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                            Ness - Link Team 

                                            Final Version

                    Table of Contents

1. Legal stuff (Don't go here)
2. Intro
3. Moves
4. Good combos, moves(not like aforementioned)(gee, i like big words)
5. Advanced (Hard) combos, moves
6.Q & A
7. Extras
8. End


Legal stuff (Boo!)

Okay, this Team walkthrough is copyrighted 2003-2004 G! Enterprises. Any copying, 
such as mass production, telling a friend for $5 or otherwise, give me the $5 you 
dealt your friend via Visa, Cheque, Money.

Intro (These lines get annoying…. I’ll stop)

Okay. Me and my sister were playing SSB and kicked some face (or in your language, 
buttocks). I did the work, she just threw the people off, vice versa. Well, here’s 
some tips (I sound like I have no life). Vary with Link and Ness, and 
see…..changes…..big changes…… no stopping…..Okay, I’ll shut up.


This young boy with psychic powers set out to save the world in Earthbound Zero and 
Earthbound. He has a long range of attacks, so he is pretty powerful.
Speed: 6/10. He doen’t have a great deal of speed, so take advantage of the attacks 
for ultimate speed.
Jump:8/10. Instead of jumping, he floats. Master this in Training Mode if you’re not 
Attack:9/10. His attacks do damage, but not a great deal…. Try some combos.
Overall:7/10. The average of that would, in fact, be 7. He is difficult to handle, 
but in the right hands he can kill. He can be unlocked by beating normal mode with 3 
lives, no continues.
B= PK Fire. A fire tower that stuns.
B + Up  PK Thunder. Basically a giant thunder missile that you can control.
B + Down  PK Shield. Any projectiles, like the Fire flower, can recover instead of 
doing damage.
A Punch
A A A  Punch Kick Punch.
Smash Attack + A Home run bat. Not THE Home run bat, but the one from Earthbound. 
It’s really quicker but can’t one-hit-KO.
(Basically, the other moves are combos, so let’s move it along)

Link is that time travelling warrior from the Legend of Zelda series. With himself 
and his trusty sword, it’s your time to Knock Out some characters.
Speed: 8/10. Link himself is a balanced character, so his speed must be balanced. 
Jump: 5/10. I wouldn’t call his jump the “Air Jump” because it you’re on Sector Z 
and you on the tail of the Arwing and trying to get back on the nose, you’re 
probably gonna need the sword slash to help.
Attack: 10/10. His attacks can kill instantly. His sword can kill. THIS GUY HAS 
Overall: 7/10. This guy is balanced, so I’d give him that. 

B: Boomerang. Does 6 damage, but sometimes get annoying. Now, annoying is good. It’s 
the fuel for strength.
B+ Up:  Sword slash. You hear a war cry, as Link spins his sword. Does 16 damage.
B+ Down: Bomb. Does 20 damage. The bomb is classic. You throw it it explodes. Got 
it? Let’s move on.
A:  A hit from the sword. Does 3 damage.
Smash Attack + A : Link pauses for a moment, then he uses all his weight on the 
sword, causing serious damage, exactly 20 damage.
A A A: The three sword hit combo. If you hit the opponent once, then repeat pushing 
A, then you’ll start an infinite combo. The huh sound Link makes can drive someone 
crazy. Once again, annoyance is good.

Good combos, moves

Aim Pk Thunder at your butt, and guess what? You’ll be a human missile. Hit an 
enemy, does 30 damage. Can kill. Do it while falling to you doom? Gets you back on 
the platform.


Do the infinite combo at Link’s place at the corner, and you won’t stop. Your rival 
won’t be able to move, while you’re smoking away.

Advanced combos, moves
D-down pound
while in mid air, hold down and A at the same time. You’ll be a rocket, shooting at 
the ground. It’s quick, it does damage, it’s useful. What more could you ask for? Oh 
yeah, it does 6 damage. That’s a real downer.

Sword Stab
While in the air, hold A+Down to move your sword under you. If you hit an enemy, it 
sends them flying, with 20 damage on them. Cool? Right.


Q: I can’t get Ness.

A: Keep at it! Try using Luigi, he usually works, if not, then try and try again. 
That my friend, is the key.


Every special bonus ever made. Ready? Go.

Cheap Shot        -99 pts  Overuse one type of move.  This is known to 
sometimes happen on the final boss, Master Hand.

Fighter Stance    100 pts  Pose with the 'L' button just as a match ends.  Your
character must be in the pose when "GAME SET" appears, so there is an element of
timing involved.

No Item          1000 pts  Go the whole match without picking up any items.

Throw Down       2000 pts  Finish off your last opponent with a throw move.

Jackpot          3330 pts  Finish the level with the tens and ones digits of 
your damage meter being the same (for example, 11%, 22%, 33%, etc.)  Finishing with
0% doesn't count (but you get Full Power anyway, and maybe No Damage).  If your
damage is in the hundreds it's possible that you have to have ALL the digits match,
even the hundreds.

Smash Mania      3500 pts  Comes about when all foes are dispatched using 
nothing but power hits (tap+A).  Power hits from items don't spoil this one for you,
as long as it was a true "smash.”
Full Power       5000 pts  Finish the match with 0% damage.  Note that if you 
win without taking any hits you'll get both this and "No Damage," for a total 
of 20000 pts.  If you take damage, then pick up a health item, but the match 
finishes BEFORE your health meter returns to 0%, you do NOT get this bonus.

Smash-less       5000 pts  This bonus is granted either when you finish a match
without using any power hits.  This one is fairly common.

Special Move     5000 pts  All moves that connect must be "special moves" 
(up+B, down+B).

Judo Master      5000 pts  Seems to happen when you win by using only throws.  
Best to try during the Yoshi, Kirby or Polygon levels.  Note that any bonus 
that occurs from using only one move will also earn the "Single Move" bonus, 
described below.

Mystic           7000 pts  Win the match right after losing a life, but BEFORE you
return to the board.  This is one that's awfully difficult to earn on purpose.  Tends
to be a mixed blessing, since losing a life disqualifies you from getting further "No
Miss" bonuses for that game (see below).

Single Move      8000 pts  Win the battle by only using one move (like DK's 
spin-jump).  You can use that move as often as you want as long as you don't 
use any others.  It also seems that only moves that connect with your enemy  

Shield Breaker   8000 pts  This appears to happen when a shield is broken.  The
shield must be COMPLETELY broken; you know this has happened when your opponent is
stunned.  The enemy cannot come out of his block.  The only time I've seen this so
far is when a Pokeball produced a Staryu, which blew away an enemy's shield in short
order.  It's very difficult to do this using normal attacks.

Last Second      8000 pts  Win the match with one second left on the clock.  
Note that this means you earn almost no Time Bonus for that round, so it's 
usually better not to wait.  This bonus probably never comes up if you're 
playing with infinite time.

Vegetarian       9000 pts eat three Maxim Tomatoes in one 

Lucky 3          9990 pts  Finish the level with exactly 3:33 left on the 

Speedster       10000 pts  To get this, you must finish the match within thirty 
seconds.  If the clock reads 4:30 when GAME SET appears you get the points.  If it
reads 4:29 too bad so sad.

Star Finish     10000 pts  On a board on which you have only one opponent,  
finish him off with the "disappears off into the distance" effect (or falls 
down in the foreground) instead of the off-the-bottom or off-the-side 

Butterfly       10000 pts  Defeat your opponent (with a physical attack?) when he's
out over the edge and trying to get back on the board.

Item Pitcher    10000 pts  Defeat your opponent by throwing stuff at him!  

Pokémon Finish  11000 pts  Finish the match with the last attack delivered via a
Pokémon produced from a Pokéball.  (The "Wild" Pokémon on Pikachu's level don't count
for this.  If the last hit is physically delivered by the 
characters Pikachu or Jigglypuff, you don’t get the points. Sorry!)

Bumper Clear    11000 pts  The last hit on the last foe in the battle must have been
due to a bumper.  There are easier bonuses to earn.

Trickster       11000 pts  During any of the onslaught matches (Yoshi, Kirby 
and Polygon) achieve a "star finish" with ALL your foes.

Shooter         12000 pts  Defeat the opposition using only projectile attacks.  This
should also be worth "Single Move."

Star Clear      12000 pts  Win the battle while invincible from a star.  The 
little sparkles that signify invincibility must still surround your character.

Booby Trap      12000 pts  The last hit on your opponent must be delivered by a 
This award is only done if your player was the one to drop the 

No Damage       15000 pts  Finish without taking a hit!  ANY source of damage 
counts, including landscape features like Zebes' Acid Lava, Sector Z's ARWINGs and
the bumper hanging over Peach Castle.  Automatically awards "Full Power" as well.

Mew Match       15000 pts  Appears whenever Mew (randomly and rarely) shows up in a
Pokéball sometime during the match.  Mew's the one who sparkles then 
leaves the board.

All Variations  15000 pts Don’t know yet. Maybe you use all of the character's moves 
some point during a match.

Item Throw      16000 pts  Use item throw attacks (Z+tap+A or 
R+A) above others, perhaps ONLY thrown items.

Heartthrob      17000 pts  Collect three Heart Container items during a level. These
are relatively rare, so this is harder to get than Vegetarian.

Hawk            18000 pts  Use only aerial movies during the match.  Notice 
that if you're in a team match, bonuses such as Single Move and Hawk disregard the
moves your allies use.

Item Strike     20000 pts  Happens when you only use items during the match.  
The most difficult part is waiting for the first items to appear.

Comet Mystic    10000 pts  Occurring most often on Samus' stage, Planet Zebes,
reports seem to indicate that this one only shows up when you're "in the background,"
about to die from a Star Finish ("POW!  Woaaaaahhhh"), but your last opponent exits
the match before your defeat is registered ("*ping*").

Heavy Damage    28000 pts  Win the match with your damage meter reading over 

No Miss x 1-11      5000-55000 pts
For every consecutive battle since the game's start that you win without losing a
life, you earn a "No Miss" bonus.  The first time you die at ALL in a game  you 
won't be seeing any further No Miss bonuses. The
first time you do this you get 5000 points ("No Miss x1").  Each time after that it's
worth 5000 points more, up to 55000 for defeating Master Hand without dying at all
throughout the game. If you manage to complete the entire game without dying this 
up 330000 points!

Pacifist        60000 pts  Don't hit your opponent at all!  This has happened 
to me several times now against Pikachu; he just falls off the board.  When you get
to his level, especially if you're playing Very Easy, just sit tight and see if he
falls off (it usually happens when the computer makes an error with his Up-and-B save
attack).  You can actually attack and still get the bonus, as long as you don't
connect with your opponent.  Using items is also okay, as long as none of "your"


Tornado Clear    3000 pts  On Link's stage, the enemy must have been
dispatched by one of the tornadoes that appear on this level.

Yoshi Rainbow   50000 pts  Finish the match by defeating the Yohsis im the 
order in which they appear, just like with Kirby Ranks.

ARWING Clear     4000 pts  The last hit on the opponent must be delivered by 
the ARWING spacecraft on Fox's stage.

Good Friend      8000 pts  In the match against the Mario Bros., keep your 
teammate alive until the end.

True Friend     25000 pts  On the Mario Bros. level, finish with your teammate 

Bros. Calamity  25000 pts  Defeat one of the Mario Bros. before the other           
                                               takes any damage.

DK Defender     10000 pts  Get your comrades through the Giant DK level.

DK Perfect      50000 pts  Complete the Giant DK stage with your allies 

Kirby Rank      25000 pts This comes up when you defeat the Kirbys in the order in
which they appear. Apparently the order the Kirbys 
appear doesn't change from game to game except for the last one.  The order is:
Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Pikachu and then the last one, which can
either be a default Kirby or one of the secret characters.

Acid Clear       1500 pts  The last hit must be delivered by the acid lava on 
Samus' Planet Zebes level.


No Damage       15000 pts  Complete Bonus Stage 3 (the race) without having any 

Perfect         30000 pts  Get all the targets in Bonus Stage 1, or land on all the
target platforms in Bonus Stage 2.

After Completing a game.
Very Easy Clear  70000 pts
     Easy Clear 140000 pts 
   Normal Clear 210000 pts
     Hard Clear 280000 pts
Very Hard Clear 350000 pts

No Miss Clear    70000 pts Win the game without dying to earn 70000 bonus points.  
Since this comes in addition to all the No Miss bonuses earned throughout the 
game, this is easily the single largest source of points to be found.

No Damage Clear  300000 pts  Beat the game without taking any damage. 

Speed King       40000 pts Win the game in less than twenty minutes total.  Of
course, after doing this, you get the opportunity to add Captain Falcon to the
available characters, if he's not open already.
Speed Demon      80000 pts Win the game in a very short period of time.  One 
source rates this at eight minutes.  This award is not cumulative with Speed King.


Well, it’s that time. Go to your room, play the game. Get the special bonuses, and 
hey! Go ahead, use Ness. Have fun. and remember, 


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