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1. gardens
2. chao
3. beginner races
4. jewel races
5. challenge races
6. hero races
7. dark races
8. karate
9. reincarnation
10. Death
11. Chaos chao
12. glitches
 1. Gardens

When you first enter the chao lobby you will see a gate with a entrance that 
looks blank, go into it. When you go inside you will find a garden with to eggs 
that have chao inside of them. You may either let them be and let them hatch by 
themselves or throw them against the wall. Doing so depending when you through 
them against the wall will determine there personality.

 2. chao

There are many types of chao but im only going to explain 4 right now. There is 
the neutral, hero, dark, and baby types of choas. The babies are the ones that 
are inside the eggs when you hatch them. they start out crawling but you if you 
improve there abilities with animals ( I will not explain animals because they 
are every where in story mode ). Feed them and watch them grow.

Neutral- Chao that are the same in appearence as the babies, but you will have 
to raise them with both hero and dark characters, and are much bigger then them.

Hero- Get these chao by only raising them with hero characters.

Dark- Get these chao by only raising them with dark characters.

 3. beginner races

there are four races in beginner swimming, running, power, and flying.

 4. jewel 

 Not as difficult as beginner but a pain in the arse to do. The first to races 
are not the ammusing because you fight child chao, but the last three you will 
have to fight chao that where raised to race in them. For example if you make 
it to the third rase you will have to fight nuetral flying types. Note : the 
hardest is the 5th race.

 5. challenge races

 Nothing so bad just egg chao , animals, chaos, and omichao races nothing to 
hard, but you might want to wait till ur chao evolve before doing these races.

 6. Hero races

 I have no clue why its called Hero races and you fight dark chao but it seems 
to me that there are 4 races, babie, adult, skull, devil.

 7. Dark races

Same as Hero races you fight hero chao. Babies, adult, flying, Angel.

 8. Karate

Fighting chao that will kick your butt if you dont have a lot of stamina, 
quickness, and power.

 9. reincarnation

 This happens when your chao reaches 5 years of age, if you take care of it and 
the chao loves you <3.


10. Death

Luckely this only happens if the chao literally hates you, and if you dont 
treat it with love >3.

 11. chaos chao

Ok to get these chao you must feed it all 21 animals, only feed it the certain 
type of fruit, and must have reincarncated twice.

Neutral chaos chao- is obtaines if you only feed it chao fruits and feed it 
with both sides. No nuts or it will not work same for the other 2.

Hero chaos chao- obtained only if you feed it hero fruit with the hero side of 
the force.

Dark- Obtaines on;y if you feed it dark fruit with the dark side of the force.


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