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                      Zelda: Majora's Mask                               
                        On the Moon FAQ 

 1.Info of Me
 2.Odolwa Kid
 3.Ghot Kid
 4.Gyorg Kid
 5.Twinmold Kid
 6.Fierce Dietary Mask
 7.Copyright and Other Stuff 

1.Info of Me
 Hi, I'm Guy77 (Travis Albright) and this is my FAQ of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I've 
beaten the game, so all of this stuff should be right, but if it's not, then e-mail 
me! My e-mail address is [email protected] Or if you want to you can e-mail me 
just to chat... or whatever... Ok, let's get started! (I sound pretty dumb, don't 
I?) If you've already beaten the game, which you probably have, then... I don't 
know... just read it! I'm just kidding.

2.Odolwa Kid
 Ok, this one is pretty hard (at least it was to me). It may not sound hard, but it 
is! First, when you get on the moon, talk to the kid wearing the Odolwa mask. Talk 
to him and he'll ask for 1 mask. Give it to him and he'll ask you to play "hide and 
seek". Say  yes, and you'll appear underground as the Deku Scrub Link. So first 
jump in the flower and shoot to the spinning platform. Then shoot from the flower 
in that platform, and over to the platform at the left. Then shoot to the gold 
platform, but watch out for the skikes that spin around! After that, shoot over the 
tree, and onto the platform with the door. Go through it, and give the Odolwa kid 1 
more mask.

3.Ghot Kid
 Give this kid 2 masks to play his game. You'll appear underground as Goron Link. 
First, walk to the 2 pots across from the blue teleporter thingy (don't go in the 
teleporter!) Then face towards the long straight a way, and roll down there. When 
spikes shoot out of you, let go of the joystick, but still hold down on the A 
button. You'll go over the ramp and hit the chest, then the next one, and on and 
on. When you get to the 2 green pots, stop and take a left up the bridge. go around 
the 2 gossip stones, and roll across the ramp and tfrough the door. then give the 
Ghot kid 2 more masks to leave.

4.Gyorg Kid
 This one is easy if you follow this FAQ (good huh?). First, give the kid 3 masks, 
and you'll be near the water in Zora form. Jump in the water and walk forward into 
the tunnel. Take a left when you reach the next tunnel, then right, the left, then 
right and go through the door. Give the kid 3 more masks to leave.

5.Twinmold Kid
 I like this one the best because I like to fight on the game. Give this kid 4 
masks to play his game. You'll go underground (in Link form) and have to fight 3 
bosses. First, go through the door and defeat the Dinofoe. Then go through the door 
and defeat the Garo Master. Then go through the door and beat the Iron Knuckle. 
Then look to you're right and you'll see a crack on the wall. Break it with a 
bombchu. Use your hookshot to get the key in the chest. Use the key to go through 
the door. Look up and you'll see another crack on the roof. So blow it up with a 
bombchu. Use your fire arrows to melt the ice on the eye switch, and go through the 
door. Give the kid 4 more masks to get out of there.

6.Fierce Dietary Mask
 Talk to the kid next to the tree with the Majora's Mask on and he'll give you the 
Fierce Dietary Mask(if you did all this good stuff)! Then he'll let you fight 
Majora's Mask.

7.Copyright and Other Stuff
 Copyright 2004 Guy77 (Travis Albright) [email protected]
                        All Rights Reserved

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