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1) Welcome to Nintendogs
2) Getting your Dog
3) Daily Life
4) Starting and Ending the Game

1) Welcome to Nintendogs 

Your life has began as you can take care up to three puppies.
There are many to choose from such as Labrador retriever, Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle and many more! You 
can choose the gender and color of fur or hair. 
You can unlock all the dogs in all the versions, but that take hard work.
You have to feed them, wash them, walk them, and play with them.
So, think your ready?

2) Getting your Dog

Now, you think your ready for a dog huh? Well, now's the time to prove it.
When you turn on your DS, click the Nintendogs panel. It will start up.
Now, after the introduction, buy your dog with your money.
You don't have much to start with, so be careful in buying your dog.
There are only 5-6 dogs to begin with. You can only buy one at a time.

After you buy your dog, name it, and let's just say you name it "Angel", for now it, it will be named 
Now that you have your dog, you must train it. 
1st you have to call it's name a few times in order to get your dog to know you.

Hint: After this name calling, you can just double tap to get the your dog to come to you.

Calling its name can take a while; it took me 15 minutes for my dog Benny! Make sure there are no 
other distractions. Shut of all TV's, radios, close all windows, doors, etc.

Now after calling your dog's name, now you have to teach it to sit. Read the instructions the game gives 
you and say Sit. It will learn over time.

Hint: Save RIGHT after ALL of this is done, this way you won't have to do it all over again.

To check if your dog is hungry or how dirty it is, click the circle on it's photo that has a ? on it to get it's 

3) Daily Life

Now that you have all that done, now you can have a normal life!
Now, when you are on the main screen, it shows:

The time
The dogs on the screen
The Call button
The Go Out Button
The Supplies Button

The Call Button:
Click this large orange circle to get your dogs attention.
Hint: To get one dogs attention, zoom in and press the button.

The Go Out Button:
This button brings you to another screen.

Bark mode:
Allows you to go out via DS to DS and play with other dogs in Bark mode.

Allows you to go shopping*

This button allows you to do Disc Competitions, Obedience and Agility. You get money from these 

Allows you to go on walks with your dog**

* Shopping:

There are 5 Submenu's to this.

Allows you to buy food, water, shampoo, Frisbees and collars and ribbons.

Secondhand shop:
Allows you to sell unwanted things

This is where you buy more dogs.

Interior Decorator:
Allows you to change your room. Prices: $500-$20,000 and more

Dog Hotel:
Drop off dogs when you're on vacation and allows you to give away dogs.

** Walks:
Walks are one of the fun things to do in this game.
First, click the walk button. If you only have 1 dog, then it will ask to you want to go on a walk with 
Angel? Click yes. If you have 2 or 3, click the dog of choice. 

Next, make a path. At first your path is small. But is you use of all the path points, you get more and 
more and soon enough you'll be able to take walks all around the town!

You might also see ? boxes. Those are surprises such as a dog around town, or a present. 

Hint: If you find a present on the floor while walking, push the leash to the present to get it. Most of the 
time it's useful.

During your walk, hold the leash this way your dog doesn't eat trash. Pick up the mess it makes, and 
pick up presents. 

There are also 3 places you can visit.

There are 2 of them, one with dogs (marked with dogs)
The other is empty (use this one to practice disc competition)

Thrift Shop:
You'll find cheaper goods and maybe even a keyboard, dog treats, and balloons.

Here you practice for the agility competition. The better ranks you get, the equipment will come 
required for the competition.

Supplies Button:
Press this button to get another sub section.

Your Frisbees and chew toys are stored here. 

Bubble Blowers, Balloons and Jump ropes are stored here.

Your collars, ribbons and hats are stored here.

Your food, water, brushes, shampoo and books are stored here.

Your white record, music and keyboard are stored here.

Your clocks are stored here.

Anything you find on walks such as sticks, tissue boxes and camera's are stored here.

Now, here are some things your dog comes with:

Tennis Ball (sport)
Bubble Blower (toy)
White Record (music)
Plain Clock (clock, already installed)

4) Starting and Ending the Game

Start: When you turn on your DS, click the Nintendogs panel. It will start up. Your dog(s) will show up 
and will come and try to get your attention. See if it's hungry (it probably is) and feed it. Play with your 
dog(s) and go on a walk for each.

End: To end, go back to the main screen and in the top left corner is a book. Click and save. You can 
make it shut off automatically, or continue the game.

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