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NwN Walkthrough

Chapter 1
The City Core You begin the first chapter in the Sanatorium of the Hall of 
Justice in Neverwinter. Fenthick will speak to you as you approach and ask for 
your aid. He will tell you to speak with Aribeth for instructions. Speak to 
Aribeth in the main hall and she will tell you about the Wailing Death and how 
she had hoped to use the Waterdhavian creatures to create a cure. She will ask 
you to hunt down the creatures and will suggest you begin your search in the 
Peninsula district. She will also give you the Stone of Recall, which you can 
use to return to the Hall of Justice at anytime. Right outside of the Hall of 
Justice, you will approached by Bethany who will tell you about a Prison Break 
in the Peninsula district and will beg for your help. Talk to the people you 
find in the City Core to learn more about the Wailing death and the state of 
each of the districts. Visit the various shops and merchants in the area to buy 
better equipment. In the Trade of Blades, you can hire a henchman who will 
fight beside you. Talk to the guard in the southeast corner of the City Core to 
learn more about the situation in the Peninsula and then proceed through the 
gates to that area. 

The Peninsula 

Speak to Gate Captian Kipp on the other side of the gate and he will explain 
the situation in the Peninsula. He will suggest you find Sedos Sebile to help 
her with the troubles from the prison break. You will find Sedos' temporary 
headquarters near the southeast corner of the district. She will ask you to 
find a way into the prison to determine what has happened in there. There are 
two ways to get into the prison. One way is to enter the sewers south of the 
prison and defeat the escaped prisoners there. Their leader will have a key 
that will allow you to enter the prison through the front door. Rescue either 
Master Johns or Ms Dulcimae and they will tell you about the tunnel from the 
Tanglebrook Estate to the prison. You will find the key to the manor under the 
Welcome Mat outside. The entrance to the cellar is blocked by Stinked Beetles. 
In the tunnels, walk carefully around the giant chess board to avoid traps and 
then defeat the fire beetles blocking the entrance to the Prison. You will see 
Lady Tanglebrook's body in the center of the chess board. Once you are inside 
the prison, fight your way to the west side of the level to find some stairs 
that lead down to the containment level. Follow Emernik into the holding cell 
and use the lever to close the door. He can give you a lot of useful 
information about the prison. The entrance to the Pits is on the east side of 
the level, blocked by a locked door. Either bash down the door or defeat the 
Escaped Sorcerer in the center chamber and pull the lever there to open it. 
Fight your way through the Pits to the chamber in the northwest corner where 
you will see the Head Gaoler order Kurdan Fendt to kill you before leaving 
through another door. Once you have defeated Fendt, he will surrender and tell 
you that the Head Gaoler has been possessed and has turned many of the guards 
into zombies. Read the Head Goaler's Journal found in a pile of books. The last 
entry recors him meeting Lady Tanglebrook in the tunnels. Enter the Lair of the 
Devourer. If you kill the Head Gaoler's body, the Intellect Devourer will 
possess the body of one of the guards. Talk to each of the four guards first 
and use your Persuade ability to bring them back and they will leave. Each 
guard you save will gain you experience points and 1 alignment point toward 
good. Once there are no more bodies for the Devourer to inhabit, it will attack 
you directly. Take its brain, once you have slain the creature. Speak to Sedos 
Sebile after defeating the Devourer for a 300 gold reward or decline the reward 
to gain 3 alignment points toward good. Bring the Devourer's Brain to Aribeth 
in the Hall of Justice for a 500 gold reward or decline the reward to move 10 
alignment points toward good. 

Beggar's Nest 

Head to the gate in the southeast corner of the City Core and speak to the 
guard there to learn what the situation is in the Beggar's Nest. Pass through 
the gate to the Beggar's Nest and speak to Gate Captian Ergus for more 
information. Go east to the Shining Serpent and speak with Harben Ashensmith. 
He will ask you to investigate the cause of the undead infestation and will 
offer you an extra reward for your help. He will suggest three other men for 
you to talk to. Speak to Drake in the next room and he will also ask for your 
help in dealing with the undead. He will ask you to try to rescue Kestral and 
Jemanie and will tell you where they live. You can find Kestral in a house to 
the northeast. From him you will learn about the Sword Coast Boys gang and 
their leader Drawl who has made some kind of deal which resulted in the entire 
gang becoming undead, with himself as the most powerful. You will also learn 
their base is in an old abandoned warehouse to the north. There are two ways to 
get into the Crypts. One way is to enter the Warehouse in the north-central 
part of the district. Go down the stairs to the second level and fight your way 
through the zombies to Drawl, their leader. After Drawl is dead, open the cell 
to release Walters, the missing guard, who well tell you what he knows about 
Drawl and the undead. He will suggest you find this "Gulnam" creature that 
Drawl was talking about. There are stairs nearby that lead to the Crypts. The 
other way into the Crypts is through the Snake Cult Estate in the northwest 
corner of the Beggar's Nest. You need to to have the Estate Ward Stone with you 
to enter. Head through the Crypts to the lair of a Dire Bloated Spider. Behind 
the spider are some stairs that lead to the Great Graveyard. From there, you 
can enter the Warrens of the Damned. Just inside the Warrens of the Damned 
Gulnan will speak to you through a zombie. She appears to be one of the 
Waterdhavian creatures. In a room near the southeast corner of the area, you 
will find Torin's body, on which you will find a ring which should be returned 
to his brother Jemanie and an Ancient Key. In the northwest corner of the area, 
you will find Gulnan's Journal and another Ancient Key. Use the Ancient Key to 
open the door to the center chamber from the northern part of the area. Destroy 
the pedestal on the dais to the southwest to remove half of the undead in the 
room. Defeat Gulnan and the rest of her undead servants and take her Heart from 
her body. With Gulnan dead and the focus destroyed, the undead will no longer 
haunt the Beggar's Nest. Report your success to Harben Ashensmith in the 
Shining Serpent for a reward. Bring the Yuan-Ti Heart to Aribeth in the Hall of 


The next area to check out is Blacklake. Go to the northeast corner of the City 
Core and pass through the gate into No-Man's-Land. Continue through No-Man's-
Land and you will reach the Barricade. Speak to Gate Captain Harn to learn 
what's happening in the Blacklake District. He will open the gate for you. 
Speak with Formosa in the square in the southeast corner of the district. She 
will ask you to kill Meldanen and to steal his key to gain access to the food 
he is hoarding in his warehouse. You will meet Milly, the cleaning lady, 
walking thorugh the streets of Blacklake. With a little bit of persuading, she 
will tell you of a secret way into Meldanen's Estate and will give you her key. 
Enter Milly's House at the north end of the district and enter the portal in 
one of the rooms. You will appear in Meldanen's Estate in a bedroom. Take the 
key from the desk. You may also be able to enter Meldanen's Estate through the 
front door if you can convice the guard to let you pass. By the fron entrance 
of the house you will meet Grommin. Convince him you are here legitimately, and 
he will open the door to the south for you. Otherwise, you will have to kill 
him and open the door yourself using the Meldanen West Wing Key. Defeat 
Meldanen's Apprentice and go down the stairs to Meldanen's Sanctum. At the east 
end of the sanctum you will see the missing dryad in a prison cell. Meldanen 
will appear when you approach the dryad and attack you. When Meldanen is almost 
dead, he will surrender to you. You can either accept his surrender and ask him 
for the key to his warehouse, or you can kill him and take the key and his 
silver tooth. Open the cage door and speak with the dryad. Let her go after she 
has given you a lock of her hair. You can leave Meldanen's Estate either by 
using the Stone of Recall or by going out through the front door, though you 
will have to fight Orrean, the gate guard. Bring Meldanen's key to Formosa near 
the southeast corner of Blacklake and she will reward you with a magic 
necklace. She will also give you some gold if you have Meldanen's Silver Tooth. 
Bring the Lock of Dryad Hair to Aribeth in the Hall of Justice. 

The Docks 

The last district to visit is the Docks through the gate in the northwest 
corner of the City Core. Speak to the guard at the gate to learn about what is 
happening on the other side. Speak to Gate Captian Soren on the other side of 
the gate. He will tell you that you're on your own in this area. Just past the 
gate you will see Niebor who is pretending to be innocent. Push him for 
information to learn about an auction that is going to take place at the Seedy 
Tavern at the north end of the district. There are three ways to get into the 
Seedy Tavern. The simplest is to bribe the bouncer with five Smugglers' Coins. 
The second way is to kill the three Bloodsailers by the boat in the southwest 
corner of the area and take one of their Uniforms. The bouncer will let you 
pass if you wear it. The final way into the Seedy Tavern is to break into 
Callik's house in the northeast corner of the area. In a chest in the room you 
will find a key and a note from Callik to his underlings. Use the key to unlock 
the side entrance to the Seedy Tavern. The door to the basement is block by the 
chef. Either bribe him off or tell him the password you can learn from Ulfnog 
in the steam room upstairs. If you don't have the Tavern Key, you'll need to 
pick the lock or bash down the door. Enter the Bloodsailer Hideout. In a room 
on the second level, you will find some Bloodsailers interrigating a woman. 
Kill the Bloodsailers and you will find some Instructions from Callik on one of 
the bodies. Speak to Dara'nei to learn that her boyfriend Vengaul Bloodsail has 
the last Waterdhavian creature and that he is being hunted by Callik and the 
other mutineers. She will give you her locket and will tell you how to find 
Vengaul. There are two ways to reach the Sewers. One way is to enter the Silver 
Sails Trading Company and use Dara'nei's Locket to reach the entrance to the 
Aquaducts. From there, you can take a boat to the Sewers. The other way is to 
enter the Aquaducts by bashing open the door in the building west of the Seedy 
Tavern. Defeat the Bloodsailers there and use the Instructions from Callik to 
open the gate and then take the boat to the Sewers. As you walk through the 
first corridor in the Sewers, you will overhear Callik and Vengaul arguing. 
Burst into the room and Callik and his men will attack you. After you have 
defeated Callik, use the hallway to the north to reach Vengaul. He will offer 
to give you the Cockatrice Feather without any hassle. Take the Cockatrice 
Feather from the crate nearby and bring it to Aribeth in the Hall of Justice. 

Helm's Hold 

After you have given Aribeth all four Waterdhavian creature components, she 
will invite you to watch the ritual to create the cure. Speak to the four 
leaders in the Ritual Chamber: Aribeth, Fenthick, Desthar, and Lord Nasher. 
Once you have spoken to all four, the ritual will begin. The ritual will be a 
success and the cure created, but Desthar will steal the cure and escape 
through a portal and false Helmites will attack. Speak to Aribeth after you 
have defeated all of the False Helmites. She will urge you to enter the portal 
while she is able to keep it open and follow Desthar and Fenthick. Step through 
the portal and you will appear on the Road to Helm's Hold. Speak to Bregan, the 
farmer, for some information about the hold. As you approach the gates of 
Helm's Hold, a Strange Visage will appear. It will speak somewhat cryptically 
about Desthar and his role and will be unwilling to answer any of your 
questions. There are three entrances into Helm's Hold: the main entrance and 
the side entrance from the courtyard and through a cave near the road to Helm's 
Hold. In the front foyer, place the Etched Gem, found on a corpse in the 
courtyard, on the pedestal, and the Guardian Armor will attack the enemies 
throughout the castle. At the north end of the floor, you will find some stairs 
leading up the third floor where you will find Fenthick who is devastated by 
Desther's betrayal and wracked by guilt for trusting him. Continue up to the 
fourth floor where you will find Desther. He will be invulnerable to attack 
until you kill the Ritual Creatures surrounding him. After you have fought 
Desther enough, he will surrender, and you will take him back to Neverwinter to 
be tried for his actions. 

Chapter 2

North Road Caves 
The second chapter begins in Kendrack Barracks in Port Llast. Aribeth will meet 
you as you leave your room and give you a thorough briefing about the current 
situation and your mission. Aarin Gend will give you more information about 
your assignment and will suggest a starting point in your search for the cult. 
Head through the North Gate to the North Road. Enter the caves in the hills in 
the northwest corner of the area. On the east side of the Bugbear Caves is a 
passage that leads to the Ogre Caves. Near the entrance of the Ogre Caves you 
will find Nuglat locked in a cell. Talk to him to learn that he was Dergiad's 
partner, until Dergiad fell under the influence of the Cult. Continue through 
the caves until you reach Dergiad. Kill both the Ogre Mage and Ganon, an agent 
from the cult. Look in the chest nearby to find Ganon's Journal. Contained 
within is proof that Ganon was a member of the Cult and there is evidence of 
Cult activity in Neverwinter Wood and Charwood. Show Ganon's Journal to Aribeth 
in Port Llast. Although this reveals locations of Cult interest, it does not 
disclose the actual location of the cult. There are three pieces of evidence 
you can collect that pinpoint the location of the cult, though only two of 
these are required by Aribeth to proceed to the next part of the quest. 

Head south from Port Llast along the South Road, past the Farms, through the 
Haunted Forest, and into Charwood. In the Inn of Charwood, you will find a 
member of the cult who has been driven mad by the current situation in the 
village. After conversing with he, he will attack you. The Cultist's Journal 
indicates that the cult is located in Luskan. 

Neverwinter Wood 
Go east from Port Llast along the East Road to the Druid Encampment. Read the 
walkthrough for the Spirit of the Wood side quest to learn how to enter 
Neverwinter Wood and the Realm of the Spirit. In the Realm of the Spirit you 
will find Relmar, another Cult member who has also been driven mad. After you 
have killed him, take his journal which also reveals Luskan as the home of the 

Cult Assassins 
While exploring the area around Port Llast, you will be attacked by a series of 
cult assassins. The first one, Solomon, will approach you in the Alliance Arms 
Inn and give you a ring as a thank-you for saving Neverwinter from the Wailing 
Death. When you return again to the Alliance Arms Inn, Solomon will reveal that 
he is from the cult and that the ring he gave you was used to track you and he 
will then attack you. After a while, you will be met by Jaheel or Tarran who 
will plead for your help rescuing his/her brother Neva from bandits. Head south 
to the Farmland area. Approach the standing stones in the southeast corner of 
the area, where you will be ambushed by Jaheel, Tarran, and Neva. On Neva's 
body you will find orders from the cult to find and kill you. After this, you 
will be approached by a farmer who will tell you that several of his friends 
were killed by a man named Vardoc who is trying to track you down. Some time 
later, an adventurer will speak to you, warning you that the rest of his 
adventuring party was killed by Vardoc who is trying to kill the adventurers 
who are tracking down the cult. Eventually, Vardoc will catch up to you and 
attack you. On his body, you will find orders from Maugrim which will also 
indicate that the cult is located in Luskan. 

Bring any two pieces of evidence to Aribeth to convince her that the cult is 
based in Luskan. Spymaster Aarin Gend will tell you how to get into Luskan. 
Take the North Road to the gates of Luskan past the Green Griffon Inn. A Luskan 
Sergaent will meet you there and let you into the city. 

The city of Luskan is in termoil. Speaking with various citizens, you will 
learn that the High Captians have been at war with each other and that only two 
remain: Kurth and Baram. Enter the Temple of Tyr at the west end of Luskan. 
Aarin Gend will tell you that Aribeth is missing. He will also ask you to bring 
him a High Captian's Seal so that he can forge a document to allow you to enter 
the Host Tower. You can kill either of the high captians to find the seal you 
need, or you can kill both of them. 

High Captain Baram 
There are two ways to enter Baram's Sewers. Either enter through the front 
entrance in the northeast corner of Luskan, or enter through the Sewers using a 
key from Rhaine or Oreth on the second floor of the Wink and Tickle. At the 
entrance of Baram's Sewers, Baram will send an image of himself to speak with 
you. He will offer you a reward if you bring him High Captian Kurth's head. You 
may bash the gate behind him to enter his lair. Before the stairs to Baram's 
Lair, you will encounter a Yuan-ti Necromancer. You will find a message from 
Maugrim on her body discussing a certain ritual to create undead. In the 
Summoning chamber, you will see a Yuan-ti Necromancer and a Yuan-ti Conjurer 
performing some kind of ritual that will create a Mummy every time a skeleton 
and a spirit reach the center of the chamber. Kill the skeletons and the 
Greater Mummy to the southeast and bash the tablets to the southwest to disrupt 
the ritual. As each part of the ritual is disrupted, each Yuan-ti will become 
vulnerable. Once you have killed both of them, take the Crypt Key from one of 
their bodies. Use the Crypt Key on the door at the back of the summoning 
chamber and High Captian Baram will jump out at you. Once you have killed him, 
you can take his head which will server as proof for Kurth that Baram is dead. 
Continue to the northwest corner of the area, where you will find a Priestess 
of Mask. In the chest behind her, you will find a High Captian's Seal. 

High Captain Kurth
There are also two ways to enter Kurth's base by the Luskan Docks as well. 
Either enter through the crack in the wall in the southwest corner of Luskan, 
or through the Harbor sewers accessed through the ruined tower nearby using a 
key from Rhaine or Oreth on the second floor of the Wink and Tickle. Near the 
entrance to the Luskan Docks, Kurth will also send an image of himself to speak 
with you and will make you an offer similar to Baram's for Baram's Head. You 
may bash down the gate to enter. Continue through the Luskan Docks area to 
Kurth's Lair in the northeast corner. Enter the prison area of Kurth's Lair in 
the east and defeat the Prison Warden for the Prison Key, which will unlock the 
door to the northwest. At the far west end of the building you will find a 
portal from which creature continually appear. In a room next the portal room 
you'll find the corpse of Burke, the former owner of this manor. On his body is 
a manual describing how to seal the portal and a Smooth Token Head to the east 
side of the manor and enter the room to the north. Click on the fountain to 
find a Glowing Sphere. Return to the planar portal and place the Smooth Token 
and the Glowing Sphere inside to close it. Head back to the main chamber and go 
through the north door to fight High Captian Kurth. Once Kurth is defeated, 
enter his bedroom to the northwest and take his Seal from the chest. 

The Host Tower of the Arcane 

Speak to Aarin Gend in the Temple of Tyr on the west end of Luskan once you 
have one of the High Captain's Seals and he will make a Diplomatic Pass for 
you. Show the Diplomatic Pass to the guard at the gate to the Host Tower and he 
will allow you to enter. In the Host Tower courtyard you will have to show your 
Diplomatic Pass to another guard and he will open the door to the tower for 
you. Speak to the two ambassadors in the tower to learn that Maugrim has become 
Archmage of the tower and that he is building up a large army to attack 
Neverwinter. You will also learn that Aribeth will apparently be leading that 
army against Neverwinter. Enter Aribeth's room to the northwest. In the desk 
you will find a letter to Aribeth from Maugrim telling her how to get around in 
the tower. On the floor you will find her diary and the Tower Entry Key, which 
will open the south door. Click on the Host Tower Pillar and select the 2nd 
floor to make a portal appear in the center of the chamber. Step on the portal 
to move to the 2nd level. The Host Tower Pillar can take you to any level of 
the tower, but you need to have the correct wardstone for that level. To reach 
the top of the tower, you need a Pinnacle Portal Stone. One can be found in 
Valindra Shadowmante's chamber on the 6th floor, and other is held by Warden 
Erjack on the 7th floor. To reach Valindra Shadowmantle, you need a 6th Floor 
Portal Stone one of which can be found in Blaskar Lauthlon's chambers on the 
2nd floor, and another in the northeast corner of the 5th floor. If you would 
rather defeat Warden Erjack for his Pinnacle Portal Stone, you need a 7th Floor 
Portal Stone. One is located in a chest in Rimardo Domine's library on the 4th 
floor; the other is in the northeast corner of the 5th floor. Once you have the 
Pinnacle Portal Stone click on the Host Tower Pillar on any level and select 
the Pinnacle. This will bring you to the 9th floor. The door to the actual 
tower pinnacle is sealed and only Arklem, the former archmage of the tower, can 
open it for you. He will agree to open the door for you if you free him by 
destroying the four braziers. After you destroy each brazier, a monster will 
appear in the summoning cirlce in the center of the room. Once all four 
braziers have been destroyed, speak to Arklem again and he will break the seal 
on the door so that you can reach the Tower Pinnacle. At the edge of the tower 
you will see Maugrim and his master Morag. Aribeth will also be their and she 
will pledge her allegiance to Morag and the cult. Once this is done, Morag will 
notice you and send her Lizardmen after you before leaving with Maugrim and 
Aribeth. Enter Maugrim's Lair and read his Journal in the desk to learn all 
about he and Morag's plans. Use the Stone of Recall to return to Aarin Gend in 
the Temple of Tyr and report all you have discovered. There is a Stone of 
Recall on the corpse near the stairs if you have lost yours. 

Chapter 3

Beorunna's Well 
You begin the third chapter in Beorunna's Well. Speak to Aarin Gend to learn 
your mission for this chapter: to discover the Words of Power before Maugrim 
gets his hands on them. Enter the Drinking House to the southeast and speak to 
Lillian Cambridge. She claims to know where one of the Words of Power is, but 
will ask that you retrieve her Snow Globe from the wizard Nax before she will 
tell you. 


Leave Beorunna's Well through the north gate to enter Coldwood. You will be 
greated by one of Aarin Gend's agents who will tell you what he knows about the 
area. In the northeast corner of the area, you will find two paths to other 
areas, take the one to the east. You will find a shimmering area in the grove 
in the northeast corner of this area. Step into it with the Teleport Scroll to 
teleport into the Wizard's Dungeon. Nax has been imprisoned near the southeast 
corner of the dungeon. He will promise to give you the Snow Globe if you free 
him. Place a Slaad's Tongue in the summoning pool in a the room near the 
southwest corner of the dungeon and cast Melf's Acid Arrow on it to summon the 
Greater Water Elemental. You can find a Slaad's Tongue on the adventurer's body 
in a room in the northeast corner of the dungeon. If you are unable to cast 
Melf's Acid Arrow, you can find a ring in a chest in the Wizard's lab which you 
can use to cast the spell. Ask the Greater Water Elemental to free Nax and he 
will appear next to you while she disappears. Nax will admit that he doesn't 
have the Snow Globe anymore, but can give you a hint for getting it yourself. 
You will find four gongs in the room in the northwest. Strike them in the 
following order to open the door: Puma, Winter Wolf, Dire Bear, Dragon. Defeat 
the Huge Fire Elemental and take the Snow Globe from the pedestal. Bring the 
Snow Globe to Lillian Cambridge in the Drinking House in Beorunna's Well and 
she will magically send it back to her room. She believes that a Word of Power 
can be found somewhere in the minature realm inside the globe. 

The Snow Globe 

Go upstairs to Lillian's room where you will find the Snow Globe sitting on the 
pedestal. When you rotate it, the view will change from dwarves attacking the 
dryads, to dryads attacking the dwarves. Enter the globe. Inside the Snow 
Globe, either the dwarves or the dryads will attack you depending on how the 
globe was rotated before you entered. Make your way to the center of the area 
where you will find a cave. Inside the cave is a powerful, old dragon who is 
apparently the Master of this realm and has the Word of Power that you are 
looking for. Just inside the cave, you will find a chest which contains the 
Broken Amulet of the Ages. Show the Broken Amulet of the Ages to Hodd, the 
leader of the dwarves, and he will fix it. If the dwarves are currently the 
ones who are insane, leave the globe, rotate it so that the snow is falling, 
and then reenter the globe. Leave the globe again, rotate it so that the sky is 
clear, and enter it once again. Show the Drained Amulet of the Ages to Arwyl, 
the leader of the dryads, and she will restore its magic. Enter the cave again 
with the Amulet of the Ages around your neck. The dragon will recognize the 
amulet and attack you, though it will be much easier to defeat now that you 
have some protection against its icy breath. Once the dragon is dead, look 
inside the chest to the northwest to find the Word of Power. A being named 
Haedraline will appear and demand to know who you are. She claims to be a 
mutual enemy of Maugrim and will urge you to find the other Words of Power 
before he does. Step into the portal to return to the Drinking House in 
Beorunna's Well. Enter Aarin Gend's Lodge and give him the Word of Power. 

The Creator Race Ruins 

Head through the south gate of Beorunna's Well, and continue south through the 
Countryside and Fort Ilkard to the Ruins. Enter the Creator Race Ruins to the 
southeast and take the Translation Amulet from the adventurer's corpse. The 
Word of Power is on an alter in the chamber to the south, blocked by a gate 
with three locks. To unlock the three locks, you will need to solve the riddles 
of Light, Sound, and Smoke. Enter the gardens west of the entrance to the ruins 
and speak with Sapphira. She will explain the nature of the time sink that the 
ruins inhabit and will give you a Time Crystal. Reenter the ruins and use the 
Time Crystal on the Sun Dial in the northwest corner of the ruins to travel 
10000 years into the past. Speak to each of the three Slaves in the ruins and 
convince them to include a vulnerability in the golem they are creating. You 
can ask the slave to make their golem weak to fire, ice, blunt weapons, or 
slashing and piercing weapons. Note that you must have a Translation Amulet 
equiped to be able to communicate with the slaves. If you are having trouble 
convincing the slaves to help you, speak to their leader Lokar in the northeast 
corner of the ruins and he will give you his ring which will make the slaves 
more cooperative. Use the Time Crystal on the Sun Dial again to return to the 
present. Each of the three golems guarding the riddle rooms should now have a 
weakness. Slay each of them and use the Golem Keys to open the doors to the 
riddle rooms. To solve the riddle of light, first select a color for each of 
the Pools of Primary Colors, and then take the two gems whose color is the 
combination of the primary color you selected, and place one gem in each of the 
Pools of Secondary Colors. For the riddle of sound, release the Fairy from the 
Fairy Bottle held by the Old One Bodak Champion and she will show you the order 
to hit each of the gongs: southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest, 
southwest, northeast, northwest, southeast. Once you have sounded the eight 
notes correctly, the fairy will be free. For the final riddle, the riddle of 
smoke, take the 6 powders from the Alchemist's Table and place them on the 
brazier in pairs in the following combinations: Blue + Yellow, Red + Blue, 
Yellow + Red. Once all three riddles have been solved, return to the center 
chamber of the ruins. Click on the gate to the south and it will open. As you 
approach the altar, a Balor Lord will be summoned. Once you have slain it, take 
its Key and use it to unlock the altar, where you will find the Word of Power. 
Once you have take the Word of Power, Haedraline will appear once again. She 
will be able to share a bit of information about herself, the Word Slaves, 
Maugrim, and the Words of Power. Step on the portal to leave the ruins and 
bring the Word of Power to Aarin Gend in Beorunna's Well 

The final Word of Power can be found in Moonwood to the west. Continue through 
both Moonwood areas into the Spine of the World. Enter the Fire Giant Lair at 
the north end of the Spine of the World area. Take the door that leads the east 
area of the Fire Giant Lair and to the south you will meet their king, Skrogg. 
Kill him and take the Pass Amulet that will allow you to open the door to the 
southwest. Continue through the area until you reach Krauth's Lair in the 
southeast corner. At the end of the bridge over the lake of fire, you will 
encounter Krauth. He will admit to having the Word of Power and will offer it 
to you in exchange for a dragon egg which he uses to prolong his life. There 
are two ways to get the Word of Power from Krauth. One way is to give him the 
dragon egg he asks for. You can either take Akulatraxas' Green Dragon Egg from 
her cave in the center of the second Moonwood area or Gorgotha's Gold Dragon 
Egg from her cave near the center of the Spine of the World. The other way is 
to kill Krauth. To severely weaken him, head back to the Dragon Dungeon and 
kill the Blue Dragon. Place the Dragon Sphere, found in a nearby fountain, on 
the Dragon Orb Pedestal to absorb the dead dragon's essence and then give the 
Dead Dragon Sphere to Krauth to poison him. One you have the Key from Krauth, 
use it to open the nearby door and take the Word of Power from the chest. 
Haedraline will appear once again and give you even more information about 
Morag, Maugrim, and the Words of Power. Bring this last Word of Power to Aairn 
Gend in Beorunna's Well for a rich reward. He will tell you about the situation 
with the Luskan army and you will both leave immediately for Neverwinter. 

Chapter 4

The War Zone 
The fourth and final chapter begins in Lord Nasher's chamber in Castle Never. 
The Luskan forces have taken the city and the castle in under siege. Aarin Gend 
will urge you to speak to Haedraline in the castle dungeon. Head down the 
stairs just east of Lord Nasher's chamber and speak to Haedraline in the cell 
at the bottom. She will tell you to retrieve the fourth Word of Power from 
Maugrim to stop the summoning of Morag. Leave Castle Never and enter the War 
Zone in the southeast corner of the City Core. Fight you way through the War 
Zone and enter the guardhouse just southeast of the large gate in the center of 
the area. Asgard, in a house west of the gate will reveal a secret passage to 
you that will allow you enter the southern part of the area. Once you have 
passed through the guardhouse, you will enter a courtyard where a Half-Dragon 
Baalor will be waiting for you. Enter the portal to Maugrim's Sanctuary which 
appears after you have defeat the Baalor. Aribeth will confront you right 
inside the sanctuary. After she surrenders to you, you can either finish her 
off or try to convince her to surrender herself to Lord Nasher and aid the 
people of Neverwinter. In the northeast corner of the area, you will find 
Maugrim himself. Slay him, and then take the final Word of Power from the chest 
in his chamber. 

The Source Stone 
Return to Castle Never and show the Word of Power to Haedraline in the castle 
dungeon. She will tell you that the only way to defeat Morag now is to use the 
Word of Power to enter the Source Stone and defeat her there. Pass through the 
dungeon to the caverns and place the Word of Power on the empty pedestal at the 
east end of the area. You will now be able to enter the Source Stone. To the 
east of the entrance to the Source Stone you will meet a woman named Asheera 
from another plane who looks like Lady Aribeth's twin. She will give you a 
magic amulet to aid you in your fight against Morag before being pulled back to 
her own dimension. Enter the portal in the center of the Sanctuary to proceed 
to the Guardian Lair. Your path forward will be blocked by two powerful 
corrupted dragons. This is a difficult battle and you may need to use the Stone 
of Recall to return to the temple for healing a few times before you slay them. 
Each of the dragons hold a Key to unlock the two large doors at the north end 
of the room. Before continuing to the next area, make sure you have all the 
supplies and equipment you need, because the Stone of Recall will no longer 
work in the Inner Sanctum and there will be no escape until Morag has been 
defeated. At the south end of the Inner Sanctum of the Source Stone you will 
find an image of Morag speaking to some of her minions to prepare them for the 
battle. Once you are spotted, the Old Ones will attack. Use the key held by the 
Old One Cleric to open the door to the north. In the next room, you will face 
Morag herself who is invulnerable to attack. First slay the Morag's Hands and 
then destroy the statue infront of Morag's throne to remove the barrier. Around 
the throne are protectors who are responsible for Morag's invulnerability. Once 
you have slain a protector, Morag will become vulnerable to the type of attack 
she was protecting her from. Once Morag is dead, the Source Stone will begin to 
collapse. Enter one of the portals that appear to leave the area. You will find 
yourself in a planar pocket created by Haedraline. She will confirm Morag's 
death and your complete victory. After you have finished speaking with her, 
step into the portal and the game will end. 

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