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Why waste space on a fancy title?

	We’ll start with the bosses from Sora’s story mode and then Riku’s. Cards will
come after.

1. Sora Bosses and their enemy cards.

2. Riku Bosses and thier enemy cards.

3. Attack Cards.

4. Magic Cards.

5. Item Cards.

6. Enemy Cards.

7. Deck Setups

8. Check out my other faqs!

1.	Guard Armor: He is really easy, all you have to do is keep playing cards and
his wimpy cards won’t even get to work. If he does play a card, watch out for
his feet that will walk after you, or his hands that will spin. If you get the
trick card (the green mickey mouse logo) you can use it to make him fall to the
ground stunned for a while so you can unload your attacks on him. It’s important
to make sure always that your deck is full before you do this for maximum
damage. When all that’s left is his body, he will start to spin around but it’s
easy to card break, however, it does some damage. For beating him, you get his
enemy card which extends attack range for 30 attacks.

	Axel: He likes to warp around and attack Sora with his flaming chakrams (That
is the real name of his weapons). His sleight is Firewall, which sends a wall of
fire that slowly moves towards you. Believe it or not, but when you dodge roll,
while in the process of actually rolling, you are impervious to attack. Just
dodge roll through the fire (make sure you end up past the flames) and you won’t
take damage. Or you can just pull out a zero card and break it, (but you
probably don’t have any). For winning you get the Fire card at level 5 (I
classify the number at the bottom right to be the card’s “level”).

	Depending on which world you choose to go to after this the order of bosses
will change, so I’m going to do them in the order that is the best way to go
through the worlds. (My way), not to be unmodest, but this has proven to be the
best way through.

	Cloud (Olympus Coliseum): He has some high level cards but it still shouldn’t
be a problem to win. It’s awfully easy to dodge his attacks since he jumps over
next to you when he is about to do something. He has 2 sleights, Cross Slash and
Omnislash. Cross Slash he jumps in front of you and does a triple sword slash,
just roll away or even run away. Omnislash is a little harder to avoid, he flies
through the air and slashes you three times. As soon as you see him move down
after he gets to the top of his flight, dodge roll and he won’t do any damage.
He will still hit you but it won’t do any damage. Beat Cloud and you get a
Hi-Potion card that I am pretty sure is level 3. It reloads ALL your attack
cards, even ones that were deemed unreloadable. (The card used first in a
sleight, a card broken card.)

	Hades: He will float around and use his flaming hands to hurt you. He has two
sleights, Temper Flare and Firaga Ball. Temper Flare turns him red, where he
goes berserk with his attacks. Firaga Ball he just throws a lava ball at you
that is easier than luring a retard with the ice cream jingle to dodge. Don’t
use Donald here, because he has no conception of which enemy is invulnerable to
what, so he will probably use fire on Hades which will give him back about a
quarter of his health. Beat Hades and you get the Hades card, which boosts
attack cards’ power when you are blinking red on health, the Cloud summon card

	Card Soldiers (Wonderland): They are really easy. Just fight them like you
would any other heartless battle. If you opened a chest here and got Blizzard
Raid, it’s very helpful here. For beating the Soldiers you get their enemy card
which increases swing speed for 30 attacks.

	TrickMaster: He doesn’t even attack on a regular basis. His highest card is a
seven so you can attack him without him even attacking back. He will walk across
the room, pound his stick on the ground, and shoot fire. If you get the trick
card, you can use it to put a table in front of him, pinning him in place and
attack him better. If you jump off he will destroy it though. Beat him to get
the worst enemy card yet, it devalues the enemy’s card when you lose a card
break. NEXT WORLD.

	Jafar (Agrabah): Jafar is invincible (duh) so attack the lamp that Iago is
flying around. You can use the Guard armor enemy card to attack Iago from the
platforms when they are at their middle level. Otherwise you can only get him at
the highest level. You can use the trick card to put all the platforms at their
highest level. Jafar will throw lava balls at you, pound the ground, and shoot a
laser. They are so easy to dodge. Beat Jafar and you get his enemy card, which
doesn’t let your attack cards get broken for 30 attacks. NEXT WORLD.

	Parasite Cage (Monstro): There’s 2 ways to do this. You can stand on one of the
platforms and blast magic at him from afar, or you can just run up to him and
attack him. Jumping in the acid does cause damage so do it when a platform is
right in front of him. You can use the trick card to protect yourself from acid
for a while. He will body slam you, pound his arms, and spit acid at you. For
winning you get his enemy card, which lets you break the enemy card your enemy
is using. NEXT WORLD.

	Oogie (Halloween Town): Card break his dice throws (which are always level 7)
to retract the fence by a third. Do it three times and jump up there and attack
him. Physical attacks do the most damage. Eventually you will get knocked back
down. You can use the trick card to automatically lower the fence all the way.
For winning you get his enemy card, which gradually restores HP.

	Larxene: Larxene absorbs thunder. She will attack you with her lightning
bullets/Thunder knives (whatever you want to call it) and thundara. Her sleight
is Lightning Bolt and you need to dodge roll right after you hear the first
little crack of thunder, or she will pull you in and stun you. Beat Larxene and
you get a thunder card level 7. And some more world cards.

	Hook (Neverland): Hook is the hardest boss out of these world cards so you want
to get him out of the way first. He has 2 sleights, Rush and Present, and Combo
and Present. Rush and Present is deadly, just one could take all your health.
You need to make your zero cards easily accessible, put them at the start of
your deck, then scroll past them. When you need one, just scroll back one and
pull it out. Hook is weak against fire and invincible to thunder. The Fire Raid
Sleight does a lot of damage if you can hit him three or four times with one.
Obviously Firaga takes about half his health. Beat him to get the Hook card,
which lets you keep one HP after getting hit with an attack that would normally
have killed you, provided you have more than 1 HP left. 

	Riku: All you have to do is keep attacking him until he dies, and you shouldn’t
have any trouble. If it’s impossible for you to beat him, well, just quit
playing video games altogether.

	On this floor you should go to the Hundred Acre Wood. That way the worlds after
this will give you more experience. The first thing to do is to is to get in the
Wagon and make Pooh get in to break it. Then go down a ways until you find
Piglet, just talk to him. After a while you find that huge pile of balloons and
make Pooh ride them. Owl will come to the rescue. After a while you will see a
hole with footprints in them, so let pooh fall in and Roo will come out. After
getting Roo you see Tigger bouncin away. Go past him to the four smaller stumps
and motion for Pooh to get on one. Then you need to make him jump around them
until Tigger shows up. That beehive you passed when after Tigger? Go back to it
and get Pooh close. Then he will run into a tree and Eeyore’s tail will fall
out. When you get to those little sticks in the ground, hit them all into the
ground. A couple of feet after that, the cabbages start rolling down the path.
You need to hit 14 of them to make Rabbit come out, and this is kind of hard
because Pooh keeps getting in the way. Yay you win!

	Riku: Same as before, but now he will use the Dark Firaga sleight that you can
dodge by rolling.

	Dragon Maleficent (Hollow Bastion): If you just keep attacking her head with
high level cards you will probably kill her before she can even attack. You can
use the trick card to put a pile of cement blocks by her head so you don’t have
to jump to attack her anymore. She will breathe fire and spawn flames. If you
hit the flames you will usually get a trick card. For beating her you get her
card, which halves reload speed to boost attack cards.

	Ursula (Atlantica): Kill her tentacles to be able to attack her face. If you
get the trick card you can make her sink a little and be able to attack her
face. She will shoot bubbles at you that reverse your movement, so if you want
to move left, push right. Her most powerful attack is thundaga breath and that
does a hell of a lot of damage. Beat her and get her card, which halves damage
from magic attacks. Summon attacks do normal damage. 

	Riku: He still hasn’t had enough, there is nothing different except he will
sometimes jump in the air and land on you to attack.

	Vexen: He (Yes, I said “he”) is a lot stronger with more attacks. He has 2 more
sleights, Ice Needles, and Ice Burn. Ice Needles sends Stalagmites after Sora
but if you keep running away you will dodge them. Ice Burn puts a bunch of ice
slicks across the floor that you trip over. Overall this is the same fight, only
now Vexen uses his enemy card. If he is using it, then when you kill him he will
revive with half of a health bar. Beat him to get it.

	Darkside: This could take a while, it is almost impossible to lose to this guy.
Two of his attacks leave his arm vulnerable for attacking. When he slams his
fist to create a shockwave you can hit him exactly five times. When he actually
plunges it in the ground you have about three combos. Other than that he will
shoot energy balls at you. You can also attack his head but it’s rarely open.
Beat him to get his card, which copies the card being used by your enemy.

	Riku: This is the hard Riku fight. He will use his shadow enemy card to
increase the value of all his cards by one. This is when you need to bust out
your sleights because that leaves him without zeroes as they have been turned
into ones. If you have three clouds use Omnislash! It takes about over half of
his health bar. Cross Slash takes a lot, too but he will probably jump away.
Judgement is also a great sleight. His new sleight is Dark Aura and it will kill
you. You need zero cards. If you don’t have zero cards you can use sleights that
are higher than his, but you are pretty much screwed. Beat him to get the Riku
card, which keeps cards used in sleights available for reloading.

	Larxene: She is still really easy. She has a new sleight, Teleport Rush which
is like Dark Aura but only does about half the damage. Beat her to get her
stupid enemy card, which lets you run faster. Whee!

	Axel: He is back and about fifty times harder than before. He has a new
sleight, Firetooth, which sends revolving balls of fire to circle Sora until
they stop causing damage. If you dodge roll right when they get to you they will
do no damage. Other than that, he has a lot more health, and that’s it.

	Marluxia: He is a lot easier than you think. Neither of his sleights do a lot
of damage and they are incredibly easy to dodge. If he uses his card, then he
repeats sleights twice. Deathscythe summons a giant scythe to slice you into
little pieces, I’m just kidding, that thing couldn’t chop a carrot. Just dodge
as soon as you see him move. Blossom Shower sends petals of roses at you, Oh!
How nice. Just dodge as soon as they fill the entire screen. He has a lot of
high level cards though. 

	Marluxia battle suit: Destroy the swords first, which is easy. If he jumps with
the ship he will do a shockwave attack. When he moves the ship to the other side
with a card up, break it and jump on his ship. When marluxia comes out of his
cocoon attack him until the wind blows you off the ship. Besides that, he will
be open to attack for a few seconds everytime you card break him. In reality,
this battle is easier than the last one, and that was easy, so...Beat him and
you get the Marluxia card, which lets you use sleights twice in a row. You have
now beaten Sora’s story, time to move on to Riku’s.

2. Riku’s story

	A few things are different here. Riku runs faster and jumps higher but he has
less traction, which really isn’t a setback. When Riku’s DP gets to 30, he goes
into Dark Mode, where he turns into the Riku you fought. His attacks are all the
same except he has a new sleight, Dark Break, where he jumps in the air and
repeatedly stabs people. For Dark Break, you need 3 attack cards with a total
value of 5 to 15. For Dark Firaga you need three cards valued from 16 to 26. And
for Dark Aura (OH YEAH!) You need three 9’s. There are no moogle points or
shops. You cannot change anything about the deck that has been given to you,
that is different for each world. This sucks, especially in Atlantica and
Olympus Coliseum, where the guys must have been drunk when they picked those
decks. In Castle Oblivion, though the deck is awesome. There are no magic cards
and the only friend card is King Mickey. He stuns and deals damage to everyone
on the field and heals you. With every deck, you are given one heartless enemy
card, plus all of the enemy cards you got from the bosses you will fight again
here. Here are the decks: (This is not the order in which to do the worlds)

Hollow Bastion: Soul Eater: 9 8 7 8 7 6 7 6 5 6 5 4 5 4 3. Potion: 9 Enemy card:

Agrabah: Soul Eater: 7 6 4 3 7 6 4 3 7 6 4 3 7 6 4 3 7 6 4 3 Hi-Potion: 7 Enemy
Card: Fat Bandit

Monstro: Soul Eater: 7 5 4 1 7 5 4 1 7 6 4 1 7 6 4 1 7 6 4 1 Enemy Card: Search

Neverland: Soul Eater: 7 6 5 4 3 2 4 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Enemy Card: Pirate

Traverse Town: Soul Eater: 4 5 6 7 8 Enemy Card: Shadow

Atlantica: Soul Eater: 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 Enemy Card: Sea Neon

Olympus Coliseum: Soul Eater: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0: Enemy
Card: Powerwild

Wonderland: Soul Eater: 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 Enemy Card: Large Body

Halloween Town: Soul Eater: 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 6 5 6 4 Enemy Card:
Wight Knight

Destiny Islands: Soul Eater: 0 1 3 5 7 0 2 4 6 8 6 4 2 0 7 5 3 2 0 Enemy Card: None

Twilight Town: Soul Eater: 9 6 3 8 5 2 7 4 1 6 3 0 9 7 5 3 1 0 2 4 6 8 0 2 9
Enemy Card: None

Castle Oblivion (World and Hallways): Soul Eater: 8 8 8 7 7 7 6 6 6 9 9 9 6 7 8
9 8 6 7 9 9 6 7 8 Hi-Potion: 9 0 Soul Eater: 0 0 0 0

Now for the bosses, not including the bosses that were also handled in Sora’s story.

	Ansem: He will just use his Heartless to attack you. He has almost no health,
but niether do you. Still its pretty easy.

	Vexen: He is the same as he was in Sor’a story the first time, only now he has
a new sleight called Diamond Dust, which is like Marluxia’s Blossom Shower.

	Riku: This is the exact same fight as the second time you versed him in Sora’s

	Lexaeus: Now it gets harder. Lexaeus uses Earth magic, and his sleight,
Rockshatter, throws up a bunch of rocks to kill you, but if you jump at the
right time when you’re not in dark mode you can dodge it. Use Dark Aura a lot
and he will die quickly.

	Riku: Now this is the exact same fight as the last one in Sor’a mode. What
sucks is you have to use the gay deck of twilight town, and there is no King
Mickey, but, despite what the strategy guide says, there IS a way to heal. Just
use the Oogie Boogie enemy card when you really need it. He uses Dark Aura a
lot, but you only have the cards to use it once. Instead, use Dark Breaks.

	Ansem: The key to this battle is Dark Mode, you can’t win without it. You need
to get to Dark Mode and stay there. When you need to heal, stock the King Mickey
cards to heal a lot of health. Use Dark Aura as much as you can, but have the
Riku card out so you don’t lose the 9’s. Hooray, you have now beaten the entire

3. Attack Cards: I will group these into categories and explain the terms.
“strike” means when the keyblade does a regular attack that is not a thrust.
“Thrust” is when you push the keyblade into someone. Combo Finish is when you
play the card as the combo finisher. Swing Speed is how fast the keyblade moves.
Element is the type of element imbued within the weapon, if I say the weapon is
Neutral, that means you can use it on the front of a guarded enemy,(Large Body
etc) and it will do damage as normal. Break Recovery is how long it takes you to
recover from getting card broken. Required CP is self explanatory. I also give
the categories letter grades, from d to a. “A” means it is good on that area,
while a “D” means it sucks at that area. a “$” is the best rank. 

Kingom Key:
Three Wishes*

Pumpkin Head*
Fairy Harp*
Wishing Star*

Spell Binder*
Metal Chocobo*

Lady Luck*
Divine Rose*

Oath Keeper*
Diamond Dust*

One Winged Angel*
The Ultima Weapon*

Kingdom Key: The weakest blade in the game, but it has better than average swing
speed and break recovery, and it’s ultra cheap CP requirements make it handy in
numbers. These can be found anywhere.

Three Wishes: This blade can only be found in treasure spots in Agrabah (aside
from shops). It is overall better than the Kingdom Key, but it’s thrust is still
lacking. Make it every third card in your deck because of it’s strong combo finish.

Crabclaw: An Atlantica exclusive Keyblade featuring one of the fastest break
recoveries in the game, and it’s combo finish ain’t too shabby, neither.

Pumpkin Head: While still lacking in power, this Halloween Town Blade has a
great recovery and cheap CP cost.

Fairy Harp: This Neverland blade has average stats in power, coupled with the
fastest Swing Speed in the game.

Wishing Star: Can only be found in Monstro, but this card is loaded with speed
and recovery.

Spell Binder: A lightning charged blade with a great thrust and break recovery,
but a sucky everything else. Found in the Hundred Acre Wood when you find Owl.
Metal Chocobo: This card may look powerful, but it’s just an average blade with
the power to damage Large Bodies from the front, just like all Elemental blades
that are not Physical. Obtained in the Olympus Coliseum Key to rewards room.

Olympia: Only available at Olympus,  this blade has a terrible thrust, but a
nice combo finish and great recovery and cost.

Lion Heart: Traverse Town’s Key to Rewards room holds this great, well balanced
Blade inbued with the power of fire.

Lady Luck: a Wonderland Exclusive, this nigh to powerful blade has an awesome
swing speed and good CP requirements.

Divine Rose: This blade is found only in Hollow Bastion. It has a great strike
and swing speed, and little else.

Oathkeeper: Only found in Destiny Islands, this blade has one of the best
thrusts in the game, and better than average at everything else.

Oblivion: My personal Destiny Islands favorite, has great strength and break
recovery, but the worst Combo finish in the game.

Diamond Dust: This is the real “Ultimate Weapon”, only available in a treasure
chest in Castle Oblivion after you beat Marluxia. It boasts The best swing speed
and break recovery in the game, and is imbued with the Ice Element.

One Winged Angel: Only available in a Twilight Town chest after beating
Marluxia, this blade has the best Combo Finish in the game. It also has good
Swing speed.

Ultima Weapon: This one can only be found in a chest in Castle Oblivion after
you beat Sora’s AND Riku’s story. It has the best attack and thrust and a strong
combo finish. It is however the most expensive blade to use.

4. Magic and Summon Cards.

Fire: Casts a basic fire spell.

Blizzard: Casts a basic ice spell.

Thunder: Casts a basic lightning spell.

Cure: Heal some of your health.

Gravity: Does 20% of damage to the target.

Stop: Halt time for one enemy for 2 seconds.

Aero: Casts a whirlwind of wind that blows enemies away from you.

Simba: Lets out a roar that damages all enemies in front of Simba.

Dumbo: Shoots water from his trunk to inflict ice damage.

Bambi: Drops HP prizes.

Mushu: Breathe fire at the enemies.

Genie: The most useless summon, Genie casts either Gravity, Stop, or Thunder.

Tinkerbell: Heals Sora’s health 30%.

Cloud: Everyone’s favorite, Cloud slashes enemies with his sword.

5. Item Cards

Potion: Reloads all attack cards that have not been deemed unreloadable. (I.E
cards that are not used premium cards, cards that have been broken, and the
first card in a sleight)

Hi-Potion: Reloads ALL attack cards, even those deemed unreloadable.

Mega-Potion: Reloads ALL attack cards AND resets the reload counter back to one.

Ether: Reload all Magic cards that have not been deemed unreloadable. (I.E cards
that are not used premium cards, cards that have been broken, and the first card
used in a sleight)

Mega-Ether: Reloads ALL magic cards, even those deemed unreloadable.

Elixer: Reloads ALL attack AND magic cards, even those deemed unreloadable.

Megalixer: Reloads ALL attack AND Magic cards and rests the reload counter back
to 1.

6. Enemy cards

Air Pirate: ITEM BRACER: Make Item cards unbreakable. Lasts for three reloads.

Air Soldier: RELOAD KINESIS: Reload cards while moving. Lasts for three reloads.

Aquatank: AUTO-RELOAD: Automatically reload cards when they run out. For one reload.

Bandit: COMBO FINISH: Make normal attacks as strong as finishers. Lasts for one

Barrel Spider: QUICKLOAD: Reload cards instantly. Lasts for three reloads.

Black Fungus: RANDOM FLUSH: Activate random enemy card. Lasts for one reload.

Blue Rhapsody: BLIZZARD BOOST: Increase power of ice based moves. One reload.

Bouncywild: DRAW: Attract EXP and cards to you. Lasts for 5 reloads.

Creeper Plant: LEAF BRACER: Cure cards unbreakable. Lasts for one reload.

Crescendo: SUMMON BOOST: Powers up summon cards but magic can’t be used. One reload.

Darkball: CARDBLIND: Hide cards from enemies. Lasts for 3 reloads.

Defender: PROTECT: Decrease physical damage. Lasts for one reload.

Fat Bandit: BACK ATTACK: Increase damage when hitting enemies from behind. 2

Gargoyle: VANISH: Become invisible. Lasts for one reload.

Green Requiem: CURE BOOST: Increase effect of cure abilities. ONE reload.

Large Body: GUARD: Physical attacks to your front do no damage. Lasts for one

Neoshadow: BIO: Enemy’s health gradually decreases. Lasts for one reload.

Pirate: ALL ZEROES: All card values become zero. Lasts for one reload.

Powerwild: RETROGRADE: Reverse the level of cards, I. E, 1 becomes 9, 2 becomes
8, ETC. Zero cards are not affected. Lasts for one reload.

Red Nocturne: FIRE BOOST: Increase power of fire based moves. Lasts for one reload.

Sea Neon: RANDOM VALUES: Randomize the level of cards. Lasts for one reload.

Search Ghost: DRAIN: Absorb health when attacking with attack cards. Enemies
drop fewer items though. Lasts for one reload.

Screwdiver: DECREMENTOR: Decrease the level of all cards by one. Lasts for 1 reload.

Shadow: INCREMENTOR: Increase the level of all cards by one. Lasts for 2 reloads.

Soldier: COMBO PLUS: Adds an extra hit to combos. Lasts for three reloads.

Tornado Step: RELOAD HASTE: Subtract 2 from the reload counter. One reload.

White Mushroom: HYPER HEALING: Restore HP when friend cards are played. 3 reload.

Wight Knight: FLOAT: Jump higher and fall slower. Lasts for three reloads.

Wizard: MAGIC BOOST: Magic cards are more powerful, but Summons can’t be used.
One reload.

Wyvern: RELOAD LOCK: Reload without affecting the counter. Lasts for three reloads.

Yellow Opera: THUNDER BOOST: Increase the power of thunder moves. One reload.

7. Deck Strategies.

	There are many different themes that people come up with for decks. There is no
end to the possibilities. Some are more...”creative” than others, but sometimes
the simplest can be the most effective.

1. FLAME DECK: This deck is obviously based on fire. It is filled with
Lionhearts and One Winged Angel attack cards. It also has Mushu summon cards and
of course a whole bunch of fire cards. Of course, if you go up against a Red
Nocturne, you can’t win. Speaking of that, the Red Nocturne enemy card is a must

2.  FROST DECK: This deck is obviously based on ice. It’s only attack card is
Diamond Dust, and it is filled with Blizzard and Dumbo cards, not to mention the
Blue Rhapsody enemy card.

3. CHARGE DECK: This is the thunder deck. It has Spellbinders as the sole attack
card, along with thunder cards, and the Yellow Opera enemy card.

4. RECOVERY DECK: This deck is healing themed. The only attack cards are those
with a “$” on Break Recovery, and the deck is also full of Bambi, Tinkerbell,
and obviously Cure cards. Item cards are also plenty. Let’s not forget the Green
Requiem enemy cards.

5. SPECIAL DECK: This is the neutral themed deck. Metal Chocobo’s and Oblivions
are the only attack cards, and the deck is positively filled with Cloud Cards.
The Crescendo enemy card is a must here.

6. TRICK DECK: This deck is based on being illusive and difficult to hit. Expect
there to be Pumpkinheads galore, along with an assortment of summon cards,
especially Genie. The most important aspect of this deck, though, is the
Gargoyle and Wight Knight enemy cards. Have fun!

7. PROTECT DECK: This deck is based on defence. Use lots of attack cards that
have a high break recovery and swing speed, so as not to be caught off guard for
long. Bring along the Large Body and Defender enemy cards as well.

8. SPELL DECK: This deck is based on magic and only magic. There are no Summon
cards here. All attack cards are to be those with fire, ice, and lightning
elements. Of course, you must bring an assortment of magic spells, especially
Aero, and the Wizard enemy card is a must have.

9. RAID DECK: My personal favorite, the raid deck is based on the raid sleights.
Arrange your deck like this. any spell, attack, attack, any spell, attack,
attack, etc. This the perfect deck for taking on groups. You can include the
Reflect Raid, Strike Raid, and Judgement sleights, too.

10. CHEAP DECK: This is the deck to go with if you really want to annoy your
friends in link mode. Either fill your deck with zero cards, or use the Pirate
enemy card to really piss them off.

	There are countless more deck themes out there, just waiting to be discovered!

8. My other Faqs

	I’ve got faqs for Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Pearl, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, and
Pokemon Diamond. Just look for Nightshade 777, or if you look at one of my faqs,
my signature at the beginning is: “Why waste space on a fancy title?” The faq
I’ve got out for Pokemon Ruby, The Best Move Sets For Every Pokemon, is dumb, I
know, but I can’t take it out, so if you read it, can you please not mark it as
not recomended, because I already know that. Also most of my faqs are pretty
new, so they won’t have a lot of ratings, but, trust me, aside from the one I
mentioned before, they are really good. Yeah, thanks.

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