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Halo 3: Multiplayer FAQ by Brandon3000xxx
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By: Brandon3000xxx (Brandon Guerrie)
[email protected]

My former name on GAMEFAQS is Brandon_Guerrie. I created this new account as 
Brandon3000xxx, with the same and original e-mail as my old user name. Why?
I could not recover my account on here. My other and rather older guides on
here are under the old name. 

This faq/guide is owned but myself, brandon guerrie, and to gamefaqs. For
those with questions about posting or what not, I  will need to be e-mailed 
about anything about this guide. No posing or plagarism!!
COPYRIGHT 2007 Brandon Guerrie

This faq is focuses on only the multiplayer modes featured in Halo 3. Consi-
dering everyone "finished the fight," this guide covers on the best tricks 
and advice on how to get better in Halo 3 against people on Xbox Live. It 
covers all the maps, weapons, vehicles, and some cheapness as well. 


        SNOW BOUND
        THE PIT
<9>.....FINAL WORD


 Version 1.0 11/14/07: Started the guide up to the start of Construct.
 Version 3.0 11/15/07: Finished everything up to Narrows.
 Version 6.0 11/16/07: Started Multiplayer Modes.
 Version 9.0 11/17/07: Finished up to Weapon Section.
 Version FINAL 11/18/07: Completed the Faq.


Xbox 360 is the perfect controller for any FPS (first person shooter). If
you played Halo before, not much has changed. There are three types of 
controls from default for the three types of modes you are playing, which
are Game play (when your actually playing) , Forge, and Theatre. This focuses
mainly on the general game play, for the other modes look into the manual.


-LT Left Trigger-
Toss a grenade or other sub-weapon.

-RT Right Trigger-
Fire your weapon!!

-LB Left Bumper-
Hold another gun in your left hand, reload, swap your grenade type.

-RB Right Bumper-
Pick up a weapon, operate turret, computer, and other weapons, get into a
vehicle, and reload your weapon.

-Left Analog-
Move around, crouch by pressing the analog.

-Right Analog-
Look at all directions, move your weapon cursor, and press to use your eye

Up: Talk to your teammates on the headset, and use your flashlight in one 

Change weapon.

Secondary weapon.


Punch your enemy.

View Stats.


Before you get right on Live and fight, here's some quick tips on how to 
take down your opponents and the secrets on how to survive.

Call it cheap, call it cheating, it doesn't matter to me because I use it 
and the majority of gamers on live use this as well. This works best in 
narrow hallways and is considered "hiding" and being invisible off the radar
. Anytime you want to sneak up on an opponent without him knowing, crouch by
pressing the left analog(you'll have to hold it). Now granted, if he already
seen you, don't use this method. The closer you get to the enemy, the easier
the kill will be. They won't have enough time to react and attack you, mak-
ing it an easy kill. This works best around hallway corners, especially with
a strong weapon like the Mauler, Shotgun, Gravity Hammer, etc.

-HOW HALO GOES- *This depends on the many situations.
After playing numerous amount of matches in the game, you pretty much (most
cases) found out whoever see's who first, gets the kill. If a person runs 
up behind you before you know it, your pretty much out of luck. Sometimes
you do get lucky, but when this happens your best bet is to toss as many
grenades as you can around you. With luck, you can get a kill from the grave
! Be aware though, sometimes it will work, sometimes it will backfire and 
you can get a suicide. You have nothing lose (except one point from suicide)
.It's worth it. Don't ever RUN, unless you can take good cover.  

Rushing as a team works well most of the time, unless your enemies have the
rocket launcher, or see you come in. Rushing out in the open playing solo is
by far the worst technique, and you will simply learn that as you lose. It
is best to learn your maps, and find the best routes around that level. If
an open area is the only option, always look at your surroundings, and make
sure no one is behind you. You can be perfect, but paying attention is ano-
ther key to survive.

-Up Close-
Majority of players on Xbox Live are damn good, so you will have to practice
how to fight and how to win. Hitting your opponent with the B button up 
close will automatically drain there life to one, so its good it be quick, 
shoot some bullets in them, then hit them with the final punch. 

-Other Easy Kills/Stealing Kills-
When you see two or more people battling it out, throw grenades and go crazy
. Sometimes you can get a triple, double, or single kill out of this. The 
best and cheapest way to kill an enemy is to let the one of your opponents
shoot the other so he or she is almost dead, then just pump em' with a 
couple bullets for an easy kill. This usually works, and get ready for some-
one on the mic to yell; "YOU STOLE MY KILL @[email protected][email protected]"

Most of the time this doesn't work, but once in a great while, you'll have 
some luck. Toss some grenades up the gravity elevators and watch them ride 
up above. If your chances work, you'll get a kill from an enemy above.

I am all against spawn killing, but if the others use it, you have no choice
. Just don't expect to last too long on it, since people either quit or gain
up on you. It's part of the game, though, so do what you have to do
and win!

Practice, practice, practice. The more you play Halo 3, the better
you will get. You also want to practice with the levels with some 
friends or on Forge mode, giving you the learning on where everything
is and how the map is crafted. 

The one hit kill. Yes, if you manage to sneak up behind your enemy,
hit him with your gun (B) to assassinate him. This is the easiest kill
to obtain, but opportunities to do so are rare.


This level consists of three floors in an open area. There are three gravity
elevator lifts, one main one in the center, and two on the left and right 
side. It makes it quick and easy to get up to the top floor, but it is, how-
ever, pointless to go up them, since there is always someone up top waiting 
to kill you. Unless your playing Oddball or running out of time, don't use 
them, only if you absolutely need to. Instead, take the long way up by using
the stairs. 

This is where most people start off and spawn. You should get the Flamethr-
ower (*B) if you can, since it sit's right in the dead center of the floor. 
If not, it also has two Maulers, a Missile Pod, Brute Shot, and the Spartan
Laser. This is basically a cluster, so toss grenades around the corners, 
and if you want, you can spawn kill here. Most of the time, though, get what 
you need here and get out, since people will be spawning often and all over 

The most open part of the level, no one is usually around here. It's also not
a good idea to hang out here either, simply because there may very well be 
someone sniping above you. If you happen to notice people below you on the 
first floor, toss some grenades in the center hole to give them a surprise. 
There's two staircases leading up to the third floor. This is your best rou-
te to make it up there alive.

This is where the action is. When your walking around the corners, toss gre-
nades and be aware of the people going up the three elevators. You can get 
the Sniper Rifle right in the center platform, as well as a Bubble Shield ri-
ght below it. The best spot to snipe is basically where you pick the actual
sniper rifle up. Keep in mind you can look down the side elevators and shoot
the person while they are riding it up. The best way to get some kills is to
get the Energy Sword or the Mauler, and crouch near the side elevators.
Without notice, you can get easy kills for guys coming up the elevators and 
guys walking around the corner. Just be careful of grenades they may throw.

SPECIAL WEAPONS                          LOCATION
*Sniper Rifle                      Third floor, center platform.

*Spartan Laser                     First floor, on the side near the stairs.
*Energy Sword                      Third floor, at the south end platform.

This map has two floors, and inside main area, and an outside area on both
floors. The main area is where you will mostly see other gamers on the first
floor, and is where everyone spawns the most. When you first start off your
more than likely going to spawn in the main area on the first floor, so get
ready to battle immediately. 

I found the best way to rank up some kills is to stay in the open area on
the second floor and let everyone duke it out on the bottom main floor. This
is your chance to throw grenades and shoot from above to steal some points
from others.

Another option is to run for the Rocket Launcher, which you'll have to ride
up the main elevator to the lonely platform above. Don't hang out there 
for too long though, since more than one person will be thinking of the same 
idea. A cool spot to hang out at is one of the two pillars you can jump onto
the left and right of the platform. You will be high above ground and be 
able to shoot from an unexpected position. You should use the crouch techn-
ique as well.

Grab the Shotgun, Mauler, or for the best Gravity Hammer. Most of the hall-
ways in this level are bullet proof, so you can camp in front of them and 
wait for your opponents to walk through and get a up close one hit kill
with any of these weapons.  The Gravity Hammer is located in the center 
of the first floor main area. You'll find the Shotgun in the outside west 
area of the map, at the very top of where the walkway ends. Maulers are 
scattered on the first and second floor near the doorways leading outside.

Active Camo is also in this map. It is outside in the open on the first
floor. Make sure it's clear before grabbing it. You can also find the Over
Shields inside on the opposite end. Having one of these two won't hurt and
will benefit yourself to survive. 

SPECIAL WEAPONS                         LOCATION
*ROCKET LAUNCHER             Top single platform, inside. Use elevator.

*Shotgun                     Outside, up at the end of the West walkway.

*Gravity Hammer              First Floor, center main area.
One of the best, easiest, and smallest maps in Halo 3. This level has two
floors, and this is a straight up action map because of it's size. Here you
have Active Camo, Sniper Rifle, Over Shields, and the Gravity Hammer. It 
also has gravity lifts on the lower side platforms that everyone can ride
up, so be aware they can show up at all directions.

Your best bet is to stay off the sidelines and avoid going up in the middle
areas on the first and second floor. The spawning points are the best and 
safe positions. Work your way around or under the action, so you can have 
the advantage. NEVER go up the elevator here, since it seems there is always
someone above that can easily kill you. Throw grenades up the elevator, and 
take the long way and kill from a distance. The elevator room is where most 
people hang out, so don't bother rushing in at first.

The Sniper Rifle is located on the first floor in the long hallway opposite
of the elevator. That whole area at that end is a perfect spot for sniping,
as well as the top floor, but just be careful about spawners around you. 

You can always pick up the Active Camo which is located at the right of the 
elevator. If you can get it, you can easily kill people with a crouch posi-
tion. Just make sure you use the Camo in a non-open area.

Crouching works very well in this level. You can find the Shotgun on the 
first floor at the end of a hall left of the elevator, and a Mauler right 
above. The Gravity Hammer is on the first floor in the long hallway in the
center. These are the weapons that work best in this level, you can easily 
kill people around the corner of the hallways.

A good spot to spawn kill (yes, it's cheap) is the jungle grass area on the
first floor. No one hardly goes here, and you can also pick up a Brute Shot.
They will spawn on the first floor spots around the area on the walkways.

*Sniper Rifle              First Floor, at the end of long center hallway.

*Gravity Hammer            First floor, middle of the long hallway.

*Shotgun                   First floor, at the end of hallway left of

One of my favorites, this is one of the larger maps for big team battles. 
This is one of the maps with mongoose's and ghost vehicles. You have several
ways to scroll the map, the open area, the bunker, and a hidden pipe tunnel
on the side. The spawning points (depending on what type of game you are 
playing) are all over on both ends of the map. You'll either spawn at the 
ocean side or at the building end. 

Like most maps, running up the middle to the gate is the last thing you sh-
ould do, whatever side you spawn on. Another don't do step is to immediately
get on a vehicle, simply because someone can pick up the Spartan Laser and 
already target you. Use the bunker and buildings to your advantage. The
pipe area on the side works well too, and you can easily sneaked up behind 

Opening the doors is a must if your on the offensive end (or Slayer mode).
You can find the computer terminal near the turret which opens the gate.
Now you can ride the Ghost or Mongoose through the entire level, though it's
pointless to use the mongoose in a solo game. 

The Sniper Rifle is on the beach end against the wall near the tunnel. 
are three good sniping spots in this map. The first is at the upper area 
at the beach (where you spawn) on the rocks. You have a good view of this
whole area here. The second is at the tower, where you pick up the Spartan 
Laser. You can get up here near the turret at the center. This is where
you can snipe both sides of the map. The third and final good spot is right
on top of the missile pod structure near the mongoose. This is by far high 
and is good if your on the defensive side.

The Rocket Launcher is sitting up against and behind a broken wall in the 
beach area. You can find the Shotgun on the opposite side near a tree. If 
your fortunate to pick any of these up, head through the bunker to get some 
inside kills. Crouch works too!!

Active Camo sits in the cave where beach is. Usually someone always rushes 
to it, so make sure to pick up the Rocket if you can first. You can also 
find a Gravity Lift in the other cave, and plant it to the left of the
gate to reach the tower with the Spartan Laser.

*ROCKET LAUNCHER          Beach area, behind broken wall.

*Spartan Laser            The tower, near the turret.

*Sniper Rifle             Beach area, near cave.

This is one of the toughest levels to get used to. This will test your
skills here, since there really isn't a place to hide. There is the top
ground level on this map, and the underground. This is straight up action,
so your in for a real fight.

Pick up Regenerators if you can, which are located at the bottom two bas-
es. They keep you alive and gain your life back. Another good option is 
to ride the Ghost vehicle down in the underground area. There is no Spa-
tan Laser in this level, so if you move fast, run people over, and go nuts
, you'll be ok. 

The Rocket Launcher rests underneath in the center ground. It plays a go-
od part in the underground area, but above it won't be that accurate. That
goes the same for the Shotgun and the Maulers, since everything above 
ground is more spread out, leaving you a sitting duck. If you can get the 
Sniper Rifle, or pick a Battle Rifle, you'll be well on your way on top. 

I actually found the gravity lifts (which sit on the sides below) to be 
quite helpful. Mostly everyone around here is running around looking str-
aight ahead, and won't even notice you flying up in the air, giving you
enough time to shoot him before he/she know's better. 

Use the holes through out the level for a quicker way to reach the bott-
om. It's also a good way to "run" away or take cover if your getting sni-
ped. Remember, the tunnels are most close range combat, so use your gren-
ades and whatever else you have to beat your enemies. 

*Rocket Launcher          In the middle of the underground area.

*Sniper Rifle             Ground above, inside the rusty structure.

*Shotgun                  Ground above, inside the white structure. 

Another gigantic map, you really have to be cautious with this one, cons-
idering there are two Sniper Rifles, Spartan Laser, and vehicles galore.
It's a well rounded area where you can be attacked by any where. You'll
need some practice for this one.

There is a Ghost as well as a Warthog, but I think the best option in this
level is the Spartan Laser, which sits up top the windmill bridge behind it
. You have a perfect view up top of the map, as well as a good weapon in
hand. If this is an impossibility, find a Bubble Shield and equip the Sho-
tgun in an open corner area. 

Active Camo is a little harder to reach this time around. Use the windmill
to reach the top of the bridge in front of it, and hit the red switch to
lower the platform. This is well worth picking up in this area.

Make sure you lower the gates in the base if your playing on defense of a
game. The terminal is in the upper portion of the large generator room,
which gives you a chance to drive vehicles inside and get some easy spawn

Whatever side your on, the Sniper Rifle is one of the best weapons in this
map, and you can snipe from all the above and below grounds to your advan-
tage. Another good tactic is to use the turrets on the upper platforms, 
you'll be surprised how well it works here.

*Spartan Laser           Top platform behind windmill.

*Sniper Riflex2          Both sides of the map, on top of the open bui-
                         lding, and in the old brown structure near the 

*Shotgunx2               Both are the left and right sides of the wind-
                         mill, on the ground platforms.

Narrows is another small map where with a two bridges in the middle (the
other is below it. You also have access to a gravlift on each side that 
takes you to the other side of the level. This will make it faster to get
around the map, yet you are exposed when doing so. Use this if your gett-
ing sniped from the other side. Use close range combat and grenades, since
the action never stops here.

Get any equipment that you can, which is located at the very bottom of
each side (Active Camo and OverSheild). This will help getting across the
map unnoticed or with lesser problems. 

BE VERY CAREFUL going up the middle bridge. The Rocket Launcher is right
in the center up top, but it seems someone always will beat you to it 
(unless you can work with your team to get it). You always want to use 
your grenades around the bridge areas, because you never know what wea-
pon people are carrying.  

Crouching works well on both ends of the bridge areas, just make sure
which side your enemies are going on. There are a lot of structures
that you can jump onto and camp and wait for your prey. Make sure to pick
up a Mauler or the Shotgun at the bottom bridge if you can. 

Bubble Shields is another great item for this level. People on this level
constantly snipe, use the Brute Shot, and especially use their grenades
at all directions. Be protected well.

Like stated before, grenades work VERY WELL in this level, no matter what
area you are at. If your in a hurry, you can jump of the sides of the br-
idge above at each of it's ends if you don't feel safe walking in the 

SPECIAL WEAPONS             Location
*Sniper Riflex2       On each end of the maps, at the bottom of both 

*Shotgun              Right in the middle of the bridge below.

*Rocket Launcher      Good luck getting it, it's on top of the platform
                      in the middle of the top bridge.

The largest map and my personal favorite, you will experience all kinds
of combat here. Grab a Warthog, Mongoose, Banshee, Chopper, etc. You can
even drive the Elephants in this level. This is, in my opinion, the best
damn level in the game, and where you will have the most fun. You will 
only be able to play this map (besides custom and forge games) in Team 
Modes. Enjoy!

This is really basic, by I suggest to use a vehicle (warthog or the bans-
hee in particular), and go nuts. Circling around the map and changing 
your routes with the vehicle is easy and fast to trick your opponents. 
Just be aware of the Spartan Laser.

Speaking of the Spartan Laser, that is also one of the best weapons to 
use on this map. It's good to get it earlier and take your opponents ve-
hicles down at the beginning. The Missile Pods also work well in this 

If you want to be really cheap, grab the Sniper Rifle and go to the pu-
rple shit wreck area. This is one of the BEST sniping areas in the game. 
When I usual snipe here, no one usually never knows where it came from.
You can also snipe at the top of the sand hills on the sides. 

DON'T run too far off the map, there are land mines in the sands, and 
will kill you very quickly. You will see the sticks in the ground with
the blinking yellow lights. Do not cross them unless you want to die.

Elephants work very well if you have a large and smart team to play with.
One guy will have to drive the vehicle (and they are slow), while your
other teammates should use the turrets and watches each others backs'.

*Rocket Launcher           Sitting on top of one of the structures,
                           in front of the grey ship buried in the sand.

*Spartan Laser             Near the warthogs and grey ship, in front of
                           the doorway to one of the structures.

*Missile Podx2             One sits under the grey ship buried in the 
                           sand, while the other sits above one of the
                           square shaped structures near the warthogs
                           and the Prowler.

*Gravity Hammer            On top of one of the center long structures at
                           the end.

*Sniper Rifle              Inside the center long structures, at the end
                           of it's hallway.

My least favorite level in the game. Expect to die a lot your first time
through, it takes a lot to get used to. You will learn it is almost poin-
tless to walk around the outside area, fighting inside the buildings
and in the underground caves is the best way to win. DO NOT go to far 
out of the map, or the guardian lasers will shoot you.

Much like the Epitaph map, the buildings and cave's have bullet proof 
doors in the hall ways. They block everything from the Spartan Laser to 
grenades. Use this to your advantages. It's good to pick up a Mauler or 
Shotgun for these areas, and will give you easy kills. 

Grab the Ghost vehicle and you can rank up some frags here. You can find
it under the bridge. As long as you move fast and circle around the lev-
el, you can avoid gunfire and the Spartan Laser. You can even fit it 
inside some of the caves! You can also find a Active Camo inside the 
small cave in the outside area. 

The spot where everyone usually battles is in the main cave large room 
underground. Use the hall ways to the side and shoot from here. Toss some
grenades as well, just make sure to back up past the bullet proof doors
if someone decides to use theirs. Crouching and camping here is the best
to get the most kills, considering everyone spawns here mostly.

*Spartan Laser                   It's is in on of the two buildings on 
                                 it's main floor.

*Shotgun                         In the underground main cave in the 
                                 large room.

Another tough level, you'll need to practice on this map to get any bett-
er at it. This map is big and is basically one large open area box. The-
re are several routes to take, and you will need to really pay close att-
ention of your surroundings.

Use the turrets. They work very well in all these areas, just make sure
you back yourself up to a wall when using it. Teams will rush here, and
these are the best things to take on multiple enemies at once.

Although using the Sniper Rifle in this level works well, you can only
scope out one side of the wide map. That means that once someone notices
you, they can easily come up around you from the side. If you are going 
to snipe, change your position often.

THE BEST TECHNIQUE in this level is to camp out in the computer room where
the Energy Sword is located. With the Shotgun, Mauler, or the Energy Sword
equipped, you can crouch and kill people with ease around the corners of
the hall ways. People often run through here, so stay here as long as you
can, but be careful if there's more than one enemy coming your way in all

Try to eliminate the people going for the Rocket Launcher early on, it's
usual where the first brawl takes place in the beginning of the game. Use
grenades in the hall ways, and do all in your power to prevent someone 
getting that weapon!!

*Energy Sword           In the square structure on the side, in the com-
                        puter room.

*Rocket Launcher         In the side hall way.

*Sniper Riflex2         On both sides of the map, in the room below the 

*Shotgunx2              On both sides of map, in the side hall ways near
                        both bases.

A basic large narrow map with two bases on each side. You have the option
to use Mongooses, Warthogs, and Banshees (only in big team battle). Each 
base as gravity lifts to use to boost yourself to the side and center of
the map, giving an extra jump further away from your base. Just make sure
to take the side caves and routes instead of the center, because most of
the time the other enemies are sniping.

Don't use your vehicles right when you start off, your more than likely
to get lasered or shot down by the Missile Pod. Instead, walk by foot and
circle around the map first. Use the Missile Pod or Spartan Laser if pos-
sible to take down any vehicles that come your way. You can also use the
Energy Drains to stop the vehicles from moving.

If you have access to the Banshee, use it to take down your enemies aro-
und their base. These are easy kills, but make sure to fly away if are
a target. The Warthog is extremely helpful to take out your opponents 
with it's turret, circle around the map and around the enemies base for 
some cheap kills. Be aware that sometimes people spawn in the center of 
the map as well. They can also have the Missile Pod equipped.

This level is THE BEST map for sniping. If your a good sniper, you can
use many of the map's spots to snipe all around. You can use the base,
the caves, the wrecked ship area, and the on the rocks near the water.
Taking out the other sniper is, by far, your first priority, if there is 
one. The waterfall is also a good spot.

If your playing defense in a game, hanging out in the basement is your
best bet, simply because this is where most of your foes will rush in.
Use grenades and the Shotgun if possible to prevent them from taking 
over your base.

*Sniper Riflex2            In both bottom parts of the bases.

*Spartan Laser             Right near the rock in the very middle of
                           the field.

*Missile Podx2             On the top part of both bases.

*Shotgunx2                 In the two caves on the side of the map.

There are a whole lot of multiplayer modes besides Slayer in Halo
3. Here are all the modes you can play online and the some tactics
to win. Most of the team modes are really up to you and your allies
online to come up with the best strategy, which in most cases, is 
to stick together.

*NOTE Some of these modes can only be played in custom games, and
the standard modes are subject to change by the custom game creator
online, such as the score or time limit and items.

Goal to win: Most kills under the time limit or 25 Points.
# of rounds: 1

This is the most basic and familiar game in Halo. Your job is just 
to kill all your enemies. Equip the right weapons, and always be 
aware of your surroundings. Use some cheap ways to win, like a 
turret or the environment as a camping place. If possible, use
distant weapons. You will have to play the game numerous times
to get better at Slayer.

Goal to win: Score the most kills under the time limit or 50 points
to win.
# of rounds: 1

Team Slayer is all about team work. Hopefully you and your team-
mates have a mic and together you can talk strategies on what to do.
Never split up, sticking together and watching each other's backs
is the best option. 

Goal to win: Score the most kills under the time limit or 25 points.
# of rounds: 1

Rocket slayer is the same as the standard Slayer Mode, however, there is
only one weapon, the Rocket Launcher. This is quite fun, and also easy
to die. Do not hesitate, fire away with the rockets, and you can even get
a kill without a direct hit. As long as the rocket explodes near your
enemy, they will get hit by it. Use corners and hall ways with this sit-
uation for the advantage.

Goal to win: Get the most kills (5) in the quickest time. 
# of rounds: 5

This is a lot harder and takes some skill to win. Whoever is the first 
one to score five kills wins the round. You will need to act fast and be
quick at slaying. I wouldn't advise playing this until you get a large
amount of experience in the game first. The strategy to win is just bas-
ically becoming good in Halo 3.

Goal to win: Basic slayer, but the one with the most kills needs to fi-
ght in the open and cannot camp and hise. First to score 10 kills wins.

This is basically slayer, but a little harder if your the leader in the
game. Even if your not, just run where the action is and get as many 
kills in as you can. Never hide in this mode.

Goal to win: Hang onto the ball the longest, or score 50 points.
# of rounds: 1
Whoever can hang onto the ball the longest, wins. Once you pick up
the ball, try to go to undercover area or hall way, this way you 
can easily punch your opponents. Use gravity lifts if there on the
map, or any other holes or passages to run away. If you don't have 
the ball, always take a look on the screen for the ball cursor lo-
go to locate it. Sometimes the ball will reset if no one picks it

Goal to win: You and your teammate race to hold onto the ball the lon-
gest. 100 points wins the game.
# of rounds: 1

Work with your partner to get the ball. One of you will carry the ball, 
while the other will protect the carrier. Always have the protector lead
the way, and if you get in an up close combat, let the ball carrier get
in and hit them.

Goal to win: Every team, and each of its member, must score 25 points
by carrying the ball. 
# of rounds: 1

This is a little trickier, but not as hard. Use the same scenario as you 
would for Team Oddball, but once you score twenty-five points, drop it 
and give it to your teammate. This usually takes some time. If you can 
separate your enemy teammates or kill at least on of them, there's no way
they can win without their partner.

Goal to win: Standard Oddball. Much more difficult to kill the carrier.
100 points grants the winner.
# of rounds: 1

This is much harder since the skull carrier is invisible and faster. If 
you happen to see the ball cursor or a red dot on your radar nearby, jump
and start shooting. Use distance attacks and grenades to take him down.
If you have the skull, simply keep moving, it's pretty easy to take down
your opponents.

Goal to win: Standard Oddball, but this time with rockets.
# of rounds: 1

The hardest Oddball game, this is pure chaos. If you have the ball, run,
and if your surrounded, jump off a cliff if possible to reset the ball. 
Try to camp near the ball if someone drops it, and blow up anyone who 
tries to pick it up. This usually takes a while.

Goals to win: Score 100 points. Take over the hill.
# of rounds: 1

Your job is to take over the hill and protect it. Anyone that comes into
the hill you must take out. Grenades and strong weapons such as the Shot-
gun or the Rocket Launcher work very well. Try to camp behind a structure
if there is one in the hill or on it's sides. The hill will move in diff-
erent spots in this mode.

Goals to win: 100 points.
# of rounds: 1

Work with your teammate to take over the hill. One of you should camp 
outside the hill and shoot people coming in, while the other tries their
best to survive inside. The hill moves in this mode as well.

Goals to win: 100 points. 
# of rounds: 1

The same as the other hill modes, except the hill stays in one place the
entire game. Again, toss grenades before diving right in, and if you can
get a Bubble Shield and a good weapon, you won't have much of a problem.
Shoot from a distance to kill off anyone in the hill first.

Goals to win: Take the enemy flag and bring in to your base. 3 Points
# of rounds: 1

Both teams can capture the flags in both bases. Here is a quick tip that
no one usually ever listens to on Xbox Live: Have two guys guard your 
base and protect your flag, while the others go to get the enemy flag. 
For those guarding the flag, see if you can get a close range weapon like
the Mauler or Shotgun, while the other guards at a close distance. Even
if they do grab your flag, you will still have time to stop him.

Goals to win: One team defends their flag while the other team tries to 
capture it. Offense and Defense change each round.
# of rounds: 4

Defense Tips: Have two of your members guard the flag up close, while the
the rest of your team guards close by in a distance. This will give your
team back up if they do pick up the flag. Camping and watching is a big 
key on defense. 

Offense Tips: Pretty basic, just rush the base, and make sure your whole
team is with you. Never go for the flag alone, going all together is the
only way. Try to get the flag as far out of the base as possible so an-
other teammate can pick it up if you drop it.

Goals to win: Same as Multi Flag. 3 points.
# of rounds: 1

The only difference in this mode is the person who carries the flag has
more shields but is slower when moving. Just shoot the flag carrier from
a distance, and use the same strategy as you would for Multi Flag.

Goals to win: Standard Capture the Flag, accept the respawn times are 
longer and whatever team captures the flag respawn automically after they
score. 3 points win.
# of rounds: 1

The only thing that will throw you off is the respawn features after
someone scores, making it harder to defend if you happen to score. You
will have to wait for a longer countdown, and you may respawn away from
your base. 

Goals to win: 3 Points, plant the bomb in the enemy base.
# of rounds: 1

Both teams have a bomb, and it's everyone's job to plant the bomb in th-
eir enemy's base. Like Multi Flag mode, have some people guard your base
while others go to try to plant the bomb. Make sure to disarm the bomb
if it's planted in your base!!!

Goals to win: There is one bomb that rests in the middle of the map.
3Points to win.
# of rounds: 1

Have one guy camp at your base and the rest of the team race for the 
bomb. This is kind of like football, don't let the other team pick that
ball up. Guide your bomb carrier into the enemies base. If the ball drops
you will see it on your screen, and if the enemy has it you won't be able
to see the bomb logo. That's your key to get back at your base and defend
with the rest of your team.

Goals to win: 3 Points.
# of Rounds: 4

Defense Tips: Your whole team should camp and protect the base, station
yourselves near the bomb plate and a close distance away from it. 

Offense Tips: Take your team and rush to plant the bomb, and your other 
teammates should distract your enemies. If you get the bomb armed, toss
grenades so your enemies have trouble disarming it.

Goals to Win: 3 Points.
# of rounds: 1

This is the same as Neutral Bomb, except the respawns last a lot longer
when you are killed. It's easier to arm the bomb if people die, so try
to stay alive!!! If your teammates are killed along with you, the pers-
on carrying the bomb will have tons of time to arm it.

{A} Territories
Goals to win: Capture as much territories as you can.
# of Rounds: 4

Offense Tips: The first territory is usually the easiest to capture, so
only have one person take it over. The rest of the team should rush the 
next two similtanelsley. This will separate the enemy team so they don't
all rush into one area. Try to hide in a good spot when your capturing 
a territory (if there is one), and have your teammates scout and protect
you or vice versa.

Defense Tips: Toss grenades in the territory where the other team is ca-
pturing. You can see which spot is being captured on your radar where
the cursor blinks. Let your team know and rush the spots. It's a wild 
fight for these for most cases, so try your best to defend them. The more
teammates you have beside you, the better. Using a Warthog is also a good
idea or another vehicle if there are any in the level.

Goals to win: Capture as many territories as you can.
# of Rounds: 3

This time both teams are on the offensive side, meaning everyone can cap-
ture a territory. Think of it as king of the hill in one way. Stick as a
team and rush as many areas as you can. This is tough, but not imposs-
ible. Make sure you communicate with your allies and check in which spots
your team is capturing. Having one person on your team scout and stop the
other team is a good idea also.

Goals to win: You and your team need to get to the territories where the
flags are and be able to take over the area and survive the time limit.
# of Rounds: 3

This is extremely tough, because most of the time the areas are right in
the open. This will be a back and forth type game. Use the same tactics
in the regular Territory games, and have some of your members protect 
around the areas. Even if you capture the area, the team can then take
the same one over, so protect what you capture.

Goals to win: Destroy the juggernaut to become it, and get points by st-
aying as the juggernaut. 10 points win.
# of rounds: 1

Although the Juggernaut have shields, they don't work as well as you thi-
nk. Just don't try to fight up close with it. Use your grenades and shoot
from a distance to get rid of their shields, making it easier to kill in
close combat. Once you kill the juggernaut, you become the juggernaut.
You get a point for killing the juggernaut, and a point for each kill you
make as you remain the juggernaut. When you become it, try to fight in 
close combat, or use a turret if there is one. Make sure to go after the
person that kills the juggernaut right after it happens, make it easy to
get a point and to be the juggernaut.

Goals to win: The Juggernaut captures the areas given through out the 
level. Destroy the juggernaut and stop him from getting the points.
# of Rounds: 1

Prevent the juggernaut from getting to the areas. If you kill him, you 
will become the juggernaut, meaning it will be your turn to get to the 
areas in time. This is pretty difficult depending on the level, but use
vehicles if there are any. Race to the spot, no matter what the circum-

Goals to win: Survive and don't become a zombie. If you start off the
zombie, you are to kill the humans and infect all of them.
# of Rounds: 3

As a Zombie: Your job is to kill the humans, and for each one you kill, 
they become infected and your ally. Each kill you get you get a point.

As a human: Hide, get in a fast vehicle, or camp against a open area 
wall. Use distance shots, and don't let them get close.

Goals to win: Same as any other infection game.
# of Rounds: 3

Normal Infection rules apply, but this time there is less ammunition la-
ying around, but you are equipped well when you first start off. Use more
of a stealh approach as a zombie, while make your shots count as an 

Goals to win: To kill and survive!
# of Rounds: 3

This time around, the first zombie is faster than usual and also
invisible, making it much more harder to kill and see. Like before, use
vehicles rather than run on foot. Gaining up on the zombie works well. 
If you are the zombie, it's pretty easy to give the humans a surprise.

Goals to win: Survive, Kill, and celebrate.
# of Rounds: 3

If you are the humans, it pretty much sucks. The only way to survive is
to hide without anything to fight the zombies with. Hide and crouch is 
your best option. Being a zombie is quite fun in this round, slash that
sword at your little helpless prey.

#9 VIP
Goals to win: Defend your VIP, and go after the other team's VIP! 10
points win.
# of Rounds: 1

I figure the best way to win this round is to have your whole team stick
together, including the VIP. Now the VIP should be last in line and away
from the action by all means. Follow the VIP cursors on your screen to
see where they are.

Goals to win: Kill or defend VIP.
# of Rounds:4

Defense: This is by far the hardest game in Halo 3, defending wise. This
game usual ends up in a tie, since you have an entire team after your 
VIP. Protect your VIP at your best, and make sure your VIP is in a clo-
sed area and some where to run to. A Bubble Shield would work well to,
but don't expect to stay in it too long.

Offense: If your team does not kill the VIP in the offense rounds, then
you need new teammates. Follow the VIP cursor and rush all in, with gre-
nades and whatever else you got. It's easy, trust me.

Goals to win: Capture the most areas with your team before the other
teams do. 10 points win.
# of Rounds: 1

With your partner, race to the areas given. One of you will be the VIP,
while the other will be it's protector and escort. The VIP is the only
one that can capture this areas. Keep in mind there are other VIPs out
there racing to the same area. Use a vehicle to get there if you can,
and try to flip over the other teams vehicles. You can also (if you want
to be cheap), assinate your enemies from behind. VIPs cannot drive veh-
icles, so with out your partner, you got no chance.

Goals to win: STAY near your VIP. 10 points win.
# of Rounds: 1

Much like a standard VIP game, you should all work together and move 
towards the enemies VIP. This time around, however, staying near your
VIP benefits your strength in battle. Use that to your advantage, and 
do not go separate ways.

This are all the weapons in the multiplayer mode. Keep in mind that
some of these weapons only appear on certain levels, while others can
only be placed in a custom or forge game. The max capacity is how 
many bullets you can shoot from each magazine.

*Default Weapons and weapons are subject to change in custom games.

*Anytime you can carry two weapons (double fisted action baby!), it's
wise to do so. It will take less bullets and shots to take down the
opponent. Remember, with some weapons you can carry TWO DIFFERENT 

*The guns with a Star(*) next to it mean that you can carry more than
one of them, or swap in your left hand. 

Max Capacity: 32    
Power: Moderate  
Aim: Poor

This is your default weapon in the multiplayer mode. It has good 
rapid fire, but it's hard to get every bullet into the enemy. Use it,
but use something better if you can.

Max Capacity: 36
Power: Moderate
Aim: Very Good

This is quite like the Assault Rifle, but instead of the
rapid fire, it spits out a bunch of bullets each shot. It works very 
well as a distant weapon, use it's scope to snipe some enemies.

Max Capacity: 6
Power: Strong
Aim: Very Good

One of the best weapons in the game, you can get a one shot kill 
with this weapon. Use this in close range combat, and hit your
opponent after a shotgun shot.

Max Capacity: 4
Power: Very Strong
Aim: Very good

Another good choice, you first have to practice with the weapon,
but once you learn how to use it, you will be sniping head shots
and two-hit-kills.

#5 SMG *
Max Capacity: 60
Power: Moderate
Aim: Moderate

It's very similar with the Assault Rifle, but it seems
to be easier to aim with and carries more bullets. Carrying two of 
these is some major rapid fire kills.

Max Capacity: 40
Power: Moderate
Aim: Moderate

Spikers work well if you carry two of them, but carrying one doesn't
work very well since they are a little slow. Still, use these in clo-
se range combat.

Max Capacity: 8
Power: Low
Aim: Moderate

My advice, don't use this weapon at all unless you absolutely have 

Max Capacity: 100%
Power: Moderate
Aim: Poor

Hold the fire button to charge it up, then release it. It is very 
difficult to get a direct hit with this gun since your target moves
faster than the actual shot. Still, it is good to drain down an 
opponents life or for it's best use to stall out a vehicle.

Max Capacity: 100%
Power: Moderate
Aim: Moderate

These are ok to use, just make sure you have two of them in your
hand. They work as well as the SMGs.

Max Capacity: 19
Power: Strong
Aim: Moderate/low

Needlers work very well if you can get a direct hit with your targ-
et. Sometimes it is hard to aim though, so practice with it.

Max Capacity: 6
Power: Moderate/Strong
Aim: Low

I'll come right out and say it: I don't like this weapon. The aiming
is hard to connect, and sometimes it takes more than four hits to 
take down an enemy. Maybe it's just me. Try it.

Max Capacity: 2
Power: Very Strong
Aim: Moderate/ Very Good

One of the best and strongest weapons in the game. It's pretty easy
to hit your target, and the best part is it doesn't have to connect.
As long as the rocket explodes near your enemy, there's ninety-eight
percent chance he will fall.

Max Capacity: 100% (Five Shots)
Power: Very Strong
Aim: Very Good

Another strong weapon, one hit destroys everything, including the 
vehicles. Make sure to use it's scope for better accuracy.

Max Capacity: 100%
Power: Very Strong
Aim: Very good

Best for close combat. One hit kills the victim instantly. To use it
properly, swing it with the cursor on your target when it's red.

Max Capacity: Unlimited/200 
Power: Strong
Aim: Moderate

These fire very fast, and isn't that difficult to aim either. It will
take down an opponent fast, and remember you can rip it off the 
stand it rests on.

Max Capacity: 100% (12 hits)
Power: Very strong
Aim: Very good

Just like the sword, use this in close combat situations, and use
the cursor to connect a direct hit.

#17 Mauler *
Max Capacity: 5
Power: Strong
Aim: Moderate
This weapon works well in close range, and that's about it. That
said, use it in a close fight, a one shot and a punch can take down
the enemy easily.

#18 Carbine
Max Capacity: 18
Power: Moderate
Aim: Good

This weapon works best if you use your scope. It's easy to aim and
has some descent fire power.

#19 Machine Gun Turret
Max Capacity: Unlimited/200
Power: Strong
Aim: Moderate

Very useful if your opponents are rush in front of you. The only 
problem is that it's slow at times, from shooting to turning. 

Max Capacity: 100% (12 Shots)
Power: Very strong
Aim: Good

Another up-close useful weapon, once you get a hit of the target, 
burn baby burn!

Max Capacity: 5
Power: Very strong
Aim: Moderate

Though a little slow, it's very powerful. It also features a scope
but it's not necessary to use, and the shots can bounce off the 
floors as well. Just be aware that the shots do fall from a far 
distance, so use it as more of a regular weapon, and in a not so 
distance fight. Although the shots do bounce, your chances of 
getting a hit with it are slim to none. 

*** Thanks to
SlyEragon for informing me on this.

Max Capacity: 100% (10 shots)
Power: Strong
Aim: Good

Similar to the Sniper Rifle in a way, this baby shoots out lasers
and you can zoom the beam in. Make sure to let it fully charge 
recover after each shot for better effect.

Max Capacity: 100&
Power: Strong
Aim: Good

Hold onto the trigger to keep the beam going. You can easily drag it
around where your opponents run, and keep that beam shooting through
there body. 


Max Capacity: 2
Power: Strong

Your standard grenades, use these often. If your know your going
down, toss one or two before you fall to your death, sometimes you
can get a kill from the grave.

Max Capacity: 2
Power: Strong

It takes getting used to, but you can stick your opponents with this
type of grenade. Even if you miss, sometimes it's explosion gets a 
kill anyhow.

Max Capacity: 2
Power: Strong

Similar to the Plasmas, use in close range and stick your opponents.

Max Capacity: 2
Power: Strong

Toss these at enemies, once they catch that fire, they won't be able
to stop it.

Works very well in awhile situations. This blocks every weapon and
grenades, just be careful vehicles can drive through them.

Like it's name, this drains everyone's power to one if it connects 
with them. It's good to use if a bunch of enemies are standing near
each other, then a couple shots or grenades should do the trick.

Plant it most people walk through, and BAM! If you want to be cheap, 
place them near spawn spots, vehicles, and weapons. 

This basically gives you a lift to an upper platform if you place it
in the right area, which creates a faster and easier route. It's 
really only useful in a few levels, and doesn't last very long.

Brings your energy back when you use this. Very good when defending
in a base or when you cornered, just watch for grenades!!

Like the name implies, this jams the radio, giving everyone no clue
where anyone is (radar wise). Use this on the offensive end.

Toss this in to a person around you or below you to completely blind
them on their screen. This gives you an open opportunity to take them
out with ease.


There are a variety of vehicles available in the multiplayer games.
Keep in mind that some vehicles are only available in certain levels,
while others are access through Forge mode.

* Vehicles greatest fears are the Spartan Laser and the Missile Pods.
If you hear or notice anything, drop out or try to drive/fly away!

Speed: Fast
Weapons: Plasma machine gun and plasma missile.
Max aboard: 1

This moves great and flies in there here, use the boost to turn up
your speed if your getting attacked. You can also flip the craft like
in Star Fox. Use the machine gun and missiles to take people out.

Speed: Slow
Weapons: Gun turret (each side)
Max aboard: 1

The Chopper is slow, but it does have a boost to help you get across
the map. It's really best to shoot or splatter your opponent. It
works ok in some situations, but this isn't the best choice.

Speed: Fast
Weapons: Machine gun and missiles.
Max aboard: 2

The best craft available, fly this baby up high in the sky and shoot
your enemies from above. You can move in any direction with this 
vehicle, and can even have it stand still in the air. It has the best
machine gun and missiles.

Speed: Fast
Weapons: Plasma machine gun
Max aboard: 1

This doesn't fly, but it's a good choice for a vehicle, especially
in a one player game. This is the best vehicle to splatter your 
enemies walking on the ground, and has a very rapid plasma gun that
comes with it as well.

Speed: Moderate
Weapons: Turret
Max aboard : 2

The Prowler moves along at a pretty smooth speed and is easy to man-
uever. It's pointless to drive alone, but if you have a teammate with
you, it's easy to rank up some frags with it's weapon.

Speed: Fast
Weapons: N/A
Max aboard: 2

The Mongoose is easy to drive, and fast to get to your destination.
Due to it's lack of weapons, having someone on the back of it works
well if that person is well equipped, such as the Rocket Launcher. 
These work best when playing capture the flag or the bomb games, 
since the carrier can ride on the back of the vehicle. Not good for
combat, but great for rushing to your goal.

Speed: Slow
Weapons: Turret and Cannon
Max aboard: 2-5

A "walking" tank, this moves slow but has some great fire power for
both of it's weapons. The cannon can shoot in any direction, and the
turret is some great rapid fire. This is a great vehicle to use to
take out the other vehicles, ground and air.

Speed: Fast
Weapons: Turret
Max aboard: 3

One person drives, another uses the turret, and the third one rides
in the passenger seat. The turret on this car works great, it's easy
to aim and takes down opponents very quickly. The person in the pass-
enger seat can use his/her standard weapon, but it's hard to aim and
quite pointless. They can, however, capture the flag or bomb and ride
along, which is also a great technique.

Speed: Fast
Weapons: Laser cannon
Max aboard: 3

Same as the standard Warthog, but with a laser cannon on the back. 
I actually think this works better then the turret, and is easier to
aim. It's gun isn't as rapid as the turret, but just as strong, if
not stronger. 

Speed: Slow
Weapons: Laser Cannon
Max aboard: 2

Although it's speed isn't impressive, it's weapon laser cannon ball
it shoots out is incredible. This works very well to kill off a large
group of enemies, just be careful not to get to close.

If your up against the vehicles, hide or get into another one if it's
available. Your best weapons against any crafts is the Missile Pod,
Gravity Hammer, or the Spartan Laser. Fight them with a large dist-
ance, and make sure your not spotted.

There are a ton of awesome multiplayer games out there for the Xbox
360 (as well as the other sytems), and this is one of them. The rep-
lay value with this game will have you playing it for a long time. 
Although it's very unfortunate this will be the final Halo from 
Bungie (besides Halo Wars), they put some deep work into the third
installment, making it a much have for any 360 owners. 
 With that said, in order to get the most of this game, you have to 
get good at it, becoming a true spartan, collecting everything with
it's accomplishments included. There's a lot of playing involved in
Halo 3, and remember, practice is the KEY to win.

*Thank you GameFaqs, Bungie, readers, and gamers around!

*Thanks to SlyEragon for pointing out my mistakes.

*QUESTIONS? TIPS? Send me an e-mail @ [email protected]

End of Faq.

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