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Ok I'm going to do a guide on Wind Waker. This is only part 1 so don't worry. 
I'll get to all of them eventually.

Control Stick: Move (Obviously...)
A: Roll, Pick Up, Toss, Talk, and stuff like that.
B: Use Sword, Cancel
Y, X, and Z: Set and use items
R: Use Shield, Crawl
L: Target Enemies, Talk to far away people
C: Move Camera
Control Pad: Use Maps and stuff

Now to Begin:

First Aryll wakes you up and talks to you. I don't get into detail about what 
people say, what you are supposed to do. Finally she says to go to your 
Grandma because she has something for you. Now finally we play.

Side Stuff:
I call this part Side Stuff because it sounds kinda cool and well... it's Side 
-Jump over the rocks on the Bridge to get 15 Rupees. 
-Crawl under your house into the basement and get a whopping 100 Ruppes!
-Pick up the pigs and throw them in the pen up the hill from your house and 
talk to the person to get 20 Rupees for each Pig you get!

Ok now that you know you won't be running out of Ruppes for a while head in 
your house. Talk to your Grandma and get the Hero's Clothes!

Hero's Clothes:
Description: The clothes of the legendary hero. Be proud to wear them. 
Uses: Just to look cool.

Now go back to the lookout where Aryll is waiting. She gives you a birthday 
present, her Telescope.

Description: Aryll's Telescope with seagulls on it.
Uses: To see stuff from far away.

Now use it to look a Quill the postman at the red mailbox. Use C to Zoom in or 
out and the control Stick to move it around. Now he starts dancing around. 
Look up and you see a huge bird. Watch the rest then Aryll says to go to go 
save the girl that fell. You see that trees are blocking the path up the 
mountain. You should go see Orca to get a sword.

Ok now you must pass the test to get the Sword. Do everything that Orca tells 
you and you'll be fine. When your done you get the Hero's Sword.

Hero's Sword: 
Description: A sword to kill people with.
Uses: To kill enimies and I wish some annoying people on this game... :(

Note: Oh yeah about the mailbox from earlier if you see one dancing around it 
mean you have mail so go and cheak it.

Now go and chop down the trees. Go into the forest and beat some enemies and 
save the girl. Her name is Tetra by the way. Now your sister gets captured and 
well she's gone. Now you want to go on Tetra's Pirate Ship but she won't let 
you. After Quill talks to her all you have to do is get the shield from your 

Hero's Shield
Description: A cool looking Shield
Uses: To defend yourself so you don't die. 

Now sad music starts playing so get out of there. Now board the Pirates Ship.

Note: MAKE SURE YOUR READY! You won't be back for a while.

Now go into the ship and talk to Niko who challeges you on your jumping 
skills. You have to jump from platform to platform and swing on the ropes to 
get to the other side WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT! 

Tip: When you jump on a rope let it swing twice to get on the next platform 

Now you get a prize, the Spoils Bag.

Spoils Bag:
Description: A weird looking bag.
Uses: To hold special items in.

Now Tetra calls you to get up there. Go out and climb the long long ladder... 
and Part 2 of this Guide will come soon. Keep playing and see you soon. :)

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