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1.) Backround info.
2.) Good gifts in detail
3.) How to marry 
4.) Heart Events

1.) Muffy works at the Blue Bar and is a girl who seems to have trouble with 
boys and has never had a succssful relationship with boy. If You don't know 
where she is, look right next door to the Inner Inn or look for the building 
that has the sign Bar on the front of the building.

2.) If you want to give her the gift that doesn't up her LP(Love Points)much, 
give her flowers and oranges. This will give her +300LP, You need 60,000 LP 
points before proposion. The next best is chocolate, skin care products like 
lotion and face masks which will give you +500 LP, the second best is anytype 
of jewlery and dresses, +800LP. The best to give her is wine, she loves this 
and adds +1500LP.

3.) To propose, you need to fill all her LP. You need the Big Be which can be 
bought off the shopping network(Channle 2)with your house upgraded twice. To 
unlock Channle 2, buy 10 items that are the same once everyday from the 
supermarket and don't stop unless the store is closed. Then you must find 60 
harvest spirts, this is very annoying but bare with me. Last of all you must 
buy the blue feather from Karren when you have finished everything that you 
need to meet requirements, then you can propose to her.

4.) Black Heart Event:
Any day
You will walk into the bar and only Muffy will be at the counter, she will ask 
you what you look for in a women, i'm not sure exactly what to say but i 
suggest that you ethier say nothing really patisular or the other choice thats 
not quiet and timid. She will offer you a free drink that she makes, what you 
say will vary.(+5,000LP)

Purple Heart Event:
Any day
You will be leaving your Farm, Muffy will be upset, standing at the bridge 
looking at the river but before you even leave, Griffin goes to Muffy and asks 
her why she is so sad, she will say that she just got and invite to a wedding 
with a boy she use to date and is upset, Griffin tells her to cry, you don't 
see her and when you go to her, you will not have to deal with this bussiness 
and get LP points.(+5,000LP)

Blue Heart Event:
Any day
All day
You should go to the Blue Bar everyday to make sure you don't miss this event. 
Muffy will be talking to Griffin and ask him why he plays the guitar, he 
explains why with a story that you don't have to really involve in. If you talk 
to Muffy while your in this she will only ask if you play an instrument and you 
don't have answer.(10,000LP)

Yellow Heart Event:
Any day
Muffy will talk to Griffin and tell him that she has no luck with boys and is 
always alone, Griffin suggests that she should look for a nice boy who livrs in 
Forget-Me-Not Valley which will trigger the last stage and you will be able to 
marry her.(The Remainning LP needed for proposel.)

For the fact, if you don't know who Karen is, she isthe women who works at the 

No plagarism.  

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