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                                      THE LEGEND OF
                                ZZZZZ EEE  L   DD   A
                                   Z  E    L   D D A A
                                  Z   E--  L   D D AAA
                                 ZZZZ EEE  LLL DD  A  A
                                      OCARINA OF TIME
          1. Story 
          2. Selling Masks
          3. Trading Game
          4. Credits/ Legal Stuff

  1. STORY
  LINK LIVES IN a forest where kids stay kids. Each kid has their own fairy, except 
for Link. One day the Deku Tree, the gaurdian of the forest, has Navi the fairy go 
to Link. Navi helps Link on his quest.

  IN THE MARKET, there is a mask shop. You help sell the masks.
  a. Keton Mask
  Descrition: Yellow fox with black ears.
  Give to: Gaurd by Death Mountain.

  b. Skull Mask
  Descrition: Looks like a skull.
  Give to: Skull Kid.

  c. Spooky Mask
  Description: Wooden Mask
  Give to: Kid in the graveyard.

  d. Bunny Hood
  Description: Bunny Ears
  Give to: Marathon Man in Hyrule Field

  e. Mask of Truth
  Description: Face thats on Gossip stones.
  Give to: NOBODY
  f. Goron Mask
  Description: Goron face.
  Give to: NOBODY
  g. Zora Mask
  Description: Zora face.
  Give to: NOBODY

  h. Gerudo Mask
  Description: Gerudo face.
  Give to: NOBODY

  ITEM              GET FROM           GIVE TO
 Egg                Cucco Girl         TALON Bring back to Cucco girl
 Cojiro             Cucco Girl         Brother
 Odd Mushroom       Brother            Mother
 Odd Potion         Mother             Kokiri Girl
 Poacher's Saw      Kokiri Girl        Carpenter
 Goron's Sword      Carpenter          Biggoron
 Prescription       Biggoron           King Zora
 Eyeball frog       King Zora          Professor
 Eye Drops          Professor          Biggoron
 Claim Check        Biggoron           Biggoron
 Biggoron Sword     Biggoron           NOBODY

  Credits go to me LugiaMaster, for creating this.
  and to Cheatcodes.com, for putting this on their site.

  This guide is copyright by me. The only sites that have permission to put this on 
their site is:
1. http://www.cheatcodes.com/
2. http://hometown.aol.com/y2j77/myhomepage/profile.html


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