Kick
FC,d/f+3+4                  Devil's Tail
d+3+4                       Thunder Grind Foot  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Hell Sweep
  1                           Spinning Gutpunch
  4                           2nd Hell Sweep
d/f+3,2>1                   Knee Twin Thrust
d/b+3                       Devil's Tail
u/f+3                       Searing Edge
WS+3                        Engetsusen
SS+3                        Shattered Spine
WR+3                        Running Sidekick
4~3                         Demon Flipstomp, (FU/FT)
d/b+4                       Low Slipkick
f+4                         Axe Kick
b+4                         EVIL BELL KICK  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+4>4                     Delayable Axe Kicks
u_u/f+4,4,4,4               Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4          Axe Kicks
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
b+1+4                       Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                       Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1    Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1    Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1       Ninestring

Devil Transformation - u/b+1+2 (while in Rage)
d/f+1,2                     Devil Pistons  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  ~U/F                        Heaven Denied  *Only if Thunder Godfist Hits*
1+2                         Standing Laser  *High Unblockable*
d+1+2                       Ground Laser  *Only when Opponent on Ground*
f+1+2                       YABUQUN
u/f+1+2                     Air Laser
u/b+1+2                     Transform Back to Normal
f,f+2                       Devil Runthrough  *Throw on Front Hit*
SS+2                        Devil Twister  *Juggles*
3+4                         Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  3+4                         Fly-Around, Reverse Laser
f,N,d,d/f+4,1,1             NARAKU WHIRLWIND, HEAVEN DENIED

Sample Combos
f,f+3, b+2,4, d/f+1,4 (S!), f,N,d,d/f+4,1
CH B+4, d/f+1,4 (S!), d/f+3, d/f+1,f+2


| KING |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Swinging DDT {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Brainbuster Suplex {1_2}
         QCF+1               Jaguar Driver {1}
           1+2,1+2             Flying Press {2}
           1+2,3,4,1+2         Boston Crab  *At Apex of Driver*
         QCB+1+2             Wishbone Powerbomb {1+2}, (BT)
         b+1+2               Irish Whip {2}
           1+2                 Close Drag
           1+3                 Spin and Let Go {1}
           2+4                 Quickslam {2}
           3+4                 Whip Down {3+4}
         u+1+2               Choke Ragdoll Forward Throw {1+2}
           ~B                  Choke Ragdoll Backwards Throw
         d/b+1+2             Figure-4 Leglock {1+2 - Later Break with 3+4}
         f,HCF+1             Giant Swing {1}  *Tech Roll for 1/2 damage*
         f,HCF+2             Tijuana Twister {2}
         d+1+3               Iron Lariat {1}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d+2+4               Spin-Up Powerslam {2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d/f,d/f+2+4         Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {2} *Opponent Duck*
         *Close* d/f+3+4     Frankensteiner  *Attack on Far Hit*
         *Close* f,f+2+3     Body Splash  *Attack on Far Hit*
         f,N,D/F+1+4         Reverse Arm Hyperextension {1}
           1+2,1+2             Double Arm Snap {1}
           1+2,4,2+4           Russian Leg Sweep {2}
             4,3,4,3+4,1+2       Arm Crucifix
           2,1,1+2+3           Chicken Wing Face Lock {1+2}
	     2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4       Reverse Guillotine Choke {1}
	     1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3   Rolling Death Cradle {2}
         d/f+2+3             Coconut Crush {2}
         f,N,D/F+2+3         Standing Achilles Hold {2}
           1+2,3,1,1+3         Scorpion Death Lock {2}
           1,2,3,1+2           STF {1 Escape, 1+2 Reversal}
           1+2,1,3,1+2         Indian Death Lock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal}
             1,3,4,1+2,3+4       Romero's Special
         d/b,f+2+4           Tombstone Piledriver {2}
         WR+2+4              Shining Wizard {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)         Argentine Backbreaker {1}
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Knee Crusher {2}
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {2}
(Back)   2+4                 Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
         F+2+4               Half Boston Crab
         b,f+1+2             Octopus Slam
         SS+2+4              Cannonball Multistarter-(G)
(Tackle) (1,2,1)_(2,1,2)     Mounted Punches
           1+2,1+2             Armbar, Wristlock
           3+4                 Knee Cross Lock
             :1+2                Ultimate STF
         1+2,1+2             Armbar, Wristlock
         3+4                 Knee Cross Lock
           :1+2                Ultimate STF
(Air)    1+3                 Inverted Leg Lace
         2+4                 Leg Whipdown
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)       Catching Ankle Breaker
           1+2,1+2           Slingshot
           2,1,3,4           Giant Swing
         f,HCF+(1_2)         Swinging Powerbomb
         f,f,F+2+4           Running Powerbomb
(Wall)   (f_HCF+1)_(f,f,f+2+4)    Shining Torpedo
         Jaguar Step (1+4)_(2+3)  Shining Torpedo

Ground Throws
Face Up/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Mini Swing {2}
  D/B+2+4                   Figure-4 Leglock {1+2}
  D/F+2+4                   Crotch Dive {2}
Face Down/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Half Boston Crab {1}
Face Up/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Crucifixion {1+2}
Face Down/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Chicken Wing {1+2}
Face Up/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Right) {2}
Face Down/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Bow Break (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Camel Clutch (Right) {2}

Multithrow Link Table

  | `C--D        U--V--W--K--L
  |  |              |     |
  |  `--E           |     `--M
  |              T  |
  `--F--G--H      \ |
        |          \|
           |        |  |
           P--Q     |  `--M
           |        |
           `--R--S  `--N--O--L

A. 3+4,(1+4)_(2+3)            Jaguar Step, Choke Sleeper Multistarter {1_2}
B. 2+4,1+2,1+2                Funeral Suplex {1}
C. 3+4,3+4,1+2                Pickpocket Sleeper {2}
D. 1,1,1+2                    Triple Mounted Punches {1}
E. 3,4,1+2,3+4                Stretch Muffler {2}
F. 1,4,2,3                    Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
G. 2,1,(1+3)_(2+4)            Fallback Suplex {1_2}
H. 2,3,1,1+2                  Diagonal Turtleshell Snap {1+2}
I. 1+2,1,2,1+2+(3_4)          Twisting Armlock Suplex {1_2}
J. 2,2,1+2                    Cannonball {2}
K. 1,2,3+4                    Powerbomb {1}
L. 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4          Wishbone Powerbomb {1_2}
M. 2,1,3,4                    Giant Swing {1_2}
N. 3+4,1+2,1+2+4              Manhattan Drop {2}
O. 1,2,3+4,1+2                Superfreak
P. 3+4,1+2                    Backdrop  *FU/FA if Stop after Backdrop*
Q. 1+2,4,1+2,1+2+3            Rising Sun {1+2}
R. 1+2,3,4,(1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Rack Drop {1_2}
S. 2+4,3+4,1+3,1+2,1+2+(3_4)  Screwdriver {1_2}
T. d/f+1+2                    Double Elbow Lock Multistarter
U. f,d/f+(1+3)_(2+4)          Reverse Arm Clutch Multistarter {1_2}
V. 2,1,1+2                    Backdrop {1}  *FU/FA if Stop after Backdrop*
W. 3+4,1+2                    German Suplex {1}

1,2                         Double Punch String
  2+4                         Fallback Ankle Trip {2}
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
1,2,1                       Triple Punch String
  2+4                         Stalling Suplex {2}
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb  {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
d+1~N+2                     Mid Punch, Uppercut
b+1                         Sprint Hook  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Uppercut
  4                           Heel Kick, (FU/FT)
f,f+1                       JAGUAR HOOK  *Screws*
d/f+1>2                     Elbow Smash, Side Swipe
(FC,d/f+1)_(f,N,d,d/f+1)    Ankle Swipe  *Juggles*
u/b+1                       Backhand Chop
1+2                         Uppercut, (BT)
  1                           Backhand
  3                           BLIND THRUSTKICK  *Screws*
d+1+2                       Atlas Hammer
f+1+2                       Quick Jaguar Lariat
f,f+1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
f,f,N+1+2                   Offensive Push
d/f+1+2                     JAGUAR BRUTALITY  *Rage*
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles*
  *Hold down 1+2*             Burning Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,D/F+1+2               Knuckle Duster  *Juggles on CH*
WS+1+2                      Engish Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+1+4                       Mid Chest Thrust
2,1                         Cross, Uppercut
b+2                         Black Arrow
  >1+2                        Headbutt  *Juggles*
  >4                          Toe Kick  *Throws on CH*
f+2                         Roaring Elbow
  1                           ELBOW IMPACT
  d+1,2                       SMASH COMBO
  >2                          Elbow Rush
    1                           Left Layout
    >2                          Spinning Elbow
      ~b                          Spinning Elbow Cancel
f,f+2                       Spinning Elbow Pounder
  ~B                          Elbow Cancel
  >1                          Scratch Attack
f,f,N+2                     LOW SMASH  *Throws on CH*
d/f+2,1                     DOUBLE HOOK IMPACT  *Screws*
d/b+2                       Brain Chop  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       Flying Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
SS+2                        Sneak Uppercut
WS+2,2                      GUT CHOPS  *Screws*
FC,d/f+2                    Dynamite Uppercut  *Stuns*
SS+2                        Victory Palm
f+2+3                       BLACK SHOULDER  *Power*
f,f+2+3                     Body Splash, (FU/Side)  *Throw on Close Hit*
d+2+3                       Elbow Drop
f+3                         Bad Attitude  *Stuns on CH*
  :1+2                        Cougar DDT  *Only on non-CH Hit*
b+3                         Back Thrust Kick
d+3                         STONE PING
d/f+3                       Mid Side Kick
d/f+3~4                     High Mist Trap, (FD/FT)
d/b+3                       Low Kickout  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+3                       Rolling Wheel Kick, (FU/Side)  *FU/FT on Miss*
BT 3                        Dust Kick
  :1+2                        Stunner Throw
3+4                         Jaguar Step Stance
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4),[4],[4]  Ali Kick[s]
  2                           Middle Smash
CH (d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)       Counterhit Ali Kick
  4,4,4,4                     Ali Kicks
f+3+4                       Delayed Drop Kick  *FU/FT on Miss*
b+3+4                       Reverse Jaguar Step
f,f+3+4                     Drop Kick
WR+3+4                      Satellite Drop Kick, (FU/FT)
d/f+3+4                     Frankensteiner, (BT)  *Throw on Close Hit*
u/f+3+4                     Mini Spinning Boot, (FD/FT)  *FD/Side on Miss*
SS+3+4                      Spinning Headboot, (FD/Side)
BT 3+4                      Backturned Jaguar Step
4                           Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Jumping Reverse Kick
b+4                         Turnaround Kick, (BT)
f,f+4                       Convict Kick  *Throws on CH*
d/f+4,3                     Mincer
  4                           Spinning Back Kick
    ~B                          (BT)
  d+4                         Dropping Shin Kick  *FD/FT on Miss*
(d/b+4)_(BK d+4)            Dropping Shin Kick  *If Misses, FD/FT*
(u/b_u)+4                   Hopping Knee
u/f+4                       Knee Lift  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Black Knee Rising  *Stuns on CH*
b+1+3                       Mid/High Right Punch Reversal
b+2+4                       Mid/High Kick Reversal
  :3+4                        Figure-4 Leglock  *Right Kick Reversal Only*
F+1+2  *Hold down 1+2*      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
BT 1+2                      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
1+4                         Moonsault Press  *Unblockable*, (FD/FT)
121.1..24.4.4..1.(1_3)      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring

Jaguar Step - 3+4 or b+3+4
(1+4)_(2+3)                 Choke Sleeper Multistarter  *See Throws Above*
1                           Jaw Straightener  *Stuns*
2                           Overhead Smash
3                           Spinning Savate  *Juggles*
  2+3                         Body Press, (FD/Side)  *Throws on Close Hit*
3+4#                        Jaguar Spins  *Dizzy after 6x*
 Note: Spins 2-5 will incrementally increase all Jaguar Step attack damages.
4                           High Spinkick
*2-5 Spins*,4               Momentum High Spinkick  *Unblockable*
d/f+4                       Mid Spinkick

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)               Rhinoceros {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)               Close Thunder {1_2} 
         u/f+1+2                     Apocalypse {1+2}
         u/f+3+4 *Hold 3+4*          Avalanche Drop
         (WR+2+4)_(DE 2+3)_(f+3~2)   S.H.B {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)                 Critical Knee {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)                 Euthanizer {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)                 Dynamite Shrinkage
(Air)    (WR+2+4)_(DE 2+3)           Rejection

1,1>1                       Delta Cutter
1,2                         1-2 Punch
1,4                         Region Attack
f+1,2                       Flash Claw
  F                           (SE)
f+1,2,3                     Flash Out
  D/B_D_D/F                   (DE)
b+1                         Chevron Slash
d/f+1                       Alert Jab
d/b+1,3                     Arc Combination
  D/B_D_D/F                   Stand Spin  *Can Link While-Standing Moves*
WS+1                        Streamer  *Juggles*
  D/F_F                       (SE) Slide  *If WS+1 Hits*
1+2                         LIGHTNING UPPER HOOK  *Rage*
  ~B                          Hook Cancel
f+1+2                       Rushing Current  *Stuns*
f,f+1+2                     Elbow Corona
d+1+2                       Ground Battery
b+1+2                       WINDOW LIGER  *Screws*
d/f+1+2                     X-RAY SHOT  *Power*
FC,d/f+1+2                  Summer Circle Beret
d/b+1+2                     Imaginary Number  *Stuns on CH*
f+1+4                       Power Slug
2,1                         Suratsushi Fists
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Highkick
f+2,1                       Charge Factor
  F                           (SE)
f+2,4                       Death Mask
f,f+2                       Surge Bursting  *Juggles*
  D/F_F                       (SE)
f,b+2,1                     SYSTEM SHOCK  *Juggles*
d+2                         Takutei Fist
b+2                         Gill Bar Mash
  1                           Mashed Fist
  3                           Gilbert Cannon
d/f+2,1                     FLUSHING DRIVE  *Screws*
d/b+2                       Bead Shot
  F                           (SE)
  1                           Weaving Bead
  3                           Straight Bead
    *Hold 3*                    Power Bead
WS+2                        Lightning Starter
  D/F_F                       (SE)
  D/B_D                       (DE)
  1                           Ply Cutter
SS+2                        Shockwave
3                           Kickstart
  D/B_D_D/F                   Stand Spin  *Can Link While-Standing Moves*
f+3                         (DE) Stance
  ~2                          S.H.B.  *Throw*
f,f+3                       Electric Shock
d+3,1                       Tesla Gravity Shot
b+3                         Impulse Kick
  F                           (SE)
  4                           Impluse Boot
d/f+3                       Outpost Kick
  D/B_D_D/F                   (DE)
  3                           Post Foot
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Trigger DOS  *Juggles*
WS+3                        Tower Cannon
d+3+4                       Stacking Stomp  *Opponent Must be Fallen*
  *Hold 3+4*,F                (SE)
f,f+3+4                     Double Action
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4             Avalanche
  1                           Arc Sweep
  *Hold 3+4*                  Avalanche Drop Throw
  4                           Knee Slider  *Throws on CH*
WR+3                        Running Slashkick
4                           Cord Line
b+4                         Magnetic Knee
CH b+4                      Magnetic Grab
f+4,1,2,1                   Volcanic Lightning Combo
f,f+4,3                     Double Pulse
d/b+4                       Shadow Cutter  *Juggles on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Storm Heel  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Hopkick  *Juggles*
1+2+3+4,2                   Rising Fourth  *Juggles*
b+2+3                       Zeus  *Unblockable*
u/f+ 3...3.3,1   Tenstring  *7th Hit must Connect*
u/f+       Tenstring

Silent Entry Stance - (SE)
1                           Lightning Thrust
d/f+1                       Bolt Smash
2                           Arrest Shutting
3                           Storm Gear  *Juggles*

Dynamic Entry Stance - (DE) - f+3
(u,N)_(d_N)                 Dynamic Sidestep
1                           Cocking
  F                           (SE)
  2                           Sledging
  :2                          Precision Sledging  *2-Hits*
2                           Rim Fire  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         MJOLLNIR  *Screws*
2+3                         S.H.B.  *Throw*

Sample Combos


| LAW (Marshall) |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Twin Dragonstrike {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Leg Grab Takedown {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Chastisement Punch {1+2}
           1,2,1+2            Bulldog
         f+2+3              Dragon Dive {1}
         f,f+3+4            Dragon Knee  *Juggles* {1+2}
         (DSS_DFS) 2+4      Triple Facekick Throw {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Headlock Kick {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Dragon Jewel Punch {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Throat Punch

1~[1],[1],[1]               Punch Rush
  1                           Punch
  2                           Rush Fist
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    2                           Rush Fist
    F+2                         Midchop
      >1+2                        Power Backfist
      >2                          Dragon Knuckle
        ~b,f                        (DSS)
    3                           Rush Knee
    u/f+3,4                       Fake Flip, Skyscraper  *Juggles*
      ~b,f                          (DFS)
d+1,3                       CROUCHING TWISTKICK STRIKE  *Screws*
b+1                         Dragon Rain
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
  >2                          Dragon Thunder
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    >2                          Dragon Storm
u/f+1,3                     Mugging Attack
QCF+1,2,1                   Flurry Fists
  2                           Whack Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Disoriented Fists
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
1+2                         DRAGON'S BREATH  *Rage*
d+1+2                       (DSS) Stance  *High/Mid Punch Parry*
f+1+2                       Overhead Smash
BT 1+2                      DRAGON BACK BLOW  *Screws*
WS+1+2                      Generic Riser
f+1+4                       DRAGON SPIN BLOW
2,2                         Rage Dragon, (BT)
  1,2                         Dragon Fist Rage
    ~D                          Full Crouch
2,f+2,2                     Jab, Dragon Knuckles
f+2~1                       1-Inch Punch  *Stuns*
b+2                         Slick Backfist
  1                           KNUCKLE BACKBLOW  *Screws*
  2                           Slipfist
  3                           Junkyard Kick
    4                           Junkyard Combo  *Juggles*
      ~b,f                        (DFS)
    d+4                         Dragon's Tail
(FC_d)+2,3                  Dragon Skyscraper  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Elbow, (BT)
  4                           Frogman, (BT)
    ~D                          Lie Down, (FU/FA)
F+2>2                       Dragon Knuckle
  1+2                         Spread Backfist
  >2                          Knuckle Combo
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
f,f+2                       Dragon Punch
  >1>3                        Dragon Strike
  3                           Head Ringer
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Gut Punch
  ~b,f                        (DSS)
  1                           Gut Strike
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
    2                           Third Strike
      ~b,f                        (DSS)
      >1                           Backfist
BT 2,2                      Elbow, Power Backfist
3,3                         Feint Step-In Kick
3,4                         HIGH TAILS  *Screws*
d+3,3                       Dragon Low Hook
b+3                         ROLLING RIGHT KICK  *Screws*
d/b+3                       Leg Hunter Kick
d/f+3,3                     Mid/Low Lunge Kicks
  3                           Highkick
  4                           Flipkick
f,f+3                       FIERCE LUNGE KICK  *Power*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
(u/f_u_u/b)+3,4             Hopkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
(U/F_U_U/B)+3,4             Fake Flip, Skyscraper Kick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              Dragon Slide, (FU/FT)
FC+3,4                      Crouchkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
WS+3                        Twist Kick, (DFS)
BT u/f+3,4                  Turning Jumpkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
WR+3                        Kang Kick
3+4                         Stepping Drake
(d+3+4)_(FC+4),3            Shin Kick Somersault  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       Leanback Thrust
d/f+3+4                     Banana Peel
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
SS+3+4                      Bicycle Kick
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
FC,u/b_u_u/f+4              Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,U/B_U_U/F+4              High Flipkick
FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4            Super Flipkick, (FU/FT)
4,(u_u/f)+3                 Roundhouse, Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
4,3,                        High Kick, Spin Kick
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
  4                            High Kick
    ~b,f                        (DFS)
f,f+4,3                     Velocity Legs
b+4,3                       TIGER FANG KICK  *Screws*
d+4,3                       Stepping Razor
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
U/F+4                       Flip Kick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
WS+4,3                      Rising Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Dragon's Tail
  4                           Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/f+4,3                     Thrust Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
BT 4,3                      Wolf Fang Kicks
BT d+4                      Mule Sweep  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Powerup
  *Hold 1+2+3+4*              Supercharge
    2                           Destiny Fist  *Juggles*
(FU/FT)_(FU/FA) 1+2+3+4     Despondent Rise
d/b+1+2                     Dragon Fang  *Unblockable*
  u,u                         Fang Cancel, (DSS)
  1,3                         Mugging Attack
b+1+2                       High/Medium Punch Parry  *If Punch is Caught*
  1                           Tricky Trap  *Turns Opponent Around*
  2                           Tricky Fist  *Stuns*
  3                           Tricky Step-In Kick
  4                           Tricky Lowkick
b+2+4                       High/Mid Parry
  ~b,f                        (DSS)  *Only if Parry Connects*
d/f+             Tenstring
d/f+122.13.3.D+3.D+3.(3_4).4.4   Tenstring
d/f+          Tenstring
d/f+  Tenstring

Dragon Sign Stance (DSS) or Dragon Fake Step (DFS) - d+1+2
DFS b,f                     (DSS)
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           Legend Kick
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         1-INCH BACKFIST  *Power*
2                           Skull Rocker
f+2,2>1>2                   Dragon Judgement
  ~D                          Full Crouch
f+2~1                       1-Inch Punch  *Stuns*
f+2>f+2                     Rave Combo
  >1+2                        Rave Fang
  >2                          Rave War
    ~b,f                        (DSS)
2+4                         3x Facekick Throw {2}
3                           Whipping Kick
f+3                         DRAGON CANNON  *Power*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
3+4                         Legend Kick
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       Leanback Thrust
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
4                           DRAGON LIGHT LOW

Tricky Step Stance - b+1+2 (Missed Parry)
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           Legend Kick
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         FAKE HOOK  *Power*
2                           Fake Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           FAKE STEP CANNON  *Screws*
f+3                         DRAGON CANNON  *Power*
  ~b,f                        (DFS)
3+4                         Stepping Drake
f+3+4                       Flying Axe  *Juggles on CH*
b+3+4                       Leanback Thrust
u/f+3+4                     Uhara Stomp
4                           DRAGON LOW KICK

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Gut Palmer {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Swing Latch Strikes {1_2}
         f+f+1+2            Setting Strike {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Rib Displacer {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Tumble Dry {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Chiropractor

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  ~B                          (KNK)
  1,1                         Elbow Chain
  1,4                         Roundhouse Chain
  4                           Shincrack
1,4                         Jab, Highkick
d+1                         Hammer Fist  *Juggles on CH*
  ~D                          Full Crouch
b+1                         Gut Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)
d/f+1                       Gut Upper
  2                           Layout Hook
u/f+1,2                     Advancing Mountain  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Advancing Mountain hits*
WS+1,4,1                    Short Up, Shincrack, Elbow
QCF                         Jin Bu Crouchdash
  1                           Toe Strike
  2                           Lunging Palmstrike
    ~b                          (KNK)
    1                           YARI KAMI NARI
  3,1,2                       Crashing Mountain
  3+4                         FLOWER FEET  *Screws*
  4                           Snapkick
1+2                         HEAVEN FIST  *Power*
f+1+2                       Flying Barge
d+1+2                       (BOK)
d/f+1+2                     BAJIQUAN BARRAGE  *Rage*
b,f+1+2,1+2                 SPINNING BARGES
  2                           ???
  QCF+2                       Extended Palm Strike
  :QCF+2                      BLUE AURA STRIKE
d/b+1+2                     Axe Splinter
  ~D                          (BOK)
  1                           Axe Thrust
WS+1+2                      Chang Elbow
SS+1+2                      Advancing Palm
BT+1+2                      Sudden Elbow
b+1+4                       Twin Heights
2,1                         Twin Lancers
2,2                         Straight High, Elbow
f+2,2                       Right Hook, Mid Backfist
f,f+2                       Lunging Mach
  ~1+2                        Shan Dian Charge  *Only if Lunging Mach hits*
d+2                         Overhead Punch
b+2                         Elbow Stab
  1                           Left High Poke
  1+2                         Hammer Strike
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles Standing Opponents*
d/b+2,2                     Right Palm, Overhead
u/f+2,1                     Leaping Uppercut, Backhand
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
2+3                         Gut Wrench
f+2+3                       Axis Palm
d/f+2+3                     Toe Cruncher
3,2                         High Combo
  ~D                          (BOK)
  3                           Orbit Boot
  ~B                            Boot Cancel
  4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)
f+3                         Swing Kick
  ~D                          (BOK)
f,f+3                       Wolf Flip
  ~D                          (BOK)
b+3,1                       Mid Kick, Mid Punch
  ~B                          (KNK)
  ~D                          (BOK)
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
d/f+3                       Tracking Roundhouse
FC,d/f+3                    Wolf Tail
d/b+3                       Lie Huo Fan  *Juggles*
u/f+3                       Leaping Chestkick
WS+3,1,2                    Crashing Mountain
WR+3                        Leaping Facekick
b+3+4                       (KNK)
d+3+4                       Groundstomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
4                           Standing Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Rising Knee, (KNK)
f,f+4,3                     SPIN RISE, REVERSE KICK  *Juggles*
  4                           FLOOR SWEEPER  *Screws*
b+4,1+2                     Crushing Spirit
d+4,2                       Shinkick, Straight Palm
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Straight Palm hits*
d/b+4,1                     Floor Sweeper
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Snapkick
  1+2                         DA KAI
u/b~b                       Fan Leap Evasion
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Punch  *Against Wall*
b+2+3                       FURY ELBOW *Unblockable*
1+2+3+4                     Shan Dian Charge
u/b+1                       Lion's Jaw  *Parries High Punches*
  4                           Layout Kick, (BT)  *After Successful Parry*
b+1+2                       Lion's Mouth  *Parries High/Mid Attacks*
  2                           Elbow Revenge  *After Successful Kick Parry*
  2,2                         Axe Revenge  *After Successful Punch Parry*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               High/Mid Attack Reversal
2,1,3,2,1,2,3,1,2,1+2       Tenstring
2,1,3,2,1,3,2,4,2,1+2       Tenstring

Bokuho Stance - (BOK) - d+1+2
1,2                         Ya Sui Ying Quan
1+2                         Tong Bei Shi  *Parries Mid/High Punches*
2                           Launching Fist  *Juggles*
3                           Leaping Roundhouse
4                           Rising Knee, (KNK)

Kinkei Stance - (KNK) - b+3+4
d/f                         Jin Bu Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
1                           Midstrike
  ~D                          (BOK)
  2                           Gut Palm
2                           BACKHAND  *Screws - Stuns on CH*
3                           Hopkick  *Juggles*
  4                           Snap Hopkick  *Juggles*
4                           Low Stomp

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)          Devotion Kiss {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)          Descending Spine Twister {1_2}
         d/f+1+2                Pendulum Snapper {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Arm Winder Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)            Armbar Orbiter {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)            Judgement Signal
(Wall)   (1+3)_(2+4)_(d/f+1+2)  Larkspur

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  3                           Low Trap
  4                           Arch Screw
b+1                         Elysee Le Bras Allonge
  ~F                          CROUCHDASH  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
  4                           Karo Kore
d/f+1                       Diffusion Hand
d+1,2                       Paddling Beat
  ~B                          (BT)
  4                           LANGISH KICK  *Screws*
QCF+1>2                     Rose Pique
  ~B                          Pique Cancel, (BT)
WS+1,2,4                    Daisy Siren
FC,d/f+1                    Vine Slash
1+2                         Triangle Spread
f+1+2                       Kitty Claws
f,f+1+2                     IRIS SHOT  *Hold 1+2 for Unblockable*
b+1+2                       Dendorobium
SS+1+2                      Minuet Strike
2,3                         Low Trap Combo
2,4                         ARCH KICK COMBO  *Screws*
f+2                         Pendulum Punch
  3                           Mars Sword  *Juggles*
f,f+2                       ARONJEBRA PIERCE  *Power*
d+2,2                       Bloody Masquerade
  3                           HURRICANE  *Screws*
  4                           Lance Kick
b+2,1                       Heliotrope Fists
  ~B                          (BT)
  1+2                         HELIOTROPE CORSAGE
d/f+2                       Rose Upper  *Juggles*
  ~B                          (BT)
QCF+2                       Shanze Strike  *Stuns on CH*
WS+2                        Rising Baton  *Juggles*
  ~B                          (BT)
3                           Peacock Kick, (BT)
  1                           Peacock Waltz
  2,3                         Peacock Jive
f+3                         CIRCLE KNEE  *Screws*
f,f+3                       Alstomeria  *Juggles*
  ~F                          Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
  3+4                         Reverse Wheel  *Only if Alstromeria Hits*
b+(3_4)                     Rabbit Airstep
  ~f                          Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
  ~3                          Rabbit Tail  *Juggles*
  ~4                          Rabbit Spine Shot
d+3                         Twist of Fate
d/f+3                       Hooking Heel  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+3                       CIRCLE CUTTER  *Screws*
u/f+3                       Honey Hopkick  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Shirin Dart
WR+3                        Running Slash Kick
FC,d/f+3                    Horizon Slide  *Juggles on CH*
(WS_QCF)+3                  Backarc Wheel  *Juggles*
  4                           Forward Wheel
3+4                         VERTICAL AXIS  *Rage*
f+3+4                       Clock Kick
  3                           Delayed Clock Kick  *Juggles*
    4                           Clock Rewind
f,f+3+4                     Spine Shot
b+3+4                       (BT)
d+3+4                       Matterhorn Launch  *Juggles*
d/f+3+4                     Spinning Edge  *Juggles*, (BT)
  3+4                         Backwheel, (BT)
d/b+3+4                     Fressia Thrust
(u/b_u)+3+4                 Moonsault  *Juggles*
  ~f                          Crouchdash  *Can Chain QCF Moves*
  3,3+4                       Alstroemeria
u/f+3+4                     Angel Knees
  3                           Angel Kick
  3+4                         Wing Cannon  *Juggles*
QCF+3+4                     CLOISONNE  *Screws*
f+4                         Arch Kick
f,f+4                       Alto Rodeo Stomp
  ~B                          (BT)
d/f+4>4                     Shut Up Stomper
d/b+4                       Edelweiss Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+4,3                     Mustang Lance
WS+4                        Rising Lance  
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Punch Reversal
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Run-Up Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b+1+4                       Final Spine Shot  *Unblockable*
f,f+1+2 *Hold 1+2*          IRIS BLAST  *Unblockable*        Elevenstring
4.1.3.(3+4)3..4.3.1.(3+4).4 Tenstring

Back Turned Stance - (BT) - (b+3+4)
1,2                         Cancer Une-Deux
2                           ROMPEZ FLEURET  *Screws*
1+2                         Temptest
d+3,4                       Antelope Kicks
3+4                         Twist Fleuret, (BT)
  2                           DAISY SWITCH  *Screws*
d+3+4                       Flat Trip  *Juggles*, (BT)
  ~f                          Face Forward
4,3+4                       Spinning Edge, (BT)

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      C Drill {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Donkey Flip {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Back Fling {1+2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Rolling Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Rolling Beat {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Aerial Acrobat

1,2                         Left Point
  1                           C-Uprock Hit
  2                           C-Uprock Clap
  1+2                         C-Uprock Swing  *Screws*
b+1                         Hands Up
d/f+1                       Slipchop
WS+1                        Cross Shift Right
  4,3:1                       C-Krump Special  *Screws*
FC,d/f+1                    Snap Hand
1+2                         Double Swing  *Screws*
f+1+2                       Elbow Beat
b+1+2                       Happy Swing  *Power*
d/b+1+2                     Aerial Arc  *Juggles*
f+2                         Right Point
  1                           C-Uprock Hit
  2                           C-Uprock Clap
  1+2                         C-Uprock Swing  *Screws*
b+2                         Circle Clap
d+2                         Whacking
(d/f_WS)+2                  C-Krump  *Juggles*
  4,3:1                       C-Krump Special  *Screws*
FC,d/f+2                    Spin Roll
3,4                         Right Middle Shift  *Juggles*
f+3                         Hopping
b+3                         Graceful Turn  *Screws*
  ~B                          (BT)
d/f+3,2                     Punking Twirl
d/f+3,3                     Punking Marionette  *Screws*
d/b+3                       Left Twist - (LT)
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Surprise Hop  *Juggles*
WS+3                        Cross Shift Left
WR+3                        Air Drop Heel
BT 3,3+4                    Donkey
3+4                         Low Flair Shuffler  *Rage*
  :3_4                        Rhythm Rager
d+3+4                       C-Windmill
  3+4                         Double Windmill
  :d+3+4                      Air Tracks, (BT)
d/f+3+4                     Touchdown Rise
  3                           Buffalo
u/f+3+4                     Double Leg
  3                           Leg Twister, (LT)
  3+4,4                       Backflip Combo
BT 3+4,4                    Backflip Combo
BT f+3+4                    Rollback
  3+4                         Freeze Chair
    3+4                         Kickup
4                           Sidekick
f+4                         Axe Aerial
  ~B                          (BT)
  4                           Double Axe Aerial  *Juggles*
    ~B                          (BT)
f,f+4                       Scoot
  3+4,4                       Backflip Combo
  4,4                         Corkscrew Double
  d/b+4,4                     Coffee Grinder, Scoot
b+4                         Walking Knee  *Juggles on CH*
d+4                         Ankle Crop
d/f+4                       Down Step
d/b+4,4                     Coffee Grinder, Scoot
FC,d/f+4                    Up Step
u/b+4                       Lucky Corkscrew  *Unblockable*
BT 4                        C-Backflip
BT d+4,4                    Coffee Grinder, Scoot
1+2+3                       Mitten Taunt
1+2+4                       Hip Taunt
f+3,1,2,1+2,3,2,4,3,1       Tenstring

Left Twist - (LT) - d/b+3
~B                          (BT)
[1],2                       Point Strike
  1                           C-Uprock Hit
  2                           C-Uprock Clap
  1+2                         C-Uprock Swing  *Screws*
3                           Axe Heel
:d/b+3                      Twist Switch
~4                          Double Twist
4                           Scoot
d/b+4,4                     Coffee Grinder, Scoot
:d/b+4                      Right Twist
  :d/b+3                      (LT)

Sample Combos
u/f+3, d/f+1, b+3, d/f+1, f+2,1+2 (S!), d/f+3+4,3
d/f+2, d/f+1, d/f+1, f+2,1+2 (S!), f,f+4, 3+4,4
d/f+2,4, d/f+2,4,3:1, f,f, f+2,2
CH b+4, U/F,N+4, d/f+1, f+2,1+2 (S!), f,f+4, 3+4,4
CH b+4, u/f+3+4,3+4, d/f+1, f+2,1+2 (S!), d/f+3+4,3
f+4,4~B, BT u/f+3, d/f+1, f+2,1+2 (S!), f,f+4, 3+4,4



(Front)   (1+3)_(f+1+3)            Shoulder Toss {1_2}
          (2+4)_(f+2+4)            Shoulder Popper {1_2}, (FU/FT)
          2+4~b                    Bloody Palm {2}
          d/f+1+2                  Striking Shiho-Nage {1+2}
          f,f+1+2                  Shoulder Ram {1+2}
          b+1+4                    Stomach Throw {1}, (BT)
          d/f+1+3:QCF+2            Kongo Blast {1}
(Left)    (1+3)_(2+4)              Dragon Screw {1}
(Right)   (1+3)_(2+4)              Tripping Hip Toss {2}
(Back)    1+3                      Reverse Neck Throw
          2+4                      Gatelatch Slam
(Tackle)  [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2    [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
	  (2,D+1,1),(N+4~1~1+2)    Ultimate Punishment {1}

1,2                         1-2 Jabs
1,4                         Punch, Lowkick
d+1                         Tile Splitter
  2                           Deathfist
  *Hold 2*                    Chaos Fist
  4,2                         Falling Leaf
b+1,2                       TWIN AXE  *Screws*
b,f+1                       T-Elbow
d/f+1                       Quick Body Hook
  ~b                          Backsway
  1,2                         Jishi Combo
QCF+1                       Elbow Rush  *Juggles*
QCB                         Backdash
  1                           Bounce Tile Splitter  *Juggles on CH*
  1+2                         Knuckleduster  *Juggles*
  2                           Smoking Palm Strike
  3,2                         Low Sweep, Elbow
    >1                          Power Cutter
    >3                          Lightning Bolt
  4                           PHOENIX ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
SS+1                        Hammer Smash  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         ???  *Rage*
f+1+2                       Overhead Smash
b+1+2                       HASSOU STRIKE  *Power*
d+1+2                       Iron Mountain
(FC_d/b)+1+2                Ultimate Tackle
(FC,d/f)_(QCF)+1+2          Gunba
f+1+4                       Sidestepping Shoulder Ram
2,3_(d+3)                   Punch, Kick_(Lowkick)
d+2                         Stone Splitter  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2                         Stunstrike  *Stuns on CH*
f+2,3,1                     Quick P-K Smash
f,f+2                       Dashing Elbow
  1                           Lungefist
    ~b                          Lungefist Cancel
  :1                          Holy Dragon Claw
  2                           Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       OUHA  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+2                       Mortar Punch
(u_u/b)+2                   Clock Cleaner
WS+2                        Thunder Liftpalm  *Juggles*
QCF+2                       Deathfist
(FC,d/f)_(D/F#)+2           Elbow
  >1                          Lungefist
  >2                          Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
    ~(b_d/b)                    Leg Punch Cancel
3,2                         Piston Fire
d/b+3                       Spinning Ankle Crack
WS+3,2                      KNEE WRECKER COMBO  *Screws*
SS+3                        Ankle Kickout
QCF+3                       Gengetsu  *Juggles on CH*
b+3                         Knee Headstrike  *Stuns*
d/f+3,4                     Phoenix Wings
  *Hold 4*                    Power Phoenix  *Stuns*
u/f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks
f,f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks  *Juggles*
  >4                          Highkick
  >(f+4)_(d+4)                Midkick_Lowkick
QCF+3+4                     Mountain Raze  *Juggles*
b+4                         Ankle Bite
d/f+4                       Mid Stomach Kick  *Stuns on CH*
u/f+4                       Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Somersault Flip  *Juggles*
d+4,2                       Falling Leaf
d+4:2                       Precision Falling Leaf
  :1+2                        Demolition Man
D#(2 seconds)               Restless Taunt  *Auto-Powerup*
  u+3+4                       Idiot Flip Kick (FD/FA)  *Paul Takes Damage*
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Kick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Reversal

b,b+1+2                     Burning Fist  *Unblockable*

1232..1.2..          Tenstring
1231..           Tenstring
1231..2                     Fivestring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Desert Fang {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Aldebaran {1_2}
         d/f+1+4            Maximum Season {1+2}
         Snake-In 1+2       Assault Tackle {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Drop Pit {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Accelerator Spinner {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Silent Kill

1,2                         Spica-Strike
  2                           Mack Kit
  3                           Riding Sand
  4                           Wheel Spin
b+1                         Achernar
1+2                         ??? *Rage*
d/b+1+2                     Shura
2,1                         Cut-In
f+2,4                       Silent Flow
  ~D/F                        Snake-In
  4                           Flowing Strike  *Screws*
f,b+2                       Hornet  *Throws on Front Hit*
d+2                         Stomacher Impact
d/f+2                       Rising Falcon  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Rapid Bash
  ~D/F                        Snake-In
  1                            High Bash
WS+2                        Hawk Edge  *Juggles*
BT 2                        Reverse Edge
3                           Blinding Sand
  ~d/f                        Snake-In
f+3                         Crescent Moon
(f,f)_(WR)+3                Stoop Fetch  *Juggles - Throws on Front Hit*
b+3                         Heel Strike
d+3                         Silent Rigel
  ~D/F                        Snake-In
d/f+3                       Iusaru  *Screws*
d/b+3                       Robudaun
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Crescent Cleave  *Juggles*
WS+3,3                      Double Scorpion
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              Sand Storm  *Snake-In on Hit*
f+3+4                       Skyline
  ~D/F                        Snake-In
4                           Harukusikikku
  1                           Arugenibu
  3                           Cut High  *Screws*
  4                           Raed
f+4                         Piercing Talon  *Screws*
f,f+4                       Erunato  *Power*
b+4                         Mirage Break
d+4                         Step-On
d/f+4                       Sting Kick
d/b+4                       Kazu-Ifa
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Altair  *Juggles*

d/f,D/F                     Snake-In
  3                           Stoop Fetch  *Throws on Front Hit*
  4                           Glide Low  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Assault Tackle {2} *Throw*

b+1+2                       Tulus  *Reverses High/Mid Punches*

d/b+1+2                     Shaura  *Unblockable*

2,1,4,1,3,3,3,3+4,4         Tenstring

Sample Combos



(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Stomach Gutter, Tossaway {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      Rabbit Punch {1_2}
         f,f+1+2            Lifting Arm Snap, Arm Suplex {1+2}
         (Flicker) 1+2      Gryphon Throw {1+2}
         (PKB) 1+2          Ten Count {1+2}
         QCB+2+4            Hip Toss, Falling Elbow {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Gut Slugger Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Neck Takedown, Neck Snap {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Hugging Slam

1,1                         Snap Jabs
  d+1                         Body Blow
    ~B                          (FLI)
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
  2                           Shining Fist
    3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         SWAY STANCE TRANSITION
1,2,1                       British Rush
  ~B                          (FLI)
  ~F                          (PKB)
  2                           British Edge
    3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
  d+2                         British Sweep
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
d+1                         Ankle Chaser
b+1                         Rushing Punch
  ~B                          (FLI)
  2                           Qick Two
    ~F                          (PKB)
  d+2,1                       Frigate Edge
u/f+1                       Dashing Fist
d/f+1,2                     Uppercut, Straight Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  1                           Straight Punch Feint, Left Hook
    ~B                          (FLI)
  f+1+2                       Straight Punch Feint, 1-2 Punch
  2                           Straight Punch Feint, Body Hook
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
u/b+1                       Leaning Gunshot
QCF+1                       Brit Smash
  ~B                          (FLI)
WS+1,2                      Uppercut, Overhead Bomb
WR+1                        Low Scooper
1+2                         SHIPPED SEAWORTHY  *Rage*
f+1+2                       Gyroscopes
  ~F                          (PKB)
  1                           Gyroscopes Hook
  2                           SHOTGUN COMBINATION
d+1+2                       Ground Punch  *Grounded Opponent Only*
d/f+1+2                     Sonic Fang
d/b+1+2                     GYROSCOPES HOOK  *Power*
SS+1+2                      Foul Play
WS+1+2                      Finishing Blow  *Juggles*
2,1                         Short British Edge
  ~F                          (PKB)
  ~B                          (FLI)
  2                           Edge Upper
f+2,1                       Dashing Midpunch, Body Hook
  ~F                          (PKB)
  ~B                          (FLI)
  2                           Hook Feint, Delayed Blow
f,f+2                       Eagle Claw
b+2                         Body Bomb  *Stuns*
d+2,1,2                     Low Punch, Uppercut, Right Hook
d+2~N+1                     Low Punch Feint, Uppercut
  2                           Overhead Punch
  f+2                         British Hook
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
u/f+2                       Jumping Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/b+2                       Arrow Punch
WR+2                        Superman Punch
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition
d/f+2                       Crescent Hook  *Stuns on CH*
[FC,]d/b+2                  Low Sweep Punch
3                           Left Sway Stance
d/b+3                       Low Knee Check
  2                           Left Hook
u/f+3                       Hopping Stomp
  2                           Dirty Smash
f+(3_4)                     Ducking Stance
F+3_4 *Hold F+3_4*          Power Ducking Stance
b+(3_4)                     Back Sway Stance
f+3+4                       Peekaboo Stance - (PKB)
b+3+4                       Flicker Stance - (FLI)
3+4                         Albatross Spin
4                           Right Sway Stance
u/f+4                       Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Overhead Bomb  *Against Wall*
2+3+4                       Provocation Taunt
b+1+2                       High/Mid Punch Parry
QCB,f+2                     Mach Wick  *Unblockable*
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,2     Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,f+2   Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,3,2,3+4   Tenstring

Flicker Stance - (FLI) - b+3+4
1,[1]                       Left Punch[es]
  ~B                          (FLI)
  1                           Left Punch
    ~B                          (FLI)
    2                           Overhead Punch
  f+1                         Overhead Left
  (u_d)+1                     LEFT BODY HOOK  *Screws*
  2                           Overhead Punch
QCF+1                       Brit Smash
  ~B                          (FLI)
b+1+2                       High/Mid Punch Parry
2                           Overhead Punch
b+2                         TRIDENT LUNGE  *Power*
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition

Peekaboo Stance - (PKB) - f+3+4
f                           Peekaboo Walk, (PKB)
d/b                         Peekaboo Cancel
1,2,1                       Albion Rush, (PKB)
d/f+1                       Argos Hook, (PKB)
  1,2,1                       Argos Rush
  2                           CROSS CUT  *Screws*
d+1                         Patella Smash, (PKB)
b+1,1,2,1                   Lancaster Rush
  ~B                          (FLI)
f+1+2                       Break, (PKB)
2                           Spite Hook, (PKB)
f+2                         Gazelle Upper, (PKB)
  1                           SHORT UPPER
b+2                         Leaning Meathook
d+2                         Leg Cracker
d/f+2                       Cutting Elbow  *Juggles*, (PKB)
(u_u/f)+2                   Dreadnaught Upper  *Juggles*
d/f+3+4                     Cobra Weave
  (F#_D/F#)+2,1,2,1,2...    Dempsy Roll
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)         Sway Stance Transition

Left Sway Stance - 3
1                           Left Shot
  ~b                          (FLI)
  >1                          Gut Hook
  f+1,1                       Centurion Rush
    ~b                          (FLI)
2                           Short Shoulder
  ~F                          (PKB)
  1                           Billy Club
b+3                         Back Sway Stance
f+3                         Ducking Stance
(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Right Sway Stance - 4
1                           Short Shoulder
  ~F                          (PKB)
  2                           Dashing Cut  *Juggles*
2                           Right Body Hook
(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Back Sway Stance - b+3_4_(3+4)
1                           Overhead Bomb
2                           Limbo Uppercut  *Stuns*
(u+3_4)_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)     Sway Stance Transition

Ducking Stance - f+3_4
1                           Stomach Uppercut
2                           Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                         RIGHT HOOK  *Screws*
1+2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1       Tenstring
(u+3_4)_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)     Sway Stance Transition

Power Ducking Stance - F+3_4 (Hold F+3_4 until Grunt)
d_d/f                       Sway Stance In
u/f_u_u/b                   Sway Stance Out
1                           Spark Gazelle Punch  *Juggles*
N+2                         Spark Sea Hawk Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                         SPARK SEA HAWK HOOK  *Screws - Stuns*

Albatross Spin - 3+4
~[U_D]                      Sidestep Spin
  ~F                          (PKB)
  1                           Spinning Gutpunch
  d+1                         Spinning Low Punch
2                           Spin-Around Right
d+2                         Low Punch

Sample Combos


| XIAOYU (Ling) |

(Front)  (1+3)_(f+1+3)      Slap, Forearm Chop {1_2}
         (2+4)_(f+2+4)      360 Degree Flip {1_2}
         d/f+1+2            Wristlock Flip {1+2}
         f+2+3              Human Hurdle {2}
         d/f+2+4            Shoulder Flip  {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Arm Hook Toss {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Reverse Flip {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Spinning Leg Trip

1,2,1                       Double Jabs, Storming Flower
1,d+2                       Jab, Uppercut, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
  1+2                         Bird Flock
f,f+1                       Poison Flower
  ~d                          (AOP)
  3                           White Moon Kick
  4                           White Moon Axe
b+1                         Knifehand Reversal  *(BT) on Hit*
B#+1                        Knifehand Reversal  *Face Forward on Hit*
d+1                         Windmill Slaps
  ~D                          (AOP)
d/b+1                       Storming Flower  *Horizon Taunt on CH*
u+1                         Upward Slap, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
d/f+1                       Turning Palm, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
u/f+1                       SILVER NEEDLE, (AOP)
1+2                         Bird Flock
f+1+2                       Clouded Peak
f,f+1+2,1+2                 Wing Strikes  *2nd Hit Juggles on CH*
b+1+2                       JADE LOTUS  *Rage*
u+1+2~3+4                   Overhead Slaps, Spin Cancel
u+1+2,2>1                   Overhead Slaps, Midpunch, Storming Flower
  ~B                          Flower Cancel, (BT)
u/f+1+2                     Red Sparrow Strike  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+1+2                     Crouching Jab
1+4                         High/Mid Parry
2,1                         Jab, Palmslap, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Forward
f+2,1>4                     SUN ROTATION DANCE  *Screws*
b+2                         Seven Stars, (BT)
  >2                          Star Fist, (BT)
d/f+2                       Lifting Palm
  ~1                          Twin Lifting Palms  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Rising Slap  *Juggles on CH*, (BT)
  ~F                          Face Foward
  *Hold Down 2*               Slow Rising Slap  *Juggles*, (BT)
    ~F                          Face Forward
FC,d/f+2                    Lotus Twist
  ~D/F                        (BT)
  1                           Lotus Slap
    ~d/f                        (BT)
f,f+2>1                     Midpunch, Storming Flower
  ~B                          Flower Cancel, (BT)
3                           FORWARD CLOUD KICK  *Screws*
b+3                         Overhead Footstrike, (BT)
d+3,4                       LOAFER KICK, ROUNDHOUSE
f+3,1                       Rising Knee, Spinning Slap, (BT) 
  1+2                         Wings of Fury
f,f+3                       Raccoon Kick, (BT)
d/f+3                       Axe Stomp
  ~(D/B_D_D/F)                (AOP)
  4                           Skyscraper Kick
FC+3,2                      Sweep, Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
d/b+3                       Offensive Shove
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Bolting Rabbit  *u/f+3 Juggles*
SS+3                        Power Sweep  *Juggles*
  ~b                          Sweep Cancel, (BT)
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
WS+3                        Swan Hook
WR+3                        Diving Falcon, (AOP)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position
u/f+3+4                     Descending Stomps  *(BT) if Misses*
u/b+3+4                     Layout Flipkick  *Juggles*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
4                           Skyscraper Foot
4~3                         Flipstomp  *Juggles on CH*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
SS+4                        Wang Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         HUNTING CRESCENT  *Screws - Juggles*
f,f+4                       Lunging Kick
  :4                          Blocked Kickoff  *If Opponent Blocks Kick*
d/f+4                       Toe Kick
d/b+4                       Kneecap Kick
(u_u/f)+4                   Overhead Kick
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
b+4>4                       Ribkick, Mouth Knocker
FC,d/f+4                    Spin Sweep, (AOP)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
WS,b+4                      Falling Tiger Kick  *Stuns on CH*
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
u+41.2.(1+2).   Tenstring  *Stopping after 6th hit - (BT)*
u+41.244..2.1+2.1.4..2      Tenstring  *Stopping after 4th hit - (AOP)*

d+1+2                       (AOP) Stance
(d/b_u/b)+1+2               HYPNOTIST CIRCLE IN/OUT
  1+2                         Walking Direction Change
  b+1+2                       Hypnotist Contiuation
  2+3                         Power Spinstrike  *Unblockable*
  >2                          Spinstrike
  3                           Stepping Razor
  3+4                         Leaping Layout
  4                           Falling Tiger Kick  *Stuns on CH*
3+4                         Axis Spin In  *Parries Punches*
d+3+4                       Axis Spin Out  *Parries Punches*
f+3+4                       Forward Dive
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
  3+4                         CHANG CANNON
b+3+4                       (BT) Position, Small Step Counter-Clockwise
f,f+3+4                     Overhead Flip
FC,d/b+3+4                  Crouching Backturn, (BT)
1+3+4                       Horizon Taunt
2+3+4                       Waving Taunt

Backturned Position - (BT) - b+3+4
1                           Reverse Elbow
  4                           HIDDEN FORTUNE  *Screws*
d+(1_2)                     Low Punch
u+1                         SILVER NEEDLE, (AOP)
1+2,1+2                     Battering Winds
f+1+2                       Cracking Palms
f,f+(1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse Dash Grab
1+4                         Backturned High/Mid Parry
d+1+4                       Backturned Low Parry
2                           Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
  2                           Windmill Slap
    1                           Windmill Slaps
      ~(D/B_D_D/F)                (Phoenix)
3                           Horse Kickout, Forward Tumble, (BT)
d+3                         Reverse Ankle Kick, (BT)
  ~D                          Face Forward
f,f+3                       Skip Midkick, (BT)
4                           Reverse Hook Kick  *Juggles*
d+4                         Power Sweep  *Juggles*
(d/f_d/b)+4                 Offensive Shove
d+1+2                       (AOP) Stance
3+4                         Backturned Axis Spin In
d+3+4                       Backturned Axis Spin Out
b+3+4                       Rain Dance Dodge, (BT)
f+3+4                       Roll Towards Opponent, (BT)
  ~3+4                        Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3+4                     Reverse Overhead Flip  *Throw on Clean Hit*

Art of Phoenix Stance - (AOP) - d+1+2
d                           Phoenix Duck, (AOP)
(u/b_u_u/f)                 Stand Up
1>2                         Double Serving, (BT)
2                           Hard Stomach Strike
  >1                          Storming Flower
d+1                         Phoenix Lowstrike  *Throw on CH*
1+2                         Phoenix Beak  *Stuns on CH*
b+1+2                       JADE LOTUS  *Rage*
d+1+2                       Phoenix Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           SLIPPING TALON
u/f+3                       PHOENIX HOPKICK  *Juggles*
  1                           Phoenix Wing, (AOP)
  3                           Thrustkick
  4                           Skyscraper Snap
(u/b_u_u/f),N+3             Piroette Kick  *Turns Opponent BK when Hit*
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
U/F#,3                      Phoenix Hopsweep  *Juggles*
3+4                         Chang Cannon
4                           Rising Boot
f+4                         Spin Sweep, (AOP)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
(u_u/f)+4                   Twirling Kick
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
  4                           2nd Twirling Kick
(u/b_u_u/f),N+4             Sky Kick
4~3                         Scissorleg Sweep, (FU/FT)
  ~(U_D)                      Rollout Standup
1+3                         Clockwise Axis Roll
  ~(U_D_F_B)                  Throw Cancel
2+4                         Counter-Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel]
  ~(U_D_F_B)                  Throw Cancel
f+3+4                       Forward Roll
  d+1+2                       (AOP)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position

Sample Combos



(Front) (1+3)_(f+1+3)       Flip Slam, Gut Sword Impale {1_2}
        (2+4)_(f+2+4)       Hilt Smashdown {1_2}
        QCB+1+2             Rainbow Drop {1+2}
        QCF+2               Life Siphon {1+2} *Yoshi Drains Energy*
        QCB,F+2             Reverse Siphon  *Yoshi Gives Energy*
        DFS 3+4             Hidden God
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Spin-Around Bulldog {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Cartwheel Roll {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Spinning Missle Press, (BT)
(Tackle) 1_2                Chest Stab  *Unblockable*

1,1                         Jab, Slice
b+1,[1],[1],[1],[1],[1]     Spinning Hilt Strikes  *Dizzy After x6*
  b+(3_4)                     Spinning Sidestep  *Yoshi takes Damage*
b+1,[1],[1]                 Spinning Hilt Strikes
  D/B#+3,3                    Leg Sweeps
    3_(4)                       Leg Sweep_(Front Kick)
d+1                         Sword Slice
  *Hold 1*                    Delay Slice  *Unblockable- Release 1 to Slice*
d/f+1                       Quick Gutpunch
WS+1                        Door Knocker
  1>1>1                       Sword Pommel Strikes
  2                           BACKHAND  *Screws - Turns Opponent Around*
    D/B#+2,2,2,2,2,2            Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After x6*
d/b+1                       Overhead Strike
  1                           Backhand Slice
u/f+1                       MAYUBISHASHI
(u_u/b)+1                   Leaping Stabdown  *On Grounded Opponent*
SS+1                        Hilt Smash Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Gehosen  *Juggles*
  1+2                         (KIN)
BT 1                        Blind Elbow, (BT)
  2                           Scowling Aratama, (BT)
  3                           Scowling Spirit
BT d+1                      Mini Samurai Cutter
(1+2)_(FC+1+2)              Kinchou Stance - (KIN)
d+1+2                       Flea Stance
WS+1+2                      Quick Uppercut
f+1+2                       Tsuka Splitter
f,f+1+2                     Shark Attack
  N                           (BT) Position
  (1+4)_(2+3)                 Life Siphon  *Yoshi Drains Energy*
  F+(1+4)_(2+3)               Reverse Siphon  *Yoshi Gives Energy*
  u+2+3                       Samurai Stab  *Unblockable*
  u+2+3~1                     Saw Blade  *Unblockable- b,b to Cancel*
  u+2+3~1+2                   Dashing Sword Snap  *Unblockable*
b+1+2                       MANJI STUNPUNCH  *Rage*
d/f+1+2                     Kashira Lowstrike
  >2                          Flowing Strike  *Turns Opponent Around on CH*
u+1+2                       Dragonfly Stance - (DFS)
1+2+3                       Spinning Sword Shield
1+4                         Sword Flash
f,f+1+4,N                   Suicide Feint, (BT)
u/b+1+4                     SHIN YOSHIMITSU BLADE  *Rage - Reverses Attacks*
2                           Jab
  1                           SPINNING SLICE  *Screws*
    ~b                          Slice Cancel
  2                           Double Jab
  >3                          HIGHKICK  *Screws*
  d+3                         Lowkick
f+2                         BACKHAND  *Screws - Turns Opponent Around*
  D/B#+2,2,2,2,2,2            Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After 6x*
d+2                         Iaido Gut Draw
  1                           HESHIKIGARI  *Screws*
  2                           Sword Uppercut
    1                           Blind Draw
    d+1                         Clean Cleave
    2+3                         (NSS)
b+2                         Tsuba Smash
  ~1+2                        (KIN)
  1                           Blade Wheel  *Juggles*
    1+2                         (KIN)
  2                           Face Stab
d/f+2                       YOSHI UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
D/B#+2,2,2,2,2,2            Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After 6x*
u/f+2                       Tricky Achilles  *Juggles on CH*
  ~D                          Cancel
f,f+2                       Elbow Smash
CH f,f+2                    Sword Runthrough
  d+3+4                       (SIT)
WS+2                        Gutpunch, (BT)
  1                           SHASHI, (DFS)
SS+2                        Dodging Uppercut  *Juggles*
BT 2                        BACKHAND  *Screws - Turns Opponent Around*
  D/B#+2,2,2,2,2,2            Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After x6*
BT D/B#+2,2,2,2,2,2         Evasive Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After x6*
2+3                         No Sword Stance - (NSS)
BT u+2+3                    Backturned (NSS)
3                           High Facekick
3~4                         Traveller Kicks
  ~U                          (DFS)
f+3                         HIGH ROUNDHOUSE  *Screws*
  3                           Low Sweep  *Juggles*
    d+3+4                       (SIT)
  4                           Jumping Knee, (BT)
f,f+3                       Spinning Blind Roundhouse  *Stuns on CH*
  1+2                         (KIN)
b+(3,3,3,3,3)_(4,4,4,4,4)   Manji Evade  *Hurts Yoshi - Dizzy after 6x*
d/f+3,1                     Lunging Step, Sword Slice
  *Hold 1*                    Delay Slice  *Unblockable- Release 1 to Slice*
u/f+3                       Dark Samurai Knee  *Juggles*
D/B#+3,3,[3],[3]            Spinning Leg Sweeps
  3                         Spinning Leg Sweep  *Dizzy after 5x*
  d+3+4                     (SIT)
  4                         Front Kick
WS+3,2                      Rising Book, White Arc
BT 3                        Reverse Flipkick, (BT)
WR 3                        Slash Kick
FU/FT 3+4                   Sit Stance - (SIT)
d+3+4                       Sit Stance - (SIT)
u+3+4                       Kuni Flipstomp
f+3+4                       BULL RUSH  *Power*
  b                           Manji Retreat, (BT)
  3+4                         (SIT)  *Only after hitting a Wall*
f,f+3+4                     Shark Attack
  1+2                         Shark Dive
    3+4                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
3+4_(BT 3+4)                Meditate Position - (MED)
u/f+3+4                     Poison Wind Flipstomp
  b+1,3+4                     Spinning Hilt Strike, Flipstomp
  b+1,4,d+1                   Spinning Hilt Strike, Backflip, Sword Slash
    1#                          Delayed Slice  *Unblock.- Release 1 to Slice*
  ~1+2                        Stomp Cancel, (DFS)
  d+1+2                       (FLE)
  3+4                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
  d+3+4                       (SIT)
  u+3+4                       Eight Crows Flipstomp
4,4,4                       3 High Kicks
4~3                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
f+4                         Door Breaker
d/f+4                       Savior Boot
FC,d/f+4                    Lunging Sweep  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Knee Replacer
SS+4                        REVERSE WHIRLWIND  *Screws - Stuns on CH*
  1+2                         (KIN)
  3+4                         (MED)
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Avoiding the Puddle
f,f+4                       Jumping Knee  *Juggles*, (BT)
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Poison Wind, (BT)  *Against Wall*
121.4..4.4..1..1.1.1        Tenstring
121.4..4.4..1..3+4          Eightstring
121.4..2..224.1..1          Tenstring
44.2..2..4..4..1..1.1.1     Tenstring
44.2..2..4..4..1..3+4       Eightstring
44.2..2.1                   Fivestring
44.2..2.11                  Fivestring

Unblockable Arts - (Cannot Be Blocked)
QCF+1                       Sword Somersault
u/b+1+2                     Samurai Stab
  N+1                         Sawblade Shield
    b,b                         Sawblade Stop
  N+1+2                       Dashing Sword Snap
(FC,d/f~1)_(FC,b+1)         Samurai Cutter
u/f+1+2                     Copter Blade
  N                           Flying Coast, Falling Cut
  D                           Immediate Falling Cut
  B                           Mid-Air Turn Around, Falling Cut
    1+2                         (DFS)
  1+2                         (DFS)
d/b+1+2                     Bad Breath Stance  *D/B# to Hold Stance*
  1_2                         Bad Breath
  3_4                         Evasive Flip  *Blockable*
d+1+4                       Standing Suicide  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FA)
  b+1,1,1,1,1                 Blood Dance  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FA)
b,b+1+4                     DECAPITATOR SLICE
BT d+1+4                    Back Standing Suicide  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FT)
  b+1,1,1,1,1                 Blood Dance  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FT)
f,F+1+4                     Turning Suicide  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FT)
  f,f                         Second Stab  *Hurts Yoshi*, (FD/FT)

Flea Stance (FLE) - d+1+2
F#                          Walking Flea, (FLE)
  3                           Swingstrike, (FLE)  *Throws on Hit*
  4                           Underscoot, (FU/FT)
f,f                         Forward Flea Slide
b                           BACKSTEPPING FLEA
u/f_u_u/b                   Flea Hop  *Unblockable*, (FLE)
d                           Sword Sinking Crouch, (FLE)
d/b                         (FLE) CANCEL
1                           Roll Out
1+2                         SKULL SPLITTER  *Juggles*
u+1+2                       (DFS)
2                           Manji Mole Slide, (FD/FA)
3_4                         Side Spin Left_Right, (FLE)
3+4                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       (SIT)
u+3+4                       Flea Flop, (FU/FT)

Dragonfly Stance (DFS) - u+1+2
F#_B#                       Dragonfly Flight, (DFS)
1                           Short Sword Slice  *Unblockable*
1+2                         (FLE)
2                           Copter Punch  *Juggles*, (DFS)
f+2                         FLAG SPIN
3                           Low Copter Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
3+4                         Hidden God  *Throw*
d+3+4                       (SIT)
4                           SPINNING MIDKICK  *Screws - Stuns on CH*

Kinchou Stance (KIN) - 1+2 or FC+1+2
F#                          Kinchou Walk, (KIN)
D                           Full Crouch
1                           Dicer
  1                           X-Dicer
1+2                         Leaping Arcs, (BT)
b+1+2                       Brandish  *Unblockable*
u+1+2                       (DGF)
2                           Skyward Blade  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Descending Blade
  *Hold 1+2*                  Delayed Blade
f+2                         IRON CYCLONE  *Screws on CH*
3                           Scoot Kick
4                           REVERSE WHIRLWIND  *Screws - Stuns on CH*
  1+2                         (KIN)
  3+4                         (MED)

No Sword Stance (NSS) - 2+3
d+1                         Thunder Hammer
(FC,d/f~1)_(FC,b+1)         Fist Cutter  *Juggles*
  2                           Spinning Cutter
d/b+1                       Crouching Jab
1+2                         Unarmed (KIN) Stance
  1                           Utsusemi
f+1+2                       Jail Gate
d+1+2                       Unarmed (SIT)
FC+1+2                      Sword Flash
u+1+2                       Buttflop, Unarmed (SIT)
u/f+1+2                     Yoshi Bunny
1+4                         Unsheathing Sword Flash
2,1                         Jab, Hand Spinner
d/f+2                       Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Gutpunch, (BT)
  1                           Blind Elbow, (BT)
    2                           Scowling Aratama, (BT)
    3                           Scowling Spirit
2+3                         Unsheath Sword

Sit Stance (SIT) - d+3+4
u                           Stand Up
~D                          Yoga Stillness
f_b                         Teleport
N                           Rejuvenation  *Regains Life*
1                           Teleport Sword Flip
1+2                         (FLE)
u+1+2                       (DFS)
2,D/B#+2,2,2,2              Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After 5x*
3,3+4                       Dive Attack, Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
3+4#                        Hover Mode
  F_B_D_U                     Manji Hovercraft
  N                           (SIT)
4                           KNEE STRIKER

Meditate Stance (MED) - 3+4 or BT 3+4
(b_f)+1                     Blind Elbow
1+2                         Rejuvination  *Unblockable, Regains Life*
(f_b)+2                     Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
1+3                         Flip Slam, Gut Sword Impale Throw
1+4                         Standing Suicide  *Unblockable*, (FD/FT)
  B+1,1,1,1,1                 Manji Blood Dance
2+4                         Hilt Smashdown Throw
3                           Troubled Soul, (BT)
3+4                         (BT)
(b_f)+4                     Meditation Sidekick
U/F+4                       Twisting Hopkick  *Juggles*

Sample Combos



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-------------   Lukmendes, Zettroid, Flying Wonkey, Fergus


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