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Zelda Ocarina of Time Guide/Walkthrough
J. Kelly

Table of Contents
I.version history
III.preparation for Deku Tree
IV.Deku Tree
V.Hyrule Castle
VI.Lon Lon Ranch I
VII.preparation for Dodongo's Cavern
VIII.Goron City I
IX.Dodongo's Cavern
X.preparation to go to Jabu-Jabu
XI.Jabu-Jabu's Belly
XIII.preparation for Forest Temple
XIV.Forest Temple
XV.prep. for Fire Temple
XVI.Fire temple
XVII.Ice Cavern
XVIII.Water Temple
XVIV.Kakariko Well
20.Shadow temple
21.Gerudo Fortress
22.Spirit Temple
23.Ganon's Castle
24.Ganandorf & Ganon
26.Side Quests

I. Version History
Version .07
Finished the deku tree and basics.

Version .10
Finished Hyrule Castle, Lon Lon Ranch and some preparation for
D's. Cavern.

Version .13
Finished preparation and am about halfway through D's. Cavern.

Version .15
Finished D's. Cavern.

II. Basics
     Welcome to Zelda Ocarina of Time! This is my favorite game of all
time. The reason I am writing this walkthrough so late after the game
was released is because they keep releasing more remakes of the game
for the GCN. So I figure some people might need some help because I 
never would have gotten through the game without some help, myself.
So any way here are the basics you need to know to play the game:
A:Action Button
C down, left, right (N64) Use Item
X, Y, Z (GCN) Use Item
Z: (N64) Targeting
L: (GCN) Targering

III.Preparation for the Deku Tree
     The only way you get to go into the Deku Tree is if you 
"Equip a sword and a shield". So that is the first task you need 
to do. To get the sword you go up a ramp to an area with fences.
This is known as the Kokiri Training Ground. You may read the sign
if you wish but when you get done, go the a hole by pressing A when 
the action icon says to "crawl" I think. Then to get the sword run 
around without getting crushed by the boulder until you find a chest.
In this chest contains the Legendary Kokiri sword. You may now
equip the sword on the menu by pressing start and selecting the

     Now you must get the shield by collecting forty rupees (money)
and buying one at the shop. How you do this is up to you.

IV.The Great Deku Tree
     This is the easiest dungeon in the game. I now can beat the 
whole thing in ten minutes flat. But I skip a bunch of steps that 
you probably will not.

     When you first enter you will be in a large room. Climb the 
ladder on your left and jump onto the log sticking out of the wall
and jump onto the next platform. Open the chest when you get to it 
and you will receive the map. Now keep going along the walkway
until you come to a door. Fight the deku scrub by reflecting the 
nut he throws at you with your shield. Now go into the next room.

     You should see a platform suspended in mid air. Jump onto it 
and quickly jump to the other side of the room. There should be a 
chest containing the slingshot. Equip the slingshot and shoot the 
ladder above the door of which you entered. The ladder should fall 
and you can now exit the room.

     Now go back into the big room and shoot the skultulas (spiders)
off the wall with your slingshot. Now you can climb the wall up to 
the third floor.

     On the third floor open the door and you will emerge in a large 
room. Light the torch with a deku stick by touching the stick on the
lit torch and walking across the room and touching the unlit torch.
A treasure chest will appear on the other side of the room. Step on
the switch and cross the three platforms quickly. You will now be 
able to access the compass.

     Walk out of the room and kill one of the giant skultulas. Now 
carefully jump off the platform and land on the cobweb. If you did 
this correctly you will fall through.

     When you reach the basement climb onto a ledge to reach an place 
with a switch. Step on it to light a torch then light a deku stick
and jump into the shallow water. Hop across the deep to reach a door
(use your lighted deku stick to burn the cobwebs and enter the door.

    Target the deku scrub and deflect its nut off your shield.
When you walk over to him, he will tell you a secret. The Order
is 2-3-1 or (23 is number 1). This will come in handy later in 
the dungeon.  

     In the next room there is a floating square and it goes 
under a rotating bar with spikes on it. The secret is that there
is a switch underwater that lowers the water level. So dive down and 
press it and quickly jump on the floating platform. You should now
travel safely under the bar. When you get to the other side, you
need to dispense of a skultula and push the block over. Now climb
onto it to reach the door. 

     When you enter the next room, kill the skultula and look up
at the ceiling. There are little nests up there and they will fall
down if you walk under them and you will be forced to battle with 
the creatures. A battle can be avoided though if you simply shoot 
the nests from the entryway. Now light one of your deku sticks on
the torch and run over to a cobweb on the opposite side of the room.
Catch it on fire and crawl through the tunnel.

     You will end up back in the room that you fell into before.
Push the block off the ledge to create a shortcut back up to here.
Jump across the water to the torch and light a deku stick. Now cross
back over by jumping across the shallow parts and climb back up
the block. Now when you get to the cobweb in the floor, with
your torch, roll to burn it. Now you will fall through to the pre-
boss room.

     Remember that secret that the deku scrub taught you? Well now
is where you use it. Hit the second one then the third one and hit
the first one last. Now the first deku scrub will reveal to you
the secrect of Gohma. You will now be able to access the boss's 

     When you walk into the room you can here the giant arachnid
walking around. You will see her giant eye and then she will drop
down. There are multiple ways to defeat Gohma and I will leave
that part up to you.

     After you defeat Gohma, you will be drawn into a cutscene in 
which the Deku Tree explains your fate. He will then die and you 
are blamed for it.

     You will now get the spiritual stone of the forest!!

     Well congratulations! You have beat the deku tree and will now 
be able to leave the forest. When you leave the forest you will
run into your friend Saria. She will give you the fairy ocarina,
as a token of your friendship. 

V.Hyrule Castle
     When you go into Hyrule field, there is no time to play 
around. The last thing that you want is to be in the field at night.
When you first enter the field you will talk to this annoying owl.
After you are done talking to him, you will need to hurry on to 
Hyrule Castle Town.

     Once you make it to town you need to talk to Malon. Then you
go North to the castle. She will give you a chicken(she is standing
in front of a vine). You should equip it and wait until morning
when it hatches. Now climb the middle vine that Malon is standing
next to. This is the only way to break into the castle.  

     Once you climb the vine, you walk over to the guard house.
You can either drop down into the hole or you can simply jump down.

     After you do that walk in the center of the path and start to
slightly go up the hill while walking forward. You should then be
able to get onto the grassy area with flowers. Walk across this area
until you see a stone wall that you can climb. Climb it.

     Now jump down onto the path by the moat. Jump in the moat. Swim
until you see a turn in the moat and climb out. Now if you cucco has
hatched then use it to wake up Talon(the sleeping man). He will talk 
to you for a moment. Next push the milk crates into the moat one on
top of the other. You can now jump over to the waterfall and crawl

     Once inside the castle the name of the game is do not let the 
guards see you. I always try to make gamers use their brain so I will
let you sneak past the guards on your own.

     After you sneak past all the guards you get to meet princess 
Zelda. She will talk for a moment and ask you to look into a window,
etc. After she shuts up you get to meet her bodyguard Impah. She 
will teach you your first song on the ocarina, Zelda's Lullaby.
It will come in very handy throughout the game.

     Now she will take you to Hyrule Field and you will told to stop
by her village, Kakariko. We will do that later. For now, go to 
Lon Lon Ranch.

VI. Lon Lon Ranch
     Lon Lon Ranch is quite an interesting place throughout the 
game. It undergoes several changes.

     The reason I had you stop here is because you can get a bottle
and you learn Epona's song. The song is used to call your horse,

     To get the bottle, enter the room on your left as you enter
the ranch. Talon will release three super cuccos that you must find.
This is very easy to do.

VII. Preparation for Dodongo's Cavern
     There are several things you must do to get ready for Dodongo's 
Cavern. First of all you must get a song from a very good friend...

     Go back to Kokiri Forest. Now you can enter the lost woods,
it is on your left as you enter the forest(You must climb up the
vines). The lost woods is a maze. You must listen to which way the
music is coming from, or you could just do it by trial and error.

     When you successfully navigate the lost woods you must find
your way through the sacred forest meadow. To do this you must first
defeat a wolfos. You do this by hitting him right when he is 
getting ready to attack. 

     Now you must go through the maze. To make things worse, deku 
scrubs are firing nuts at you. When you get through it talk to 
your good friend, Saria to learn Saria's Song. This song is
used at a couple points throughout the game as well as to talk
to Saria anytime you want.

     Now that you have that let's get going to the next dungeon. 
Keep in mind that you should purchase a hylian shield so your deku
shield will not burn up. Let's get going!

     To get to Dodongo's Cavern you start at Kakariko Village which
you can access by going across the bridge on the left of the castle
in Hyrule Field and go up the stairs.

     When you get there, you have the oppurtunity to get another 
bottle.(See side quests at the end of the guide). All you need to do 
is find and collect the chickens that have escaped from the     's 

     To get to       mountain turn left as you enter the village and
go up the stairs. When you get to the gate the guard will talk for
a while and ask you a favor. I will cover this and all the side-
quests at the end of the guide. For now head up the trail.

     The first place that you must go is Goron City. To get to it 
just follow the path. 

     Once in Goron City you must talk to "Big Brother", Darunia. He is
located at the lowest level behind the locked door with the carpet in
front of it. To open the door you must play Zelda's Lullaby.

     When you enter the room, Darunia will be in a bad mood. To cheer
him up you must play Saria's Song. This will cheer him up and he will
give you the goron's bracelet. This will enable you to pick up 
bombflowers and is necessary to enter Dodongo's Cavern.

Dodongo's Cavern
     To open Dodongo's Cavern you must throw a      flower over a 
cliff. To do this walk to the cliff to the right as you are leaving 
Goron City. Throw a      flower over and prepare for... Dodongo's 

     When you first enter the cavern you will be in a small room with
two      flowers on either side and a stone wall in front of you. 
Take one of the      flowers and blow up the stone wall. You will 
emerge in a huge room, three stories high!
     This may look like a confusing place but it is not. It is a
simple room with two wings on either side and a boss's chamber behind
the head of the giant dodongo.

     First jump to the center platform and jump to the right side of 
the cavern. Take a     flower and blow up the beamos and also use 
one to blow up the far door. Now enter and you will be in a hallway
with green mini dodongos coming out of the floor. Just run past 
them and try to dodge them or if you are one of those people who
have to kill everything, go right ahead(psychos!). When you reach
the end move the armos statue on top of the switch.

     In the next room two lizalfos will attack you. Now to kill them
you could hide in your hylian shield and hit them after they try to
strike you or use deku nuts to stun them.

     After you dispose of the lizalfos, head into the next room.
To progress, you must light all of the torches. You can also defeat
all of the dodongos or just ignore them. When you go through the door
be sure to step on the switch to open a door on another side of the
cavern. Go through the door.

      Now you will be in a strange looking room with many     flowers.
All you have to do is take the     flower in the corner of the room
and place it in the gap between the     flowers in the middle of the 
staircase. When you do this it will cause a chain reaction which will
make the staircase fall. Now climb up and go through the door. 

      You will be in a room with a central pillar and four armos 
statues surrounding it. In the back there will be one that does 
not come tolife and you will be able to push it away and
climb the ladder, stepon the switch and exit. Now cross the bridge to 
the next room.

     In this room, you need to first dodge the sliding floor spikes 
and pull the block out of the back wall. Now climb the ladder and jump 
to the platform with the     flower on it. Now wait until it is just 
about ready to explode and throw it at the wall which will break.

     In this room, shoot the eye switch with your slingshot to put
out the fire. Now you can cross into the next room.
     In this room Lizalfos attack you again. Just use your strategy 
that you used last time and you will be fine.

     Now you have to extinguish the fire again. Shoot the eye switch
and jump onto the next platform. Next, shoot the eye switch to your 

     After you exit the last room, all you need to do is collect the 
bomb bag and leave.

     You will now be back in the central cavern. You will need to put
eye drops in the eyes of the dodongo statue. Then it will open its 
mouth and you may enter.

     To get to the boss you need to put a block in the hole in the
middle of the floor. Enter the hallway to your right. Work your way
across the room (I would suggest         the keese first) and push
the stone block at the end of a tunnel into the hole. Now you may enter
the boss's lair...

     When you enter the room, there is a dark spot on the floor.     
it and drop down into the hole. 
     This boss is really easy. All that you have to do is throw a     
into its mouth and crouch close to the lava pit. Do this until the boss
is defeated. 

     After you defeat King Dodongo, you will again be drawn into a 
cutscene. You will become a sworn brother of the gorons and receive 
the spiritual stone of fire.

     Congratulations again! Now we must move on and get the last 
spiritual stone!

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