Moves with Sonic - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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This FAQ has to do with sonics necessary moves, as well as secret ones


Light Shoes(Metal Harbor)  When you see a zip line and a path of rings, ascend the 
Zipline to get the light shoes

Bounce attack(Inside the Pyramid)  It is out in the open; you will see it as you 
progress through the stage

Flame Ring(Crazy Gadget)  Just before you reach the checkpoint on the ceiling you 
will find the flame ring on the ground


Magic Gloves:(City Escape)  After you run vertically down a building, you will see 
four metal boxes on the floor.  Break them using the bounce attack, and the gloves 
are beneath you

Ancient light:(Green Forest)  When you fall inside the enormous tree, approach the 
exit on the top floor and then turn around.  Use the homing attack on an enemy, and 
then a coin container and Ancient light should be directly in front of you.

Mystic Melodies(Final rush)  After about the fifth checkpoint, you will see a long 
yellow grinding pole.  Grind it until you see a purple pole running parallel to it.  
Jump on, and at the end of the pole is mystic melodies.

Tails is next!

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