Orb / Sub-Weapon Combinations - Guide for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

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You can collect five Sub-Weapons in the game. these wepons can unleash devastating 
attacks when used inconjunction with vatious Orbs. Here are all the resulting 
attacks from the five Sub-Weapons when equiped with the seven various Orbs. The 
number of Hearts each attack uses is in parenthesis.

Orb         Axe                 Cross                 Crystal             
Black Orb   Rapid Slash(8)      Six Saints(15)        Banish Stone (12)   
Blue Orb    Spinning Edge(5)    Divine Cross (8)      Hail Crystal (8)    
Green Orb   Hi-Speed Edge (5)   Holy Light (6)        Drain Stone (8)     
Purple Orb  Axe Tornado (10)    Micheal's Sword (10)  Shatter Plane (20) 
Red Orb     Spiral Axe (6)      Double Cross (6)      Mash Crystal (4)
White Orb   Axe Trap (10)       Agena (12)            Judgement (20)
Yellow Orb  Spirit Ripper (12)  Grand Cross (12)      Satellite (15)

Orb         Holy Water          Knife
Black Orb   Energy Wave (8)     Blade Serpent (12)
Blue Orb    Energy Gazer (4)    Needle Claws (4)
Green Orb   Flame Sparks (4)    Force Cannon (4)
Purple Orb  Cross Blader (8)    Magic Missle (8)
Red Orb     Roaring Flames (6)  Triple Dagger(3)
White Orb   Aqua Disk (10)      Spread Gun (6)
Yellow Orb  Holy Symbol (4)     Astral Knife (10)

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