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::      :         :         ::::::::::  ::::::        :         :::::::::: 
: :     :        : :        :           :            : :        :        :
:  :    :       :   :       :           :           :   :       :        : 
:   :   :      :     :      :::::::::   :          :     :      :        :
:    :  :     :::::::::            ::   :         :::::::::     ::::::::: 
:     : :    :         :           ::   :        :         :    :      : 
:      ::   :           :          ::   :       :           :   :       :
:       :  :             :  :::::::::   :::::: :             :  :        :

 TTTTTT    OOOOOO    TTTTTTT    A      L    TTTTTT  EEEE      A     M   M
   T      O      O      T      A A     L       T    E        A A    MM MM 
   T      O      O      T     AAAAA    L       T    EEE     AAAAA   M M M
   T      O      O      T    A     A   L       T    E      A     A  M   M
   T       OOOOOO       T   A       A  LLLLL   T    EEEEE A       A M   M

C          O        O  NN    N        T      R     R   O        O  L
C          O        O  N N   N        T      R     R   O        O  L
C          O        O  N  N  N        T      RRRRRRR   O        O  L
C          O        O  N   N N        T      R    R    O        O  L
C          O        O  N    NN        T      R     R   O        O  L



IF ANY QUESTIONS: EMAIL AT [email protected]
(Things to email me about)-Grammar errors, improvements, etc.  Also ask for 
permission before you put this info on your webpage.  Thank you.

I: Controls
II: Cheat Codes
III: Fight to the Top Mode
IV: Chase for the Cup
V. Season Mode
VI: NASCAR Drivers- In order from a.Nextel, b.Busch, c.Craftsman, and d.Whelen 

Accelerate- R2
Brake- L2
Shift Up- R1
Shift Down- L1
Toggle Hud- Press L3
Steer- Directional buttons or L3 Analog Stick
Share Draft- X
Intimidate- Square
Change Camera View- O
Reverse- Triangle
Communicator- Right Analog Stick
Pause Game- Start Button
Mirror- Select Button

II.Cheat Codes
In Fight to the Top Mode, enter these names as your first and last names, and MUST 
be in the correct case.

Unlockables                          First Name               Last Name

Unlock Everthing(Thunder Plates)     Gimme                    Gimmme

10 Million Dollars                   Walmart                  Money

Maximum Prestige                     MeMyself                 AndI

Maximum Team Prestige                All                      ForOne

Maximum Fan Level                    Super                    Star

Dale Earnhardt Sr.                   The                      Intimidator

Race UPS Truck                       Race                     TheTruck

Walmart Driver+ Track                Walmart                  Exclusive

III. Fight to the Top Mode
  Your goal in this mode is simple, to be the best driver in the business by 
becoming the champ in the Whelen, Craftsman, Busch, and Nextel Series.  You may 
also want to be the best owner in NASCAR by purchasing your own teams and winning 
multi championships with them.  There are also things to watch out for in the Fight 
to the Top like upset drivers, rivals, etc.  Don't worry, there are always people 
who got your back and that is why this year's version is Total Team Control.  Your 
friends and partners are there to help you win, not saying they won't win 
sometimes.  At the beginning, you have to do your profile, and then you receive a 
phone call.  You begin your start in NASCAR's Whelen Modified Series, and then you 
have to build your way up to the NEXTEL Cup Series.  Well, let's just say you can 
be an owner before you start your very first race, but you'll find out how at the 
top of the guide...

IV.Chase for the Cup Mode
  Depending on your settings and starting position in the chase, you will receive 
lots of skill points for winning the cup.  There are ten races left and you are 
chasing the cup from whatever place you are in.  I've done it myself, winning it 
with the likes of Mark Martin, Dale Jr., and my favorite of course, Kasey Kahne.  
Well, you'll just have to see what you do in that 10 race showdown.

V.Season Mode
  In season mode, you race all thirty-four races their are in the actually season.  
Well you can change how many races there are and you can even do a custom season 
where you choose what races will be raced in the season.  When you first start a 
season, you set up the options like how many races, difficulty, and length of each 
race.  Start off at Daytona for the Daytona 500 and the Gatorade 300, then go 
through twenty three other races til you reach Richmond for the Chevy Rock and Roll 
500, which is the last race before the Chase for the Cup.  Make sure you get to the 
top 10, because it is the only way you'll get to win the championship.  At the last 
ten races approach, ten drivers race for the cup.  You better be one of them.  Race 
from New Hampshire in the Sylvania 400 or 300, all the way to the last race at 
Homestead Miami.  Well, do your best.  And also be the next Nextel Cup Champion.

a.Nextel Cup Series

0 Mike Bliss  00 Kenny Wallace  01 Joe Nemecheck  1 Martin Truex, Jr.  

2 Rusty Wallace  3 Dale Earnhardt  5 Kyle Busch  6 Mark Martin  8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.

08 Shane Hmiel  9 Kasey Kahne  10 Scott Riggs  11 Jason Leffler  12 Ryan Newman  

14 John Andretti  15 Michael Waltrip  16 Greg Biffle  17 Matt Kenseth   

18 Bobby Labonte  19 Jeremy Mayfield  20 Tony Stewart  21 Ricky Rudd  

22 Scott Wimmer  24 Jeff Gordon  25 Brian Vickers  29 Kevin Harvick  

31 Jeff Burton  36 Boris Said  38 Elliot Sadler  40 Sterling Marlin 

41 Casey Mears  42 Jamie McMurray  43 Jeff Green  44 Terry Labonte  45 Kyle Petty

48 Jimmie Johnson  49 Ken Schrader  50 Jimmy Spencer  77 Travis Kvapil  

88 Dale Jarrett  97 Kurt Busch  99 Carl Edwards  100 Dover Monster  

101 Mike Sparks  103 Skip Garrett  105  Peter Wells  107 Butch Chandler  

109 Brendan Jefferson  111 Scott Watkins  119 Wayne Dwight  120 Glenn Lawton

122 Jerry Ingram  123 Herman Foster  132 Wally Blake  133 Richie Abott  

133 David Langford  137 Eric Figgins  141 Wade Sanders  142 Sterling Conway

143 Jackson Zimm  144 Marty Fischer  145 Daryl Sikes  147 Eliah McGee  

149 Todd Peterson  151 P.J. Harris  153 Patrick Fitzgerald  161 Benjamin Swift

169 Bruce Payne  171 Elliot Claybrooks  172  Lenny Sherry  174 Kip Branch 

175 Butch Oliver  176 Willis Hall  178 Greg Quick  184 Danny Randolph  

187 J.J. Johnson  191 Jake Tyson  192 Dennis Malone  198 Boris Wagner  

199 Michael Fernandez   

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