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Table of Contents:
1.Walkthrough (Includes gathering characters and boss beating)
2.Character description (Strengths, Weaknesses, etc)
3.Best of their class (Like which swordmaster is the best, etc)
4.Characters never to use
5.Class Guide

  1.Walkthrough: (Chapter 1 through 10 is a walkthrough in its self,
so I wont list it here.) I will say one thing. Do this if you want Lyn
to be a good character. In other words, do it!


You are saving a village that is being attacked by bandits. I would
recommend only using Eliwood or at least don't use Marcus. A great way
to do this is to give Marcus' weapons to someone else and then using him 
as a shield to distract the bandits. Don't worry about him dying. Put him
on a fort and he will really be invincible. On the second turn, Bartre and
Dorcas come out of the village and join your team. Have Dorcas go back to the
village to get a Dragonshield, which ups your def by 2, and give that and the
energy ring he is already carrying to Eliwood. Have him use both, and he will
become much stronger. Just hope that spd and skl go up a lot, along with str.
Fight your way to the boss, Groznyi. (Weird name, i know) He is really quite
pathetic, only a little stronger than the other bandits. The only way they could
make this game difficult is by always putting bosses on terrain advantages like
gate or castle or throne that give them a +2 on def and +20 on avoid. Anyway,
Groznyi has an attack of 15 with an iron axe, so Eliwood should be able to take
him down. If he has more than a 30% chance to hit, then put Eliwood in front of
him but don't attack. That way if he gets lucky and hits, you won't have a good
chance of dying. Seize the gate to win the chapter! (if you are going to train
at least one of the fighters make it Bartre because he is essential to getting
an awesome character later.)

CHAPTER 12, BIRDS OF A FEATHER (stupid name)

You are entering Santaruz to talk to Marquess Santaruz about the whereabouts of
Marquess Pharae, But on the way you are ambushed by a group sent from Ephidel to
"frighten" him away. Yeah, right. These guys are out for blood. In this chapter,
Hector, brother of Marquess Ostia, and Oswin join your team. First thing's
first, have Marcus visit the village to get a secret book that raises skl. Save
it for Hector, as his skill is only 4. Make sure you visit the armory and buy an
iron sword for Eliwood and an iron axe for Hector because you really only want
to use the Rapier and Wolf Beil for bosses that are paladins or Knights or
Generals. Use the forts to fight. When you get to the boss, Zagan, he has a
steel axe with an attack of at least 20. NEVER LEAVE THE FORTS! Use Eliwood's
sword to take him down and you win!


You are now nearing the castle and must fight through one last wave of baddies.
Have Hector destroy the snag to get to the top village. IF A BANDIT DESTROYS
THAT VILLAGE YOU MUST RESET THE GAME! Visit the village, beat the boss and
accept the side quest to get a merchant to carry your things. Have everyone else
work down through the mob of bad guys and visit the other village to get a mine,
a VERY useful thing indeed. Don't use it until chapter 14. Kill everyone down
there except for the myrmidon Guy. He's good until you get a better swordmaster
in chapter 25. Even if you don't want him,(he does kind of suck at the
beginning) talk to him with Matthew to get his awesome sword, the killing edge.
It increases the critical hit percentage by 30! Killer is the best type of
weapon, better than silver, although not as strong. Take down the boss, who has
a steel lance with an attack of 21 or 22. This is the time to use Wolf Beil.
Follow the same strategy as in chapter 11, seize the gate, and you win! When
asked, accept the side quest. ACCEPT ANY AND EVERY SIDE QUEST! AHAHAHA! Sorry.
Got a bit carried away there...

CHAPTER 13X, THE PEDDLER MERLINUS (Kind of sounds like a mage's name doesn't it?

Some bandits are trying to steal Merlinus' cargo and kill him. Your job is to
protect him for 7 turns. Considering that you are using every character you have
gotten, you should split up your group like this: Send Guy, Matthew, and Serra
over to the southeastern part of the map where the 2 forts are to kill the
bandits that are trying to attack the village. Have Oswin wait for enemies to
fell the closest snag, and then kill them all and break the other snag that
leads to the boss, Puzon. Wait until the 4th or 5th turn to break the other
snag. Have Eliwood and Hector kill the guys you can see(by the way, it's dark
out so you can only see 3 spaces in front of you. Thieves can see 8.) Have
Rebecca finish off any remaining from afar. Once the coast is clear(ha!) have
Marcus, Lowen, and Bartre head north. Make sure Bartre is in a forest, or he is
pretty much dead. Have Lowen destroy the snag on the right and visit the village
to get 5000 gold. Once you have visited the village, you can have Oswin break
the other snag and kill the boss. Puzon is a sword wielding mercenary with an
attack of 15 or 16. He probably won't be able to hurt Oswin at all. Kill the
boss for experience and wait it out when everyone else is dead. After 7 turns,
you win and get a merchant!


You are in Laus so you can speak with Lord Darin, the Marquess. A fortune teller
joins you, so now you can talk to her for auguries like what to take to battle,
stuff like that. But that's what I'm doing so don't waste your money. Give stuff
you don't need to Merlinus and sell stuff that only has a few uses left. Give
Rebecca the mine you got from the village. Have her stand on top of the northern
bridge and set it in front of her. Kill the 2 soldiers on the right but DO NOT
MOVE ANYONE ELSE! Once it shows the mine doing damage, reset the game
(a,b,start,select)reload it and YOU GET TO CONTROL YOUR ENEMY! MAKE THEM DROP
that have weapons so don't get completely careless. Have the enemy cavalier
visit the village to get a troubador named Priscilla. Have her talk to Erk, the
green mage to get him on your team. Rescue him with Marcus so he doesn't kill
himself. If you really want a silver lance, and are willing to fight a boss that
moves and attacks, then don't drop Erik's lance. It does make it easier to kill
him with Hector's Wolf Beil. You can visit the top village to get a crappy sword
called iron blade which is just slightly stronger than the steel sword, but
terribly inaccurate, and makes it harder to avoid enemy attacks. Sell it. Defeat
all the enemies and you win!

Chapter 15: Noble Lady of Caelin.

	Castle Caelin has come under seige from soldiers of Laus and you must come to
the aid of the Marquess and his granddaughter, Lyndis. Lyn, Sain, Kent, Will,
and Florina all join your team. First off, have Florina visit the closest
village to get a Red Gem which you can sell for a few thousand gold. Then have
Lyn go to an armory or vendor and sell her very special White Gem for a whopping
10,000 gold! Later, get one of your units to visit the other village for a Heavy
Spear, which does increased damage to armored knights. Leave one of your units
behind to protect Merlinus. After you get to the boss, brigands start to appear
fairly close to him. Marcus still serves as a great shield and distraction for
your enemies.  Be wary of the lone thief that will try to rob the villages if
you don’t get there in time. Fight your way through the baddies, trying to keep
in the forests at all times. Some baddies will appear on the forts. Now get to
the boss, Bauker. All he has is a crappy Javelin. (GREAT WAY TO TRAIN HEALERS!
Have someone with a sword stand two spaces away from the boss so that he can
attack you but you can’t counterattack. Then, every time he inflicts damage,
have the healer heal the person and repeat. If you run out of staves you can
always go back to the vendor.) Bauker’s ATK is 19 and his ACC is 87. Any axe
wielder will do. Seize the gate and you win!

Chapter 16: Whereabouts Unknown

	Having seized the gate, you must now retake the castle and find Marquess
Caelin. Make sure you bring Matthew as there are many chests in the area. These
items are in the chests: Hero Crest, Unlock staff, Knight Crest, and a Silver
Sword. If you take too long to get to the chests at the top, a thief will appear
and steal them. There are 2 new characters you can recruit. To get Raven, talk
to him with Priscilla. Then once you have Raven, have him talk to Lucius the
Monk. If you played through Lyn’s story you’ll recognize him. If you don’t let
any of the three Caelin soldiers die, they will give you a Red Gem worth 2500
gold. Right around the turn where the soldiers would run past the next room, a
few Shamans will come out and try to kill them, and they will succeed if you
don’t have people you won’t fight with rescue them. The boss here is Bernard, a
General. Since all he has is a steel lance, you can have ranged attackers hurt
him from afar without having to worry about counterattack. His ATK is 24 and his
ACC is 89. Seize the throne and you win! The sidequest only appears if you saved
one or more of the Caelin Soldiers. Remember, ALWAYS ACCEPT THE SIDEQUESTS!

Chapter 16X The Port of Badon

	You are on a test to see whether you will get passage to Valor. You must defeat
the pirates and talk to Fargus at the docks. If you look at the map, you’ll see
a pirate named Dart. Don’t attack him because he will join your party later.
Visit the village closest to the Inn to get Canas, a Shaman. He is holding a
Secret Book, which would probably help one of your axe wielders. Visit the rest
of the villages to get a Devil Axe, a Short Bow, a Lancereaver, and a Sleep
Staff. After you hear Fargus say “What Mooncalves! I woulda let ‘em sit if they
hadn’t come any closer! Up and at ‘em mates! Attack! 2 Cavaliers, a troubador
and the boss, Damian appear. Damian is one of the few bosses that can move, and
he has a Killing Edge. He can’t hit or dodge attacks worth shit though so he
will be pretty easy. There is also an Arena here where you can risk your life
fighting guys for gold. The more gold they ask you to wager, the stronger the
opponent. It’s a good idea to buy stuff before you leave. Talk to Fargus and you

Chapter 17 Pirate Ship

	Ninian washed up on your ship, and now the Black Fang have come to take her
away. You will stop them. This is not a very good map for Oswin, there are magic
users and Armorslayers everywhere. A flying unit such as Florina would be at a
huge advantage here. Her advantage to swords and her resistance to magic make
her valuable in this map. The boss, Zoldham, is a shaman and he will probably
kill all of your guys if you try to kill him. Just have Matthew steal his
Speedwings, and then have him be rescued by a mounted unit. Eventually a third
ship will appear with sword wielders and pegasus knights on it. Just hold out
through the required amount of turns and you win!

Chapter 18 The Dread Isle

	You have landed at the Dread Isle and found Leila dead. You must now defeat the
Black Fang and move through the Forest. There is fog, so bring Matthew. First go
to the right and kill the thief that has a torch, which is useful here. Watch
for the Nomad with the Longbow, he is pretty dangerous to your low defense guys.
Pretty much just navigate your way through the fog and kill everything that
moves. After a few turns, Fiora, a pegasus knight appears. Talk to her with
Florina to get her. The boss, Uhai, has a whole butt load of weapons. He’s got a
steel sword, a Longbow, a Short bow, and Orion’s Bolt. He’s really tough to hit
and he can take some damage. This is probably the hardest boss yet. Beat him and
you win! Finish in less than 15 turns and you get to go on a side quest.

Chapter 18X Imprisoner of Magic

	Progressing through the forest you have come across more Black Fang. Visit the
ruins to get a Goddess Icon. Most of the enemies are magic users so Florina and
Fiora should have a good time killing stuff. They have a high resistance and
their physical weapons do a lot of damage. The boss, Aion, has a Bolting, so
don’t come within ten spaces of him for a while. After a few turns, The Magic
Seal appears, and in all of his range no magic can be used, screwing with Aion
the Sage. He is guarded by a few knights, but it is possible to kill him. Kill
the boss before you kill him. If you don’t kill him in the same turn you
attacked him he will disappear. You have to kill the Magic Seal in order to go
on a another side quest. Seize the gate and you win!

Chapter 19 Dragon’s Gate

	You have finally made it to the Dragon’s Gate. First have Matthew open the
leftmost door with the Sniper inside. Kill the Sniper and open the chest to find
a Brave Bow. Have your staff person Unlock the other door and send in all your
lords. Have everyone else go the other way. There are 2 bosses in this level and
the one you will fight first is a Paladin that CAN move and he’s got a Halberd.
Kill him and the rest of the guys. Eventually you will see a thief named Legault
appear. You can talk to him with Lyn or Eliwood to have him join your team. Make
sure you get to him before he gets the chests. Once you get the Member Card, go
down past the chests on the right and bust the cracked wall. Have the person
with the Member card stand on the Forest where one of your options will be
“Secret”. Select it to enter a secret shop where you can buy Killer weapons and
strong tomes and good stuff. You can’t miss out on this opportunity, because you
are probably running out of weapons. The items in the chests are: The Brave Bow
you already got, a Blue Gem, a Guiding Ring, a Barrier staff, and a Luna. After
a few turns a normal thief will appear next to the right chests with the Member
Card (see above). Steal it from him. Now you must kill Lord Darin, the Marquess
of Laus. He has a Silver Lance and a Hand Axe. He is real easy to take down.
Seize the throne and you win!

Chapter 20 New Resolve

	After Elbert’s death, you have come to a village to rest, but, of course you
must be attacked again. This is the first map with Wyvern Riders. They are like
Pegasus knights only they have stronger defense and much weaker resistance. It’s
dark out, so bring one of your thieves and torches. Ninian joins your party
here, she is a dancer who can make units move again or raise defense using her
rings. There are a couple Ballistas that will be very useful against the Wyvern
Riders. Visit the villages to get a Light Rune, a Wyrmslayer, an Elysian Whip,
and a Restore Staff. A lot of the enemies have poison weapons that will do
continual damage over turns. The boss, Oleg is a Warrior that CAN move. Have a
thief steal his Hero’s Crest and then combine your sword wielder’s strength to
kill him. Kill him and you win!

Chapter 21 Kinship’s Bond

	Nils is hurt and you must defend him from the rest of the late Marquess Laus
attack force. Make sure you bring the Member Card because there is another
Secret Shop here. Do you see the floor tile that looks a bit different from all
the other ones in the room to the left of where you start? That’s the shop. This
one’s not that great, there’s only staves here plus the chest keys and Lockpicks
and elixirs. The Wyvern Rider Heath will join your team if you talk to him with
Lyn or Ninian or Eliwood. After a couple turns you can talk to Rath with Lyn to
get him back.  Eubans has a single weapon, a Spear. He will be very easy to
kill. Kill him and you win!

Chapter 22 Living Legend

	You are in the Nebata Desert to meet the Living Legend, but some brigands
appear to cause trouble for a sage and you help him out. In this level you
should use the mine cheat. You did get it from Heath, right? If you want to go
on the sidequest you must attain 1000 or more experience points in this level,
and you would have had to have killed the magic seal in a previous chapter.
Hawkeye will appear after one turn so talk to him with Eliwood. The bosses are
pretty tough since they can move and they have good stats. If you want to go on
the sidequest, you need to rescue Pent with a Pegasus Knight to stop him from
killing everyone. If you step in the right spots you may unearth treasure. Some
items I’ve found is an Ocean Seal, (Down around the bottom right of the map), a
Hero’s Crest, (By the top leftmost pile of bones,) A Light Brand and a Luna, (By
the Middle pile of bones,) and a Recover staff, (By Jasmine). If you’re not
using the mine, Jasmine has a steel axe, a hand axe, and a Guiding Ring. Paul
has a Killer axe. Some units will appear in the fortresses, mostly magic users.
The sand of the desert makes it tough for non magic users and non flying units
to move. A good strategy for gaining experience is to have Ninian do something
every turn. Rout the enemy and you win! (For all you dummies out there that
means KILL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!)

Chapter 22X Genesis 

	Once again you have to kill the Magic Seal, as he has dragged you down into the
sand into a strange temple he created. Kishuna is his name, and he is not human.
To start of the battle a wall appears cutting your group in halves. This idiotic
thing is nullifying all of his own guy’s attacks, so don’t worry about 15 out of
20 of the guys. Make your way through the map, bashing walls and opening doors
and killing morphs until you guys reunite. 2 heroes and 2 generals will appear
to guard the magic seal, and they all have ranged attacks. All in all, this
isn’t that difficult, unless you count trying to actually hit the seal. His
avoid is 50!
All you have to do is hit him once and he’ll disappear so try and kill him for
the experience. There are 3 chests too, and they contain a Silver Blade, a
Berserk Staff, and a Secret Book. Kill all the enemies and you win!

Chapter 23 Four-Fanged Offense

	Depending on the level of your lords, this map will be one of two maps. If the
levels of all your lords combined is higher than 50, you will go to the level
with Linus, the easier map. If not You will go to the very difficult map with
Lloyd. Since you SHOULD be training your Lords, I’m only guiding you through
Linus’ map. Bring Dart with you as he can talk to the Warrior Geitz and get him
on your team. Send 1 or 2 guys to the right to kill the Sage that has Bolting
and visit the village for an Earth Seal. Send everyone else up through the town
square killing everybody. Watch out for the archers on the ballistas. Visit the
armories and shops for well needed weapons and staves. Visit the villages to get
an Orion’s Bolt, a Silence staff, and the Earth Seal. Linus has a Silver Blade
and a Hand axe. It may take a few turns to kill him. Kill Linus and you win!

Chapter 24 Unfulfilled Heart

	All your units have been spread out around the map. Whatever you do, don’t get
within Vaida’s range and don’t try to attack her because WILL die. Her stats
have been boosted by Nergal but she doesn’t move unless she can attack. There
are armories ans shops here that have great weapons in them so make sure you
have lots of gold. Pent and Louise join your team now and they’ve given you a
Haven Seal which you should give to either Lyn or Hector, I’d reccommend Lyn.
Louise sucks, plus you should already have Will as a sniper. Pent is okay, but
Erk should be better. Send 2 people down to the village to get a Hammerne staff.
Survive for 11 turns and you win!

Chapter 25 Pale Flower of Darkness

	You found the Black Fang Fortress and now you must kill everyone to get the
Fire Emblem and escape. If your magic user levels outnumber your mercenary,
myrmidon and fighter levels you will go to the map I’m explaining, if not, you
go to a harder map. If you open three or less doors by the fifth turn, Harken, a
Hero, will appear in the top right as an enemy. If you open four or more, Karel,
a Swordmaster(The good one), will the appear in the bottom right as an other.
Karel is better than Harken and you need a good swordmaster. The first door has
2 bandits with poison axes and a warrior with a steel axe and bow. The second
building, the one in the middle, has two chests in it containing a Bolting and a
White Gem. The third building on top has 2 archers and 3 snipers. There is also
a chest that has a Talisman. The bottom right building has 2 mercenaries and a
Hero. The bottom building has a General and 2 knights but it also has a chest
with a Hero Crest. The last building is the one with the boss and you want to
kill him and the 2 myrmidons with him in the same turn you open the door because
he can move and he just might kill you, so have everybody as close to the door
as possible when you open. Kill everybody and you win!

Chapter 26 Battle Before Dawn

	You are here to stop the Prince’s assassination. It’s dark in the castle so
bring torches and thieves. You should split up your group, have your lesser guys
go to the left where Jaffar can help you kill guys, and have the rest of the
guys go right. Have Eliwood talk to Nino to get her on your team, and then have
nino talk to Jaffar to get him in the side quest. You only get Jaffar if you DO
NOT talk to the Prince. You don’t have to kill the boss, Ursula, if you don’t
want to, since the goal is to protect the prince for 15 turns. She has a Bolting
and an Elfire, and she is located on the Bottom right, so try to stay away from
there if you don’t want to die. There are 4 chests and they hold a Boots, a
Brave Lance, a Rescue staff, and a Delphi Shield. Protect the Prince for 15
turns and you win!

Chapter 26X Night of Farewells

	You are at the Water Temple to kill Sonia. After a few turns, new paths will
appear for you to take. Don’t get to close to the Bishop because he has a
Berserk Staff. The mage on the bottom right has a Bolting so don’t let anyone
stay on the platform you start out on. There are 4 chests that contain a
Speedwings, a Fenrir, a Thor’s Ire, and a Recover Staff. You should bring a lot
of flying units that are holding chest keys because it takes about 30 turns for
the path to the three chests to open. Sonia has a Fimbulvetr, a Bolting and a
Fell Contract. She is pretty tough to beat. Seize the throne and you win!

Chapter 27 Cog of Destiny

	You are on your way to the Shrine of seals when LLoyd finally comes to kill you
all. You should definitely bring a mine for this one and put it on the bridge
where the myrmidons are. A lot of reinforcements will come so don’t get
complacent. You can buy Silver weapons at the Armory. After a couple of turns,
Vaida will appear in the place you started with 2 riders, you can talk to her
with Eliwood to get her on your team. Bring a thief to steal the various items
the upgraded classmen are holding. Visit the village to get a Warp Staff. The
boss is Lloyd and he is incredibly hard to hit unless you moved him of the
Throne with the mine cheat. He has an Iron Rune that negates critical hits. Kill
all the enemies and you win!(Despite what the game says, talking to Lloyd with
Nino won’t work.)

Chapter 28 Valorous Roland

	You can only take five people in this map so choose carefully. Just follow the
paths, killing everyone you see. The left side is full of magic users, the right
side archers and knights, and the middle has fighters and mercenaries. The boss,
Georg, is a Berserker with incredible power and an amazing weapon, the Tomohawk.
You have to have Eliwood wait on the space Georg is at. He moves, so it’s
possible to claim the space without killing the boss, but you want the Tomohawk.
Watch out for the brighter areas, if you wait on those spaces you will lose ten
HP.Claim the space and you win!

Chapter 29 Sands of Time

	Castle Ostia has been penetrated by Lord Nergal’s Morphs. There A LOT of
archers and snipers, and the boss Denning is a sniper. You would do well to have
ranged weapons like short spears and hand axes. There are 3 chests that contain
a White Gem, a Dragonshield, and a Body ring. Protect the throne for 11 turns
and you win!

Chapter 29X Battle Preparations

	You have five turns to buy as much as you can carry for the final couple of
battles. When you are done buying stuff, there is an arena to do.

Chapter 30 Victory or Death

	This is another great place to use the mine cheat, just have Nils put it in
front of one of the armored knights. Visit the ruins to get a Talisman, a Set’s
Litany, and to have Renault, a Bishop with no magic at all, join your team. Even
if you make the archers drop their bows they can still use ballistas.Make your
way to the boss, Limstella. She has a Fimbulvetr and she is really hard to kill
unless you moved her of the gate with the mine cheat. Seize the gate and you win!


	This is it, the last chapter! Nergal has brought all the hard bosses you killed
back as morphs and you must kill them all before you can get to Nergal. Bring
the best guys you have, one of each class.The doors to the rooms open once each
turn. The first door has Uhai, the Soaring Hawk and 2 Snipers. Uhai’s super bow,
the Reinfleche, has great strength and strikes consecutively if he can attack
twice. You must have everyone move out of Uhai’s range so he comes out into the
open, then you can surround him and kill him pretty easily. The second door is
the top left door and it has Kenneth from one of the maps on Chapter 24. He has
a Luce, which is the second strongest light magic besides Aureola. With him are
a Druid and a Sage that has Bolting. You must take the fight to these guys,
don’t even give them a turn to attack. The next door has the head of the Black
Fang, Brendan Reed and a Warrior. Brendan’s super axe, the Basilikos, gives him
51 attack! Wait a turn for him to come out and then kill them both. The next
door that opens has Marquess Laus and a General. Use the turn to wait for him to
come out to kill Brendan and his warrior. Then when the Marquess decides to come
out and play, you can kill them both. The thing about Morphs is that they have
no Luck, thus it’s very easy to have high critical hit percentages on them. The
next door has Jerme the Assassin and Ursula. Jerme’s weapon is a piece of shit,
so don’t worry about him. Athos can kill Ursula in a couple of hits without
getting hurt too much. A great sniper like Wil can kill her in one turn. The
last door has the toughest guys in it, Lloyd and Linus. Draw them out in the
open and then hit them with all you’ve got. There is a good chance that one of
your guys will die if you don’t kill them in one turn. Lloyd has a Regal Blade,
and Linus has a Brave sword and a Tomohawk. After you kill them, the door opens
with Nergal, 3 Druids and a Sage. Watch out for the Druid’s Berserk. For me, he
hit Guy with it, and since Guy’s awesome, he went on a killing spree and took
out 3 of my guys. Nergal has Ereshkigal with an attack of 50, but your lords and
Athos should be able to handle it. After you kill Nergal, a fire dragon escapes
and you have to kill it. Just attack with the lords and then use Fortify to heal
them all back to perfect health. Watch out for the guys on the sides with their
Bolting and Sleep attacks. Kill the dragon and YOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME!

2. Character description

Eliwood: Lord,Can handle himself well, a good fighter, he might need some help
with strength and defense.
Hector: Lord,Can take hits, all around okay unit, needs help with skill and speed.
Raven: Mercenary,All around good unit, well balanced stats besides sucky resistance.
Geitz: Warrior, good weapon levels and strength, needs help with skill.
Guy: Myrmidon, awesome skill and speed, won’t be much for power or protection,
Karel: Swordmaster, Good strength and great skill and speed, way better than Guy.
Dorcas: Fighter, sucks. End of story. Speed will go up about once every never.
Bartre: Fighter, this is the one to train, runs laps around Dorcas, needs help
with speed and skill.
Oswin: Knight, great attack and defence, needs help with speed but that’s normal.
Rebecca: Let’s see, so many words to describe this archer, like crap, retard,
sucky, and lame.
Louise: Sniper, all around low stats.
Lucius: Monk, won’t last.
Serra:  Cleric, get a better healer.
Renault: Bishop, Awesome at everything he shouldn’t be and terrible at what he
should be.
Erk: Mage, the best you’ll ever have.
Nino: Mage, isn’t it a little late in the game to get a mage? She’s okay though.
Pent: Sage, only use him for his staff weapon level.
Canas: Shaman, terrible speed, but he can be a good character.
Lowen: Cavalier, never train him.
Marcus: Paladin, only good as a shield.
Priscilla: Troubador, this is the healer you want.
Fiora: Peg Knight, pretty good, but drop her if her strength won’t go up.
Farina: Peg Knight, she is the good one.
Heath: Wyvern Rider, terrible at everything, wait for Vaida.
Vaida: Wyvern Lord, The only good Wyvern.
Hawkeye: Berserker, another good shield.
Matthew: Thief, you need him for what he does, but expect strength to go up
about once every 10 levels.
Jaffar: Assassin, awesome stats, give him a Lockpick and screw Matthew and Legault.
Ninian: Dancer, duh!
Merlinus: Transporter,You can’t live without him.
Wallace: Knight, there are better.
Lyn: a Lord, great speed and skill, but to hell with strength and defence.
Wil: Archer, you need him on your team.
Kent: Cavalier, out of him and Sain I’d pick Sain.
Sain: Cavalier, the one to use.
Florina: Peg Knight, don’t care what anyone says, she does not suck, unless her
strength does.
Rath: Nomad, he is okay at everything but you could do without.
Dart: Pirate, OMG ROFL he sucks.
Isadora: Paladin, another shield, her and Marcus should definitely do it.
Legault: Thief, better than Matthew.
Harken: Hero, a good addition to a team.

3. Best of their class

Lord: Lyn
Warrior: Bartre and Geitz tie
Swordmaster: Karel
Hero: Raven
Sage: Erk
Bishop: Renault Lucius tie
Paladin: Sain
Falcoknight: Farina
Wyvern Lord: Vaida
Nomad Trooper: ummmmmmmm... Rath
Sniper: Wil
General: Oswin
Druid: Probably Canas because he’s the only one
Valkyrie: Priscilla duh!
Assassin: Jaffar
Berserker: Hawkeye

4. Characters never to use


5. Class Guide

Lords usually have all around stats depending on who it is.
Myrmidons use swords and have good speed and skill.
Swordmasters are a class up from Myrmidons and have great speed and skill, plus
a 20% critical hit boost.
Fighters have good strength and defense but terrible skill and worse speed. They
use axes.
Warriors are a class up from fighters and the skill issue has been worked out.
They can use bows and axes.
Pegasus Knights have good speed and resistance. They use lances.They can fly.
They have a weakness to bows.
Falcoknights are a class up from Pegasus Knights and can use swords and lances.
They have great speed and skill and resistance but may need help with strength.
Wyvern Riders have good strength and defence but terrible resistance, they can
fly and they use lances.
Wyvern Lords are a class up from Wyvern riders and can use swords and lances.
Pirates can walk on water and they can use axes, they have okay strength and
terrible skill.
Berserkers are a class up from pirates. Nothing different.
Cavaliers can use swords and lances and they are all around stats.
Paladins are a class up from Cavaliers. They can use swords, lances and axes.
Knights have great strength and defence but low speed. they can use lances.
Generals are a class up from Knights and they can use axes and lances.
Mercenaries are like myrmidons only stronger and slower.
Heroes are a class up from mercenaries. They can use swords and axes.
Mages use magic and they use anima magic.
Sages are a class up from mages and they use staves and anima magic.
Clerics heal with staves.
Bishops are a class up from monks and clerics. Monks use light magic and Bishops
use staves and light magic.
Shamans use dark magic and they are slow.
Druids are a class up from Shamans. They can use dark magic and staves.
Thieves steal chests and open doors. They use swords.
Assassins are a class up from thieves. They are more geared toward fighting and
they have a ten percent chance to do a one hit kill.
Archers use bows to attack.
Snipers are a class up from archers.
Nomads are mounted units that use bows.
Nomad Troopers are a class up from nomads. They use bows and swords.

6. Items

Afa’s Drops: Increases the number of stats gained from a level up.
Blue Gem: Sell for 5000 gold.
Red Gem: Sell for 2000 gold.
White Gem: Sell for 10000 gold.
Door key: Use to open doors.
Chest key: Use to open chests.
Lockpick: Used by thieves and assassins to open doors and chests.
Vulnerary: Heals 10 HP.
Elixer: Heals all HP.
Energy Ring: Increases strength or magic by 2.
DragonShield: Increases defence by 2.
Secret Book: Increases Skill by 2.
Speedwing: Increases speed by 2.
Talisman: Increases resistance by 2.
Boots: Increases movement by 2.
Body Ring: Increases Constitution by 2.
Delphi Shield: Protects flying units from the extra damge done by arrows.
Nini’s Grace: Dance to increase Defence and Resistance for 1 turn.
Thor’s Ire: Dance to increase Critical hit % for 1 turn.
Filla’s Might: Dance to increase attack for 1 turn.
Set’s Litany: Dance to increase speed and skill for 1 turn.
Hero Crest: Used by a lv 10 or higher Myrmidon, Mercenary, or Fighter.
Knight’s Crest: Used by a lv 10 or higher Knight or Cavalier.
Ocean Seal: Used by a lv 10 or higher pirate.
Guiding Ring: Used by a lv 10 or higher mage, monk, cleric, shaman, or troubador.
Elysian Whip: Used by a lv 10 or higher Pegasus Knight or Wyvern Rider.
Earth Seal: Acts as Hero Crest, Knight Crest, Ocean Seal, Guiding Ring, and
Elysian Whip.
Fell Contract: Used by a lv 10 or higher thief.
Heaven Seal: Used by a lv 10 or higher lord.
Orion’s Bolt: Used by a lv 10 or higher archer or nomad.
Antitoxin: Cures poison.
Iron Rune: Blocks Critical Hits.
Angelic Robe: Increase HP by 7.
Mine: Put on a space. If an enemy runs over it, it will do 10 damage. (BONUS! If
you restart the game as soon as you see the purple explosion, you will be able
to control the enemies that haven’t moved yet!)
Light Rune: Put on a space and neither you nor your enemy can move onto that space.
Torch: Use to light 8 spaces around in dark or foggy areas.
Member Card: Use to gain access to secret shops in chapter 19 and 23.

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