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                               New Stuff

           Table of Contents
           Part 1:New Vehicles
           1.1:Warthog Varieties
           1.2:The ATV
           1.3:Covenant Vehicles
           Part 2:New Allies
           2.1:conventional Marines

           Part 3:New Weapons
           3.1:Marine/SPARTAN weapons
           3.2:Covenant Weapons
           Part 4:New Enemies

           Part 5: Multiplayer:

New Vehicles:

Warthog Varieties:MY favorite new warthog is the Jungle Camouflaged version.There 
is also a Warthog with skies for wheels. It is used for transportation and has no 
weapons, but the marines can fire out the back as if in the passenger side. There 
is a regular transport warthog that is the same but has wheels. Finally, some of 
the Original Warthogs have 80mm cannons instead of chainguns.

The ATV:Not much to say. It's pretty straightforward. Of course you can drive with 
one hand and blast grunts out of the ghosts with an SMG in the hand.

Covenant Vehicles:

Shadow:Covenant warthog. Hovers{of course}.

Creep:Covenant transport bus. Has two non-removeable Shade turrets.

Phantom:New Dropship that CAN be shot down, saving you the trouble of using 
precious ammo on ground troops. However, to make for this weakness, it does have a 

Covenant Stationary Heavy Artilery Emplacement:As seen on the Halo 2 E3 video on 
bonus disc of special edition Halo Soundtrack. Thses things can level a 50 story 
building with one shot.Man, I am glad all this happens 5000 years from now.

New Allies:

The regular Marines have cooler armor and are smarter, are better shots, and just 
plain don't get in the way as much.

Helljumpers:These volunteers usually go onto a planet in HEV pods that deploy 
parachutes at a certain alltitude.It gets really hot inside the drop pods, hence 
the nickname "Helljumpers".The real name is Orbital Drop Shock Troopers,or 
ODST's.Their motto is "FEET First"The full explanation is in the novel "Halo: The 
Flood" by William C. Dietz.

New Weapons:

Marine/SPARTAN Weapons:

The Battle Rifle:The Battle Rifle is basicaly a 
sniper rifle with only 2x zoom,a larger magazine,and a faster fire rate.

The SMG:The SMG is an assault rifle except smaller and better looking.

The Warthog cannon:Here is one weapon not listed in the contents. This cannon is 
more powerful than the chaingun and fires faster than you think.

HE Magnum Pistol: This new pistol is larger and more powerful than the one in 
Halo.Whoa!!!10 round clip size, I think.

Mounted 30mm: Throughout Halo 2 you will come across mounted Chainguns with 
unlimited ammo. More powerful than Warthog Chaingun. These will be crucial when you 
are defending Earth from the Covenant. 

Covenant weapons:Plasma Launcher:Used by Brutes. I think it's as powerful as a fuel 
rod gun or a little less. 

Plasma sword: The Special Ops elites{black armor}will be using a new plasma sword 
that can cut Marines in HALF!

The elites also may be using a new rifle, who knows, it may be the Carbine 
mentioned in the other guide, but I don't think so.

New enemies:Brutes. Everybody knows about these guys by now. 
If you have Turok:Evolution, you may see a resembelance between the Brutes and the 
Minigun slinging Slegs.Anyway, thier hand to hand combat is more deadly than an 
Elite's!!!!!!!!! Despite thier large apperance, they are pretty easy to kill.

Prophets:Covenant religious leaders. These fanatics started the whole humans are 
infadels thing.They have no means of killing people unless Bungie gets into all the 
spririt blast, Dragonball Z stuff.

  Multiplayer:Elites: You can play as Elites in Multiplayer, which makes more sense 
than clones of the Masterchief wailing on each other. I'm not sure whichn type, but 
I know for certain you can play as a Veteran{red Armor.}

Hijacking:Everyone knows about kicking Elites of ghosts and stuff, just wanted to 
have my guide as complete as possible.

 Vehicle Destroying: You can now shoot off specific parts of a vehicle off to 
affect it's use and reliability. Just think, shooting the wheels of a warthog and 
then have some show off try to make his escape from your base, when he realizes the 
warthog seems to be lower to the ground than usual. And then destroy him!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry about the Laugh.This can be done in single player as well.

      Sources:The Halo novels in order of when they happened:The Fall of Reach by 
Eric Nyland,The Flood by William C.Dietz,and First Strike, also by Eric Nyland.

      Bungie and the Bonus Disc that comes with the special edition Halo 
soundtrack.Game Informer Magazine,and various downloaded internet videos. Good Luck 
with Halo 2 and I hope this guide will help you somehow. 
Before I stop, I want to say one thing:RESERVE YUOR COPY AT GAMESTOP OR TOYSRUS. 
Don't reserve at EB Games. My friend Jeff reserved it when Halo 2 was coming out in 
September and when it was moved to November 9, they cancelled it because it was 
reserved at the wrong date. So don't reserve at EB and your guarnateed to be 
playing Halo 2 along with millions of others on November 9.Devil Master, over and 

 One Last thing:A message to Humanity regarding the Covenant: WHAT IS WRONG WITH 
THEM!!!!!!!!???????? What did we do to them?Screw the Gods, what have they done for 
you. So what, we colonized other planets. NONE OF THEM WERE YOUR PLANETS, WERE 
TO YOU!!!!!!! Thank You and I hope you Like my FAQ.

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