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          H   H     A     RRRRRR  V       V EEEEEE SSSSSSS TTTTTTTTT
          H   H    A A    R    R   V     V  E      S           T
          HHHHH   A   A   RRRRRR    V   V   EEEE   SSSSSSS     T
          H   H  AAAAAAA  R     R    V V    E            S     T
          H   H A       A R      R    V     EEEEEE SSSSSSS     T 

                   M   M      OOOOOOO OOOOOOO   N       N
                  M M M M     O     O O     O   N N     N
                 M   M   M    O     O O     O   N  N    N
                M         M   O     O O     O   N   N   N
               M           M  OOOOOOO OOOOOOO   N     N N

                               Muffy's Life (4.0)

2.Winning Muffy's Heart
3.Muffy's Son
4.Son's Jobs
7.Final Stage

                            Who is Muffy?

    Muffy is a flashy flirt who doesn't want to waste away polishing goblets at the 
Blue Bar. If you prefer a pretty face who doesn't have a clue about farming, this 
is the girl for you. She lives at the Blue Bar in another room. The Blue Bar opens 
at 10:00 A.M.



                           Love to Muffy 

    Well all you have to do is give her flowers. She LOVES flowers. She also likes 
one exact fish. It is a Big Huchep fish. Do not show her items when shes behind the 
counter or she'll get mad. She walks along the river before and after her job. To 
check if she likes you, her diary is behind the plant in the Blue Bar. Wait until 
her diary has 4 red hearts to propose.

                            Kids These Days 

    Your son will be cheerful and playful. He'll have blonde hair and blue 
overalls. He'll often say "cawwie me" so just carry him. He wakes up at 8:00 A.M. 
just like Muffy. You will now be able to buy toys for him from Van. He will be 
afraid of your dog though. You can give him milk cause he likes milk a lot.


                         Start Workin I Always Say

    He'll finally have his own room and a bookshelf in chapter three. The books on 
his shelf are what jobs he might be interested in. He also has a diary you can read 
that changes often. You can't pick him up any more and he won't ask to be "cawwied".
(Which might be a good thing.)

                              Teens Gone Wild 

    He's finally a teen in chapter 4 and boy he's a unruly one. When you talk to 
him he'll say like "Whats you problem old man" or "I'm bored" so don't mess with 
him. His bookshelf will still be there so you can check what jobs and his diary 
still.(He'll be mean only if he works with Cody or if you never talked to him.) 

                              Love is in the Air 

   Finally your son starts liking some girls. They are Kate or Lumina.(Atleast 
Nami's kid does.) He's not so mean anymore but he is still annoying. He still 
says "I'm bored". You can check his jobs for the last time cause he finally 
thinking of what he wants to do.

                               Oh Sweet Sorrow 

    The end is near for you. Your son has finally chosen what he wants to be but 
the outcome is not good. He has chosen his job death. After you death a 
little cut-scene comes on showing what your son chose to work with, and a little 
funeral at the Blue Bar.

    Who do we call when we want help to know where to go...oh right the MAP!

This isn't about Muffy's life but it might help!
|                 YOUR FARM                            | 
|                   _____            _____         ____| 
|        |---------||   | _____ ____ |   ||-LS--| |    |
|    |DH||   YH    ||NF | |_CC_||WF| | F ||-----| | VF |
|        |---------||___|            |___|        |____|
|                                                      |
|     |--|                                             |
|     |OS|           |---TS--|--------------|          |  
|     |--|           |-------|   PASTURE    |        GODDESS
|                    |  BARN |              |         SPRING
|  |-------|         |-------|              |          |    |F=Fertile(field)|
|  |--TH---|                 |--------------|          |    |NF=Not Fertile(field)|
|                                                      |    |VF=Very Fertile(field)|
|TOWN|_________________________________________________|    |DH=Dog House| 
                                                            |YH=Your House| 
                                                            | W=Watering Fountain| 
                                                            |CC=Chicken Coop|
                                                            |LS=Locked Shed|
                                                            |OS=Ordering Shed| 
                                                            |TH=Takakuras House| 
                                                            |TS=Tool Shed|
                                                             |Goddess Spring|
Copyrighted by Me. If you have any questions just email me at 
[email protected] or talk to me on my AIM screen name, ConnorRod92.

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