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... I just got my monthly cheat magasines, and new cheats!

There's some for the hydra ( the jet/floaty helicopter thingy )
A vortex! ( Cool hover thingy that you chase Og loc in )
Monster truck spawn ( hey, you don't have to go to that trailer park )

Even cheats for stats:

Max muscle

max lung capacity ( you can't drown this way, you're immune to the water )

Max fat ( MAN BOOBS! )

Remove fat and muscle ( back to pencil arms. )


Cj jumps higher: You can jump like 30 feet in the air

Massive bunny hops: clear buildings with one bunny hop. ( about 50-60 feet jumping )


They now have a parachute code:::.... no more chiliad =)

If you'd like any of these codes, email me or messange me via yim ( yahoo 
messanging )

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