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Pac-Man Party Guide v1.0

By mindscapejem and davmillar

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  - Version History.................................................**[VERS]**
  - General Gameplay................................................**[GPLY]**
  - Getting Started.................................................**[STRT]**
  - Explanation of Spaces...........................................**[SPAC]**
  - Story Mode......................................................**[STRY]**
  - Easter Eggs.....................................................**[EGGS]**
  - Mini Games......................................................**[MINI]**
  - Bosses..........................................................**[BOSS]**
  - Achievements....................................................**[RWRD]**
  - Copyright/About.................................................**[CPYR]**

## Version History [VERS]

### V0.1
- Created Guide
- Began Achievement List
- Added Copyright/About
- Added General Gameplay
- Added Starting Your Turn

### V0.3
- Added Story Mode Explanation
- Added Easter Eggs
- Added Spaces Section
- Added Mini Games Section
- Added Bosses Section
- Nearly Completed Achievement List (Except No. 28)
- Cleaned up guide and added better formatting

### V0.9
- Finished Achievement List!
- Added new Easter Eggs
- Updated Copyright
- Added new information to Story Section
- Fixed some spelling mistakes (Hollow/Hallow, Pacman/Pac-man, etc)
- Added Version History
- Updated Mini game section

### V1.0
- Created a plain text version of FAQ
- Cleaned up and rearranged some areas
- Posted FAQ to GameFAQs!

### TODO V1.1 - ???
- Describe winning skits in Story Mode
- Controller Info?
- Average Play Time?
- Reviews/Final Thoughts?

## General Gameplay [GPLY]

Players play in several rounds in which they move around the board, take the
ownership of castles, increase castle size, and obtain cookies, primarily by
landing on or passing the cookie factory. The objective is to be the first to
reach the cookie factory having at least the goal amount of cookies if not
surpassing it.

At any time, the player with the highest amount of cookies has a small crown
on their head when shown anywhere on the board.

Throughout the game, mini games will occur where players will battle for the
ownership of a castle, with the attacker(s) and defender fighting for the
castle, and all other players fighting for additional power cookies. If
multiple attackers tie in a mini game for first place, it is counted as a
successful defense.

Players can earn power cookies which can be consumed to make the mini games
easier. A player may have a maximum of 8 power cookies at any time.


## Starting Your Turn [STRT]

Unlike the standard Mario Party die roll, in Pac-man Party you play one of 4
mini games to determine your movement (1-8 spaces). After a short time limit
(5 s) a choice will be made for you if you do not play the mini game.

 - Balloons: Pop the balloon with the number of spaces you wish to move.
   After time expires, a random balloon will appear and be popped for you.
 - Dart board: Shoot a spinning dart board to hit the number of spaces you
   will move.
 - Plinko: Drop a ball into a Plinko type board with moving targets on the
   bottom labeled with move amounts. On occasion the wrong number will be
   given when you fall into a hole; this bug only happened to us once.
 - Slot machine wheels: Stop spinning slots on the desired number of spaces.
   Slots stop automatically on time expiration.

When a player reaches at least half the goal amount, hover boots will come
into play. They'll start with the last place player, who can use them at any
time to choose their move amount instead of playing the game. Then, the boots
pass to the next lowest scoring player.


## Spaces [SPAC]

### Castles
These are your scoring castles that can range from level 1 up to level 5
depending on how many adjacent spaces you have captured.

Blank castles and empty spaces can be claimed by simply landing on the space.
Other players' castles can be captured by winning a mini game. However, an
unsuccessful attack will result in losing cookies to the defender, with the
amount based on castle size.

If you capture an opponent's castle next to one of your own, they will merge
for the rest of the play session yielding higher return, but higher risk.

### Mysterious Tarot Tent (Fortune Teller's Tent)
Pick from several chests offered. Usually the things offered here are bad.
[Note: Player refers to the one who landed on the spot.]

 - "You've caused a hassle. Now a player will lose a castle!"
   (Someone loses a castle.)
 - "Your future is looking dark. You lose a power cookie."
   (Player lose a power cookie.)
 - "Beggars can't be choosers, this time you join the cookie losers."
   (Player loses some cookies.)
 - "It's your lucky day, a new castle has come your way!"
   (A castle is taken and given to the player.)
 - "You're on the right track, add a Power Cookie to your stack!"
   (Player gains a power cookie.)

### Gold Mansion
Pick from several chests offered. Usually the things offered here are good.
[Note: Player refers to the one who landed on the spot.]

  - "Share the wealth! Get Cookies from the 1st place player!"
   (First place player gives this player 1000 cookies.)
  - "You're on the right track, add a Power Cookie to your stack!"
   (Player gains a power cookie.)
  - "Today's your lucky day! Get Cookies from all players."
   (Each players gives this player 500 cookies.)
  - "Be all that you can be, move straight to the Cookie Factory."
   (Player goes straight to the cookie factory.)
  - "You're out of trouble. The next cookie factory is double."
   (Player's next cookie factory visit is doubled.)

### The Dr Labo (Laboratory Building)
Pick from several boxes offered. Usually these affect players' locations on
the board. [Note: Player refers to the one who landed on the spot.]

 - "It's party time! All players gather on a castle."
   (All players congregate on a castle and battle over it.)
 - "You're really going places! Move 1 to 8 spaces."
   (Player moves a random number of spaces.)
 - "Move at your own pace, go to the closest free space."
   (You're moved to the nearest empty space and get the castle or play the
   gift box game if another player is there.)
 - "Pack your things you're going to a new space!"
   (Player is randomly moved.)
 - "You're on the right track, add a Power Cookie to your stack!"
   (Player gains a power cookie.)

### Cookie Factory
Players gain cookies when landing on or passing this space. The amount is
based on amount of visits to the factory, a bonus for number of castles you
own, and another bonus if landing directly on this space.

### Ghost
A spirit takes you from one action space through a shortcut to another.

### Toy Train (Celebration Ave. Only)
A train takes you from the action space to the nearest gold mansion.

### Sled (Crystal Cliffs Only)
A sled takes you to the next action space.

### Snake (Greenwood Grove Only)
A snake scares you into a shortcut to another action space.

### Boss
Different on each board, but essentially a small cut-scene will appear with a
repeating action by each player. After several passes by players, the boss
Will appear on the board. Once that happens, several castles on the board are
lost and cannot be reclaimed by any player. After 3 rounds, the boss will
reach the boss space and the boss battle will take place when the next player
reaches it.

All players fight the boss together, but have individual scores. After the
boss, players get cookies comparable to their score against the boss, with a
minimum of 1000 even if you do not play. All players also get a power cookie.

An achievement is earned the first time a boss is beaten in one player party
or story mode. See achievements [RWRD] below for more details. See boss [BOSS]
section below for more.


## Story Mode [STRY]

Our story starts in Greenwood Grove. We learn about a letter to Pac-Man
regarding the most delicious cookie in the world, and how the recipe is a

The letter is from Mr. Cookie at the Pac-Dot Cookie Company. A thief is
planning to steal the recipe. He's about to give it to Pac-Man to guard, when
Blinky steals the letter from Pac-Man. In order to get the letter back, Blinky
makes Pac-man play a cookie game, and our first level begins.

### Greenwood Grove
Opponent(s): Blinky = Weak
Cookie Goal: 12000 cookies

The first level is Greenwood Grove, going for 12000 cookies against just
Blinky; a one-on-one battle and tutorial. Blinky appears to talk more in this
mode than others as well.

When losing, the other ghosts show up to cheer on Blinky's victory, and then
allow Pac-Man one more chance since it was his first game after all. Our hero
is then told to meet the crew of ghosts at Mirage Oasis for the next round.

When winning, Pac-Man wants the recipe handed back over, but Blinky refuses
and Inky backs him up, saying Blinky held back for Pac-Man's first game.
Instead of giving the recipe back, Blinky throws it to Clyde and they book it
for Mirage Oasis.

### Mirage Oasis
Opponent(s): Blinky = Weak, Pinky = Weak, Patra = Normal
Cookie Goal: 16000 cookies

Pac-man arrives and runs into Patra, who is a princess that lives in a nearby
castle. The ghosts show up and say they're about to go all out, but before
they can make it three-on-one, Patra volunteers and makes it two-on-two.

Level two is Mirage Oasis, with a goal of 16000 cookies and Pinky, Patra, and
Blinky as competitors.

When Patra or Pac-man wins, she talks about being exhausted and how fun it
was, and wanting to be friends with Pinky. The ghosts ask if Pac-Man wants
another chance in Spooky Hallow.

### Spooky Hallow
Opponent(s): Blinky = Normal, Inky = Normal, Clyde = Weak
Cookie Goal: 14000 cookies

Clyde is excited about pumpkin cookies after leaving the desert. It appears
Spooky Hallow is the home to the ghosts. Clyde is nostalgic but the mention of
spiders freaks out Inky. Pac-man catches up and the three ghosts are ready to
battle on their home turf.

Level three is Spooky Hallow with Pac-man facing Inky, Blinky, and Clyde with
a goal of 14000 cookies.

Upon losing, the ghosts gloat about beating Pac-man. Then, Inky freaks out
over a spider and runs, and the other ghosts follow. Pac-man asks Blinky for
the recipe, but is denied and told to head to Crystal Cliffs.

### Crystal Cliffs

Opponent(s): Pinky = Normal, Clyde = Weak, Woofa = Strong
Cookie Goal: 14000 cookies

The ghosts start talking about how the yeti lives here. But Blinky knows
kung-fu! But wait... It's the yeti! The ghosts run, and Pac-man decides to
help Pinky for some stupid reason. But actually Woofa the yeti is funny and
nice, so Pac-man looks stupid this time. He's only tickling the ghosts and
they and Pac-man decide to play with him. Woofa thinks Pac-man is a giant
cookie, and Pac-man wants the recipe, but Woofa doesn't want to be alone. So
they get ready for a cookie game.

Level four is Crystal Cliffs, pitting Pac-man against Woofa, Pinky, and Clyde
in a battle for 14000 cookies.

Upon losing, Pinky says it was fun, and the other ghosts rejoin the crew. They
allegedly used Kung-Fu on Woofa, but Woofa is totally there and growls at
them, scaring them away. Pinky tells Pac-man not to worry and follow her to
Celebration Ave.

### Celebration Ave
Opponent(s): Blinky = Normal, Inky = Normal, Roger = Strong
Cookie Goal: 12000 cookies

Everyone but Pinky is there. It's a party for their eyes!!! Pac-man was
looking at cake but the ghosts get his attention. A robot shows up to prevent
SPECIAL." They invite Roger to play a game to learn about emotions.

Level five is Celebration Ave, with Pac-man, Blinky, Inky, and Roger playing
to 12000 cookies.

Upon losing, Blinky talks about being the greatest. Pac-man thinks he'll never
get the recipe back. Mr. Cookie shows up, and Blinky lost a bet. They've all
been BFF's for 30 years. It was all a test to prove himself and never give up.
The recipe was actually blank. The greatest tasting cookies are one's you
earn. (Editor's note: LIES.) ... And share with friends. (Editor's note: ALSO
LIES.) Pac-man reminds Mr. cookie of himself. Cookies need eating and ghosts
need chasing. Also happy birthday Pac-man.


## Easter Eggs [EGGS]

 - On the title menu, hover over Pac-man for a thumbs up. Click his balloon to
 make him zip around. Click him for up to three different animations.

 - Hitting the control pad starts a minigame regardless of controller

 - World Select: After completing Story Mode once (win or lose), you can choose
 "World Select" from the new story mode options. This allows you to play the
 worlds you might have failed to clear without having to start all over and
 also displays the preset difficulty levels for each of the CPU opponents as
 well as the amount of cookies needed to win.

 - Glitch/Design Flaw: During a party mode game, the game autosaves before your
 last turn. If you win on that turn, you can simply load up the autosaved save
 file repeatedly and then win until you have acquired the incredibly long
 "Battle Veteran" and "Battle Master" achievements more easily instead of
 playing a full session.

 - Final Reward: When you finally acquire all achievements, on the reward
 screen you will recieve a quick "COMPLETE" message and a button in the lower
 left corner labeled "Start" will appear. Clicking on this button will show a
 special movie that shows off concept art and early models of each of the five
 stages coupled with the character identified with each stage: Pac-man, Woofa,
 Blinky, Patra and finally Roger. Pressing the "A" button while the movie is
 playing will pause it until pressed again. Pressing the "B" button, selecting
 "Close" or waiting until the movie ends will close the movie screen.


## Minigames [MINI]

### Bottle Rocket Blastoff *(10 s)*

Shake as hard as you can to shake the soda bottle and create a massive soda
eruption propelling you into the air.

*Power cookies make your soda bottle huge and more powerful than the others.*

### Bumper Jumper *(30 s)*
Jump into a pinball machine and rack up points by grabbing fruit and a gem.
Some of the bumpers can be destroyed.

*Power cookies make you able to destroy destroyable bumpers easier.*

### Bumpin' Trapeze *(No time limit.)*
Bump players off of the trapeze before you're bumped. Tiles in sets will
flash, then bombs will fall and remove platform tiles and/or take out players

*Power cookies make you huge and powerful.*

### Candy Bandits *(60 s)*
Eat candies but avoid pumpkins. They're the same but the game cycles night and
day and candies and pumpkins change into one another.

*Power cookies make you huge and grab and eat everything, even pumpkins.*

### Candy Crash *(No time limit.)*
Eat candies to remove them Jenga style from the play area. Points are earned
based on the candy eaten. Whoever let's the bomb fall loses all points.

*Power cookies make your eating radius bigger for a few turns, which can be a
good thing or a very very very bad thing.*

### Cannon Jump *(30 s)*
Use cannons to shoot yourself around platforms to get to the castle.
Gold cannons are random and shoot you anywhere. First to the top wins.

*Power cookies launch you straight to the top automatically.*

### Chick Magnet *(40 s)*
Collect as many hatched chicks as you can while avoiding other players and
the mother chicken. Gold chicks appear around the 15 s mark and are worth 5

*Power cookies make you huge and invincible to chicken mother.*

### Chocolate Stompers *(30 s)*
Collect falling and bouncing chocolate balls while avoiding bombs.
*Power cookies make you fast.*

### Cobra Charmer *(No time limit.)*
Match the buttons or shaking on the screen to charm your cobra up. First to
the flags wins.

*Power cookies give more height per action.*

### Cookie Stamper *(30 s)*
Aim and stamp out as many whole cookies as possible. The dough will reroll
several times throughout the game.

*Power cookies make your cookie cutter massive for one stamp so you earn huge
points and use up a lot of dough.*

### Crazy Conveyer *(No time limit.)*
Jump to the right to get over random junk as the conveyer moves to the left.

Junk can move and topple over, but not easily.

*Power cookies make junk move from in front of you move easily.*

### Crazy Curling *(No time limit/10 s)*
Players play 3 rounds of curling trying to score the most points of all
players. In rounds two and three, the highest scoring players go first.
The rings' scores are 5, 10, 20, and 30 respectively. If you wait too long to
throw, a tip will be displayed and then a 10 second timer will appear, after
which you'll be skipped.

*Power cookies give you a set of 4 pucks instead of 1 for that turn.*

### Danger Dish *(No time limit.)*
Roll as a marble on a plate bumping other players off. Fruit will appear that
can make you larger and more powerful.

*Power cookies make you larger than the other players.*

### Dangerous Diamond *(40 s)*
Catch flying cookies, dashing when necessary to stun others or outrun them.

*Power cookies make you huge.*

### Doughnut Holes *(30 s)*
Shoot your characters at the flying dough balls to put holes in the doughnuts.
*Power cookies appear to give you faster reload for a limited time.*

### Food Javelin Cookout *(20 s)*
Throw javelin skewers through food to skewer it and land it on the grill.
Meat gives more points (3) than veggies.

*Power cookies give you a triple skewer.*

### Food Shuffle *(30 s)*
Eat as much food as you can to rack up points.
Bombs will temporarily keep you from eating.

*Power cookies make you eat faster and invincible from bombs temporarily.*

### Frantic Furnace *(No time limit.)*
Jump at the right time to avoid falling when the hammer strikes the platform.
You can shake the Wiimote to hover a bit if you jumped early. Platforms
eventually change colors and get more difficult, but the red section appears
to be endless.

*Power cookies slow jumps so you stay in the air longer.*

### The Great Soda Escape *(30 s)*
Swim up pushing through balls of jelly to reach the top of the glass or outrun
the others to make them fall off screen. When you win, the jelly you stand
upon is your character's color.

*Power cookies make you swim faster and push jelly easily.*

### Gummy Catapults *(30 s)*
Fling your toppings onto the cake. The higher on the cake they land, the more
points. Full charge or close is 10 points, but immediately past full charge is
3 points. Also, the candy you throw is the color of your player character.

*Power cookies temporarily make your power always at max for highest topping

### Haunted Pumpkins *(45 s, 15 s)*
Shoot pumpkins flying around in a haunted mansion. Pumpkins are 3 points if
orange, 7 points if yellow. Gold sparkling pumpkins are worth 13 points. The
outdoor stage of the mini game is a Galaga reference.

*Power cookies give you a double-barrel shooter.*

### Holiday Hustle *(No time limit.)*
Run on a machine by shaking the Wiimote to power lights on a tree.

*Power cookies boost your point accumulation speed.*

### Hot Foot Hop *(45 s)*
Jump over a rotating bar, and later (20 s remaining) avoid flames that rise
from it.

*Power cookies make you float automatically and get extra points per pass.*

### Icy Islands *(No time limit.)*
Jump on tilting floating ice platforms to go forward and not fall into the
water. First to reach the goal or last standing wins.

*Power cookies make your ice platforms larger and more stable.*

### Incoming Fruit! *(30 s)*
Slice fruit launched at you with your Wiimote. Fruit sliced into the bowl
gives you points, but sometimes junk is thrown which you don't want to chop.

*Power cookies make you swing wildly and steal fruit and/or cut things other
than fruit without penalty.*

### Jiggling Gelatin *(45 s)*
Bounce on gelatin without getting knocked off.

*Power cookies make you large and powerful for a limited time.*

### Master Angler *(No time limit.)*
Wait until the signal, then pull to catch a fish. Too early and you get a can,
too late and you get pulled in. Otherwise fish size is ranked on quickness to
respond. Outcomes are a can, small fish, piranha, medium goldfish, huge fish,
and being pulled into the water.

*Power cookie makes your fish come earlier to give a better chance at being

### Oasis or Bust *(No time limit.)*
Shoot yourself around breaking blocks and grabbing fruit for points. Tornadoes
temporarily disable you.

*Power cookies make you bigger for a short time.*

### Pac-Golf *(17 s)*
Fly toward the golf green bumping opponents out of the way and getting as
close to center screen as possible. Whoever is closest or rolls/lands in the
hole wins. You may also move after landing.

*Power cookies make birds grab you and drop you close to or in the hole.*

### Pac-Logger *(No time limit.)*
Jump on continuously moving logs floating down a river to stay alive. You can
also push others off.

*Power cookies make you jump higher and float in midair a bit.*

### Pac-Man Hustle *(No timer.)*
Use the Wiimote to match the arrow signs on screen and earn points. Screwing
up moves can lose points.

*Power cookies make you earn points regardless of matching the arrows.*

### Pac-Man Tea Party *(60 s)*
Move around in a boat trying to squirt water into other boats to sink them.
If time expires, the player least close to sinking via a water counter will

*Power cookies temporarily create a shield that turns you into a submarine.*

### Pac-Pool *(30 s)*
Move yourself as a pool ball around the table collecting fruit while not
falling into holes. You do not come back after falling into a hole.
Grapes are 5 points. Gold fruit are 20 points. If all players fall into holes
the game will end immediately.

*Power cookies temporarily make you large and unable to fall in holes.*

### Pac-Volley *(60 s)*
Return automated tennis ball serves as many times as possible.

*Power cookies appear to give you 3x score per hit while active.*

### Paint Rolling Rivals *(30 s)*
Players battle to cover the most canvas with their paint. You can roll over
others' paint to cover it with yours.

*Power cookies make your roller huge for a limited time.*

### Pizza Party *(40 s)*
Twirl dough to spin out a pizza crust, then it'll be topped, and you fling it
into the oven.

*Power cookies give you double points per pizza temporarily, and super speed.*

### Pole Position *(No timer.)*
Drive a car on a curved track avoiding electric shocker gates and grabbing
cookies to accelerate. Reminiscent of Sonic 2 emerald stages.

*Power cookies give a speed boost.*

### Pooka Pop *(No time limit.)*
Take turns pumping a balloon (up to 3 times) until a player pops it. Whoever
pops it gets 0 points, otherwise players get 1 point per pump.

*Power cookies give triple points when pumping.*

### Pop N' Balloons *(No time limit.)*
Shoot other players' balloons to eliminate them and make opponents fall while
avoiding the same fate. Shoot your player to move out of harm's way.

*Power cookies give you 2 targets allowing more shots and more powerful shots
while active.*

### Rolling Blocks *(No time limit.)*
Move around to avoid rolling blocks and push opponents. Eventually large
blocks appear that require you to position yourself where a hole will appear.

*Power cookies make you move and push enemies faster. They also make you
invincible for a short time.*

### Sheep Shearing *(30 s)*
Shave sheep to earn points. Larger sheep have more wool to shear, taking 5
bunches, while small have only 2.

*Power cookies give you giant shears to go faster and get more points.*

### Siege *(40 s)*
Shoot targets on a castle with a sniper rifle. Red are worth 1 point,
blue are worth 3.

*Power cookies unleash a mega blast of power getting multiple targets at once.*

### Sky Climbers *(No time limit.)*
Jump cloud to cloud to get to the top. Last standing wins.
*Power cookies make you jump extra high.*

### Snowball Sumo *(45 s)*
Roll around to gather snow and become big. Knock others off the edge.
Collisions lose you a bit of snow. Last standing or biggest after the time
limit wins. Game ends early if all players fall.

*Power cookies make you huge, and stack for more hugeness.*

### Spaghetti Rollup *(15 s)*
Twirl the Wiimote to roll spaghetti onto your fork. Biggest pasta ball wins.

*Power cookies make more pasta attach per spin.*

### Water Bike Wipeout *(No time limit.)*
Blast through water and try to finish the race first. Boosting too hard into
turns can take you off course for a wipeout. You can also run out of fuel if
not careful.

*Power cookies give you an increase in speed temporarily.*

### Wobbly Ice Cream *(60 s)*
Catch ice cream on your cone to try to reach the flags first. If time expires,
the highest stack wins.

*Power cookies make your stack straight, as opposed to tilted and wobbly.*


## Bosses [BOSS]

### Captain Tentacle *(Greenwood Grove)*
Players continually pass a pond that starts filling with frogs. Once the frogs
reach maximum capacity, the frogs croak up a chorus that summons the boss.

Battle consists of throwing spears at the boss's legs and head. He can knock
you out of your boat with tentacles, but you can also take out tentacles with
spears. Hits are worth 10 points. Near the end, a whirlpool forms and you must
solely aim for the head. In the end, you plug up his cannons causing a
backfire and explosion, sinking the boat.

Fun fact: Eventually, the time on the music can run out and a 99 second timer
will appear. This only appears to happen ever if you really suck or
intentionally do not play. This is true for all bosses.

*Power cookies temporarily give you giant spears that do extra damage and take
out tentacles instantly.*

### Arachne *(Mirage Oasis)*
Players repeatedly dig in sand until the boss appears, flooding some castle
areas and requiring use of a boat to cross them.

Battle consists of damaging Arachne's head with your attacks for 5 points
each, doing extra damage when possible with weapons and items (15 points).
Battle starts above ground. Once Arachne's helm is destroyed, battle continues
below ground where Arachne swings on webbing and some platforms are available
to jump on. Later, Arachne gets angry and is more difficult, sometimes using
a laser type attack.

*Power cookies give you a special item that deals 15 points worth of damage.*

### Idmon *(Spooky Hallow)*
Players repeatedly carve into a pumpkin making it into a jack-o-lantern. Then
the boss appears from within the jack-o-lantern, adding fire and lava to the
map and taking out some castles.

Battle consists of not getting trampled by Idmon as you release trapped
butterflies for 5 points each to help you attack. As the battle progresses,
pieces of webbing fall. In later rounds, large butterflies worth 30 points
appear. Idmon also develops a laser attack.

*Power cookies make you get big and stomp Idmon for 30 points.*

### Kraken *(Crystal Cliffs)*

Players continually build a snowman that is Pac-man shaped. The snow Pac-man
eventually rolls down a hill, destroys a ship, which sinks and hits a giant
squid on the head, awakening and enraging the boss.

Battle consists of attacking Kraken with snowballs, aiming for his legs, then
head. An umbrella is available for defense. Hits are worth 3 points. Kraken
can throw his helpers at you as well as a snowball attack, ink attack, and can
spin and move quite a bit. Players can freeze his squid helpers by hitting
them with snowballs mid-throw. When you beat Kraken, he freezes to death and
your final snowballs make him shatter into pieces.

*Power cookies give a special ice sword that gives 20 points and a ton of

### Bearserk *(Celebration Ave.)*
Players repeatedly steal and eat a Teddy bear's candy until it's all gone.
Then the bear goes into a rage and is actually a robot. It grew claws and
slashes part of the board to take out castles.
Battle consists of ripping off fur from the boss once latched onto him. You
get a point for every chunk pulled off. There are also platforms to jump on to
reach higher on the boss and after a while the boss reaches a second form
where you simply damage his metal frame.

*Power cookies make you giant and give you a special attack against the boss
for 10 points.*


## Achievements/Rewards [RWRD]
All achievements can only be unlocked in one player mode, either in one player
story or one player party.

01. ### First with Pac-Man

   Come in 1st place with Pac-Man in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: Pac-Man
   - Winning Description: Pac-Man is adventurous and has quite the appetite
     for cookies!

02. ### First with Blinky
   Come in 1st place with Blinky in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Blinky
   - Winning Description: Blinky is a harmless prankster but don’t call him

03. ### First with Pinky
   Come in 1st place with Pinky in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Pinky
   - Winning Description: Pinky is smart and sweet. Does she have a crush on

04. ### First with Inky
   Come in 1st place with Inky in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Inky
   - Winning Description: Always trying to act cool, Inky wants to be a hero
     most of all.

05. ### First with Clyde
   Come in 1st place with Clyde in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Clyde
   - Winning Description: A lovable klutz, Clyde's hunger rivals that of

06. ### First with Patra
   Come in 1st place with Patra in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Patra
   - Winning Description: Princess Patra wants to become a high priest like
     her father.

07. ### First with Roger
   Come in 1st place with Roger in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Roger
   - Winning Description: Roger’s a robot who spends time at the Cookie Co.
     Who made him?

08. ### First with Woofa
   Come in 1st place with Woofa in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: Woofa
   - Winning Description: Loved by animals, lonely Woofa is an expert at ice

09. ### Battled Captain Tentacle
   Battle the boss of Greenwood Grove

   - Winning Picture: Captain Tentacle
   - Winning Description: Captain Tentacle wants to become a legend like

10. ### Battled Arachne
   Battle the boss of Mirage Oasis

   - Winning Picture: Arachne
   - Winning Description: Arachne, son of Idmon, sleeps beneath the desert.

11. ### Battled Idmon
   Battle the boss of Spooky Hallow

   - Winning Picture: Idmon
   - Winning Description: Fabled spider Idmon is said to wield mystical dark

12. ### Battled Kraken
   Battle the boss of Crystal Cliffs
   - Winning Picture: Kraken
   - Winning Description: Legendary pirate, Kraken, king of the sea.

13. ### Battled Bearserk
   Battle the boss of Celebration Ave

   - Winning Picture: Bearserk
   - Winning Description: You don't want to find out why this robot is named

14. ### Boss Battle Master
   Place 1st in a boss battle in Story or Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Toy Train from Celebration Ave.
   - Winning Description: The train from Celebration Ave is a ttoy but runs
     like a real one!
   - *(**NOTE**: ttoy is not a typo in this guide, but one in the game)*

15. ### Greenwood Grove
   Place 1st on Greenwood Grove in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: Level 5 Castle from Greenwood Grove
   - Winning Description: Level 5 castles of Greenwood Grove are magnificent!

16. ### Greenwood Grove (Special)
   Place 1st on Greenwood Grove special course in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Windmill from Greenwood Grove
   - Winning Description: The windmill of Greenwood Grove is giant!

17. ### Mirage Oasis
   Place 1st on Mirage Oasis in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Level 5 Castle from Mirage Oasis
   - Winning Description: Level 5 castles of Mirage Oasis have columns called

18. ### Mirage Oasis (Special)
   Place 1st on Mirage Oasis special course in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Gold Mansion found on every board
   - Winning Description: He’s famous for his gold mansions throughout the

19. ### Spooky Hallow
   Place 1st on Spooky Hallow in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Level 5 Castle from Spooky Hallow
   - Winning Description: Ghosts party all night in the castles of Spooky

20. ### Spooky Hallow (Special)
   Place 1st on Spooky Hallow special course in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Mysterious Tarot Tent
   - Winning Description: Mysterious Tarot Tent, what will your fortune be?

21. ### Crystal Cliffs
   Place 1st on Crystal Cliffs in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Level 5 Castle from Crystal Cliffs
   - Winning Description: Crystal Cliffs' giant castles of ice are

22. ### Crystal Cliffs (Special)
   Place 1st on Crystal Cliffs special course in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: The Dr Labo
   - Winning Description: The Dr Labo is busy coming up with new inventions.

23. ### Celebration
   Place 1st on Celebration Ave in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Level 5 Castle from Celebration Ave.
   - Winning Description: Castles of Celebration are made of toy blocks.

24. ### Celebration (Special)
   Place 1st on Celebration Ave special course in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: Birthday cake from Celebration Ave
   - Winning Description: Who is the giant birthday cake for? It looks

25. ### Second to None
   Come in first place 10 times in Single Player Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Mr. Cookie
   - Winning Description: Mr. Cookie loves to bring fun to children all over!

26. ### Best of the Best
   Place 1st against 3 ‘Strong’ CPU opponents in Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Pac-Man 30 year anniversary emblem
   - Winning Description: Pac-Man was made in 1980 and is still loved to this

27. ### Battle Veteran
   Play 20 games in Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Robot
   - Winning Description: I heard the giant robot of Celebration is a great

28. ### Battle Master
   Play 50 games in Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Pyramid from Mirage Oasis
   - Winning Description: Pyramids in Mirage Oasis have statues that look
     like Patra!

29. ### Cookie Pit stop
   Land directly on Cookie Factory in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: Cookie Factory
   - Winning Description: The most delicious cookies are made at the Cookie

30. ### That’s gonna hurt
   Take a bunch of cookies from another player in a Mini Game

   - Winning Picture: Lighthouse from Greenwood Grove
   - Winning Description: The lighthouse of Greenwood Grove is beautiful at

31. ### Cookie Bankrupt!
   Make another player lose (all) cookies in a Mini Game

   - Winning Picture: Igloos from Crystal Cliffs
   - Winning Description: House made of stacked snow. It's very warm inside.

32. ### Hover Boots
   Use Hover Boots in Single Player Party Mode
   - Winning Picture: 2 Camels
   - Winning Description: Camels of Mirage Oasis are very strong. The heat is

33. ### 10 Mini Games
   Play 10 different Mini Games in either Story or Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Three Ghost Pumpkins from Spooky Hallow
   - Winning Description: Ghost pumpkins of Spooky Hallow are actually

34. ### 30 Mini Games
   Play 30 different Mini Games in either Story or Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Snowman from Crystal Cliffs
   - Winning Description: Build a snowman at Crystal Cliffs and create a

35. ### All Mini Games
   Play all Mini Games in either Story or Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Birthday Card from Celebration Ave
   - Winning Description: A birthday card at Celebration has a special message!

36. ### Power Cookie User
   Use a Power Cookie in Single Player Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Oasis from Mirage Oasis
   - Winning Description: The best thirst-quenching oasis is by the temple!

37. ### No Power Cookies
   1st in Single Player Party Mode Mini Game without Power Cookies.

   - Winning Picture: Toy Rocket from Celebration Ave
   - Winning Description: Can the toy rocket at Celebration got to outer space?

38. ### Think Big
   Build a level 5 castle in Single Player Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: The Temple from Mirage Oasis
   - Winning Description: The temple where Patra lives is full of monsters and

39. ### Finders Keepers
   Steal a level 5 castle in Single Player Party Mode.
   - Winning Picture: Red Castle from Spooky Hallow
   - Winning Description: Ghosts love the scary attraction at Spooky Hallow.
   - *(**NOTE:** This castle MUST NOT be one that you have owned previously.)*

40. ### Greenwood Grove Story
   Clear Greenwood Grove in Story Mode

   - Winning Picture: Houses from Greenwood Grove
   - Winning Description: Houses in Greenwood Grove are comfortable.
     Pac-Man loves his!

41. ### Mirage Oasis Story
   Clear Mirage Oasis in Story Mode
   - Winning Picture: Houses from Mirage Oasis
   - Winning Description: Houses in Mirage Oasis block the sun but don't get
     them wet.

42. ### Spooky Hallow Story
   Clear Spooky Hallow in Story Mode

   - Winning Picture: Houses from Spooky Hallow
   - Winning Description: Houses in Spooky Hallow are filled with surprises.

43. ### Crystal Cliffs Story
   Clear Crystal Cliffs in Story Mode

   - Winning Picture: Cabins from Crystal Cliffs
   - Winning Description: The cabins in Crystal Cliffs are sturdy and made of

44. ### Celebration Story
   Clear Celebration Ave. in Story Mode

   - Winning Picture: Houses from Celebration Ave
   - Winning Description: The houses belong to residents of Celebration.
     Don't eat them!

45. ### Pac-Man High Score
   Get a high score in Pac-Man.

   - Winning Picture: 8-bit Pac-Man and Blinky from PAC-MAN
   - Winning Description: In "PAC-MAN" you eat dots in a maze but watch out
     for ghosts!

46. ### Galaga High Score
   Get a high score in Galaga.

   - Winning Picture: 8-bit Starfighter and Boss Galaga from Galaga
   - Winning Description: "Galaga" released in 1981. A shooting game in space.

47. ### Dig Dug High Score
   Get a high score in Dig Dug.

   - Winning Picture: 8-bit Dig Dug and Pooka from Dig Dug
   - Winning Description: "Dig Dug" released 1982. Dig holes and take out

48. ### Speed Master
   Be first to reach the Cookie Factory in Single Player Party Mode

   - Winning Picture: Black cat and two bats
   - Winning Description: The eyes of the bats and cats in Spooky Hallow glow
     at night.

49. ### Item Keeper
   Place 1st while holding an item in Single Player Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: Cow and Sheep
   - Winning Description: The cows and sheep that live in Greenwood Grove
     enjoy the sun.

50. ### Revenge Master
   Take back a stolen level 5 castle in Single Player Party Mode.

   - Winning Picture: A pair of moose
   - Winning Description: The moose that live in Crystal Cliffs are Woofa's


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