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Movin' Out And In - A Help-me-I'm-Stuck Guide

By [email protected]

1. Getting To Know Your Sim
2. Figurin' Out What's Wrong
3. Movin' Out Of Mom's House
4. A Bit About Free Play
5. Mad Scientist Career Fast Track
6. Da Legal Things


1. Getting To Know Your Sim

Jumping straight in here...for those of you who played The Sims for PC or 
console (the 
original), you'll get the gist of what The Sims is about.  MAXIS broke their backs 
makin' sure it came out great and they still are making the new Sims game:

Urbz: Sims In The City

Cool Fact: You'll find these facts all through this guide.  Usually they're just a 
fact, but sometimes could hold valuable info for the current topic.

Here's a run-down on creating a sim...

The start is giving your sim a last and first name.

Choose a star sign or fine-tune the details yourself.

Play dress-up.  Or just let your imagination run free.

Cool Fact: When a new sim rings the bell, greet them.  You'll unlock a new 
piece of 

Give your sim a shave.  Or a freeky hairstyle.  Maybe an earring.

The clothing and head has nothing to do with the sim.  The PERSONALITY is 
what counts.

Here's the best personality for any sim:

Of all the things to sacrifice, neat is one of them.  Neat just decides if the sim 
cleans up stuff automatically.

Outgoing sims want to socialise more.  Shy sims will have an easier time 
alone, as the outgoing ones have their social bar decay faster.

Lazy sims have a hard time getting out of bed or staying standing.  Their 
score goes down faster.

More playful sims need fun since the fun score goes down faster.

Another one to sacrifice.  Nice just determines if a NPS (Non-Playable-Sim)will 
out positive or negative reactions to other sims.

Cool Fact: Outgoing sims love the Romance Channel on TV, Active sims watch 
the Action 
channel, Playful sims like the Cartoon channel, and non-Nice sims watch the 


2. Figurin' Out What's Wrong

This part is all about the motives.  First we'll cover the cheapest ways to keep 
motives high.

HUNGER: Buy a Refridgerator and a microwave.  When a sim has at least 
three cooking 
points, throw in a stove.  The phone is good for Pizza.

HYGIENE: Get a shower, and put a sink in the kitchen.

ENERGY: Buy the cheapest bed (Spartan Special)or at least a loveseat 
couch (3-seater).

SOCIAL: A phone is good for calling friends.

COMFORT: A chair, of course.  A bathtub will ensure comfort with hygiene, and 
toilets provide a small dash of comfort.

BLADDER: Duh, whadda you fink?  A toilet, sheesh.  Of course, you could save 
money, if you LIKE wetting the floor and embarassing your sim.

FUN: Get the cheapest TV you can afford, right off the bat.  A stereo can be 
good when 
you have the cash.

ROOM: Put plenty of windows and make sure there are no urine puddles, 
trash, dirty 
plates or anything of the sort around.

Sims have their own way of telling you something smells fishy...

HUNGER: Sims will grab their stomach and point to their mouth.

HYGIENE: Sims will smell something, take a sniff at an armpit, then..."Ew!"

ENERGY: Sims will topple then wake up.

SOCIAL: Sims will cry.

COMFORT: Sims will crouch and put their hands over their heads.

BLADDER: Sims will grab their crotch.  Things get tense and, in a moment, 

FUN: Sims will look around and make a motion which looks like a glance at a 

Cool Fact: Apart from these symptoms, a speech bubble will appear over their 
with a picture of the problem.

3. Movin' Out Of Mom's House

The Bustin' Out story part.
Starting the game, your sim finds him/herself at a place similar to Club Rubb.  
A sim 
of the opposite sex appears, and calls out to your sim.  After a brief kissing 
session, Mom appears.  You really need therapy.

Waking up, your sim finds that Malcolm is stealing your scooter!  Mom tells you 
that he 
is taking stuff from everyone around.  Time to climb a career ladder.

Activate double speed-
Reward: Money
Press R to complete the goal.

Use the toilet
Reward: Maid on the phone
Select the toilet and press A on Use.

Eat something to fill hunger
Reward: More Money
After Mom cooks food, select the plate and press A on Get A Plate.  If your sim 
hungry, (s)he will do it automatically.

Do something fun
Reward: Even More Money
Watch the fish, watch TV, listen to the music, or just read a book until the goal 

Look in the newspaper for a job
Reward: Your scooter, Dudley's Trailer (Move/Visit) or Mimi's Place (Move/Visit)
Select the newspaper, then select Find A Job.  Either Mimi or Dudley will arrive 
your scooter depending on the job you took.

Cool Fact: While you're at Mom's House, stock up on cooking points and 
points (Bookcase), Creative points (Art Canvas), and Charisma points (mirror).


4. A Bit About Free Play

In Free Play, you have no goals to do.  You just play...freely!  Although, you can't 
visit other places in Free Play, which is a bummer.

Cool Fact: In The last Sims games, there were about six or seven Free Play 
In the Bustin' Out version, there's only three.  Pretty stupid.

You start off with 20,000 Simoleons (currency in sim games), which actually, is 
enough to build and fill a small house.  If You moved into Free Play Lot 1 or 2, 
didn't Destroy Lot, then you have a better chance of affording better items.

Cool Fact: Around 9 every morning, the newspaper girl comes.  And every three 
around 1, the bill comes.

There is one cool thing about Free Play.  You get totally different careers from 
main game.


5. Mad Scientist Career Fast Track

This part is for all you bummed out players out there who just want to get to 
Mansion quickly.

Select the toilet, then speed up gameplay while you're on it to complete two 
Watch the fish after, then eat some food.  Dance to the music if the fun goal is 
met, then get three cooking points.  Get three mechanical points and throw the 
newspaper away.  Get to know mum up to 100.  When the new one comes, get 
Victim career.  Move out to Mimi's Place!

Fix the espresso machine, get three creative points, go to work.  When you get 
promoted buy the drink counter and place it where it used to be.  Use it to get 
another cooking point or more.  Get to know Mimi until the relationship bar hits 
Take the Mad Scientist Career and move out to Dudley's Trailer!

Get to know Dudley until 100.  Go to work in a good mood and get promoted.  
Work on your body with the exercise machine.  Invite your mom over and get 
your relationship with her to 100.  Don't forget to clean up trash!  Get another 
promotion.  Move out to Goth Manor!

Swap a kitchen counter for a fridge, put a microwave and sink in there.  Use 
the machine in the greenhouse to earn Logic points, and the organ to get 
creative points.  Visit Shiny Things Labs and use the workbench and plasma 
coil to get mechanical points to the max.  Make friends with both Mortimer and 
Bella.  If Dudley, Mimi, or Mom's relatonship drops, pay them a visit and rise it 
up again.  Get promoted, and work on your charisma.  Get promoted again.  
Before you move again, visit Dudley's Trailer, and steal the fern near the 
beat-up car.
Move out to Shiny Things Labs!

Make friends with both Vaughn and Makino.  Don't forget to visit other friends to 
keep their scores up!  Use the Invention Workbench to build five Rocket 
Move the gnomes outside using the Build/Buy menu.  Serve food and throw a 
When the party starts (a dialog box will remind you), fire the rocket gnomes 
one by 
one.  After the fifth has been up and xploded, the Hypnotize social will be 
unlocked.  At the first opportunity go and pay a visit to Studio 8.  Use the 
hypnotize on either Archie or Charity to unlock a new object - that cool door in 
labs.  Go to work and get promoted.  Need more friends?  Throw a party and 
sims from 
all over will come for you to talk to.  Need more skills?  Buy an object that will 
suit your sims needs.  Get promoted again.  Move out to The Octagon!

Make friends with General and Maxine.  Upgrade the place and get promoted.  
Club Rubb and have an all-out fight (Attack)with Bing.  But make sure you have 
high body skill.  Visit Shiny Things Labs and steal a computer.  Visit old friends 
and get the scores at 100 again.  Get promoted again.  Before you go, 
Senator Landgrabb.  When Malcolm comes around, invite him in, and if you 
have Miss 
Gyrotech, program it for Defense and it'll attack Malcolm.  Or if you don't have 
Gyrotech, wall Malcolm into a room without a toilet (make sure he hasn't used 
toilet before you do it).  Move out to Malcolm's Mansion!

Put a new section of building at the upper left side of the mansion and fill it 
skill stuff.  Get promoted one more time to unlock the Mad Scientist Career 
To view it, Activate the temple at the front yard.  Congrats!  The Mad Scientist 
Career is finished!  I suggest you stay at the mansion going to work until you 
a ton of money.  Then go ahead and choose another job.


6. Da Legal Things

Copyright 2004 [email protected] Current FAQs since completion of this 
guide: 16

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