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 gta vice city

      i have copyrighted this faq by law and 
      if you violate it i may only be 14 but i'll
      take it to court if i get any info on the subject of
      the breech

on amore cheerful note 
gta vc

this is a thouroughly biased faq, walkthrough thing

1cars the best ones!
2 easy cash
3appartments and condos
4business purchases

my opinion on the best cars is sometimes cheats are nesessary
i.e spawning a sabre turbo can be a useful thing to do for a skilled driver(this is 
fragile vehicle) it is fast and handles like a dream so i would advise the use of it

common speeders, a great steal they are hard wearing and stylish
but theyre best put to use on the run from cops

i dont like the phoenix but the banshee is ok
medium speed sports cars

2easy cash ok just a minute a go i made 23 count 23000 $ using a taxi ithink its 40 
taxi driver run-arounds and thinking about it that aint bad so long as you have the 
also the missions are a great way to make money 2500 for a killing spree from
a sparrow (phnom penh' 86) is good  robbing the jewellery store in vice point (with
a good star losing cheat) can be valuable too (1000$ a robberey).

3appartments and condos a safe house can be quite good for well saving a game i 
suppose but
if they have a
garage buy them or if they are conveniently situated get them you can pick up a 
moldy old
shack for 1000$ in downtown buy the greasy chopper
thats one jewelery store robbery

4sometimes you come across good business oppurtunitys like the cherry popper ice 
factory or the film studios or eventhe money printing works all of these places and 
with missions 

5misc. all the other things i can think of are rhino tanks and hunter attack choppers
they are valuble ways of armouring yourself and attacking the general public
oh and getting six stars or using a spawning cheat by a road will give you a tank
and 100 of 100 hidden packages will give you a hunter in the fort baxter air base
and ocean beech areas

if you need to copy and paste this into word ask me at [email protected]
i will say yes if you ask otherwise expect punishment if u r found out

thankyou for your co-operation and have a nice day

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