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R   R E      S        I    D D  E     NN  N    T
RRR   EEEE   SSSS     I    D  D EEE   N N N    T
R  R  E          S    I    D D  E     N  NN    T

EEEEE V      V IIIIIII L             OOOOOO     RRRRR     CCCCCC
E      V    V     I    L       ()    O    O     R   R     C
EEE     V  V      I    L             O    O     RRRR      C
E        VV       I    L       ()    O    O     R  R      C
EEEEE     V    IIIIIII LLLLL         OOOOOO     R   R     CCCCCC

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough

Written By: Darin Dye     

Version 1.00

                           LEGAL STUFF
This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
rights to the game go through them.

This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 

I) Controls
II) Gameplay
III) Enemies
IV) Characters & Skills
   A) Beltway (Demolition)
   B) Lupo (Assault)
   C) Spectre (Surveillance)
   D) Vector (Recon)
   E) Bertha (Medic)
   F) Four Eyes (Field Scientist)
V) Weapons
   AA) Handguns
   BB) Assault Rifles
   CC) Submachine Guns
   DD) Machine Guns
   EE) Shotguns
   FF) Sniper Rifles
VI) Walkthrough
   ***) Getting Started/Hints/Tips
   AAA) Containment
   BBB) Corruption
   CCC) Lights Out
   DDD) Gone Rogue
   EEE) Expendable
   FFF) Redemption
   GGG) End of the Line

I) Controls
The controls to this game are relatively simple. This comes directly from
the game manual.

R1  = Fire Weapon
R2  = Throw Grenade

L1  = Focus Mode (ie aim down sight to increase accuracy)
L2  = Switch weapon/ Hold to quick-draw handgun

X   = Action / Dive (when used with Left Stick)
[]  = Reload
Tri = Use Ability
O   = Melee Attack

--D Pad--
Up    = Toggle vision abilities
Dwn   = Use Anti-viral spray
Left  = Use First-Aid spray
Right = Switch grenade type

Left Stick  = Move Player
Right Stick = Move Camera

L3 (press left stick) = Sprint

                  Complex Controls/Features
If you are bitten, clawed, or puked on there is a chance you will become
infected with the T-virus. While you are infected your screen will gradually
blur and your health will turn blue and slowly reduce to zero. If your health
drops to zero you are transformed into a zombie and will uncontrolably attack
your allies. To prevent your untimely demise seek out an anti-viral spray
(the blue colored spray can) to remove the infection.

Non-zombie enemies are subject to infection as well, so if you see a gun
toting enemy transforming focus on him.

Blood Frenzy
If you take too much damage in too short of time your character will start
bleeding profusely (outside of your screen turning red, the game alerts you
that you are bleeding). For the next couple moments every zombie will rush
you, sometimes coming out of locked doors, and rip you to peices until the
effect ends. If you can't get away explosives are helpful tools to survive
this affliction. 

Non-zombie enemies can be put into Blood Frenzy as well and suffer from the
same effects. It is easy to tell which enemies are in Blood Frenzy because
they are doubled over and bleeding out their torso. This can be very helpful
to group zombies into a small area and distract other soldiers.

Diving (Press X while sprinting) 
A deceptively useful command, while diving you cannot be knocked out of it,
allowing you to escape just about any attack, however you are still able to
take damage. It is useful for keeping low while approaching cover to avoid
the bullets flying overhead.

Tackle (Press O while sprinting)
Another deceptively useful technique. Any human, zombie or player will be
toppled over and must rise to his feet before being able to do anything. This
is great for ploughing through crowds of zombies safely to make a quick
escape, or for knocking down soldiers to get an easy kill.

Brutal Kill (Press X after successful melee attack)
After stunning an enemy with a melee attack you can skip the brunt of the
battle by killing him outright and saving ammo/time. There are three basic
animations that all characters share: (1) slash the enemy and stab him under
the chin, then slam on the ground, (2) kick him over and stomp his head, and
(3) pull the enemy's head off as you scoot by.

This can be used on any zombie, soldier, and other players. There is a danger
to performing these as you can still take damage! So this is basically used
only to save ammo on lone (or mostly alone) enemies. 

NOTE: Some parts of the animation can make enemies flinch, so if you're lucky
it can be used in crowds... sometimes.

Special Brutal Kill (Press Triangle after successful melee attack)
Every character has their own unique brutal kill by replacing the X input for
a Triangle input after stunning an enemy with a melee attack. Most of them
do nothing extraordinary in comparison to normal brutal kills, especially 
since this requires having a FULL ability gauge to perform. They are pretty
much just a flashy way of killing an enemy.

NOTE: Bertha's Special Brutal Kill always drops a green herb!

Taking Cover (Move against a wall/object)
A helpful trick to surviving firefights is utilizing cover. By moving your
character towards the side of a car, wall, etc s/he will press his/her body
and become very difficult to hit from the front. You can fire blindly out of
cover by simply shooting, but your accuracy is severly hindered. Holding L1
will make your character stand up and aim, making your shots accurate, but
you will be exposed to gunfire until you release L1.

The game takes cover automatically for you, which can get annoying, but is
very handy for surviving the higher difficulties.

Zombie Shield (Hold O and have melee successfully hit)
If you hold O while you're meleeing an enemy your character will grab him and
use him as a shield. This is really abusable because you're virtually 
impossible to hit and you don't have to worry about the hostage breaking
free for some reason. The only downside is that you must use your pistol while
using this technique, but if you have the right gun that's not much of a

NOTE: This can be done to soldiers as well, but instead of using them as a
shield you take them to their knees and can either execute him or pistol-whip

Stomp (Hold X over a downed enemy)
A semi-useful ability is to stomp a downed enemy. It does a considerable
amount of damage, and is great to use on downed Lickers, but takes a while
to charge and is suseptible to missing.

Revive Ally (Hold X over a dead ally)
In campaign mode you can revive any fallen ally as many times as you need.
The process is free and restores approximately 1/2 your allies health, all
you need is to locate where the prompt appears and hold X until the gauge
fills and your ally returns to the living.

II) Gameplay
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person, over-the-shoulder
shooter that unfortunately lacks the ability for their player to turn 180
degrees when trouble arises (or sneaks up), which has been a trademark ability
for a while now...

The premise of the game is that you are Umbrella's clean-up crew and it's up
to you to kill every surviver (besides yourselves) while defending yourself
against their uncontrollable experiments. This entire game is a "what-if"
scenario, as none of these events actually happened in the other Resident
Evil titles that takes place in this time.

Thankfully it's not a senseless run around and shoot stuff game, there are
some things to collect and look for as described below.

Gaining Experience
Every time you kill an enemy you earn experience points, the total amount of
which you will discover when the level has been completed. Gaining
experience levels up your character (which does nothing but show to others
how much you play) and can be spent on unlocking weapons and skills for your

Collecting Intel
Scattered and hidden throughout the game are pieces of intel (files, video
tapes, discs, etc) and special laptops where you can send your collected intel
to corporate, which rewards you with experience and gallery images. The rate
is approximately 50 exp per intel and 1 gallery image every 1.5 intels.

NOTE: Intel always appears in the same locations and can be collected as
many times as you like (i.e. you can play the first mission over and over and
have every gallery image unlocked before you even play mission 2).

Security Cameras
Like intel, scattered throughout the game are security cameras. They are
current to our time, appearing as black orbs installed on walls and ceilings.
Each camera you destroy nets you a 50 exp bonus, with a special 500 exp
bonus if you break all of them in a given level.

Items & Ammo
Scattered throughout the game are a collection of items and ammo. Sometimes
an enemy will drop an item when you kill it. Below is a compliation of what
kinds of items you will find.

   Green Herb = instantly heals some of your health

   First-Aid Spray = picking this up adds it to your quick inventory and can
      then be used by pressing Left on the D-Pad. It instantly heals a large
      portion of your health.
   Anti-Viral Spray = picking this up adds it to your quick inventory and can
      then be used by pressing Down on the D-Pad. It instantly cures you of

   Pile of Bullets = restores the equivalent of 1 clip of ammo to both of your

   Ammo Pack = fully restores ammo for both weapons. Can be used 3 times and
      then it disappears.

   Ammo Crate = A large box full of ammo. It fully restores ammo for both of
      your weapons and can be used an infinite number of times.

   Frag Grenade = A red-glowing grenade that is used by friend and foe alike.
      After thrown and its internal timer expires it explodes, dealing heavy
      damage to everything in a decent sized area.

   Flashbang Grenade = A blue-glowing grenade that stuns enemies with a
      brilliant flash of light for a few moments. It explodes on impact and
      affects a decent sized area.

   Incendiary Grenade = An orange-glowing grenade. It behaves like the frag
      grenade except that when it explodes it creates a pool of fire in the
      surrounding area.

III) Enemies
No good game is without opponents to overcome. Below is a compilation of the
enemies that appear in the game and various notes about them.

Health: Medium
Danger Level: Varies
Weak Spot: Head

Strategy: Soldiers come with their own assortment of weapons. Typically they
   carry an assault rifle, but can wield shotugns, sniper rifles, and machine
   guns as well. They will also toss frag grenades occasionally.

   They like to hide behind cover, as should you most of the time, or charge
   senselessly (which is the rarer of the two). Most of the time shooting one
   in the head makes him flinch, allowing you to finish him off before he can
   recover. The stratgies change per the environment and what you have to
   exploit their defenses.

   Shotguns are the least effective against them. Assault rifles are typically
   the most effective, unless there's a mass of zombies around, in which case
   a sub-machine gun that inflicts blood frenzy can be nice to incite a

NOTE: Soldiers drop whatever weapon they're carrying when they die in addition
   to whatever else they drop. They are nice ways to switch between weapon
   classes at times when you need a different weapon, but typically carry the
   most basic form of that weapon.

Zombie Dogs
Health: Very Low
Danger Level: Zero
Weak Spot: Everywhere

Strategy: Shoot them to death or let them attack you. It's almost hard to take
   damage from them because you can just let them tackle you and shake the
   left stick and kill them outright... and tackling is all they do.

Health: Low
Danger Level: Variable
Weak Spot: Head

Strategy: Most zombies travel in groups and are slow to move. Typically
speaking they are no threat, you can easily keep your distance and kill them
as you please, unless someone is in bleeding status. They are easily
distracted by bleeding enemies and otherwise senselessly approach or roam

NOTE: As the game difficulty increases the chance of a wounded zombie morphing
   into a Crimson Head increases.

OTHER NOTE: Some zombies are cops in bullet-proof vests. This means nothing
   until you play on Professional difficulty, when their health is so high
   that shotgun blasts to the body don't 1-shot them. Thankfully their armor
   is easily bypassed by shooting them in their un-armored heads anyway.

Experimental Zombies (The one's with explosives sticking out of them)
Health: Low
Danger Level: Low
Weak Spot: Head or Explosive

Strategy: Keep your distance from these blast-happy enemies and they are no
   threat. Shoot for the explosive sticking out of their head for an easy
   1-shot kill and an instant explosion, which can take out nearby enemies.

Crimson Heads (Red skinned zombies)
Health: Medium-High
Danger Level: High
Weak Spot: Head

Strategy: Crimson heads may be hard to spot to first-time players since their
   red flesh is sometimes hard to discern... however they are the only zombies
   sprinting around when all the rest are walking. They take considerably more
   damage than thier ordinary counterparts and don't like to flinch, and can
   deal a lot of damage quickly and also cause bleeding quickly.

   They always attack in packs and are very susceptible to shotguns, but if
   all else fails they are easily taken out using Brutal Kills.

Parasite (Giant Spiders)
Health: Medium
Danger Level: Medium
Weak Spot: Body

Strategy: From the moment they appear their number one priority is to find a
   zombie to control via transplant (becoming a Parasite Zombie). If there's
   no zombies around they will attack you by leaping at you. Best strategy is
   to unload on them before they find a host.

Parasite Zombie (Giant Spiders replacing heads of zombies)
Health: Medium
Danger Level: Medium
Weak Spot: Parasite (head)

Strategy: A zombie being controlled by a parasite, this is closer to two
   enemies than one. If you kill the parasite you kill the host, but if you
   only kill the host the parasite will keep on living to either attack you
   or find another host. Best strategy is to unload into the parasite sitting
   atop the zombie to kill 2 birds with one stone.

NOTE: The parasite head on these creatures can try a vomit attack like the
normal zombies can, but this vomit marks you as if you were in Blood Frenzy.
They rarely use this attack, but beware...

Licker (Red Four-legged Creature with Huge Claws)
Health: High
Danger Level: High
Weak Spot: Brain (head)

Strategy: Lickers, as their name implies, have abnormal tongues. From a
   deceptive range they will spear you with their tongue and infect you unless
   you are freed quickly (either by shaking the analogue stick soon enough or
   an ally shooting it). From medium range they will lash you with their
   tongue and from close range they will attack you with their claws.

   They can move on any surface, usually appearing on walls or ceilings, so
   you need to keep close tabs on them if you wish to survive. In normal
   settings they will fall to the ground when you hurt them enough so you can
   stomp them or shoot them freely. 

NOTE: If and only if you kill them while they're attached to the ceiling they
   will go limp and hang dead from the ceiling. If they simply fall they are
   still alive!

Hunter (Green Lizard Thing)
Health: High
Danger Level: Very High
Weak Spot: Belly

Strategy: Hunters are by far the most dangerous creatures in the game, beating
   even the worst of bosses. They love to pounce on you from a distance, 
   knocking you down before continuing to combo you and more than likely cause
   bleeding. Their individual attacks don't deal a lot of damage, but you can
   quickly find yourself in dying in just a few seconds. 

   In order to avoid its pounce, the attack that knocks you down, keep moving
   counter-clockwise around the monster seems to do the trick. Otherwise try
   to keep out of melee range while you unload anywhere besides it's armored

   They never come alone, for the most part, and their primary focus is
   whoever is alone or is doing the most damage to them. This means that when
   they appear let your allies attack them, then while they are distracted
   unload into them. After a volley they will target you, but by then you
   can be just outside their normal reach while not provoking their pounce

   Your weapon of choice in a pinch, meaning you've no idea where anything
   is, surprisingly is the Samurai Edge (which is a handgun). Otherwise any
   weapon that deals damage at the price of something else is ideal. These
   include the Juggernaut [shotgun], Ravager or Hammer [Assault Rifle],
   Grenade Launcher, and Flamethrower. Your target is their stomach, as their
   faces and backs are armored. 

NOTE: The skill "Program Infected" from Four Eyes does work on them, but 
   only for about 20-30 seconds. Also, you can only reprogram each hunter
   two times.

Tyrant T-103 (Giant in the Trench Coat)
Health: Insane
Danger Level: Low-Medium
Weak Spot: Head

Strategy: Tyrants are harmless for the most part, it's hardly difficuly to
   back-pedal their punches and unload into their face. The basic strategy
   is to bait them to punch by letting them approach you, and the moment they
   start to attack you back away and shoot them in the head. 

   Besides punching you they can either tackle you or leap on top of you, but
   they only do these moves when they target you from a distance. Neither are
   hard to evade so long as you keep moving to either side. 

   They have a special attack they will occassionally use where they grab
   you by the head and hold you off the ground. You have a few seconds to aim
   your pistol and shoot the Tyrant in the head and he will drop you, or else
   he crushes your skull and you die instantly.

IV) Characters & Skills
There are 6 characters you can play as in Campaign, each with their own set
of passive and active abilities. Only 1 active ability can be selected at a
time, however both passive abilities are active as soon as you purchase them.
Below is a list of each character and his/her abilities.

NOTE: Remember, all passive abilites are in effect from the moment you buy
   them. Only active abilities can be picked one at a time for a mission.

           A) Beltway (Demolition)
Bio: Hector 'Beltway' Hivers is an elite demolition expert that was discharged
from the Army Corps of Engineers. Not much is known about the incident other 
than the addition of Beltway's prosthetic leg. His dedication to his craft
is beyond question, while his joy for blowing things up is always visible.

Starting Weapon: Pump-Action Shotgun

Special Brutal Kill: He shoves a grenade down the enemy's throat and kicks
   him away. The enemy will explode shortly thereafter, but the explosion is
   not very big. 

   Blast Armor = Prevents you from being knocked down by explosions and
      reduces damage received from explosions by [10 x Level]%

   Blast Master = Reduces time to restore ability by [2 x level] seconds.
      It also allows you to disable enemy mines with X.

   Fragmentation Mine = Triangle plants a mine at your feet and is detonated
      when you press R3. Holding R3 detonates all planted mines. Restoration
      time is [20] seconds. Ammo is [1 x Level].

   Timed Sticky Explosive = Triangle throws an explosive that sticks onto
      surfaces and detonates after [5] seconds. This ability restores in [25]
      seconds after the last explosive detonates. Ammo [1 x level]

   Laser Trip Mine = Triangle instantly plants a trip mine on any surface
      you are aiming at (within an allowable range limit). The mines explode
      if anything passes through the laser. These mines can be deactivated
      by pressing R3. The ability restores [15] seconds after the last mine
      explodes. Ammo [1 x level]

Beltway as a Survivor
He can be fun to play around with, but generally speaking his active abilities
aren't helpful in a pinch and are very tedious to restore. He is great for
setting traps, unfortunately I've never found a use for traps in an overall
sense. It's so much easier to kill enemies with guns and melees for his traps
to be truly effective. Plus he is big and bulky, which makes you an easier 
target to hit even while you're behind cover.

IF you can lure a pack of enemies into a frag mine he's amazing, but if you
set up the trap on the fly chances are you'll take too long and pay for it.

Beltway as a Partner
He carries a shotgun with him, making him worthless in most firefights, and
he doesn't seem to use his active abilities (I wonder why). He doesn't seem
to do much for the team, so I vote leave him at home and let anyone else take
his place.

           B) Lupo (Assault)
Bio: A former French Special Forces Op, Karena 'Lupo' Lesproux specializes
in weaponry. Lured by money, Lupo joined Umbrella and leads Wolfpack. Her
knowledge in the field makes her highly trusted by her team. She looks out
for them, life a wolf looks out for her cubs, which had made the team
affectionately call her 'Wolf Mother.'

Starting Weapon:

Special Brutal Kill: She gives the opponent a beat down. This is a
   waste of your ability gauge.

   Body Armor = Reduces received bullet damage by [10 x level]%

   Quick Reload = Speeds up reload speed up to 100% at max level.

   Incendiary Rounds = Triangle allows you to fire rounds for [10 + 2.5 x
      level] seconds that set enemies on fire. Restores after 30 seconds.

   Guns A'Blazin' = Gives you infinite ammo for [10 + 2.5 x Level] seconds.
      Accuracy and recoil increased up to 67% and restores after 45 seconds.

   Super Soldier = Makes you invulnerable for the next [2 + level] hits.
      Damage dealt and accuracy increased up to 50% for 12 seconds. Restores
      after 60 seconds.

Lupo as a Survivor
She is an on-again-off-again powerhouse with her incendiary rounds ability,
the fire of which every enemy is weak against (soldiers will be immobilized
while on fire too!) and her super soldier ability makes her rediculous in
certain circumstances. She is always a safe bet to play as, especially if you
want a little extra advantage on the field.

Her ability to reduce gunfire damage to herself and reload at twice the speed
of others further makes her a danger to her enemies. She is great at large
scale and small scale warfare... at least for 10-15 seconds at a time. 

Lupo as a Partner
She is practically invisible when controlled by the computer. You see her
activate Guns A'Blazin' all the time, which is worthless because computer
controlled allies have infinite ammo anyway. Though she doesn't do much, she
is higher on my partner list than Beltway.

           C) Spectre (Surveillance)
Bio: A veteran of the Cold War, former spy, Vladimir 'Spectre' Bodrovski was
moved from Umbrella's European wing for unknown reasons. The premeir 
surveillance expert of the USS, he was transferred to Wolfpack when the upper
echelon of Umbrella management realized his skills could greatly benefit them.

Starting Weapon:

Special Brutal Kill: He does a spinning slash to the enemy's throat, producing
   a flash of light in the process. I believe the flash is the equivalent of
   a flashbang grenade, but I'm not sure. Even if this does nothing it is
   very quick and can be done every two seconds if you have Biothermal Vision
   selected as his Active Ability.

   Proximity Detection = Increase size of mini-map and displays enemies
      within [5 + 5 x level] meters. 

   Item Detection = Allows you to see all item pick-ups within [5 + 5 x level]
      meters on your mini-map. Item locations are also clearly identified
      on your HUD.

   Threat Scanner = Allows you to scan [20 x level] meters around you for
      enemies. Any enemies in range are displayed on you and your allies' 
      mini-maps. Lasts for 15 seconds and restores after 25 seconds.

   Biothermal Vision = Allows you to clearly see soldiers [20 x level] meters
      away for [5 + 5 x level] seconds. Can be deactivated at any time by
      pressing triangle again and restores after 2 seconds. Green targets
      turn red as you damage them.

   Sonar Vision = Emits a sonar pulse that allows you to see and target
      enemies and allies through walls [20 x level] meters away. Lasts for
      [5 + 5 x level] seconds and restores after 10 seconds.

Spectre as a Survivor
Spectre is a fantastic starting character. His passive abilities are great
for finding the permanent locations of items and intel and keeping track of
enemies. Outside of that he's nothing special.

He makes surviving on later difficulties easy by helping you track down where
every green herb and bit of ammo is, so to a sense he's a priceless character
to play as.

Spectre as a Partner
Like Lupo he's practically invisible in the computer's hands, but he's not
detrimental. He becomes an asset by calling out certain things in battle,
like alerting you to the fact that you have a dog incoming.

           D) Vector (Recon)
Bio: Vector's file remains largely confidential, his true identity hidden.
Training at Rockfort Island he developed his lethal martial art ability and
elite skill for reconnaissance. As a covert operative, his achievements
in-the-field are only matched by his former master, HUNK.

Starting Weapon: Tactical SMG

Special Brutal Kill: He drops the enemy to his knees before slitting his
   throat. It's a waste of ability gauge, but like most of the other specials
   it is fun to watch.

   Stealth Run = Increases movement speed by [5 x level]% and reduces the
      sound of your footsteps, allowing you to sprint without be detected.

   Detection Avoidance = At max level it allows you to avoid being detected
      even travelling at full speed. Sprinting will only cause you to appear
      if you don't have any levels on Stealth Run.

   Motion Detector = Throw a motion detector that sticks to any surface and
      displays enemies within 15 meters. Ammo [1 x level]

   Mimicry = "Transform" into a targeted soldier, allowing you to move among
      them without threat of fire for [30 x level] seconds. Restores after
      20 seconds.

       NOTE: If you take any damage your disguise will wear off.

   Active Camouflage = Become invisible for up to 20 seconds. Some enemies
      will still be able to see you anyway. Restores after 45 seconds.

       NOTE: If you fire or take damage your cloak will partially wear off,
          exposing you to your enemies. However meleeing does not affect
          your visibility, so you can freely brutal kill every enemy for
          however long you have.

Vector as a Survivor
Vector is a broken character to play as. He can sprint among crowds of enemies
undetected and can mimic soldiers for so long that you can easily dispatch
all of them by melee so long as his disguise is still active. Also, while
disguised as the enemy, they will pay no attention to you even if you are
shooting at them!

Mimicry is always your best active ability in Campaign, the only people not
fooled by your disguise being bosses! When in doubt play as Vector, he WILL
get the job done.

Vector as a Partner
He comes equipped with his Active Camouflage ability and frequently uses it
to sneak up on soldiers and evade enemies, allowing him to get in close and
brutal kill them with ease. He is a great choice for any mission in the game.

           E) Bertha (Medic)
Bio: Michaela 'Bertha' Schneider finds pleasure in pain. After an 
unsuccessful return to civilian life, this disciplined former soldier with a
devotion to medicine eagerly joined Wolfpack as their medic when she was
assured anesthetic would be considered a luxury and not a priority.

Starting Weapon:

Special Brutal Kill: She trips the enemy up before impaling them with her
   bone saw. This is one of the few specials that actually do something worth
   depleting your ability gauge for (in her case the dead enemy is forced
   to drop a Green Herb).

   First Aid Proficiency = Allows you to spawn with a First Aid Spray and
      increases your carrying capacity of First Aid Sprays to [1+level].

   Field Medic = Green Herbs and First Aid Sprays heal up to 50% more.

   Stimpack = Increases accuracy and movement speed for 15 seconds. Press
      Triangle to switch to a special weapon that gives this effect to an
      ally or hold triangle to apply it to yourself. Restores after 30 seconds
      Ammo [1xlevel]

   Neutralize Infection = Cure infection or damage T-Virus infected. Triangle
      swaps to a special gun that can disinfect an ally or deal damage to
      an infected enemy (light damage at level 1, heavy at level 3). Restores
      after 20 seconds. Can hold triangle to cure yourself.

   Painkiller = Reduces up to 90% damage to you or ally. Triangle switches to
      special gun for application to teammates, hold triangle to give to 
      yourself. Lasts for 10 seconds and restores after 30 seconds.


Bertha as a Survivor
She is the ultimate survival class with the exception that you can't have
neutralize infection AND painkiller at the same time. She can force enemies
to drop green herbs with her Special Brutal Kill, allowing her to heal at
the ready, plus her ability to boost healing and carry more first aid sprays
pretty much makes her impossible to put down. 

Neutralize Infection never misses, so any enemy you don't like will take heavy
damage if you have the ability at level 3. This ability is really cheap too
because she can also cure herself and allies of infection, so you don't have
to worry about finding an anti-viral spray! This is a great all-around ability
to use on any level that contains non-soldier enemies.

Painkiller only lasts 10 seconds, but with a shotgun in your hands the 90%
damage reduction 10 seconds is 10 seconds too long. This ability further adds
to her being virtually unstoppable.

Bertha as a Partner
Bertha is a great character to have as an ally because she likes to keep your
health topped off and will occassionally force enemies to drop green herbs
by doing her special brutal kill. She is a must have on higher difficulty

           F) Four Eyes (Field Scientist)
Bio: Developing an unhealthy obsession with science at a young age, Christine
'Four Eyes' Yamata specializes in virology. She is so deeply focused on her
work that she has little interest in anything else, including the feelings,
or lives, of other human beings. Studious and detailed, she always want to
know more about a given situation.

Starting Weapon:

Special Brutal Kill: She stabs the enemy in the stomach with a syringe before
   kicking the enemy away. This forces the enemy to change into a Crimson
   Head ally for a really long time.

   Antiviral Proficiency = Allows you to spawn with an antiviral spray and
      increases your carrying capacity of antiviral sprays to [1+level]

   Biometric Vision = Allows you to clearly see infected enemies [10 x level]
      meters away. Weak points can be distinguished by color markings. It
      also displays enemy health (green to red scale). Activate or deactivate
      with UP on the D-Pad.

   Induce Infection = Change to special gun that fires a special dart. Has an
      up to 67% change to infect a soldier and up to a 100% chance to change
      a normal zombie into a Crimson Head ally. Restores after 30 seconds.
      Ammo [1 x level]

   Attraction Pheromone = Throw a vile that explodes into a gas that attracts
      infected enemies. The gas cloud is [10 + 2 x level] meters wide, lasts
      for [7.5 + 2.5 x level] seconds and restores after 30 seconds.

   Program Infected = Change to special gun that fires a dart that reprograms
      any infected enemy into a temporary ally (duration is longer for weak
      enemies). Ammo [1 + 2 x (Level-1)]

Four Eyes as a Survivor
She is an incredible character to play as for any difficulty due to her 
ability to change the behavior of any infected enemy more to your liking. She
can turn enemies against one another from individuals to whole masses
depending on the ability you select for her, making controlling the battle
more in your favor.

Induce Infection is more of a problem than a time-saver. Yes you turn any
normal zombie into a Crimson Head ally, but that ally will eventually become
an enemy again and now it's a Crimson Head instead of your run of the mill
free ranged zombie. This gets worse when you have 5 darts, meaning you'll
have 5 crimson head enemies gunning for you in the near future. Thankfully
you can still hurt them, so I brutal kill them after the carnage is over to
save myself the trouble.

Attraction Pheromone is borderline unfair because it literally attracts every
zombie within a hundred miles to this little 12-16 meter zone. The zombies 
will attack anything in this cloud besides each other. Worse yet, you can lob
a frag or incendiary grenade into their midst and get a mmmmmmmmmulti-kill.
I can clear whole areas with one grenade because of this...

Lastly Program Infected, the meanest skill of any character. You have fighting
hunters? Great, how about you make up to 5 of them allies for 30 seconds?
Two tyrants giving you trouble? Turn one against the other for 15 seconds.
Like her other abilities your reprogrammed "allies" can still be hurt by you,
allowing you to freely unload into Hunters without retaliation. This is a
rediculous skill to have late in the game.

Four Eyes as a Partner
As a partner she is just a hair above invisible. She will occassionally cure
you of infection and will occassionally create crimson Head allies. She is
the kind of character that you can take with or leave behind without worrying
too much.

V) Weapons
It's kinda hard to make a shooter without having a diverse range of weapons.
In Operation Raccoon City you have Handguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles,
Shotguns, Submachine Guns, and Machine Guns. Below is a list of each weapon
and some notes to go along with them.

           AA) Handguns
Handguns are your only choice in secondary weapons and have clearly ID'able
ultimate choices for a high exp cost, but are well worth the money. They may
seem like pea-shooters, but when used in the right hands are more lethal
than most primary weapons.

Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 5/10
Accuracy      = 4/10
Range         = 3/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 4/10

--UBCS SILENCED ISSUE--  *Silenced, so zombies are less attracted to you
Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 5/10
Accuracy      = 5/10
Range         = 2/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 4/10

Damage        = 6/10
Blood Frenzy  = 7/10
Accuracy      = 4/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 3/10
Ammo          = 4/10

--LIGHTNING HAWK--   *Very High Damage, but low capacity, fire rate & accuracy
Damage        = 9/10
Blood Frenzy  = 8/10
Accuracy      = 3/10
Range         = 3/10
Rate of Fire  = 2/10
Ammo          = 3/10

--SAMURAI EDGE--   *High Damage, high capacity, long range & rapid fire
Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 5/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 6/10
Ammo          = 4/10

           BB) Assault Rifles
Assault rifles are the most overall useful weapons in the game: they can kill
at any range, deal acceptable damage, carry around a good deal of ammo... they
are the skeleton key of the game. If you find yourself wondering what weapon
to use, chances are this will do the trick.

Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 3/10
Accuracy      = 5/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 5/10
Ammo          = 5/10

--BURST RIFLE-- *fires in 3-round bursts with deminishing accuracy
Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 4/10
Accuracy      = 7/10
Range         = 7/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 4/10

Damage        = 6/10
Blood Frenzy  = 4/10
Accuracy      = 5/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 5/10
Ammo          = 5/10

--SUPPRESSED RIFLE-- *Silenced, so you won't alert zombies easily
Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 4/10
Accuracy      = 6/10
Range         = 5/10
Rate of Fire  = 5/10
Ammo          = 5/10

--HAMMER-- *High power, but at the cost of accuracy
Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 5/10
Accuracy      = 5/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 4/10

--RAVAGER-- *125 rounds of deadly fury. The best of all Assault Rifles
Damage        = 6/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 6/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 4/10

           CC) Submachine Guns
Submachine guns are fantastic mid to close-range weapons, carry a lot of ammo
and cause Blood Frenzy in a hurry. They quickly lose their appeal in 
comparison to assault rifles when soldier hunker down in the distance. They
are basically assault rifles without their range.

Damage        = 3/10
Blood Frenzy  = 5/10
Accuracy      = 3/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 7/10
Ammo          = 6/10

Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 4/10
Range         = 5/10
Rate of Fire  = 6/10
Ammo          = 5/10

--MINI SMG-- *Great at point black, otherwise not so good.
Damage        = 2/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 2/10
Range         = 2/10
Rate of Fire  = 10/10
Ammo          = 7/10

--SUPPRESSED SMG-- *Silent, so zombies are less attracted
Damage        = 3/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 4/10
Range         = 3/10
Rate of Fire  = 8/10
Ammo          = 6/10

Damage        = 4/10
Blood Frenzy  = 7/10
Accuracy      = 3/10
Range         = 5/10
Rate of Fire  = 8/10
Ammo          = 7/10

           DD) Machine Guns
Machine guns are the power class of weapons; they carry a tremendous amount
of ammo and deal good damage for acceptable distances, but they are very poor
for getting the headshots necessary for quick kills. Their best used firing
one to a couple bullets at a time, to maintain what little accuracy they
have, if the opponent is farther away than you can safely melee.

Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 4/10
Accuracy      = 3/10
Range         = 5/10
Rate of Fire  = 5/10
Ammo          = 8/10

Damage        = 5/10
Blood Frenzy  = 5/10
Accuracy      = 2/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 9/10

Damage        = 6/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 1/10
Range         = 6/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 10/10

Damage        = 4/10
Blood Frenzy  = 7/10
Accuracy      = 2/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 8/10
Ammo          = 8/10

           EE) Shotguns
Shotguns are fantastic close range weapons, able to strip a Crimson Head to
bones and dust with a single shot, but refuse to be lethal not far outside of
melee distance. When you get a nice pistol like the Samurai Edge these get a
lot more applicable as a primary weapon. Getting in close enough to make
these effective are hard to do without losing a bunch of health, but when
you do they are amazing.

--PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUN-- *Long reload time in comparison to others
Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 7/10
Accuracy      = 2/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 1/10
Ammo          = 2/10

--ASSAULT SHOTGUN-- *Long reload time in comparison to others
Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 4/10
Range         = 3/10
Rate of Fire  = 2/10
Ammo          = 3/10

Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 3/10
Range         = 4/10
Rate of Fire  = 3/10
Ammo          = 2/10

--JUGGERNAUT-- *Fully automatic. Great against Hunters.
Damage        = 6/10
Blood Frenzy  = 8/10
Accuracy      = 2/10
Range         = 2/10
Rate of Fire  = 4/10
Ammo          = 3/10

           FF) Sniper Rifles
Unlike the Resident Evil games before it, sniper rifles are borderline
worthless outside of a handful of scenarios across the whole game. In other
games they could one-shot enemies, but in this only a few one-shot assuming
you pop the enemy in the head! Putting it shortly: this is not the kind of
primary weapon to bring with you on any mission of difficulty higher than easy

--BOLT-ACTION RIFLE-- *Must un-scope in between shots
Damage        = 8/10
Blood Frenzy  = 6/10
Accuracy      = 9/10
Range         = 8/10
Rate of Fire  = 1/10
Ammo          = 1/10

Damage        = 7/10
Blood Frenzy  = 7/10
Accuracy      = 7/10
Range         = 8/10
Rate of Fire  = 3/10
Ammo          = 2/10

--PRECISION RIFLE-- *"Best" sniper rifle from Veteran difficulty on up
Damage        = 9/10
Blood Frenzy  = 8/10
Accuracy      = 10/10
Range         = 9/10
Rate of Fire  = 2/10
Ammo          = 1/10

--ARBITER-- *"Best" sniper rifle from Normal difficulty on down
Damage        = 8/10
Blood Frenzy  = 9/10
Accuracy      = 9/10
Range         = 9/10
Rate of Fire  = 3/10
Ammo          = 2/10

           GG) Special Weapons
There are two special weapons, technically three (grenades count as one).
Both of them are rediculously useful and are very very enticing to grab, 
however they both have some very dangerous problems.

A single-fire thumper that comes with 10 rounds, the grenade launcher deals
death to legions of zombies at a time. There are only two unfortunate 
problems with this weapon: (1) careful of allies you're blowing up and (2)
its ammo cannot be refilled.

Basically this weapon is a temporary fix. So pick it up, rain devastation
until you run out of ammo or all the enemies are dead, and trade back for
your old weapon before leaving the area... unless you WANT to use your
handgun until you find another weapon.

A horrifying fire-breathing jumble of tubes and a pilot light, the
flamethrower is the deadliest weapon for its range (able to kill Hunters
in seconds). It carries 50 units of fuel and expels them quickly, but every
enemy in range dies. The only downside to this weapon is its limited range,
but unlike the Grenade Launcher its ammo CAN be refilled.

This weapon is a semi-permanent fix so long as you can keep refilling its
limited ammo supply. If you have the Lightning Hawk or Samurai Edge this 
weapon is much easier to keep past its ammo limit until you find an ammo

VI) Walkthrough
The following section covers what you need to do in order to beat Campaign
Mode. The difficulty I played through while jotting this down was Veteran and
I restricted my weapons to starting equipment or whatever I found in the
field, but I do have comments for those who have experience to spend on
equipment or abilites.

NOTE: All my work for this walkthrough was done by me, so you will notice that
   I did not find every single camera and hidden weapon. I apologize for not
   having a 100% comprehensive guide, but I only missed the little things I

           ***) Getting Started/Hints/Tips
If you are starting this game this is the chapter for you. This will help take
the wonder out of what to purchase with your first amounts of experience. I
will follow every hint with an explanation so you can gauge if you feel the
same way.

Q) Are the secondary weapons worth buying?
A) Samurai Edge [Handgun] for 25,000 exp. This is a lot of credits, but it
   one-shots zombies and soldiers if you hit them in the head. It carries 120
   bullets and can unload a full clip very quickly, which deals incredible
   damage. This pistol basically brings shotgun damage to submachine gun range
   and speed, which is invaluable on Professional difficulty.
A2) Lightning Hawk [Handgun] for 27,500 exp. This is a lot of credits, but
   deals insane damage. This was my preferred pistol until I got the Samurai
   Edge. I say WAS because it fires slowly, is hard to hit distant foes, and
   doesn't fire quickly or carry much ammo.

Q) What primary weapon should I buy first?
A) The Ravager [Assault Rifle] carries 125 damaging bullets that are lethaly
   accurate and capable of dealing death from a fair distance away. Just one
   clip can level a crowd of zombies or dispatch a squad of soldiers (this is
   all assuming you aim for their heads and are on a difficulty lower than
A2) Juggernaut [Shotgun] is relatively cheap weapon and goes great with the
   Lightning Hawk or Samurai Edge [handguns] as backup for when enemies are
   dangerously out of reach. Nothing compares with it at close range, killing
   Hunters in just under a clip (yeah, they have a lot of health). Add this
   with Bertha's Painkiller ability and nothing is dangerously out of reach...
   so long as you're in and out within 10 seconds.

Q) What character should I play as?
A) All of them
A2) It depends on your play style and your ability to adapt to various
   situations. Vector is great when you're fighting a bunch of soldiers,
   Lupo is great for trigger-happy people, Bertha is nice if you know nothing
   about defense, Spectre is amazing if you like keeping a full inventory,
   Four Eyes is for those who like controlling the flow of battle, and Beltway
   is great if you like everyone else taking your kills. 

Q) Who is an easy character to do well with? I have little exp to spend on
A) For approximately 5000 exp Bertha can carry 2 first aid sprays, spawn with
   one first aid spray, heal 33% more from green herbs and first aid sprays,
   reduce damage to herself by 50% for 10 seconds at a time, and force 
   enemies to drop green herbs using her special Brutal Kill. Basically she
   becomes a one-person army. To do this buy the following:
      - Level 1 Passive Ability First Aid Proficiency
      - Level 2 Passive Ability Field Medic
      - Level 1 Active Ability Painkiller
A2) Spectre can sense every item within a given range of him, making intel,
   weapons, ammo, and healing items hard to miss. His active abilities you
   can do without, so he's a cheap fix overall.
A3) Vector can become invinsible for 3000 exp if soldiers are your weakness.
   With Mimicry active you can fire upon soldiers without them firing back
   for 30 seconds (90 if you invest more exp) or even stroll up to them and
   brutal kill them and never tip any of them off. Buy the following skills:
      - Level 1 Passive Ability Stealth Run
      - Level 1 Passive Ability Detection Avoidance
      - Level 1 Active Ability Mimicry
      NOTE: Detection Avoidance may have to be level 3.
A4) Four Eyes, for roughly 1000 exp, has an active ability called "Attraction
   Pheromone" which allows her to gather every zombie in the local
   neighborhood into a 10 meter wide area. Toss a frag/incendiary grenade in
   the middle of the group and you basically clear the whole area in the least
   amount of ammo possible.

Q) Why are Hunter's harder to kill than Tyrants?
A) I'm not sure why Hunters are so overwhelmingly resilient in this game. The
   fact that they attack in packs only makes this worse. They are "programmed"
   to attack lone targets, then whoever is firing on them, but I seem to 
   draw their attention regardless. Check out the ENEMY chapter of this
   guide for one stategy to beat them.

Q) What changes as difficulty increases?
A) On normal difficulty enemies have little health and deal minor damage. On
   Veteran they deal more damage and you will hurt your allies if you shoot
   them. On Professional they deal the same damage as Veteran, but have 2-4x
   more health (bosses are reversed: they deal more damage but have the
   same amount of health).

           AAA) Containment
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   32
   Number of Deaths:   1
   Items Collected:   12
   Target Time:      25:00

Advised Character: Vector (with Mimicry)
Enemies: Soldiers only

You start the game waiting to make contact with Mr. Death (aka HUNK), who
brutally dispatches two mercenaries before opening the door to greet you. For
those of you who don't know HUNK, he is the luckiest operative in the world
(every mission he's sent on he is the only one who makes it out alive). I'd
like to say it's skill that keeps him alive, but it's kinda hard to tell. At
any rate HUNK is a badass. You greet him and follow him into an elevator.

Once the elevator reaches its destined floor and you gain control of your
character you can find a First Aid Spray in the cart next to the desk ahead
of you. Behind that same desk you will find an ammo box and a piece of intel
on the safe. To the left of the desk, above a closed door you will see a black
bulb. This is what the security cameras look like. Shoot it to collect an easy
50 exp.

Follow your team to the other door on the opposite side of the room and shoot
the camera above that door, collecting the flashbang grenade on the way, and
grap the intel in the far corner of the room before going through the door

When you go down the little staircase and join your friends you catch them
admiring some reptilian-looking creatures in tube-like devices. These are
called Hunters and are "sleeping." No worries, they will not awaken. However
you will be flashbanged and suddenly find your team under fire from enemy
soldiers. Run up to the edge to take cover and pick them off to proceed down
to the next floor.

Grab the Green Herb by the capsules and pick up the intel hidden on the
computer terminal just to the right of it. From there turn back to the stairs
and take a left (eg if you came down the stairs you would've taken an 
immediate right) and find the intel on the computer terminal there. When you
have it return to the front of the room and help your allies take down the
next waves of soldiers. Refill your ammo at the ammo crate before heading
down to the next floor.

There may be a couple residual enemies lurking around on this floor, so kill
them and the next wave before heading down and into the open area with a lot
of boxes lying around for cover.

On this bottom-most floor there's a big gate at the end of the room. Once all
the enemies have been vanquished a team of soldiers will come through this
door and attack, so stay near the First Aid Spray near the stairs on the left
and pick them off one by one. If you are prepared enough you can stun the
team with a flashbang as the door opens and follow up with a frag grenade to
get an easy multikill.

Before you head through the gate there's an intel on the far right wall 
sitting on a desk. There is also another one behind the stairwell next to a
computer on the right side of the room. If you go up this stairwell and take
the zig-zagging path back to near where you started you will find a weapon
cache holding the immensely powerful Flamethrower. On your way back to the
gate shoot the camera on the right wall by the first catwalk.

Following HUNK you see him brutal kill an enemy before proceeding down a 
stretch of corridors. At the corner you will find an ammo box, green herb,
and an intel on the console. Kill the mercs that appear and take your first
available right turn. The next right has a camera above the door and at the
end of the hallway is an ammo crate, first aid spray, and two grenades. Now
follow HUNK to the next objective.

While the alarm is sounding collect the intel sitting on the footrest next to
the base of the stairs and shoot the camera located up and to the right of
the gate HUNK is waiting in front of. Collect any ammo or grenades lying
around if you like.

After passing through the gate you find yourself in a laboratory. Immediately
take a left and grab the intel sitting on the shelfs in the back corner of
the room. There is also an intel in the center of the room and in the far
right corner. You should find a laptop near where you found the first intel.
Interact with this to relay the intel you've found for bonus exp and gallery
images. Before leaving the lab shoot the camera mounted on the left wall of
the lab.

In the next area HUNK tells you to wait while him and his partner interrogate
a man called William Birkin. While you're waiting shoot the camera above
the target door before getting as far away from the door as you can, because
you will take a lot of damage if you're anywhere near the door when soldiers
suddenly breach it. 

Push the enemies back and collect the intel on the first crates on the right.
You will be hit by a second wave as soon as the first is depleted, so don't
go rushing in unless you want to take some heavy damage. There is a camera
above the door to the right of where the soldiers like to take cover, so
make sure to pop it before leaving. In the area to the right of the target
elevator is a first aid spray and some other goodies you can collect
before boarding the freight elevator with HUNK.

After the elevator reaches its destination head to the right and collect the
intel sitting on the crates in the corner. Continuing left, across the center
of the room you will find a first aid spray and a camera on the wall in the
upper left edge of the room. When you're done follow HUNK down the hallway
on the far left of the room.

[Movie: Transformed Birkin attacks Alpha Squad]

From the main corridor turn right instead of left. Down this way you will find
two intel (one on the left midway down and one on the right all the way down)
and a camera above the door in the back next to a first aid spray.

Going now towards your objective you'll travel down a series of empty 
hallways. Run around the flames and steam until you reach the locked door at
the end. All characters must reach this door before it will open, then keep
going until see a cinematic. 

Hello Birkin! At the moment all you can do is back-pedal and defend yourself,
so wait for him to charge and unload into the giant eyeball he has for his
right shoulder to stop him. After making him flinch a couple times you are
finally able to turn and run, so sprint all the way down and activate the
door before anything else (the door takes a couple seconds to open) and keep
Birkin at bay. Once you hear the ding I quickly restock at the ammo box
and dash through the door.

Directly ahead of you in the room you should see a camera on the wall. Shoot
it for the 50 exp and pick up the Semi-Auto Rifle or Tactical SMG sitting
on the floor to the left of the camera near the back wall if you like before
slowly approaching the next room.

In the next room, if you keep your distance, the infected dog will run across
and start attacking the soldiers, giving you a brief advantage on them. Kill
them and grab the two intel (one is under a generator just to the left of 
the exit hallway and the other is sitting on a crate about-face of the exit
hallway) and proceed into the next area.

Along the way you a dog will round the corner and attack. If you can't shoot
it in time there's no threat, just let it pounce on you and kill it with
the struggle animation. Passing through the next door kill the dog as it
round the corner on your right and head into the safe room to replenish your
ammo and first aid sprays.

The next area is a jagged path with a bunch of soldiers on the other end. Keep
under the protection of cover and pick them off one by one, but careful of
rushing up to melee them because a fairly lethal scene is right behind them.
With the soldiers clear, head down the corridor and Birkin will explode from
the door on the right and you'll find yourself stuck in his mini-game. To 
stay alive you must either roll right or left (selected at random) using
your left analogue stick following the prompt that appears on screen. After
the third smack you will get up, so quickly turn, sprint, and dive immediately
to keep from him knocking you down while you're still in range.

Sprint to the end of the corridor and quickly activate the door before giving
Birkin everything you got. DO NOT let him approach or he will cause a game
over for everybody. When the door beeps open keep running until you reach
the end of the stage.

           BBB) Corruption
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   150
   Number of Deaths:    1
   Items Collected:    20
   Target Time:       35:00

Advised Character: Four Eyes (Attraction Pheromone)
Enemies: Zombies, Soldiers & Lickers

This mission starts off nice and easy: pop the camera directly in front of
you and grab the intel behind you before heading down the stairs. To the
right of the marked door is a storage room containing an intel and first
aid spray, so pick them up if you'd like before continuing.

In the next room you will find an antiviral spray on a shelf to your left. It
is hard to miss: it's the blue bottle. Before following your allies down the
hallway turn around and shoot the camera above the door you entered in.

The next room has an intel next to the bed on your right. Collect it and head
up the stairs and go through the next door.

You're in an empty room with another marked door. When you open it kill the
first zombies ahead of you and look to your left. You should see a pack of
zombies eating a body right next to a red barrel. Pump some rounds into the
barrel and it will explode, killing the whole pack of zombies if you do it
quick enough. Be sure not to miss the camera on the right wall of this room
from where you entered. Before you go into the next room collect the intel
on the rack next to the steps.

Proceed into the next room, killing the zombies as you please, and shoot the
camera mounted on the wall on the right. Go through the door on the left of
the room, kill the zombies in there, and shoot the camera on the back wall.
On the opposite side of this room is another door, step through it and grab
the intel on the desk to your immediate right. To the right of the marked
door is another intel. Grab it and open the door.

[Movie: Meet Nicolai]

Before heading up the stairwell grab the two intel and other items in the
little area on its right. Go through the marked door at the top of the stairs
and start annihilating the zombies in the room. When you entered this area
there is a rubble pile on your right; the opposite side of which you will
find an intel. There is also a second intel next to a body in the courtyard
a couple feet away from the tree. Check the room to the right of the marked
door to find a third intel and a first aid spray in the office. A fourth intel
is a pace to the left of the marked door itself.

In the next room quickly seek the cover in front and kill the three waves of
soldiers. Wave 1 is straight ahead, wave 2 comes from the hallway on the right
and wave 3 comes from the back of the room. After you've cleared the area grab
the intel to the immediate right of where you entered and head down the right
hallway (where wave 2 entered from) and grab the intel, green herb and ammo
if you need them. Directly across this hallway is a master stairway that
leads to some goodies and another intel at the top. When you're done head 
through the marked doorway on the base floor.

In this room you get ambushed by a team of soldiers, so I like to stand 
behind a left pillar and pick them off as my team keeps them distracted on
the right. Once they're dead step out into the courtyard, turn around and
look up. Pop the camera and head towards the marker, grabbing the intel on
the support pillar just before you round the corner where you find the door.

In the next room you catch a couple soldiers off guard with no cover for you
to hide. Quickly pick them off and grab the 5 intel scattered throughout the
room and pop the camera on the ceiling in the middle. The intels, from front
to back, go computer, filing cabnet, computer, drawers on the right and
console on the left near the objective. Interact with the marked computer to

[Movie: Nikolai leaves his squad to die]

The marked door in front of you will explode with a pack of zombies. If you
wanna have some fun tackle the first mod and throw a grenade into the second
pack on the right. After you've killed the zombies there's another intel to
the right after the door with a camera on the wall to the left. Head up the
stairs, kill the zombies, and go through the next marked door. 

As soon as the door opens you should find two soldiers with machine guns
mowing down a crowd of zombies. Dispatch them quickly and finish off what
zombies remain. If you head down the hallway the soldiers were firing down you
will find an intel behind a turned over rubble pile. Just past this intel
is a double door you can open which has a Raccoon City Mascot at the top of
the stairs and some intel and goodies at the bottom. Back in the hallway turn
left and continue down the "wrong way" and open a door on your left, kill
the zombies, and grab the intel in the room. Now you can enter the marked door
all the way on the other end, or heep heading clockwise and enter the next

Here you will find a couple nearby soldiers backed up by a pack on the other
side of the hallway. Take them out and head through the next marked door.

Kill the zombies in the hallway (a soldier got mauled to death for me) and go
through the first door on the left for some easy zombie kills. There's nothing
special here, so head to the next marked doors and go through them.

You will come to an empty computer room. Shoot the camera above the door on
your right and put a round into each of the marked servers. Destroying all of
them triggers the bodies in the room to come to life, as well as cause a
small pack of zombies to attack from the rooms adjacent to you. Keep moving
and killing to stay alive. Once they're clear head down the next hallway and
follow the objective marker until you go up a flight of stairs.

At the top of the stairs turn around and look WAY up to spot a camera. The
sound of gunfire from both sides shows some soldiers holding off some zombies.
The choice is which corridor do you want to push through, the problem being
there's an intel near the start of both corridors. Pick up both intel and 
decide which path you want to fight from. At the end of the corridors is an
opening by a marked door. Kill the last hunkered soldiers and stand in front
of the marked door. Shoot the camera above the door and turn around to find
an intel near the ledge. All said and done, pass through to the next area.

Your objective here is to destroy 5 plans, the first of which is right in 
front of you (with a camera directly above the door you entered in). 
Follow the left wall to a 2nd plan and grab the intel right next to it (on 
the computer to the right). Directly at your back from grabbing this intel is
a walkway into the cabinet maze, exposing a 3rd plan within view. Burn the 
3rd plan and turn left, shoot the mine safely, head down that corridor and 
turn left. Go all the way to the left wall again and grab the intel off the
dresser. From this intel turn right and pop the two mines and head to the back
of the room. Turn right at the back wall and you'll find a 4th plan. Burn it
and continue following the wall to an intel and the last plan. With everything
done, head into the next room.

Grab the intel on the far right and left of the room, shoot the camera in
between the two doors you could enter from, and head down the stairs. At the
bottom you should easily spot another camera with some intel directly under
it. The weapon crate to the right holds a light machine gun, which will be
handy for the last leg of the mission. To the left of the objective marker
is 2 first aid sprays... guess what's beyond door number 1...

[Movie: Licker Ambush]

As soon as you gain control turn left and grab the intel by the wall. The
creatures filling the room are called lickers and they have obnoxiously long
tongues. They are viscious creatures and will spawn infinitely here, so jump
down to the floor below and find a way around the structure immediately ahead
of you. You will see a glowing item protected by mines. You must quickly grab
this item and run to the far end of the room and open the door with it. Try
to ignore the lickers if you can and don't hang around for very long. The
door you're looking for is protected by a pair of laser mines. Shoot one and
they both go off, then quickly open the door and GET OUT. If you can manage
it there's an intel next to some boxes in the center of the room in front of
your escape door.

From one hell to another now you're in a room constantly filling with zombies.
Grab ammo from the ammo crate on your left and clean up the zombies for a 
while to build up a lot of experience. When you're ready head towards the
objective and kill the zombies that spring from the two doors you could choose
from. You will notice this area looks like the entrance to a building (the
receptionist desk in the center guarded by laser mines). Shoot the camera
above the receptionist desk and interact with the typewriter there. Before
leaving interact with the laptop on the bench to reward yourself for whatever
intel you collected.

           CCC) Lights Out
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:    110
   Number of Deaths:     3
   Items Collected:     20
   Target Time:      35:00

Advised Character: Beltway (Frag Mines) or Vector (Mimicry)
Enemies: Zombies, Experimental Zombies, Crimson Heads, Hunters, Soldiers

As you start head forward and grab the intel at the corner, then head into
the office on your left and grab the two intel in there. While in the office
look out the middle window to find a camera to shoot. When you leave the 
office look to your left. The far door says it requires a Blue Key Card,
so pass for now and enter each room on your way down to marked door (the
next closest room has an intel, as well as the first room on your right once
you round the corner [there is another camera on the ceiling at the
intersection). Once at the marked door the room immediately to the
left has the Blue Key Card in it, so grab it and head back to the special
door and open it to find some really nice goodies and another intel. Careful
of the weapon crate containing the grenade launcher; it is very helpful in
the next room, but you will be forced to use your pistol until you find a
weapon to replace your empty and un-refillable launcher.

Once in the next room you will be ambushed from everywhere by zombies. Frag
grenades are your friends here, especially when the door in the back is broken
in by another series of zombies. Before you leave grab the two intels in this
room (one in the far lower left corner and the other on a table in the upper
right) and shoot the camera up and to the right of the marked door.

The next area has two intels behind the reception desk on the left with a
camera on the ceiling above them. In front of the desk, to the left of the
boarded up doors are two pay phones with an intel among them. Grab it and
continue to the next objective marker down the hall. Just before you reach it
a pack of zombies will come forth. If you shoot the explosive sticking out of
the leaders you can kill whole packs of them.

In the next room you will see a door to the left, an office containing a
camera on the ceiling to the far right, and a stairwell to the immediate
right. Pop the camera and exterminate the zombies in the room to the left.
Around the corner to the right is a hallway leading down to another room full
of zombies. Focus on the bombed ones to reduce ammo and head all the way down
to find a room with an ammo box and an intel in front of the bathroom stalls.
Return to the main room and pop the camera behind the reception desk and
collect the intel in front of the right set of double doors. Further right,
at the bottom of the staircase mentioned earlier this paragraph, is an intel.

Once you're all set follow the marker to a keycard and take it to the next
marked door. You will hear some screeching noises. Great... lickers.

When you open the door try to stick with your team and focus you fire on
the lickers. They should stick to the ceiling mostly, but will occasionally
drop down or fall off when you shoot them. If you can keep them at a distance
all they can do is grab you with their tongue, which isn't dangerous so long
as you break free soon enough. If you're getting swarmed sprint to the other
end of the area to make some distance. Once everything is dead there are 3
intels to grab: (1) on the far left wall, (2) to the left of the ammo box
near the center of the room, and (3) behind the pillar looking at the marked
door. There is also a camera on the wall to the left of the marked door. When
you're ready shoot the mines and go into the next room.

Don't rush in here, because is about to fall onto the floor and attack whoever
is coming in. Kill it and grab the first aid spray protected by a pair of
mines on the right. If you look from a distance above the first aid spray you
will find another camera. When you're ready go through the marked door and
take out the mines on your way up the stairs.

The next room has more experimental zombies, so take heed. As you enter this
room you can find an intel next to the chairs on your left and another against
the back wall to the right. On the far left of the room there's a camera and
another intel close to the marked door. Disarm or blow up the mines and
proceed to the next area. Take the next marked door in front of you and take
the stairs down to find an ammo crate, a set of sprays, and an intel before
going upstairs and entering the next area.

You should now find yourself on a roof under seige by a pack of Crimson Heads.
These are vicious zombies that are always sprinting, have more health than
most enemies, and deal painful amounts of damage very quickly. If you have a
shotgun, now's the time to have one. Dispatching the pack can be easy if you
throw a flashbang and quickly follow with a frag/incendiary. If they get any
where near you the best bet is to melee back and brutal kill them to save
ammo and hopefully stun nearby ones as well. Once they're all dead stand at
the base of the ramp to the helipad and look at the corner wall to your right
to find a hidden camera looking at the helipad. All said and done and healed
up go to greet your chopper...

[Movie: Nikolai the Badass]

Beware of fire, as getting anywhere near it will set you aflame and deal 3
hits of annoying damage. Keep an eye on the door to your right, as only the
zombie behind it has permission to open it. After you ventilate its head go
into the next room and put down the two burning zombies opposite the room
from you. There is an intel on the nightstand at the end of the couches in
this room.

In the next area the floor is out, leading to a crowd of a combination of
burning zombies and crimson head. Grenades are again your friends here. With
the room cleansed head down and go through the set of marked double doors.

Careful as you approach the next marker, because your first Hunters will
shred through and attack your party. Stay back and let your allies fire on
him first, since their kind is drawn to the first that shoot at them. Once
he's distracted unload into its belly (if you can see it) or legs (if it has
its back turned to you). Its back is heavily armored, so avoid shooting it
there to better use your ammo. This monster takes a lot of ammo to put down,
and once you have its attention you better keep some moderate distance will
running circles around it to keep it from knocking you down with its leaping
attack. Once you've killed them head into the next room with care.

In the left corner is a green herb, everywhere else are laser mines. Near the
back of the room some mines are stuck to the ceiling (with a camera starting
them off). Another Hunter will come from the far back, so try to use these
ceiling ones to help damage it. Once it's dead follow the marker and grab
the intel on the shelf next to the ammo box to the left of the booby trapped
door. After this door you will find yourself outside the hospital...

BUT the mission is not over just yet! No, now you're about 1/2 done with the
mission. As soon as you leave the garage you're in look left. Just above the
brown double doors is a camera. A second camera awaits underneath the overpass
by the next set of doors ahead on your left. Further back there's a dying
ambulance with a pair of first aid sprays to grab. All done, head into the
marked building.

In the next area you see a small squad of soldiers under seige by a pack of
zombies and crimson heads. If you have a frag/incendiary this is a great time
to use it, otherwise sit back and play clean up to whoever is left alive. If
you take a left further down the alley you'll come to a firetruck with a pair
of frag grenades should you need them. If not, keep heading towards the next
objective and interact with the marked structure.

Great, graveyard-like scenery now. Grab the intel directly in front of you
and grab the Pump-Action shotgun. You'll quickly come to find the crashed
chopper and your first EMP charge (the pack with the blinking light on top).
As you traverse this area Crimson Heads will come out of the woodwork and
ambush you. Thankfully the shotgun deals with them quickly and they don't
attack in large packs here. The second EMP is usually near the back and on
the right. Just look for the blinking light and keep an eye out for baddies.
Once you have the 2nd EMP the gate at the back will unlock. Time to have a
chat with our comrade Nikolai.

As soon as the shootout starts shoot the locks off the weapon crate on the
right and grab the sniper rifle. Take cover nearby and help your allies shoot
at Nicolai. He will be in one of the four windows in the back and show himself
just before he's about to shoot. If you can squeeze a shot off before he does
his shots will miss almost 100% of the time. Hit him enough times and you'll
hear a bell ring. When this happens he will hide and zombies will spawn in
the local area. Kill them with your pistol or melees and restock your ammo
at the nearby ammo crate and get ready for round 2 with Nikolai. After he
takes another load of damage another wave of zombies appear. Keep rinsing
and repeating until Nikolai finally flees and a new marker appears. If you
need to heal there are green herbs in the front corners of the stage. Before
you proceed, swap your rifle back for the shotgun or whatever weapon you
brought here.

Grab the intel on the piano chair in the next room. When you make for the
alter the zombies will come to life. Kill them and grab the EMP. While you
wait for the door to unlock by the alter pop the laser mine and grab the
intel. Keep a distance from the door to the alley, because an experimental
zombie will pop out and blow you up if you shoot it from too close. After
the enemies are dead follow the marker to the next area.

Take cover behind the truck and kill the soldiers at the end of the road, then
slowly make your way around the path and pick off the others on your way to
your next objective.

Once inside the next building grab the first aid spray and follow the marker
until you come to a metal door. Theres a room just a bit further down with an
ammo crate waiting for you. Head into the next area when ready.


NOTE: If you selected Vector with Mimicry this fight is SOOO easy. This whole
fight all you need to do is mimic one guy and place all 3 EMPs, and with
no soldier targetting you it's a piece of cake.

You are now in the power plant. Head up the stairs and grab the intel that is
sitting on the lockers. Take the right path and grab the next intel sitting
on a drum following two white power units. Near the back of the plant there's
a forklift with a third intel on it. Near by the fork lift is a laptop to cash
in on your intel load. Next to the computer the marker wants you to activate
you are within sight of two cameras mounted high up on the walls. Time to do
some preparation...

[If you are Beltway] Set some frag mines in front of the double doors located
to the left of the forklift (the viewpoint is looking from the generator

As soon as you power it up a pack of soldiers rush in from your left. Kill 
them and the ensuing zombies so you can safely place the EMP on the first
generator. Once the EMP is placed you must activate another counsil to raise
the second generator...

[If you are Beltway] Set some frag mines in front of the double doors located
to the right of the forklift.

As soon as you activate the second generator the next wave of soldiers pops
out from the doors almost next to you. Sprint away or combo them with a flash
bang and frag/incendiary. Once safe place the second EMP and get into position
to raise the third generator. Nikolai should be out by now and firing upon
you and your friends. Focus on him and deal enough damage and he should leave,
letting you finish your last wave in peace.

Once you activate the last generator all you need is to place the EMP and
the mission ends, so one strategy is rush the generator before the soldiers
get in place and hide behind it until its ready. Otherwise just pick them off
and place it as casually as you like. If you stay by the terminal you should
be in an area with enough cover to take out the soldiers safely.

           DDD) Gone Rogue
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   150
   Number of Deaths:    2
   Items Collected:    20
   Target Time:       35:00

Advised Character: Four Eyes (Attraction Pheromone) or Lupo (Guns A'Blazin')
Enemies: Zombies, Crimson Heads, Soldiers, Parasites, Parasite Zombies

You start inside of a shed-like place. Check the back room behind you for two
intels and an incendiary grenade before going outside and deal with the couple
zombies that are roaming around. Before going ahead check back and shoot the
camera mounted just above the door to the shed.

As you head down the street a pack of Crimson Heads race to greet you. Kill
them using the cluster of barrels nearby if you can, otherwise you'll have
to take them out the old fashioned way. Go down the dead-end alley to find two
first-aid sprays and an intel behind the dumpster. The weapon crate to the
right of the dead end ally contains a bolt-action sniper, which you will want
for the upcoming part of the street.

As you approach your objective you'll see 3 lasers pointing out of the 
building on your right, which are snipers taking out some straggling zombies
in the street. Stay left, slowly advance, and take out each sniper as he
comes within sight. There is also a camera above some boxes at the end of the
first scaffolding on the left. If you have the health to give there is an
alley blocked by a wall of fire to the right of the objective with an intel
at the back of it. When you're ready, proceed into the next area.

It's a spec ops ambush, but luckily they're all ahead of you, so take cover
behind the cop car directly in front of you. From behind cover shoot the
explosive barrels on the catwalk between the two groups of soldiers to make
this part shorter. As their numbers dwindle you can run to and hug the left
wall to get a closer vantage point, some ammo, and a green herb. In the far
left corner there's also a camera above a door. With all the soldiers dead
you can advance, shooting the laser mines at the end of the street to make it
to the next area... the cemetary.

Proceed down the path in front of you, killing the few zombies that limp along.
At the bottom you'll find a helpful assault shotgun and perhaps some zombies.
You should notice the zombies are congregating towards a building in front of
you, the door of which you're looking at is the back door. Go in and sneak up
on the soldiers, then start clearing the area of the undead (inside this
building there is an ammo crate with an intel on the ground next to it). At
the very bottom of the cemetary, near the objective, is a small band of 
soldiers firing from behind some headstones. Use your higher ground to snipe
them. Once they're dead the gate behind them will open and another squad will
come from there (NOTE: one of these men has a grenade launcher, so be
careful). Every dead end in the cemetary has a first-aid spray or two, so
stock up if you want and head out of the cemetary. If you can find it off the
soldier grab the grenade launcher.

When you leave the cemetary you should see a large warehouse on your left.
Grab the intel near the dumpster in front of the warehouse before heading in.

Before doing anything in the warehouse look left and grab the intel off the
garbage can next to the gate. There is a second intel on the wooden pallets
against the right wall of the room. Shoot the camera on the wall near the
objective marker before pressing the switch. As soon as you do the room begins
to flood with zombies from both sides. Kill them and flip the 3 breakers
marked around the room to get the doors to open, which brings forth another
wave of zombies.

Once you're inside storage room you're locked inside. You can follow the wall
on the right to an ammo box and first aid spray, but you will have to follow
the left wall to proceed. Take the stairs on the left and use your height and
distance advantage to kill the shotgun soldiers nearby before taking out the
small huddle in the corner near the objective and a camera. On the ground
floor, directly underneath the camera you just destroyed, is an intel. The 
other intel is in the opposite corner of the room, underneath the catwalk
and next to a dead body (which is also near an ammo box). When you're ready
grab an assault shotgun from one of the soldiers you killed and proceed
through the marked doorway.

You should hear a new and threatening sound: a chaingun. If you look out the
window on the left you can see the creature called Nemesis fighting a group
of helpless soldiers. Fun, but not where you're going just yet. Grab the intel
off the table on your way to the computer room and grab the second intel
sitting on top of the computer counsil. Before you leave the room look right
and shoot the camera on the wall above the window. There's another camera
in the hallway above the EXIT sign nearby. When you are ready jump into the
elevator and take it to the laboratory below.

When the elevator doors open run around the desk and grab the intel behind it
and shoot the camera above the door left of the elevator. Just outside is a
large area with two zombies and a lot of bridges. To the right is the 
objective, but make a stop inside the central pillar to the room and talk
to the Raccoon City Mascot hidden among the green capsules. There's nothing
here besides the raccoon, so follow the objective into the secret labs.

[Movie: The parasites]

Creepy spiders replacing heads. Fantastic! But there are no enemies at the
moment, so shoot the camera on the ceiling directly ahead and grab the intel
to the immediate left of where you started. Just past the camera you shot is
another intel on the left, leading to a door with a green-lit pad in the
upper left corner of the room. Inside you can find another camera and a door
requiring a blue card. Exit the room and hug the left wall and go down the
first flight of stairs. To your right you should see an alley; take it and
shoot the camera on the ceiling above as you exit to the "right" side of the
room. In this area you will find a first aid spray, an ammo box, and the
blue key card. If you return to the door that required this card all you will
find is a grenade launcher, which is a great weapon for what you have ahead,
but since its ammo cannot be refilled you don't wanna be stuck with just
your pistol. So head down the next flight of stairs.

Down here you will find an incomplete and inactive tyrant lying on a table
guarded by lasers. To his right are two more cages filled with zombies. Kill
them, grab the intel next to the set of cages, and flip the breaker in the
corner of the room. On your way back to the tyrant grab the syringe from the
zombies' cage and shoot the camera on the ceiling between the tyrant's cage
and the others. When you're ready, extract the parasite from its brain and
get ready for the fun to begin.

From now on zombies and parasites will emerge and combine to form parasite
zombies. Their numbers are great and growing, so run up the first set of 
stairs and take the walkway to the marked door...

[Movie: The Tyrant Awakens]

Now, with the tyrant after you, you must collect the three key cards scattered
throughout this area. Thankfully a lot of the locked doors are now unlocked.
Hug the left wall around the stage back up to where you entered this area from
and open the marked door. Grab the intel on the red bin to the left and head
deeper to find the black key card and some ammo. Grab the card and get out,
heading for the control center marked at your 10-o'clock. Inside the control
center is a second black key card and an intel just to the right of it. Grab
both and hurry down two flights of stairs to the bottom floor. The final
keycard is through a set of doors on the left, but this room is heavily 
guarded (as the door opens a group of zombies are already in the midst of
being taken over by a parasite). Toss a grenade in the small room to quickly
eradicate them and pop a camera. Grab the final card and head for the marked
door to "escape."

Now you need to disable security in an awkward room filling with zombies, but
thankfully no parasites. Against the marker's advice head right and open
the door at the end of the hall, kill the 3 parasite zombies inside, and
deactivate the first terminal. One terminal left, so head through the center
room (popping the camera in the center of the ceiling) and across to your
next control room again containing 3 parasite zombies. This room (the left
one) has an intel in the far left corner. Once you deactivate the second
terminal you're free to proceed to the next area. 

As soon as a door locks behind you you will be able to find an intel on top
of a red bio-hazard bin on your immediate left with another intel on the
ground directly behind you. Head up the stairs and grab the next intel off
the table (left side of table) and head out the door on the left. Keep hugging
the left wall to find yet another intel next to a set of prints (like the
kind you burned way back when). You should quickly discover the Tyrant has
found you again, but if you can move freely you can find an intel inside the
room near the center of the area. The next marked point should force you to
make an immediate right and run down a narrow hallway; should you look left
instead you'll find an intel. Keep going and you'll be brought back to the
elevator. Take it up and get ready for the boss fight (because all that stuff
before didn't count).

[Movie: The "Broken" Nemesis]

The fight with Nemesis will teach you a lot about cover, as this is the only
zombie with a gun. When you gain control of your character run left and hide
behind the ammo crate. I advise you shoot the explosive barrel between you
and Nemesis so he can't blow it up on you and start taking cheap shots at
him by firing betwee the floor and handlebars. He should naturally position
himself next to an exploding barrel of his own, so shoot that to deal a quick
percentage of his health.

The area is also full of zombies, but they're relatively lame and pose a
minor threat so long as you keep them in check. They are limited in number,
so if you need you can kill them until they go away. If you do not have a
long range weapon you can run out onto the catwalks and fire on Nemesis from
above. Depending on where he's standing relative to you all you need is cover
up to your knees, so sprint around until you get to the catwalk almost 
directly above him and fire from behind the boxes. It may seem counter-
intuitive, but your pistol does surprising damage here if all you have
otherwise is a shotgun since you can easily unload clip after clip into his
head for critical damage.

Soon enough he should start wandering over to the other side of the stage. 
This will trigger wave after wave of soldiers to appear from the double doors
on that side of the stage. Like the zombies the soldiers will eventually
stop coming, but you can let Nemesis deal with them if you have the time to
waste. Keep behind cover and deal with the occasionally distracted soldiers
until they're all dead as they pose more of a threat than Nemesis does. With
all the soldiers gone head over to the ammo crate near where they spawned
from to refill on ammo, and then use the nearby boxes for cover and finish
the fight.

Now on par with Nemesis you can stand behind the boxes nearby and fire
relentlessly into his head (since he fires from the hips and the boxes are
just over hip level) without fear. After he takes enough damage he will
fall to a knee, which is your queue to run up and interact with him to finish
the level. If you don't do it in time he will stand back up and you'll be
forced to finish him off and try again.

           EEE) Expendable
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   150
   Number of Deaths:    1
   Items Collected:    17
   Target Time:       30:00

Advised Character: Lupo (Incendiary Rounds) or Four Eyes (Program Infected)
Enemies: Zombies, Crimson Heads, Soldiers, Lickers, Hunters

As you start turn around to find a camera and first aid spray. Continuing to
the left from the camera, behind a couch is an intel and grenade. There's
nothing else up here, so take care of the zombies below and take the scaffold
down to street level.

Going in the direction opposite of the marker, under where you started, is an
alley containing a couple zombies and an intel. Going back in the right
direction I grab the Riot Gun sitting next to the police motorcycle and head
for the marker, which spurs an ambush (burning enemies come out from the
left and also a wave attacks from behind). Clear them out and proceed.

If you have Specre as you enter the street you will hear him say, "Where are
the dogs?" There are some empty kennels directly across the street from the
alley that has a first aid spray if you want it and a camera above the
adjacent door. As you continue down the street one dog will appear and attack,
but it comes from so far away it's almost difficulty not to kill it. Grab the
intel behind the burning car in the distance before going to the roof of the
marked building.

Next to the door on the roof is a hard to miss camera. Pop it and head inside.
As you go down the hallway to the police cheif's room there's an intel next to
the tiger's paw. Inside the cheifs room is an intel (under the deer heads),
a Raccoon City Mascot (opposite wall from intel) and the objective you need
to burn. Once burned head out into the hallway (popping the camera above the
door before you leave) and kill the lickers that appear. Blasting them with
the riot gun makes short work of them, especially if you get some good shots 
on their head. Beware the marked double doors as a pack of zombies will try
to grab you and throw you amongst the rest of them.

Now you're in the main area of the police station, which is U-shaped. Kill
the nearby zombies quickly and it will make taking out the couple lickers
making their way over to you easier. Even the lickers must follow the U-shape
region, even though they can climb on walls, so they're never out of sight.
After clearing the catwalk you can interact with the marked area to jump
down the floor below and take out what zombies are still lingering around.

On the bottom floor you can grab an intel next to the computer on the right,
and don't forget to interact with the typewriter on the opposite end for free
exp. Shoot the camera above the double doors and make your way out of the
police station (requires the death of several zombies outside the facility).

[Movie: The Survivors]

Typical. Just before you get extracted Leon messes things up. While that itch
to kill him is high, face the police station and pop the camera above the 
door you exited from. There's a little underpass beneath that same door with
some intel near the bottom steps and a back alley nearby with an intel on
the farmost bench and some goodies around the corner. With everyone stocked
up leave the station's ground and head into the streets.

In the center of the street, next to a downed SWAT van, is a weapon crate
holding a grenade launcher. Grab it and keep heading towards Leon to spook
him into a garage. As you continue to approach zombies will come out of the
woodwork everywhere. Make your way back to the SWAT van and take out the
groups of them careful not to injure your friends. Once the zombies stop
coming swap your weapon back (the Grenade Launcher is only good for this area)
and continue after Leon by opening the garage door.

As the garage door lifts two zombies try crawling out. After teaching them
their lesson pop the camera on the ceiling and make your way after Leon. Again
he will run, but now you're ambushed by Lickers. They will come out of vents
in the ceiling and attack from the front (which is where another camera sits).
After several waves of Lickers they stop coming and a garage door in the back
gets marked. Over by the Green Herb there are two guns (suppressed SMG on
the right and Mini SMG on the left) and behind a green dumpster nearby is
an intel. Next to the marked door is a Surpressed Rifle, which can be nice,
but is not for the sake of what's ahead.

As you open the marked exit garage door you hear (and can see the feet of)
zombies on the other side. A quick grenade will take the pack out. Though you
will hear a lot of gunfire on the right, a lone soldier on the left can be
a menace if you don't concentrate on him first. Directly in front of the
exit you will see a tiny building. Go around the alley on the left and take
the staircase onto the roof where you can find a great vantage point and a
weapon crate containing a sniper rifle. Use it to take out the snipers in the
distance and whatever straggling soldiers are hanging around on the left and
right (they will be behind cover, but shouldn't be too hard for you to spot
up here). Swap back for your old gun and head back to street level. On the
side of the building you were just on, facing the garage you came from earlier,
is an intel. Grab the intel and head towards the marker to spawn a small
squad of soldiers from behind the wall. These soldiers should stay near the
wall and behind cover, so grab the next intel from under the overpassing
structure in the middle of the area (its on a bench next to an explosive
barrel) and shoot the camera on the upper left corner of the TICKET COUNTER
next to the overpass. Take the soldiers out and restock your ammo and health
before proceeding.

[Movie: Air Dropping Hunters]

This area will kill you eventually, mainly because Hunters have WAY too
much health, but if you let your allies draw their attention your Riot Gun
should do wonders if you still have it. If you are Lupo activate her
incediary rounds and unload, or if you're Four Eyes you can reprogram a hunter
or two or three and kill them freely (although no computer controlled ally
will fire on them you can still damage them and only have a couple seconds to
do it without the hunters returning fire). If you can, concentrate your fire
on their bellies while you run around and use the three green herbs in the
area to keep from dying. Once the group of hunters are dead heal up and head
for the marked alley.

Not too far down the alley a zombie explodes from the door next to you, but
this is only a distraction to hide the Hunter that just landed in the 
distance and will charge down the alley for you. Thankfull the alley is just
big enough to evade the hunter's leap if you hold yourself against a wall.
Kill it, grab the green herb on the right, and grab the intel and Juggernaut
from the corner on the left and proceed to the next hell hole.

Stay against the left wall of the alley and pop the nearby soldiers using
your pistol. You can easily stand behind the car to shield yourself, but DO 
NOT advance on the soldiers. Clear them out from a distance or face two evils.
Once the soldiers have been taken care of go to the weapon crate on the right,
across the street. Grab the first aid spray, intel, and pop the camera... 
you're about to be in one hell of a fight in just a few moments...

As you approach the gas station some pods will crash land and you'll be under
seige from another family of hunters. Worse yet several more will land in
a short enough amount of time. Shoot the gas station terminals to make them
explode and set fire to any Hunter unfortunate enough to touch it from then
on and unload your Juggernaut into them. If you start taking hits just sprint
around and grab any herbs you can find. There are a couple ammo boxes lying
around deeper into the area, but this doesn't come at a price as you may
suspect. Being open and exposed against hunters is almost beneficial because
you have room to move and evade. Help out any teammate as you can and start
chucking grenades if you are about to die or need some space. If you stick
near the gas station the hunters will occassionally jump onto the roof and
give you a momentary reprieve from them. 

If you can put down the mess of hunters you can safely go through a door to
the left of the LIQUORS sign where you will find an intel and first aid spray.
Continue to the marked location and a squad of soldiers will exit from a
garage. Take them out and shoot the camera mounted under the roof to the 
building across the garage. Enter the garage and start the next leg of the

Inside the building you'll come to marked door you cannot open, this is 
because as you've already discovered a zombie is going to burst through for
you. Take them out with a grenade if you have one clear the rest of the hall.
The next door functions as the same, but with Crimson Heads instead. Kill
them all and proceed outdoors.

Directly ahead as you exit the building is a green dumpster with an intel
next to it. Grab the intel and proceed down the alleyway where you'll find
another intel behind a red dumpster. Not far up ahead some soldiers are
approaching, so use the little alley on the left as cover and kill them. After
4 soldiers fall they will stop coming, so grab some ammo and the frag grenade
and approach the courtyard ahead.

As you leave the alley hug the bus on the left and use it as cover to kill
the sniper standing on a truck in the distance. Once the sniper is dead, run
up the stairs (grabbing the intel at the base of the stairs) and take cover so
you can kill the soldiers behind a barrier to the left. After they are all 
dead restock using a nearby ammo box and heal with the green herb to the far
right. As you round the corner and make for the alley check the tree you passed
to find an intel along the barrier. Use the metal barricade as cover for the
next wave of soldiers that approach from the street. From here you should be
able to see a weapon crate straight ahead. This contains the powerful 
Flamethrower, which you will want shortly.

On street level several more soldiers will attack. Use the cars for cover
and head into the alley on the left to defeat a follow-up wave of soldiers.
After all the soldiers appear dead (from your spot inside the alley) head back
and grab the flamethrower. SLOWLY approach the marked location.

If you're lucky you won't lose 1/2 your health when a pod suddenly lands next
to you. AUGH! A pack of Hunters again! Your flamethrower will make real short
work of them, but it doesn't hold much ammo. Luckily its ammo is restoreable,
so run back and refill it as many times as you can. Once the Hunters are dead
an explosion will summon a crowd of soldiers and Crimson Heads. Stay back and
fire on them with your pistol if you can, because you'll want to keep the
flamethrower at all costs. Under the auwning, to the left of where the first
Hunter landed, is an intel to grab before you approach the marked location.

With the Crimsons and Soldiers suppressed in the open field it's time to 
advance on their latest location: high ground. Thankfully you can abuse low
ground by hugging the walls and firing right into their heads as you clear
a path and can take them from behind the ledges in their terrain. Clear out
all the soldiers and open the weapon crate on the left before the marked
location for a grenade launcher, which you can use to clear the adjacent
courtyard of its zombies, then follow up wave of crimson heads. Once the 
undead are dead again swap back for the flamethrower and drop down to the next

Look! A safehouse! Approach and run inside!

[Movie: Return of the Tyrant]

The boss fight begins with the Tyrant getting a free shot on you, which he
always does the same by picking you up by your head. All you need to do is
shoot him in the head (you're able to aim "while blind" so to speak) and he 
will drop you. From here bait him to attack and light him on fire, restocking
at the ammo crate nearby when needed. After he takes so much damage his
friend, another Tyrant, drops in. Even with two this fight is sadly 
underwhelming unless they pin you in a corner, because all you need to do to
win is backpedal. 

Regardless of weapon choice keep backpedalling, dodging their attacks, and
shoot them in the head to win. They will put up their arms to protect 
themselves on occassion, but it does little good for them.

After the twin Tyrants are dead enter the safehouse to end the mission.

           FFF) Redemption
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   100
   Number of Deaths:  3
   Items Collected:   16
   Target Time:      35:00

Advised Character: Beltway (Frag Mine) or Lupo (Incendiary Rounds)
Enemies: Zombies, Crimson Heads, Lickers, Hunters, Soldiers, Parasite Zombies

To start off things on the right foot shoot the camera behind you and grab
the first aid spray under the stairs to your right. Next go up the stairs and
go left across the bridge (if you go forward instead you can find a pile of
ammo and frag grenade... and one crimson head). Take a left at the end of the
bridge and descend the stairs to find an intel and another first aid spray.
Proceed to the other side of the bridge afterwards and enter the train car
on your right to find yet another intel (careful, this one is guarded by a
laser mine). Continue onward and destroy the legion of enemies on the other
side of the containers. There is a very small room along the left wall by the
containers that has an intel and antiviral in it. Proceed across the room and
grab another intel on the forklift before turning around. Across the room, up
on the second floor you should see a door with a camera next to it. To the 
right of the forklift you will find a path leading to a frag grenade and first
aid spray in the adjacent train car. When everything is ready activate the 
lift and defend yourself against the invasion of enemies. You can sit near the
elevator and bottleneck them for easy kills or run around and blow their heads
off however you like, just make sure to shoot the camera above the lift 
controls before getting on.

The elevator will take you to 3 floors before you can get off permanently, the
first stop being directly ahead of the control panel. If you have extra frag
grenades throw one into the crowd as the room comes into view to get some
easy kills. There is an intel on this mini-floor and a camera to shoot before
activating the control panel and getting on the elevator again. The second
stop is directly across from the first stop, so get into firing position and
take out the zombies as they come into view. A few parasites will fall and
try to control the zombies. Like the previous stop this one has a camera on
the ceiling, but unlike the other it has a back room containing a Raccoon City
Mascot. When you're ready hit the button and get going yet again.

[Movie: Breaking and Entering with Ada]

On the left wall ahead of you is a camera and scattered about the room are
various healing items. Irritatingly enough you may need all of them for the
fight with the annoying Ada. To start the conversation off with her shoot the
explosive barrels in the corridor and pre-emptively pop whatever laser mines
you can see without entering the hallway. As quickly as possible run to the
first box and dive behind it, holding forward so you take cover without 
standing up. Ada will fire at you, usually in 5 round bursts, and will throw
incendiary grenades at you. Thankfully (in the most sarcastic sense possible)
she throws the grenades ahead of you... but the explosion radius will burn
you anyway! It's a race against fire to go from one cover to the next between
shots while shooting the laser mines ahead of you. The best time to run is
when she's throwing a grenade. Fortunately all you need to do is get to her
to make her run away. DO NOT shoot at her because all that's going to happen
is you will take a lot more damage trying to stun her.

Once you've Froggered your way up and she flees go back and heal what you can
restore your ammo at the ammo crate, pick up the intel that is sitting where
Ada was firing at you from, and pop the camera on the ceiling of this room.

Immediately sprint into the center spire as soldiers start coming from the 
room on the left. From this center spot you can easily fire into the soldiers
backs and take them out. Grab the intel from the crate in the center spire
and the first aid spray just outside the door before proceeding to the next
area (popping the camera above the marked doorway).

The next area has only a few zombies scattered about, so take your time 
meleeing them if you like. Just don't forget to destroy the camera on the
ceiling and the three intel on the bottom floor (one in the left, middle, and
right storage containers). Refill your ammo and grab whatever supplies you
need and board the elevator.

On the ride down Lickers will come out of the vents above and attack. If you
can kill them before they jump onto the elevator you can save yourself a lot
of headache and health, because if they swarm you things get hairy very 
quickly. If you get low on ammo there is a weapon crate on the elevator you
can use to restock infinitely. Once the lickers are all dead the elevator
will continue its journey.

[If you are Beltway w/ Frag Mines] Set some charges by the exit gate to set
a trap for the enemies on the bottom floor (as seen below).

At the destined floor there is an enormous group of enemies gathered and some
parasites have just appeared among them. Thankfully the elevator has to stop
and open its doors before they can rush you. Another thing to be thankful for
is that you can toss grenades down to them before the elevator even stops,
taking out most of the crowd before they even start. If you have Four Eyes
with Attraction Pheromone all you need is one grenade to kill almost every
enemy here. Once the doors open and everything is chaos unload, maybe tackle
your way out if the situation gets too much for you.

Directly in front of the elevator against the back wall is an intel. Grab it
and destroy the camera on the ceiling before heading in the opposite direction
of the marked location. There is a green herb, grenade, and intel in this
left area (the intel is on a computer terminal). With everything set proceed
to the next area.

In what looks like a furnice/reactor there is a center stage containing 
multiple Hunters. Lure them down and use your allies as a distraction to 
unload safely into them and kill them one after the other. With all 3 hunters
dead restock your ammo and head for the marked door.

Upon opening the door you're welcomed with wonderful news: the facility is
going to self-destruct. This was not your fault however, and there's no timer,
so shoot the camera on the wall to your immediate left and grab the intel
against the back wall between the sets of computers. There's another intel
sitting on the back rest of the couch in this room as well. When your ready
go upstairs and into the hall (there's a camera in the first dead end branch).

Immediately as you enter the security area you can find an intel at your left
foot just before you interact with the terminal.

[Movie: Pistol Beats Tyrant]

Once you're done watching the movie shoot the camera on the ceiling to the
right of you and head for the next objective.

In the hallway beyond is a large crowd of zombies. They are easily taken out,
so proceed into the next room when ready.

Well this room should look familiar: it was the beginning of the first level.
Along the wall to your immediate right is a weapon crate holding a grenade
launcher you can use if you like. Take out the first zombies and head for the
stairs to spook the first Hunter from his/her tube. If you keep your distance
the hunter will jump up to the catwalk above at let you take shots at it
until it dies. With it dead head up the front stairs and kill the next Hunter
as it comes out of its tube (there is an intel on the stand just to the right
of its tube). Continuing up will cause more Hunters to come out from their
slumbers and attack. Kill them and proceed to the top floor of this area. If
you look backwards at the tanks you should see a camera at your 1 O'clock
above the catwalk. Pop it and proceed into the next area.

Above both doors that lead into this room from the last are the last 2 
cameras. Pop them for the nice 500 xp bonus and grab the intel from behind
the counter. When you're ready use the ladder to reach the next area.

You are welcomed by the howls of a group of Hunters. Stick with your squad
among the container and duke it out with the lizards. If need be bottleneck
the hunters in the arch-ways to keep them from hopping around and evading
your shots. If things get too heavy running is a nice option. Beltway, ahead
of time, can set some frag mines in the corners before the Hunters arrive to
give them a nice surprise.

Up on the next floor you will face two big waves of crimson heads. Again 
Beltway can set up some very effective mines, but only for the second wave
as the first is already upon you as you take control. Keep pressing forward
using the walkways to bottleneck them to reach the end. If the crimson heads
get too annoying just tackle your way through them and reach the checkpoint,
which un-spawns all of them.

[Movie: Zero Power Inhibitors...]

Open up the weapon crate and grab the Hammer. You may want it for this ride.

--Boss Fight: Super Tyrant--

I hate to spoil it, but this fight is hard to lose. Partway up the ride the
Super Tyrant jumps aboard and starts walking amongst you and pats you away.
Sadly none of its attacks are that damaging, so you can easily backpedal your
way out of harms way. Aim for its glowing heart to deal bonus damage to it.
After a while it will intentionally seek out a side of the car and roar, 
giving you many free shots at its weakpoint. During this roar you can knock
him off the elevator and continue the trip up.

Like before, but now more in number, Lickers stop the elevator and will try
to make their ways down to you. Shoot them down and kill all of them to 
continue. If they make their way onto the platform use grenades to stun and
finish them, otherwise you're going to take one heck of a tongue lashing.
Once they're all dead the elevator will begin is ascent once more.

The next scene is almost as underwhelming as the Super Tyrant. To evade the
tretcherous flames stand on the side of the platform opposite of where the
flames are coming out and switch sides after each flame passes. Not very
hard at all. 

The super tyrant eventaully returns, but the strategy is the exact same as
before. Keep your distance, shoot him in the heart, and knock him off when
he roars at the elevator's edge. However, this time he is a little more
balanced, so he won't fall right away. It may take several turns to get him
to fall again, but he will continuously give you opportunity after opportunity
to knock him off.

           GGG) End of the Line
Target Accomplishements:

   Number of Kills:   150
   Number of Deaths:    2
   Items Collected:     8
   Target Time:      30:00

Advised Character: Lupo (Super Soldier) or Bertha (Painkiller)
Enemies: Zombies, Crimson Heads, Soldiers

This area starts off really nice: shoot the camera mounted on the side of the
container to your immediate left, grab the frag behind the truck behind you,
grab the first aid spray behind the dumpsters in the depression to your right,
and grab the sniper rifle from the weapon box ahead. A zombie sitting against
the semi will come to life. Kill it and grab the intel sitting next to the
trash can next to him, then proceed.

[Movie: The Falling Container]

Carefully move out in front of the container and look for the sniper in the
distance behind it. Counter snipe him in the head and proceed onward, grabbing
the intel off the bumper of the service car next to the far right leg of the
crane and shooting the camera on the wall above it.

Around the corner is a little stairwell that will take you onto the 
containers. If you slowly go up the stairs you will see another sniper across
from you. Snipe him and follow the path the containers give to you, taking
care of the three crimson heads that charge you.

Around the corner you will find a large herd of zombies being sniped by a
third sniper way, way in the distance. Take him out with your rifle and toss
a few grenades down below for some easy kills. The path eventually leads you
back to ground level next to an open container with an intel inside of it.
Grab the intel and the grenade launcher from the weapon box nearby, then raid
the container behind it for an antiviral.

Go up the stairs and open fire on the zombies below, taking crowds at a time
with your free launcher. The containers ahead make an artificial hallway that
has more zombies itching for a grenade to take them out. Out in the next floor
you can find an open container with a Militia Rifle and Assault Shotgun in
it. On the opposite end of the site is another open container with an intel in

The next little area has a couple soldiers standing guard. Kill them and take
the intel off the service truck's bumper to the left. Grab whatever weapon
you like and drop down to the next area.

[Movie: Getting the Drop on You]

The moment you get control run forward and dive behind cover to avoid the
two grenades Claire fires at you. Regardless of if you were hit or not you 
will be inflicted with Blood Fury and a ton of zombies rush out for a hug. The
first couple will be killed by the random laser mine, but note the explosive
barrel at the corner of the wall in front of you for an easy crowd killer.

After a few seconds have passed soldiers start infiltrating from ahead, the
most notable are the two firing from the loft. Take them out and steadily 
push forward to make Claire retreat. Shoot the oddly placed camera mounted on
the right leg of the loft and annihilate the next crowd of zombies that come
from the alley ahead. When they're clear you can take the stairs to the loft
and steal a Light Machine Gun from one of the two bodies you made, then head
down and shoot a somewhat hidden camera staring three feet away from a 
forklift. When your ready drop down to the next area.

Seeing Claire run off and zombies slowly come out, turn around and grab the
intel next to the drivers door of the truck. Steadily make your way down the
track, disarming/destroying the mines and zombies alike and kill the soldier
at the end.

[Movie: Leon's Final Stand]

This part is either going to be quick and painless, or long and annoying. The
objective is to simply reach the ladder leading to the loft Leon is firing
from, but between you and the ladder are many zombies, crimson heads, and
soldiers. The game hints you to make a soldier bleed, which will cause the
zombies to rush and destroy the barracade and allow you to reach the ladder.
I have never stuck around to kill everything here, I don't like Leon taking
cheap shots at me in addition to the regular enemies. There's a couple nice
strategies to reach the ladder once the barracade is down...

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will fully heal after reaching the ladder, so do whatever
you need in order to reach the ladder.

[If you are Lupo] Hug the wall leading to the barracade and activate Super
Soldier and simply rush through the crowds while you're invulnerable.

[If you are Bertha] Inject yourself with Painkiller and rush the ladder

[Everyone Else] "Sneak up" on the barracade, lob some flash bangs and run for
the ladder. 

[Movie: The Executioners] - NOTE: During this movie you get a choice to kill
or save Leon. In either case you are randomly teleported to a warehouse for
the final battle.

--Boss Fight: The End--

The fight is the same either choice you take, only the ending and what side
of the fight you take changes. If you pick help Leon all you need to do is
kill your two defecting partners, if you pick kill Leon you need to kill two
members of your team + Leon himself. I will give the strategy for Execute
Leon, as this can be done to win from the other side as well...

Grab the intel off the box to your immediate right and go forward and grab the
first aid spray off just up ahead. Zombies will appear, so stay back and kill
them and wait for your "team mates" to approach you. They fight like every
other enemy, so take cover and shoot them in the head. You can keep shooting
and make them flinch until they die, or you can try your hand at meleeing
them, but if they get close they will brutal kill you and instantly beat you
regardless of health.

To the left of your start point is a weapon crate containing the Mob Special,
the "best" machine gun. Before you cross the tracks go up the stairs on your
right to find an intel in the command room (and a camera) in addition to the
last typewriter and a Precision Rifle. Across the tracks, sitting on the 
forklift, is the last intel near a weapon crate containing a grenade launcher.
Then, at the back of the room, hiding, is Leon. He will fight like Ada did but
with one problem: his bullets hurt A LOT! If you like the Precision Rifle
route like I do (because Leon can't fire back at that range), go back to the
stairs that took you to the rifle and snipe him from a distance about half
way up the stairs. After so much damage Leon will fall and it's game over.

If you like a more conventional approach hide behind the nearest cover to him
and exchange shots until one of you dies... but Leon has the far most health.

When all has fallen you will recieve one of two endings, depending on if you
chose to save or kill Leon.

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