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                         ~~~~~~BROOD WAR STRATEGY GUIDE 2.0~~~~~~
TABLE OF CONTENTS:             ****************************
1.Terran Strategy
2.Zerg Strategy
3.Protoss Strategy
5.Cheap Rushes Slang and Commands
7.Clans On
8.Good Rushes
9.Contact Me

I have upgraded this guide and i will keep ungrading it whenever i have the spare 
time to do so,and if you e-mail me(SEE CONTACT ME SECTION)and tell me a strategy 
will put it on here with your name by it,and if you tell me your clan if you are 
a clan then i will put your clan on this and if you want your clan channel on

--------------------------1.TERRAN STRATEGY---------------------------------------
Ok,if you are terran and you are against terran here is a strategy first get at 
least 9 scv's and then build a barracks and a supply depot,then start building 
marines and find the enemy with a scv,as soon as you find him and he is terran 
bulding a refinery and another barracks and maybe a another supply depot,then get 
academy and medics then a factory then build the add-on and upgrade siege mode 
you have a least 2 tanks go into his base with marines in front of siege tanks 
siege mode the tanks if he send marines at you the marines with medics should 
care of that,if he has seige tanks too then put marines right behind siege tank 
at your base keep pumping out units to atack him and you should have him.
Here is a strategy against terran vs zerg,get a least 9 scv's again and build a 
barracks and 1 marine and 1 bunker for a zergling rush protection,usually people 
that are zerg go fast mutas,but get marines and medics for that in case then 
build a 
refinery and start harvesting gas,then when you have enough build a factory and 
add the add-on then bring your marines and medics with a couple siege tanks to 
base then sige the tanks and zerg are weak against tanks so you should win.
Here is a strategy for Terran vs protoss first get a lest 9 or 10 scv's then 
build a 
refinery early then start gathering gas then when you have enough build a 
just one though,then when the barracks is done build the factory and a additional 
supply depot then start building vultures and ad the add on and upgrade both 
speed and spider mines then find the enemy's base and start attacking with your 
vultures the zealots are too slow to reach the vultures so when the zealots go 
toward you go back and fire and keep doing that and you can even lay spider mines 
for the zealots.

---------------------------2.ZERG STRATEGY----------------------------------------
OK,when you are zerg vs anybody here is a good strategy,first build at least 9 
drones and then build a spawning pool as fast as you can then a extracter dont' 
worry about building another hatchery,you'll need al the minerals and gas you can 
get, add 2 sunkens in case you get rushed,then after you have enough gas evolve 
hatchery into a Lair then when that is done get a spire and when that is done 
3 mutas find your enemy and atack their workers,for me this strategy always 
doesn't matter what kind of race they are it works against all protoss terran or 
zerg too!

---------------------------3.PROTOSS STRATEGY-------------------------------------
for the protoss you can use one strategy also, get at least 9 probes and start 
building a pylon and then a gateway and start pumping out zealots,then 2 more 
and 2 more gateways,get 12 zealots and find the enemys base and attack usually if 
they are zerg they have a lot of sunkens and zerglings so it might take 2 try's 
them but it works well on terran.


Power Overwhelming:====   Invincibility
show me the money: ====  10000minerals and gas
Operation Cwal:====   builds fast
Modify the Phrase====   Variance: Build anything 
Food For Though:====   no using supplies like supply depots goes beyond the 
The Gathering:====   Unlimited Energy
Game over man:====  Ends your game as a loss
staying alive:====  can't win or can't lose,prevents the game from ending
there is no cow level:====   ends mission in victory
whats mine is mine:====  gives you 1000 minerals
breath deep :====   gives you 1000 gas
something for nothing:  all upgrades
black sheep wall:== === reveals entire map
war aint what i used to be:=====   disables fog of war
Medieval man:====  researches all spells for free
Radio Free Zerg:==== Secret Zerg Song must be zerg though 

a very very cheap rush is just a worker rush,find out where your enemy is and 
rush them destroy their main building,to kill, them ,usually on people 
just quit when i worker rush them.

For those of you who don't know those short words that they use on 
read this:
AC=ally chat                      BATTLE.NET COMMANDS:Typr in /f add username to 
ARB=Arbitor                       people to your friends list.
BC=Battlecruiser                  Type /f list to view you friends.
CC=Command Center
Chan=Channel                      Type in /w username and what you want to say to 
DD=Don't Die                      whisper to somebody.
DT=Dark Templar
FFA=Free For All
GG=Good Game
GJ=Good Job
HF=Have Fun
TVB=Top vs Bottom
UMS=Use Map Settings
Mass=A Whole lot of one perticular unit
-----------------------------7.CLANS ON BATTLE.NET--------------------------------

Here are some clans that are on on Broodwar.Clan Berry is my clan.

Clan=Berry   Channel=Berry Clan  Website=None
Clan=AFI     Channel=Clan AFI]   Website=None
Clan=TEF     Channel=?????????

-----------------------------8.GOOD RUSHES----------------------------------------

These are some useful rushes that you can use.
PHOTON CANNON RUSH:First of all get at least 6 probes and then get 1 pylon and 
wait till you have 150 to get a forge,in the meanwhile scout for the enemy with 
probe and build 2 more probes then when you find the enemy build a pylon inside 
their base without being seen then build photon cannons and just hope that they 
don't find you building there then keep building them until you reach their 
let the photon cannons do the owrk from there.

ZERGLING RUSH:Get at least 8 drones and then when you have enough build a 
pool then after it is done build zerglings and find and attack your enemy,if your 
zerlings die then build more and more and mass them.

ZEALOT RUSH: get at least 8 probes and then build 1 pylon and then get a gateway 
then start building your first zealot build probes and pylons when needed while 
building zealots then it would be a good idead to build 2 more gateways,scout 
one of your probes too and find the enemy,attack their base with 12 zealots and 
should win but if you don't .get more gateways and pylons and probes and start 
gathering gas for dragoons,then build 12 zealots and 12 dragoons and then attack 
that still doesn't work then upgrade faster zealot speed and dragoon range and 
attack with 24 zealots and 24 dragoons,it should work that time.

SUNKEN RUSH: first of all if you know your opponent is zerg then get at least 6 
drones and start gathering enough to get a spawning pool,then find your enemy and 
then when you find them with  your drone start building a creep colony on their 
creep then a sunken then send more drones to his base to buld more and evantually 
you will get him if you are fast.

--------------------------------9.CONTACT ME--------------------------------------
My E-mail address is [email protected] if you wanna ask questions or 
or submit something for this guide.

Me and my friend and some people on that i watched how they played and!!!!!!!.

                       Copyright 2002 Candy_Corn's Guide

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