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                              The Simpsons Game
                              Created 11-05-2007
                                Version 0.75

                      BY: Orrchase

Table of Contents

1. Introduction....................................[INTD]

2. Version History.................................[VSHY]

3. Playable Characters.............................[PLCH]
4. Walkthrough.....................................[WLKT]

     A. The Land of Chocolate......................[WLKT1]
     B. Bartman Begins.............................[WLKT2]
     C. Around the World in 80 Bites...............[WLKT3]
     D. Lisa the Tree Hugger.......................[WLKT4]
     E. Mob Rules..................................[WLKT5]
     F. Enter the Cheatrix.........................[WLKT6]
     G. The Day of the Dolphin.....................[WLKT7]
     H. Shadow of the Colossal Donut...............[WLKT8]
     I. Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers............[WLKT9]
     J. Bargain Bin................................[WLKT10]
     K. Game Engine................................[WLKT11]
     L. Grand Theft Scratchy.......................[WLKT12]
     M. Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game...............[WLKT13]
     N. Medal of Homer.............................[WLKT14]
     O. NeverQuest.................................[WLKT15]
     P. Five Characters in Search of an Author.....[WLKT16]
     Q. Game Over..................................[WLKT17]

5. Collectibles....................................[CLLS]
    A. Homer.......................................[HMCL]
         -Land of Chocolate........................[HMCL1]
         -Bartman Begins...........................[HMCL2]
         -Around the World in 80 Bites.............[HMCL3]
         -Shadow of the Colossal Donut.............[HMCL4]
         -Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers..........[HMCL5]
         -Bargain Bin..............................[HMCL6]
         -Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game.............[HMCL7]
         -Medal of Homer...........................[HMCL8]
         -5 Characters in Search of an Author......[HMCL10]
         -Game Over................................[HMCL11]

    B. Bart........................................[BTCL]
         -Bartman Begins...........................[BTCL1]
         -Around the World in 80 Bites.............[BTCL2]
         -Lisa the Tree Hugger.....................[BTCL3]
         -Enter the Cheatrix.......................[BTCL4]
         -The Day of the Dolphin...................[BTCL5]
         -Shadow of the Colossal Donut.............[BTCL6]
         -Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers..........[BTCL7]
         -Bargain Bin..............................[BTCL8]
         -Medal of Homer...........................[BTCL9]
         -5 Characters in Search of an Author......[BTCL10]
         -Game Over................................[BTCL11]

    C. Lisa........................................[LSCL]
         -Lisa the Tree Hugger.....................[LSCL1]
         -Mob Rules................................[LSCL2]    
         -Enter the Cheatrix.......................[LSCL3]
         -The Day of the Dolphin...................[LSCL4]
         -Grand Theft Scratchy.....................[LSCL5]
         -Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game.............[LSCL6]
         -Game Over................................[LSCL7]

    D. Marge.......................................[MGCL]
         -Mob Rules................................[MGCL1]
         -Grand Theft Scratchy.....................[MGCL2]
         -Game Over................................[MGCL4]

6. Trophies........................................[TRPH]
     A. Homer......................................[HMTR]
     B. Bart.......................................[BTTR]
     C. Lisa.......................................[LSTR]
     D. Marge......................................[MGTR]

7. Cliches.........................................[CLCH]

8. Time Challenges.................................[TMCL]

9. Achievements....................................[ACVS]

10. Legalities.....................................[LGLS]

1. Introduction                                                          [INTD]

The Simpsons is one of the best television series of all time. The games based 
on the characters have been less than stellar. Its very pleasing to have a 
quality experience with the family that has made millions laugh for years. The 
guide is based on a the first play through the game. The walkthrough portion was
completed first while the extras are a work in progress. Use the CTRL F function
to skip from section to section and find exactly what you are looking for. Feel
free to send questions/corrections via the e-mail address listed. As long as I 
have the game that the question is asked about I try to respond whether I know
the answer or not. Have fun exploring Springfield.

2. Version History                                                       [VSHY]

Version 0.70 (Sumbitted 11-11-2007)
-Walkthrough complete
-Collectibles through Enter the Cheatrix found

3. Playable Characters                                                   [PLCH]





4. Walkthrough                                                           [WLKT]

A. The Land of Chocolate                                                [WLKT1]

Homer begins by salivating over half priced chocolate in a town that is made of
nothing but chocolate. The white chocolate bunny is getting away. Our main goal
is to catch the rabbit. Move through the opening in the pretzels and jump to the
main land. After learning that pressing A twice lets Homer double jump a 
chocolate bunny attacks. The X button provides the attack power necessary to 
dispose of the bunny. As Homer passes over edible items he picks them up and 
digests to increase his special power meter. Hold down B to break through the
barricade in an unconventional manner.

Defeat the bunnies then move around the corner. Homer encounters a heart shaped
candy structure with Marge's picture. Destroy it to stop the bunny barrage. 
Now move to the pretzel gate and destroy it. Homer sees a dream come true, a 
gigantic cake. Before reaching the cake he will have to destroy 3 more Marge 
candy hearts. Don't worry about the bunnies just fend them off as needed. The 
primary focus should be on the candy structures. Once the Marge hearts are 
destroyed move to the arrow and press the button. This button raises some 
platforms providing access to the cake.

Continue to climb the cake and punch that smart elleck white chocolate bunny 
right in the mouth. Once the rabbit is gone Homer learns a new ability. 
Use RT to turn into a Homer Ball. This opens the top of the cake and Homer falls
below. Eat the choclate bunnies inside the cake to defeat the level. 

B. Bartman Begins                                                       [WLKT2]

Move to the SequelStop to see what encompasses an ID check. The mission leads
Bart and Homer under the Springfield Museum. Move across the small gap to find
some wooden crates. Destroying one with the slingshot unlocks a cliche and the
path up. Use the charged shot to knock out the wall of crates blocking the 
entrance to the next room.

Stand on the pressure plate to the left of the small set of stairs. This forms
some blocks to one side of the room that will act as stairs. Control Bart and 
move up the stairs. When near the top a prompt appears asking you to control
Homer and stand on the pressure plate to the right of the stairs. Doing so 
releases a second set of blocks. Take control of Bart again and continue to the
blue light where you will learn to glide while in air. Glide to the center of
the room and stand on a pressure plate to release a bridge. A cut scene 
involving the bullies in Bart's school is triggered. There is a Krusty Coupon 
to the left obtained by climbing the vines. A bottle cap can be found by 
standing on the pressure plate with Bart. This opens a door on the left wall 
that Homer can move through. Finally there is another Krusty coupon on a high
ledge attainable by climbing the vines on the wall to the right. At the top of
this set of vines kick the trampoline off the edge to allow Homer access to your
position. Stand on a pressure plate and Homer will jump up and do the same.

The door opens to a room with a giant dinosaur fossil and some security guards.
Take out the guards then move to the stairs behind you. On the other side of 
the wall is a bottle cap. Now back to the fossil, specifically the ladder next
to the dinosaur. Move Homer to the dinosaur's head and the fossil will tilt.
Take Bart to the tail end and glide to the surface below. Drop into the next 
room and take out the guards. Get the Krusty Coupon near the dinosaurs and pull
the lever. The lever releases an updraft from the volcano. Ride the updraft to
the Pterodactyl wings. The wings will lift you to a zip line that provides 
access to a prime area for some target practice. Hitthe bullseye with your 
slingshot to drop the dinosaur on Dolph.

Move through the door and take out Sideshow Mel. Use the helmet (RoboBart) to
zap the door control. Kearney is in the next room and needs to be frightened
through the diorama. Use RoboBart to hit the bullseyes to keep the bully on the
defensive. In the second room Bart will need to hit the target near the bridge
before hitting the initial target so the bridge will lower before Kearney can
run across it. At the end of the diorama Kearney will bust through the wall. 
Shoot him with RoboBart to disable him. Enter the hole in the wall to retrieve
a bottle cap, then investiage the desk in the center to get a coupon. 

Jimbo is in the Planetarium. The goal is to knock him out of the space ship.
Climb the moon rock to the left to get a coupon. Once the coupon is yours move 
to the edge of the ledge. You should notice some machines below pushing out air.
The one in the center is off. While Bart is standing on the edge switch to 
Homer and turn on the middle air machine. Glide Bart over the air puffs to 
the space shuttle (there is a bottle cap here). Jump over to the pole and rotate
around to jump to the spinning planet. Then to the next planet. Now jump toward
Earth to find a final bottle cap and coupon. Use the moving platforms to get 
to Jimbo's position and defeat him with punches/slingshot hits.

C. Around the World in 80 Bites                                         [WLKT3]

After defeating Jimbo, Bart and Homer are stuck in the alley next to the museum.
Hit the RT button to turn into Homerball and smash the fire hydrant. Use Bart
to guide across the barrier and pull the lever to open the gate. Now that Homer
is free use his Homerball ability to bust through the wall ahead. Move down the
street to the left to find the Duff Beer factory and the next mission.

Homer, appropriately, has entered an eating contest. The contestants will fight
in an attempt to prevent Homer from reaching each goal. Just keep moving and 
punch on an as needed basis. This is a timed level. As you reach each goal more
time is added to the clock.

Initially go up the ramp to the right and find a bottle cap for your trouble. At
the top of the incline the ramp disappears and Homer must use his Homerball 
speed burst to make it across the gap. Australia has been found and 2:00 are 
added to the clock. There is a Krust Coupon on the red wall. In order to get 
the coupon have Homer stand on the high end of the nearby red structure. This
will tilt the rock. Now use Bart to jump from the other end and reach the ledge.
Move through the opening in the red wall to arrive in Mexico.

Mexico houses the next cliche. Destroy the Pinata with Homerball then jump 
across the umbrellas to the center bowl of chili. The pepper on top powers up
Homer. Once Homer eats the pepper move to the wall with the barbwire on top.
Enter the hole in the wall and move to the end to find a bottle cap. The only
way the cap is accessible is through invincibility. Now move Bart to the large
Marge mural. The moving fan has a puff of air behind it that Bart can use to 
glide up to a nearby roof. Find the zip line and slide across the barbed wire
below. At the end of the line drop to the ledge and shimmy across to the coupon.
When down in Mexico (I hope you didn't drink the water) Homerball the taco in
front of the Marge mural.

The broken taco leads to Germany and then France. When Homer arrives in France
Willy blocks the path to Scotland. Move by the Eiffel Tower and climb the ladder
attached to some Duff kegs. Bounce of the umbrellas to reach a puff of air that 
allows Bart to glide to an upper ledge. Use the zip line to reach the tower then
press the button on the face of the monument. The button activates an elevator
to the top. Glide to Willie's position and pull the lever to open the gate.

Once inside Scotland, use Homerball to attack the rock formation. Move to the
giant bag pipes and use the jump move Homerball has to activate the pipes. Now
take Bart into the air and glide to the next wall using the air from the 
bagpipes. Pull the lever to open the gate to Italy. Use Homerball's speed burst
to roll up the handle of the pizza slicer to bust the giant meatball. Have Bart
climb the spaghetti noodle and arrive at the bridge. Near the end of the bridge
will be a vine Bart can climb. At the top of the bridge glide down to the lever
to the right of the gate to open the path to America.

The Statue of Liberty appears in the center of the room. Turn into Homerball and
stand on the gray pedestal. Smash down the pedestal and the barrier around the
Statue lowers. Speed burst into Lady Liberty. Three smashes into the statue
makes her drop the cheeseburger. Once the burger is on the ground smash into it
to complete the level.

D. Lisa the Tree Hugger                                                  [WLKT4]

Defeat the initial set of loggers to open the gate. Once inside the gate move 
to the port-a-potty and destroy it to stop the influx of loggers. Take Lisa to 
the Buddha statue and lift the portions of tree trunk and place them on the 
stumps. This creates a set of stairs to be used to pass over the gate.

Take out the portable bathroom again. Then use Lisa to pick up the cover off the
part of the logging machine that is smoking. The smoke will provide an up
current allowing Bart to reach the conveyor belt and a well placed spring. Move
up the conveyor belt and Lisa will jump up using the spring Bart knocked over
to the ground. Ahead is a grinding machine that can be disabled by standing on
each of the two red buttons just before it.

Ahead there will be two loggers in the trees. Attack them with Bart's slingshot
and proceed. With appropriate timing Bart should be able to jump the first 
blade that is on the ground and avoid the large moving blade to arrive at the 
ladder. When at the top of the ladder use his slingshot to hit the distant b
bullseye to stop the saw blades. Climb the makeshift stairs. The next part of 
the conveyer belt will have blades moving side to side. Avoid being hit and pull
the lever to stop the blades. Jump the next set of blades and pull the lever
just before the grinder. A gate opens and the siblings can drop below.

Take out the loggers then use the Buddha statue to grab a portion of the 
conveyor belt and drop it over the green slime. This creates a bridge to the 
other side. Using the Robot helmet defeat the group of loggers. Now use Lisa's
ability to lift the green toxic waste barrels onto the converyor belt. This 
will destroy the assembly line and move a spring to the ground. The spring will
let Bart and Lisa jump over the log wall. 

Bart can now zip line to the other side of the river. Once across pull the 
switch on the first dock to release a series of logs in the water. Lisa can 
jump from log to log to make it across. Now that Lisa is on the other side move
to the cliff on the left to find a Buddha statue. Use the statue to rearrange
the pipes on the wall near the smoke so that the colors match (blue to blue 
etc). Once they are aligned correctly a mini cut scene takes place showing
Lenny and Carl coming down the conveyor belt. Use Bart's glide ability to move
up the air drafts to reach the ledge. Pull the switch to open a gate so Lisa 
can climb the ladder. Now, simply lift the branches preventing Lenny and Carl
from escaping. The are happy and all that is left is for Bart to hit the 
bullseye at the end of the belt with his slingshot.

E. Mob Rules                                                            [WLKT5]

Back to the Sequel Stop to play the next mission. Marge has the power to 
convince others to join an angry mob. Control Ned and request he destroy the
Itchy and Scratchy float. There are two other characters in the alley and
another float to destroy. Then next float is to the right of the Sequel Stop.
Once it is rubble a set of tires is revealed. Have Lisa jump on the tires to
spring her to the top of the Sequel Stop. Use the Buddha statue to grab the
gray trunk in the alley. Place the trunk in the path of the water streaming from
the broken hydrant.

Next you find two more floats guarded by some enemies in riot gear. Take out
the guards and the floats. A Buddha statue sits on the ledge of a nearby 
building. Climb the ladder and use the statue to pick up the remaining pieces
of billboard. Place the pieces to the opening to the left so that a bridge 
is formed. You reach what seems like a dead end but notice the blue sparkle 
coming from the crack in the wall. Command the mob to attack the wall to 

There are several riot police in the area. Use the tire to spring Lisa up to
the top level and a Buddha statue. Remove the cars blocking the mob's path.
Destroy the billboard near the statue and cross to the next building. This 
billboard is electrified. In order to shut off the current send Maggie into
the vent. Crawl to the right to find a red button. When pressed the red button
shuts of the electricity to the sign. Destroy it and move across.

A gray platform is ahead. Command the mob to move to the platform and wait. 
Using the Buddha statue pick up the blue coil to lower the platform. Destroy
the three floats to reveal some colored blocks. Near the float on the left is
a tire that will give Lisa access to a Buddha statue. Use the statue to place
the blocks in the holes in the center of the area that match their shape. Once
blocks are in place tell the mob to build a ramp from the blocks.

At the top of the ramp command the mob to build something near the Buddha 
statue. Once they are done use the statue to move the trunk in front of the 
blast of water. The mob can bust Snake out of jail and recruit him by attack
the crack in the jail wall. Ahead is an Itchy and Scratchy monument. Have the 
mob attack the monument. Police will attack the mob and distract them from
their task. Use part of the mob to fend off the police while the others are
attacking the monument. Keep constant pressure on the monument recruiting more
mob members as necessary. Once the structure is destroyed use the vent at the
top of the Town Hall to have Maggie enter the building. There are three wheels
to turn that will heat up the hot tub Quimby and the EA exec are in. 

F. Enter the Cheatrix                                                   [WLKT6]

Springfield is slightly different now, but I can't quite place my finger on how.
Anyway enter the house across from the Simpsons' house to enter the Cheatrix.
As the unwanted monkey touching is occurring Frink drops a page from the 
strategy guide. When you take control of Bart pick up the page to get his 
grapple hook ability. Use it to reach the next platform. Grapple twice more to
reach the switch that opens the green portal for Lisa. Once Lisa goes down the
portal she arrives at Bart's location. Step on the to red buttons to open the
next portal.

You can see Frink and the monkey in the distance. Move down to the left and land
on a conveyor belt. Use the grapple hook to reach the lever and stop the 
barrier. Football players will attack. Simply move off the belt to the left and
press the red button near the Employee's Only door. Pressing these buttons 
prevents the release of more enemies. Now jump to the top of the crate and pull
the next lever. Frink and the ape disappear down the green portal. At the next
Employee's Only door there will be a grapple hook near the structure in the
river of slime. Use the hook to reach the lever. The lever activates a moving 
platform that Lisa can use to gain access to a ladder to arrive at a Buddha 
statue. Using the statue place a gear on each of the pegs except the one on
the far right. If done correctly a platform will be rising and lowering near 
where Frink and the monkey were last seen. Use the platforms to enter the 

Grab hold of the ledge to the left (see the sparkle) and shimmy around. Step on
the two red buttons and use the green portal. Use the rope at the end of the 
walkway to reach the other side. Now jump across the gap and use the springboard
to reach the top level. Turn off the enemy entrance. Use the Buddha statue to
rip the pipes off the Blood and More Blood tanks. As the blood level in the 
tanks lowers, two platforms that can be used to complete the bridge are 
revealed. Run across the bridge and turn right. Use the springboard to reach
the top and deactivate the enemy entrance. Once Lisa grabs the next page of the
strategy guide she is given a new ability and a yellow and black pole rises from
the ground. Climb the pole and drop down from the roof. Race over to the enemy
room with Bart and press the red button. Now use his robot helmet to take out 
all the enemies. Pull the lever to proceed down the conveyor belt. Move by a
couple more enemy rooms to arrive at the last portal. 

Bart and Lisa are dropped near a springboard. Use it to reach the higher area.
Shoot Sonic with Bart's slingshot to stop the cascade of sludge blocking the
bridge. Move to the portal and enter the Marketing Department. Jump to the tall
black and yellow pole and then to the platform across the river of goo. See the
sparkle on the wall, Bart can grab hold of the wall and slide over to the 
springboard. Before attacking the enemies below you may want to hit the buttons
on the enemy rooms. One room is in the upper left corner of the area and the 
second is near the river of slime. Once the rooms are disabled and the enemies
defeated (both Lisa and Bart have power ups nearby) have Lisa climb the ladder
to the Buddha statue. Use Bart to climb the electric wall and move through the
EA stampers. At the creativity gauge use Bart's grapple hook to reach the next
platform. Switch to Lisa and pick up the large grey block with the orange circle
and place it on top of the closest platform to her position. It will move and
Bart can now grapple hook to that platform. Back to Lisa and pick up the grey
block that is on top of the platform Bart just left and place it on the next
tower. Bart can grapple to it now. Repeat the process one more time and Bart 
should be able to reach the lever with a glide jump. Step on the newly revealed
red buttons and jump down the portal.

Springboard up to the zip line and cross the chasm. Pull the lever to open
a portal for Lisa. Use the Buddha statue to pick up a new ability. Power flick
a football player through the up rights to raise a portal. Now its boss fight 
time. Defeat the enemies at your level and the ape will step forward. When he
steps forward use the Buddha statue to Power Flick him and do damage. The 
enemies can be fairly easy to defeat if you find the power ups for Lisa and 
Bart behind boxes in the area. Flick the ape three times to complete the level.

G. The Day of the Dolphin                                               [WLTK7]

Jump up to the Buddha statue on the left and flick a dolphin into the big sign.
The sign will fall allowing entry into the building. Move inside then find the
exit. Slide down the rope and hit the bullseye with the slingshot to release
the boat. Jump to the next dock. Use the Buddha statue to flick dolphins into
three more billboards. Once the signs fall pick them up to create a bridge to
the next area. You should see a swinging boat and several dolphin attackers. 
Go off to the side and find a Buddha statue. Flick some dolphins into the 
swinging boat to destroy it. Grapple over to the God of Wharf sign and zip line
to the lever that will open the drain pipe. 

Here you face the cruelest villain ever, King Snorky. Find the tank to the right
of the area that has a red button at the base. Pressing the button covers the 
tank and allows Lisa access to a Buddha statue. At the back of the area is 
a series of puffs of air that will allow Bart to reach some netting. Climb 
accross the rope to a platform and shoot the bullseye with the slingshot. Snorky
will fall into the water. Switch to Lisa and pick up the purple jelly fish in 
the water tank. Drop it into the electrified water then pick it up and drop it 
in the tank with Snorky. If done correctly the King should receive some damage.
Three zaps the dolphin is dead.

H. Shadow of the Colossol Donut                                        [WLTK8]

All that needs to be done is defeat the giant (he's the one with the large
donut weapon and laser eyes in case you were wondering). Team work is a 
priority. The first damage to the giant is by hitting the red blinking light
on his butt with Bart's slinshot. Bart can then jump up to the platform and 
pull out the electric wires. The giant will then run. Follow him and hit the 
light on his back. If he is near the dock Bart will likely be able to find a 
building he can glide from to reach the platform. If a Helium tank is nearby 
Homer can float to the platform as well. Finally hit the target on the back of 
the Lard Lad's head and either helium lift or glide (most likely helium lift) to
the platform. The last platform can be reached farily easily around the 
construction site becaue Lard Lad circles a helium tank near one of the cranes. 
It sounds a littler simpler than it is because controlling Helium Homer is 
difficult at first.

I. Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers                                      [WLKT9]

Quickly grab the robot helmet and begin firing at all the aliens. Continue 
forward firing at will until they are all gone. Climb the net on the Sprawl 
Mart truck to get Bart across, then use the helium take to move Homer ahead. 
Grab the helmet behind the crates and begin firing until no more aliens exist.
Use Helium Homer to quick burst across the canyon and pull the switch. Water is
release creating steam that Bart can glide across. Homerball burst your way 
across the next gap to the ledge near the ground. Use the tires to spring up
to the lever. The lever releases more water creating steam for Bart.

Step on the pressure pads in front of the Kwik-E-Mart. Use Bart's sling shot 
to defeat three waves of aliens from reaching the bottom of the screen. Move 
into the tractor beam to enter the space craft. Pull the lever next to Cleetus
to prevent his anal probing. When the platform stops moving up, use Homerball
burst to destroy each of four alien creating platforms. Once they are gone a
console appears. Use the console to find the mastermind behind the alien plot.

J. Bargain Bin                                                         [WLTK10]

Saving the poorly rendered Simpsons Family is extremely important for saving the
world. The first thing you should notice is the timer in the upper right corner.
Quickly grapple hook across the gap in the floor and pull the lever. Use
Homerball burst to break open the wall ahead. Follow the ramp down then move 
to the left. Hit the bullseye with the slingshot and move across the bridge.
Go up the curved ramp and Homerball/grapple across. There is a springboard on 
a subsequent platform that is accessed by grapple/helium Homer. Once up top 
proceed forward to grapple/Homerball burst across to two red floor buttons. 
Stand on the buttons to open the door to the lever that saves the poorly 
rendered Simpsons.

K. Game Engine                                                         [WLKT11]

This area is just for acquiring some upgrades and a portal to each of the 
subsequent levels. There is also a cliche to be had.

L. Grand Theft Scratch                                                 [WLKT12]

Use Marge's mob control ability to dupe some dogs into her command. Destroy 
the cages to find some more willing subjects. Move to the blue beams of light
to unpimp a three nearby houses. As the mob begins its repairs Itchy and 
Scratchy clones attack in an attempt to prevent the remodeling. Fight them off
and fix up all four homes. Move down the street and find the Marge/Lisa 
power ups. Use the power ups to destroy the red and pink vans that the Itchy and
Scratchy clones are created from. Once the four vans are destroyed recruit more
mob members and clean up the final three buildings. Order the mob onto the 
platform at the end of the street. Use the Buddha statue to pick up a power core
behind or on top of the Happy Times Party Shop and place it in the generator
near the platform. It should raise to the middle level, where Marge and the 
mob can destroy some yellow signs to open the path to the next level.

Move around the area destroying all the vans just as before. Then go to each 
building and spruce it up a little. The radio station has to have the music
changed before it is unpimped. Use the dumpster next to the station to jump
up to the roof. Send Maggie through the vent and find the red/green gauge near
the floor of the control room. Once the music changes the station is cleaned
up. Lisa has to lift the roof of the final building on the left out of the 
water before it can be repaired. 

A new Buddha statue appears on a nearby dock. Use it to freeze the Scratchy
clones and drop the frozen blocks into the water. This creates an ice bridge.
Destroy the two vans on the other side of the bridge. Then fix up the building
and the two trucks that remain. Once finished Poochie begins to rap. Thee waves
of bomb toting cats will charge. Pick up and drop the barrels on the cats to
protect the ice cream truck from attack. Finally order the mob to destroy the 
stage Poochie is rapping from.

M. Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game                                       [WLKT13]

Follow the dirt path to the river of slime. Jump from pole to pole to make it
across. In order to release Mr. Sparkle Lisa must use the Buddha statues to 
place three latern tops on the bases that encircle the Mr. Sparkle statue. Two
of the latern tops are under houses. Once the laterns are in place Mr. Sparkle 
is released and will open gates to the corners of the land.

First up is the lava area. Jump across to the mushroom and use it to reach the
Buddha statue. Pick up the ramps to the left and place them to create a bridge
to the next plateau. Cross the seesaw planks and use Homerball to crash through
the rock structures on the left. Pick up the large rocks with the carved faces
and place them in the heagon shaped lava holes to create steps to the next area.
Navigate the up and down moving rocks while Homerballing any gray stones that 
impede progress. When you are back on solid land, Homerball the large stone 
barrier. Next across the the river of lava is a gray stone that when attacked 
with Homerball falls to create a bridge. Homer will fall in the lava after 
hitting the bridge, but don't worry he only burns a little. Once across the 
bridge freeze some sumo bad guys and pick them up. Place the ice blocks in the 
square holes in the lava. Use the blocks to reach Jimbo and a turn based RPG 
like boss battle. Use Burp and Freeze to take Jimbo out quickly.

The gate to the ice realm is open. Move to the large center sheet of ice and 
go left. There is a helium tank at the top of the ice stairs. Use Helium Homer
to reach the first large ice block. While on top Jump up with Homerball and come
crashing down to destroy the ice. Jump to the ground below. There are two snow
walls that Homerball can burst up to reach two more helium tanks to destroy the
ice encasing the final blocks. To reach one of the tanks requires a Homerball
burst across a gap in the path. When all three blocks are free use the Buddha
statue to place them in the water ahead. If performed correctly Lisa and Homer
can use the blocks to reach Ralph and another boss battle. The attacks of choice
here are Gummi and Lightning.

Finally, the last gate is opened and it leads to the wind area. Once on the 
large flying boat the only goal is to keep the propellers moving. There are 
five levers that control the propellers. When one is turned off by an enemy one
of the lights on the picture dipicting the craft will turn red. Hit the switch 
again to reactivate the propeller. As long as the picture of the air ship 
reaches the top this part of the level is complete. For this final boss use Burp
and Freeze.

N. Medal of Homer                                                     [WLTK14]

The French are ready to surrender. They have their white flags out. Your goal
is to take down all the white flags in the area. The flags are found on the 
map by pressing the back button then Y. This gives you a pretty good idea where
they are. Most are on buildings but some are being carried by citizens. Defeat
the flag wielding towns people to retrieve those. Bart has the ability to 
retrieve each of the flags without switching to Homer.

Start of by destroying the land mines right in front of you. Use Bart's 
slingshot or Homer's Gummi form to shoot each each of the turrets and tanks
ahead. Run ahead of the truck and fire at each of the attacking weapons until
it is destroyed. The truck will catch up and as long as you take out the guns
ahead it will receive no harm. If you run out of gummi ammo switch to bart or
destroy some crates for more.

Take Bart to the ledge of the ship and jump on the emergency boat. Grapple 
across twice and glide to the lever. Switch to Homer and position him on the
boat. Now back to Bart and pull the lever. The boat will move around and Homer
is now reunited with his son. Press Y next to the door to place the C4 and the
door will be removed. Pull the lever and release the rafts. Use the remaining
rope/pipe to jump across to the next ledge. Place some C4 and a puff of steam 
will appear. Glide up the steam with Bart and knock over the trampoline for
Homer. Now both characters are on the deck of the battle carrier. Jump on the
plane that crashed but didn't explode to reach the next level of the ship. C4
the turret and glide up the smoke with Bart. Climb the netting and run around
the semi circle portion of the ship. Jump down at the Deck Deck Goose sign and
move to the trunk. Kick the trunk over the edge and Homer can access the area
now. Use C4 on the door then the pipe on the other side. Ride the steam up to
the rope and jump on to the deck. Kick the trampoline over for Homer. Use C4 on
the turret and ride the smoke up to kick over another trampoline. This should 
allow both Homer and Bart to arrive at the D-5 level of the ship. C4 this door
and destroy the boxes. Take out Sailor Smithers and C4 the turret. Use the smoke
to glide up and the Helium to go up to D-7. Climb the smoke stack with the 
ladder and glide up to Mr. Burns. One hit with the slingshot and he goes down.

O. NeverQuest                                                         [WLKT15]

Patty and Selma make up the heads of a two headed dragon (real surprise there) 
that is reeking havoc on a village. First recruit some villagers with Marge's
mob control. Now switch to Homerball and watch the dragon. It flies and pauses
in between gaps in the bridges that make up part of the upper area. Blast across
the bridge and into the dragon to knock it to the ground. Now switch to Marge 
and command the minions to attack. Repeat three times to defeat the dragon 
before it destroys too many homes.

The next area is a dungeon. The Moe's will continue to attack until you destroy
the gray brick structure they are spawning from. The coffins house more 
potential mob members. Continue forward and grab Marge's police hat near the
bridge. Go up the stairs to the left destroying Moe's and enemy spawn doors.
At the top is a treasure chest and a lever that opens the large door below.
Pass through the door and fight of Otto and his spawn point. Step on the buttons
to enter the overhead camera dungeon crawler portion of the game.

Move up to the large closed off area with the Moes and destroy the wall. Defeat
the Moes and grab the key. Move back around to the yellow wall and it will
disappear. Enter the hole in front of the statue. At the next part of the 
dungeon turn left and go to the end of the hall. At the dead end is another
giant key. Head back down and move to the right of the screen toward the
Moes behind a wall. Destroy the wall and retrieve another key. Now move all the
way to the bottom of the area and open the last gold wall to find the exit.

Destruction of both spawn points reveals a couple of pressure plates that opens
the door. Inside are several spawn points and numerous enemies. Try to take out
of the spawn points at first. Once the enemies are gone command 4 mob members
to stand on in each of the claws of the giant dragon. This raises stairs of 
gold. Take the stairs on up to the dragon's eyes. Send Maggie inside the right
eye. Press two red buttons to open the dragon's mouth. Enter the mouth and 
face three phases against the dragon sisters.

During each phase of the boss fight Homer has to float up and bop Patty and 
Selma on the head. Just watch the flight patterns and hover in the area where
it flys the most. In between the 2nd and 3rd wave is an egg wave. Have Homer
run through the eggs to destroy them. If any egg remains it turns into a Moe.

P. Five Characters in Search of an Author                             [WLKT16]

Run straight ahead and jump the money walls to find some limousines. Destroy
them rather easily with gummi Homer. The lawyers are annoying but are not 
necessary to wipe out completely. Now proceed up the stairs to the front door.
The door bell is the Simpsons' theme. The sequence for the door bell is:


The Design is

                       Purple   Orange

                    Blue              Pink

                 Green                   White
               Red                           Black

With the door open enter the creator's home. The creator is Matt Groening of 
course. He hides up in the balconies and sends some Futurama characters to 
hassle Homer and Bart. The first balcony he appears in is the one on the far
left. Homerball speed burst up the ramp and hit the button squarely to close the
curtain. Groening then moves to the opposite side. So climb the stairs and move 
by his position. There are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Bart can 
grapple up to one that is near the entrance. From the inital chandelier grapple
to two more then glide to the third that moves up and down. Bart should now be
in front of and above Groening. Glide down to the lever and pull it to close
the curtain. Groening now moves to a balcony where the ramp is partially 
obscured by a pit of gold water. Additionally, giant pencils will block Homer
from making a direct run at the switch. Go at an angle and time the burst just
after the pencils move away to hit the button. If you can steady yourself at 
the bottom of the ramp you just have to watch the middle pencil. Now grapple up
to the same chandelier as you did earlier. This time when you arrive at the 
one that moves up and down, glide over to the other side of the hall and land
on another chandelier. Grapple over twice and glide once before gliding down
to the lever. Now a large ramp is made from the center table. Homerball burst
up the ramp to hit pull the final curtain in Mr. Groening.

Q. Game Over                                                          [WLKT17]

William Shakespeare is guarding the gate's of heaven. Fire halos or use gummi
Homer to knock him off his cloud. When he is on the ground you can punch twice
before he will teleport back up. Continue to fire until Shakespear is not to be.
(With a dry cool wit like that...).  Move through the gate and to the left. Use
the cloud trampoline to reach the nearby roof. Drop to the ground on the other
side. Fight through or run by the loggers and look for a giant star on the 
ground below. Move by the star and grapple up to the putting green. Grapple
to the next green then jump/glide to a third. Work your way up to the highest
green (you grapple to the last one) and glide to the lever in the distance.
Once the lever is pulled the gates open.

Use the robot helmet at the bottom of the stairs to defeat all the aliens. 
Switch to Homerball and speed burst at the top of the stairs to fly over the
gate. Flip the switch to open the gate and enter the steam bath. Use the Buddha
statue to freeze some of the dolphins. Pick up one of the cubes and drop it on
the hot coals in the center. This creates steam that Bart can use to move over
the roof to the right. Switch to Homer and suck some helium to have him escape
the steam bath area. Stand each of the Simpson men on a pressure plate to open
the gate. Use Marge's mob control to force the young hobbits to complete the 
other Skybucks coffee joint. Benjamin Franklin appears and is blocking the gate
to God.

Ben Franklin can be quite formidable. At first, use Bart's sling shot until it
runs out of ammo. Once Ben splits into smaller versions switch to gummi Homer
for some stronger attack power. Now you have reached the final boss: God. The
almighty one is challenging the Simpsons to a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Off.
Hit the appropriate directional button as the enemy passes by the console on
the right to make it explode. Get enough right and its on to the next phase. Get
too many wrong and its retry. Destroy the Prayerstation, Xodus Box and Hii to 
defeat God.

5. Collectibles                                                         [CLLS] 

A. Homer                                                                [HMCL]

Land of Chocolate                                                      [HMCL1]

On top of a house to the left after using Homer's Burp power to destroy the

On a house where the first Marge candy heart is found

The backside of the second layer of the giant cake

Destroy the Giant bunny head in the center of the inside of the giant cake

Along the wall of the giant cake accessible only by using Homer Ball charge

Bartman Begins                                                         [HMCL2]

In the initial room after the wall of crates, the bottle cap is next to a statue
    on the left

Small room opened by a pressure plate (be sure to stand on the plate with Bart)

Behind the back wall in the room with the Dinosaur fossil

At the end of the diorama Kearney is running through

On the space shuttle next to the air puff machines (have Homer climb the pole)

On the mid level of earth in the Planetarium (have Homer climb the pole)

Around the World in 80 Bites                                           [HMCL3]

On the ramp in the first room that leads to Australia

Eat the chili pepper with Homer and use his invincibility to move behind the
    wall with the barbed wire

In Germany move to the left side of the area and find a black and red striped 
    pole. Climb the pole to reach the roof and a bottle cap

As you exit Germany and enter France look to the right of the ramp 

A small room to the left after entering Scotland

When entering Italy move to the left and pass the leaning tower. The cap is in
   a corner at the dining area

Shadow of the Colossal Donut                                           [HMCL4] 

Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers                                        [HMCL5]

Bargain Bin                                                            [HMCL6]

Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game                                           [HMCL7]

Medal of Homer                                                         [HMCL8]  

NeverQuest                                                             [HMCL9]

5 Characters in Search of an Author                                    [HMCL10]

Game Over                                                              [HMCL11]

Springfield                                                            [HMCL12]

B. Bart                                                                 [BTCL]

Bartman Begins                                                          [BTCL1]

After releasing the bridge in the first room climb the vines to the left

Climb the other set of vines in the first room

Near the dinosaurs in the room with the banner When Herbivores Attack

After defeating Kearney check out the desk

On top of a rock structure on the left side of the Planetarium

On the mid level of earth in the Planetarium

Around the World in 80 Bites                                            [BTCL2] 

In Australia at the top of the red gate leading to Mexico, use Homer to tilt the
    nearby red rock to gain access to the coupon

After getting the above coupon stay on top of the red wall and move to the other
    end.  Jump on the umbrella below to bounce to the coupon

In Mexico, take the updraft of air behind the fan in front of the painting of 
    Marge to the roof. Find the zipline that moves Bart across the dangerous 
    ground below. Drop to the ledge and shimmy across to the coupon.

In Scottland, climb the blue and white striped pole and twist around till 
    Bart's back is to the wall. Jump to the vine and move to the left. Be sure
    to avoid the bursts of fire.

Climb the Spaghetti rope in Italy and work your way to the top. Once you reach
    the highest platform look to the right to see the coupon. To get the coupon
    move toward the bridge and look at the last column. There will be a blue 
    ladder that will allow Bart to go higher and get the collectible.

Climb the vine on the bridge to the top, instead of gliding to the lever glide
    to the platform to the right to get the coupon.

Lisa the Tree Hugger                                                    [BTCL3]

Have Lisa lift the rock in the bulldozer then use it to reach the coupon on the

After hitting the bullseye and stopping the saws jump on the saw that moves
     side to side

In the area where Lisa uses part of the conveyor belt to make a bridge there is
    a saw blade on the ground. Pick up the blade and place it in the cut on the

After seeing Lenny and Carl for the first time in this level, the coupon is on
    a small ledge to the left.

On a center piece of land in the river that Lisa has to jump on boards, 
    crocodiles, and turtles to cross

Use the Buddha statue to arrange the colored coded pipes to get the coupon near
    the end of the level

Enter the Cheatrix                                                      [BTCL4]

When traveling through the first portal, Bart and Lisa will see the ape and 
    Frink in the distance. Grapple up to the first lever to the left of the 
    conveyor belt for an easy Koupon.

Have Lisa place two large blue gears on the pegs closest to you and the wall.
    A zip line will lower allowing Bart to reach the Koupon.

After correctly placing the large blue gears, use the moving platforms to gain
    access to the top of the Health Packs area.

Pick up Lisa's Saxaphone upgrade and a black and yellow pole appears. Climb the
    pole to get to the roof then jump down to conveyor belt on the left.

In the Blood Room use the trampoline near the Cruelity and Subliminal Messages
    signs. Jump to the right to get on top of a large gray pipe. At the end 
    of the pipe jump up to the roof to get a Koupon (you may see a Malibu Stacy
    Stamp along the way).

In the Marketing Department, from the high tower looking at the ape turn to the
    left. You should see a grapple hook leading Bart to an Employee's only door.
    Grapple up their then glide to the QA area.

In the Marketing Department, make it through the EA stamps and its under the
    fun meter

Under a crate at the boss fight against the ape

The Day of the Dolphin                                                  [BTCL5]

Shadow of the Colossal Donut                                            [BTCL6]

Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers                                         [BTCL7]

Bargain Bin                                                             [BTCL8]

Medal of Homer                                                          [BTCL9]

5 Characters in Search of an Author                                     [BTCL10]

Game Over                                                               [BTCL11]

Springfield                                                             [BTCL12]

Middle of street near Simpsons' home

Bart's tree house in the Simpsons' back yard

Behind the orange house across the street from the Simpsons' House (it has a 
    zip line on the roof to the church

Behind Professor Frink's house across the street from the Simpsons' house (its
    the purple one)

Behind the house next to Professor Frink's house

On the Roof of Springfield Retirement Castle

From the Springfield Retirment Castle Roof glide to the top left window of 
    the nearby purple house

On top of the Krusty Burger climb the radio station tower and glide to the roof

Above sign outside the Krusty Burger

On top of a tree near the Krusty Burger

The roof of the small building next to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Go to 
    the opposite alley to find a broken wall that can be climbed. 

The roof of Planet Hype

Use the zip line on Planet Hype's roof to get to the roof of the Court House

While on the roof of the Court House climb the pole to the front

Ground level in alley next to Planet Hype near a Buddha Statue

Roof of Bowl-A-Rama, have Marge command some one to build a platform to the 
    ladder. Inch your way out to the Koupon.

Top of the curtain inside Mayor Quimby's office

Inside the Kwik-E-Mart next to the Buzz Cola machine and the arcade games

Next to a dumpster at the back of the Kwik-E-Mart

On the building next to the Kwik-E-Mart (use the steam to get to the roof)

Roof of the Sleep Eazy Motel

Roof of the Sleep Eazy Motel (this is not a repeat there are two)

Roof of Moe's Bar

On top of Cleetus' Shack 

The Roof of pink building across the street from Cleetus' Shack (use the broken
     portions of wall in the alley to get to the roof)

Behind large tank on the side of the Duff Brewery closest to Cleetus' Shack

Roof of Duff Brewery, Use the hidden Buddha statue to place the gray cap on the
    fire. Then climb the pipes to gain access to some ladders up to the roof.
    The Koupon is near the edge.

On top of the billboard on the Duff Brewery roof. Reach the roof as above then
    use the steam to rise up and grapple the back of the billboard. Once on top
    walk carefully to the other end of the sign.

Duff Brewery roof, from the billboard float down to the other roof 
    (alternatively there is a grapple point)

Mid level of Pay and Park and Pay next to ramp

In front of Cash For Your Eyes sign on the building in front of the Pay and Park
     and Pay

On top of the Sequel Stop in front of the rotating sign

On top of the Sequel Stop on the sky light

Roof of the Adult Education Center accessible by gliding from the Sequel Stop
    rotating sign

Roof of Springfield Elementary

Behind Willie's Shack behind the school 

The roof of the church

The roof of the church by using the zip line connected to the house across the
    street from the Simpsons' house

Inside the church move to the podium and turn around grapple the hanging lights
    on the right twice 

In a corner behind the church

On top of the Grocery sign across the street from the church (there is a hidden
    dumpster behind a wall in the back that will spring Bart to the roof)

Behind the Sequel Stop billboard near the grocery store

On top of the Sequel Stop billboard near the grocery store (a house up the 
    street toward Bart's home has a strong wind gust coming from the chimney
    that will allow him to glide to the Koupon)

On top of the pink building on the top floor of the Pay and Park and Pay

In the section of town where the Mob Rules level takes place the Koupon is on
    a small roof where the floats were destroyed leaving different shaped 

On the roof next to the Buddha statue in the same area mentioned above

Behind the Bloodbath and Beyond Gun Shop located in the town square

On top of the Springfield Youth Center Billboard (the building is near the 

Roof of Junkytown Legal Clinic 

Roof of Springfield Police Station

Roof of Springfield History Museum (accessed by the streams of air on the side
     of the building)

On top of the Jebidiah Springfield statue in the center of town (get it by
     gliding from the strong air current on top of History Museum

On the roof of a green building across the street from the History Museum

On the marquee of the Aztec Theater (obtain the Koupon by using the puff of 
     air on the Kwik-E-Mart side of the theater to get to the roof then just 
     drop down to the marquee)

In front of the billboard advertising Dr. Monroe's Family Therapy Center near
     Bloodbath and Beyond Gun Shop (there is a grapple point across the street
     from the Buddha statue on the museum that provides access to the roof)

On the roof of Bloodbath and Beyond Gun Shop (get it after getting the above)

After getting the above Koupon don't return to the street. Instead move back to
    Dr. Monroe's billboard and look away from the museum. Glide toward the 
    orange building and grapple when available to reach the roof

From the above Koupon look to the left and glide down to the roof of the small
    pink building

C. Lisa                                                                  [LSCL]

Lisa the Tree Hugger                                                    [LSCL1]

Under one of the logs Lisa lifts after using the Buddha statue for the first

Jump off the ramp to the left when you see the Trees: The Root of All Evil sign

After stopping the inital set of saws jump off the ramp behind where Bart hits
    the bullseye

Before using the Buddha statue to raise the toxic waste barrels use the spring
    trampoline to jump up to a collectible

To the far right of the screen during the part where Lisa jumps across the river
    (its on the side thats closer to the end of the level)

Mob Rules                                                              [LSCL2]

Lisa creates a bridge out of broken floats. The collectible is on the building 
    to the left of the beginning of the bridge

After knocking over the first billboard when leaving the parking garage, use 
    the ledge on the building to jump up to a Malibu Stacy card.

Behind the float on the right that needs destroyed to create the blocks used to
    build a ramp

In the area where the three floats are destroyed leaving the different shaped
    blocks, use the Buddha statue to place to blocks near the building opposite
    their desired location to gain access to the collectible. Place the circle
    and square on the ground then the triangle on top.

After building the ramp from the blocks, use the Buddha statue to move a trunk
    in front of a broken hydrant.

Destroy the car across from the entrance to town hall

On top of Town Hall

Enter the Cheatrix                                                     [LSCL3]

Break the boxes at the second Employee's only door. Its right before arriving
    at the Health Packs area.

In the section where Lisa places the large blue gears, look behind the platform
    for a walkway. The walkway leads to a stamp.

Next to the portal that you gain access to by placing the large blue gears.

On the ledge right before using the portal to arrive in the blood room (you
    can't really miss it unless you try)

When you start in the blood room you will be on a conveyor belt. There is a rope
    at the end of the belt use it to climb down and look to the left.

In the Blood Room use the trampoline near the Cruelity and Subliminal Messages
    signs. Jump to the right to get on top of a large gray pipe. At the end 
    of the pipe is a stamp.

In the Marketing Room use the pick New Buttons to get to the stamp

Under a crate during the boss fight against the ape

The Day of the Dolphin                                                  [LSCL4]

Grand Theft Scratchy                                                    [LSCL5]

Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game                                            [LSCL6]

Game OVer                                                               [LSCL7]

Springield                                                              [LSCL8]

D. Marge                                                                [MGCL] 

Mob Rules                                                              [MGCL1]

After destroying the second float look to the left. The coupon is in front of 
    the Chub Med sign.

In the parking garage move down the ramp to the lower level. Command the mob
    to attack the crack in the wall.

Maggie can grab a coupon in the vent that shuts off the electric billboard.

In the gap between buildings near the Buddha statue in the area where the 
    ramp is made by the different shaped blocks. It is behind some crates

Release Snake from prison near the end of the level

Maggie finds one in the vent inside Town Hall

Grand Theft Scratchy                                                   [MGCL2]

NeverQuest                                                             [MGCL3] 

Game Over                                                              [MGCL4]

Springfield                                                            [MGCL5]

6. Trophies                                                             [TRPH]

A. Homer                                                                [HMTR]

Choco Duff Dark- Find the five bottle caps in the Land of Chocolate
Din Duff Trophy- Find the 6 bottle caps in Bartman Begins
Hi-Cal Duff Trophy- Find 6 bottle caps in Around the World in 80 Bites

B. Bart                                                                 [BTTR]

Krusty Begins
Krusty Burger
Krusty Toothpick Poster Trophy- Find the 6 coupons in Lisa the Tree Hugger
Krusty's Stop and Go

C. Lisa                                                                 [LSTR]

Tree Hugger Stacy Trophy- Find the 5 collectibles in Lisa the Tree Hugger
Polictical Scandal Stacy Trophy- Find the 6 collectibles in Mob Rules
Next Gen Stacy Trophy- Find the 8 seals in Enter the Cheatrix

D. Marge                                                                [MGTR]

Hair Street Blues Hairspray Trophy- Find the 6 coupons in Mob Rules

7. Cliches                                                              [CLCH]

1. Double Jump (Land of Chocolate): perform a double jump near the top of the 

2. Wooden Crate (Bartman Begins): destroy a wooden crate at the beginning 

3. Pressure Pads (Bartman Begins): stand on the pressure plates after kicking
      the trampoline

4. Temporary Power Up (Around the World in 80 Bites): Find the red chili pepper
      in Mexico by destroying the Pinata and jumping across the umbrellas to the
      top of the chili bowl

5. Combo Punch (Around the World in 80 Bites): Keep doing the combo punch X, X,
      Y until the cliche unlocks. It may take 20-25 combos before it appears. 

6. Giant Saw Blades (Lisa the Tree Hugger): Just move through the level and this
      cliche is unlocked when you see the blades.

7. Explosive Barrel (Lisa the Tree Hugger): After creating the bridge over the
      green ooze, you should see barrels marked with caution stickers. Destroy
      one for a cliche.

8. Invisible Barrier (Mob Rules): Try to cross the police barricade at the 
      beginning of the level

9. Cracked Up (Mob Rules): Destroy the wall at the bottom of the area with
      several cars blocking your path.

10. Rift Portal (Enter the Cheatrix): Begin the level and watch the cutscene
     the Rift Portal that Frink created gives you the cliche
11. Switches and Levers (Enter the Cheatrix): Pull the last lever in the 
     Marketing Department 

12. Collectible Placement

13. Obvious Weakness (Shadow of the Colossal Donut): Hit the big red blinking 
     light on the giant's butt

14. Can't Swim (Day of the Dolphin): Fall into the water

15. Chasm Death (Bargain Bin): Fall off a platform into the chasm below

16. Time Trial (Bargain Bin): Complete the level

17. Lame Tutorials (Game Engine): After defeating the Bargain Bin level the 
     Simpsons are inside the game engine. Professor Frink has upgrades for each
     of the family members. After acquiring each upgrade the cliche is unlocked.

18. Trampolines

19. Escort Mission (Medal of Homer): Reach the second phase of the level

20. Enemy Spawners (NeverQuest): Destroy the brick structure that is spawning
      evil Moes


22. Lava (Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game ): Jump in the lava

23. Flying Boat (Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game ): Reach the wind area of the 

24. Elemental Enemies (Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game)

25. Key Card (Game Engine): Open the door to the creators estate

26. Evil Genius (Five Characters in Search of an Author): Face Matt Groening

27. Re-Used Enemies (Game Over): Face the enemies you have in past levels

28. AI Running into Walls




8. Time Challenges                                                       [TMCL]

Land of chocolate: Defeat 100 bunnies in 1:30

Bartman Begins
Around the World in 80 Bites
Lisa the Tree Hugger
Mob Rules
Enter the Cheatrix
The Day of the Dolphin
Shadow of the Colossal Donut
Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Bargain Bin
Game Engine
Grand Theft Scratchy
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game
Medal of Homer
Five Characters in Search of an Author
Game Over

9. Achievements                                                          [ACVS]

1. Pwnd (0)
     -Dude need help? You've died, like, 10 times

2. Press START to Play (5)
     -Easiest achievement...ever

3. Chocolate Victory (10)
     -Finish the Land of Chocolate

4. Heist Hijinx (10)
     -Finish Bartman Begins

5. Burger Victory (10)
     -Finish Around the World in 80 Bites

6. Burns Baby Burns (10)
     -Finish Lisa the Tree Hugger 

7. Fight the Power (10)
     -Finish Mob Rules

8. Power Up! (15)
     -Finish Enter the Cheatrix

9. A Passive Fish (15)
     -Finish the Day of the Dolphin

10. Mmm Donut (15)
     -Finish Shadow of the Colossal Donut

11. The Alienator (15)
     -Finish Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers

12. Save the Simpsons (15)
     -Finish Bargain Bin

13. Doggie Dazed (25)
     -Finish Grand Theft Scratchy

14. Sparkling Defeat (25)
     -Finish Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game

15. Victory at Sea! (25)
     -Finish Medal of Homer

16. Dragon Slayer (25)
     -Finish NeverQuest

17. On the Matt (40)
     -Finish Five Characters in Search of an Author

18. Cloud Nine (100)
     -Finish Game Over

19. Challenger ( )
     -Win every time challenge

20. Chocolate Heaven (5)
     -Win time challenge for the Land of Chocolate

21. Up and Atom()
     -Win the time challenge for Bartman Begins

22. Table Smasher 2000 ()
     -Win time challenge for Around the World in 80 Bites

23. Wood Chippin' ()
     -Win time challenge for Lisa the Tree Hugger

24. Steady Mobbin' ()
     -Win time challenge for Mob Rules

25. Engine Fun ()
     -Win time challenge for Enter the Cheatrix

26. Mall Rising ()
     -Win time challenge for Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers

27. Clown Around ()
     -Win time challenge for Shadow of the Colossal Donut

28. Nice Cans! ()
     -Win time challenge for the Day of the Dolphin

29. Sim Sandwich ()
     -Win time challenge for Baragin Bin

30. My Precious ()
     -Win time challenge for NeverQuest

31. Shooters Rejoice ()
     -Win time challenge for Medal of Homer

32. Maki Roll Mania ()
     -Win time challenge for Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game

33. Hot Coffee ()
     -Win time challenge for Grand Theft Scratchy

34. Back to the Futurama ()
     -Win time challenge for Five Characters in Search of an Author

35. Heavenly Joy ()
     -Win time challenge for Game Over

36. Goes to 11 ()
     -Find all of the collectibles in Springfield

37. Dufftacular Finish ()
     -Find all of Homer's Duf Bottle Caps

38. Hairs to You ()
     -Find all of Marge's Try-n-Save Coupons

39. Doll Crazy ()
     -Find all of Lisa's Malibu Stacy Seals

40. Poster Paster ()
     -Find all of Bart's Krusty Kollectible Koupons

41. Worst Cliche Ever ()
     -Find all of the Video Game Cliche Moments

42. Complete Package ()
     -Finish every episode, find every collectible, and discover every Cliche

43. Fast Times ()
     -Beat every episode target time

44. Heavenly Score ()
     -Get a perfect on the final boss battle

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